A Fan’s Revenge

Title: A Fan’s Revenge

Author: LovaticRollinsFan

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Code: Non-con, MF, oral, anal

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


Max Weller was your typical college freshman. He was enjoying his first year at the University of Southern California. The young college lad brushed his hand through his light, brown hair as he walked back to his one-bedroom dorm room. He unlocked his door and entered. He threw his bag onto his bed, watching as it bounced on the bed.

Max Weller was majoring in journalism, and for an assignment, his professor assigned each student a project. The project was to interview someone they considered to be influential to their life and Max knew exactly who he wanted to interview. Max decided through hell and high water that he was going to interview his idol, the curvaceous Latina celebrity, Selena Gomez.

For years, he had been a huge fan of the gorgeous girl. Her luscious dark hair, beautiful eyes and full red lips, combined with the rest of her soft curves and firm, toned body, made her an absolute goddess in Max’s mind. She was one of the most desirable women in the world, and he was completely smitten with her!

Max knew he was probably doing the impossible, but damn, he was up for the challenge! Anything to get close to his busty idol! Max had had a crush on Miss Gomez ever since her “Wizards of Waverly