A Dry Witt

A Dry Witt

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Enjoy.

Nudity was something virtually every actress who comes to Hollywood has to
deal with at one point or another.
If you’re female and beautiful, chances are that at some point early on,
you’ll be asked to take your clothes off on film, whether it’s really
needed or not.
A lot of actresses resisted, even though it might cost them roles. Those
in the low-budget, direct to video thrillers knew it was all
part of the
job and some even reveled
in it. Some actresses did it, figuring it was a small film and no one
would know but when they hit it big, the pics would no doubt pop up and
give new fans a thrill. Some
actresses just weren’t comfortable with
having millions know every detail of their bodies and others had no
problem as long as it was called for in the script. It
was all a toss-up.
In the last few years, there had been an interesting trend in Hollywood.
Actresses who gained fame in their teens on different shows tried to break
out of the "good
girl" image by appearing nude on screen or in print. Shannen Doherty,
Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Elizabeth Berkley, the list went on. In
some cases, it just
seemed like a cry for attention, but it did
raise their status a bit in Hollywood. Now, Alicia Witt was trying to
decide whether or not she should follow in their footsteps.
A veteran of Hollywood since she was a kid, Alicia had gotten attention as
Cybill Shepard’s daughter on the star’s sitcom. When the show ended, she
had followed
it up with small movies including the thriller "Urban Legends" which had
ended up pretty good.
Still, nothing had come her way until her new agent informed her she had
landed a part in the hottest show on TV, "The Sopranos." The critically
acclaimed hit HBO
series used the freedom of cable to do things that the networks couldn’t,
giving it an edge that added to the drama and getting a guest shot on it
was a big thing.
Alicia liked her character a lot, a Hollywood executive as ruthless as any
of the Mafia guys, who seduces one of the main characters and threw her
weight around.
It was a big part and Alicia knew it could open up some things for her.
However, there was one major problem. In keeping with the graphic tone of
the show, the
scene called for Alicia to be wearing only a
bathrobe during her love scene, open to expose herself. That was what she
was very nervous about and what had led her to a meeting with her agent.
Victor had managed to quickly clear a spot in his schedule for Alicia,
another sign as to how he was such a success with his clients. He greeted
Alicia in his small
office, his usual share of unusual bric-a-brac hung about his shelves and
motioned her to a seat. Alicia was dressed professionally in a dark outfit
with a black jacket
over her white blouse, her smooth legs visible
under her skirt, her red hair in a stylish cut.

"So, what’d you think of the script?" Victor asked.
"I liked it," Alicia began carefully. "But I was wondering if we could
talk to the producers about a
few changes."
"What, the swearing?"
"Fuck no, that’s no problem. No, it’s the love scene."
"Which part?" Victor frowned. "The way it comes off or the actual thing."
"The actual thing," Alicia clarified. "Look, you know I want to break out
of goody-goody roles.
That’s part of the reason I hired you. But I just don’t feel right about
the whole nudity issue."
"Well, I think I can sympathize," Victor said, sitting back.
He reached over and flipped a switch on one of his many gadgets on the
desk, turning it on. Alicia
could see it was a small black and white spiral that began to spin before
her as Victor talked.

"It’s just not that easy to get
studio chiefs to listen to you
when their minds are set on
something, believe me. I mean, it’s
hard to change a person’s mind when they’re really concentrating on
something, it’s really difficult
to just change their minds on something when a person is concentrating
really hard. For example,
look at the spiral right here, Alicia. Come on, look at it, look right at
the center of it, Alicia, look
right at the center of the spiral and concentrate on it, concentrate right
on the center
of the spiral."

"That’s right, Alicia,
the center, look at the center of the spiral, right at the center of the
spinning spiral, Alicia,
look at the center of the spiral. Feel how it pulls you in, it pulls you
in deeper and deeper,
Alicia, feel it pulling you irresistibly deeper, deeper and deeper,
Alicia, feel it pull you
deeper and deeper. It’s holding your gaze now, Alicia, it’s holding your
gaze so that you
can’t look away, you can’t look away, Alicia, you can’t look away, you can
only stare
deeper and deeper at the center, deeper at the center. Feel it, Alicia,
feel the center pulling
you in, feel it pulling you in, Alicia, pulling you in deeper and deeper,
deeper and deeper,
Alicia, feel it pulling you in deeper and deeper, compelling you to obey
my commands, obey
my commands, deeper and deeper, obey my commands, deeper and deeper, obey
commands, obey, obey, obey…."

Within minutes, Victor was
looking at a deeply
entranced Alicia, her eyes
fixed to the spinning spiral but showing no thought or emotion, a totally
blank canvas Victor intended to
recreate."Alicia, I want you to listen to me and follow my instructions.
Do you understand?"
"Yes," Alicia replied in a flat tone as she continued to stare at the
spinning spiral, her red hair falling
around her entranced face. "All right, Alicia, listen to me carefully. You
are not to feel nervous anymore
about your nude scene. The more you think of the nude scene, the less
nervous you will feel. In fact,
Alicia, you will begin to look forward to the nude scene. You will feel
yourself becoming more and more
comfortable with the nude scene and will have no problems dealing with it.
Do you understand?"
"Yes," Alicia replied. "More comfortable….no problems…."

"Very good, Alicia," Victor went on. "Now, Alicia, I want you to think
about the nude scene, Alicia.
I want you to think of it and as you think of it, you will want to
recreate it. You will want to be nude, Alicia. You will want to take off
all your clothes and be nude.
Take off all your clothes and be nude."
"Be nude….." Alicia said as she slowly rose, still staring at the

She began to unbutton her blouse, taking it down button by button. "As you
undress, Alicia, you will begin to
feel very aroused," Victor said, moving his hands to his pants. "Very
aroused, Alicia, you will feel very
aroused. By the time you’re naked, you’ll feel like acting out the entire
love scene, Alicia, the entire love
scene. You’ll act it all out, Alicia, you’ll act it all out."
Alicia let the last of her clothing drop to the floor and stood there
naked before Victor.
She was a great beauty, her hair hanging just over her pert breasts, her
tight ass yearning for touch. Victor’s
assessment of Alicia was interrupted when she slid over the table and
embraced him, kissing him

He pulled her onto him, letting his hands run all
over her body, ending up at her tight ass. He
gripped it and helped use it to bring her onto his
hard cock. The
minute it slid inside her pussy, Alicia began rocking herself wildly on
Victor’s cock, her red hair waving
behind her as she pushed herself against him. Victor kept a solid grip on
Alicia’s ass, holding onto it tight as
his face went to her breasts, licking each nipple as he let his cock go to
work Alicia moaned as she felt
Victor press her against him, his rod shaking inside her body with each
thrust. Her arousal was on full blast,
her feelings of passion unlocked by her trance and forcing her to go ahead
and fuck Victor for all she was
worth. She shifted herself on him as she began to feel herself coming, her
juices mixing with the beginning of
Victor’s semen as he began to release himself. Victor continued to lick at
her breasts, pulling Alicia closer
with each thrust to tickle the nipples.

Alicia shrieked suddenly as she felt
Victor come inside of her, his wad
rocking her entire body as he let loose. Alicia stiffened from the rush
before relaxing against Victor,
her hair falling on his face, her breasts sliding along his shirt as they
came down from their orgasm.
Victor would have liked to have kept going but since the meeting had been
called on a rush, he
didn’t have a lot of time before his lunch at Spago’s. He slowly pushed
Alicia off of him, sitting her
on the desk. He took a handy washcloth and rubbed it along Alicia’s body,
wiping away all
evidence of their lovemaking. He took notice of how Alicia sighed as he
rubbed at her red pussy
and couldn’t wait to explore it in more detail.

For now, he swiftly had her redress and face him from the other side of
the desk.
"Alicia, when you awaken, you will remember nothing of what has happened
between us. You
will simply remember a meeting where you decided to do the nude scene.
When you do the nude
scene, you will be perfectly at ease and will have no problems with it.
Should you ever hear my
voice say the words ‘see the spiral,’ you will fall back into this trance
otherwise you will remember nothing. Awaken, Alicia."
As Alicia’s eyes regained clarity, Victor sat back and smiled. "So, you’ll
be okay?"
"Yeah, sure," Alicia said distractedly. "I’ll be fine with the scene,
thanks. See you later?"
"Without doubt," Victor answered, his mind already thinking of how
Witt-ful his upcoming week was going to be.

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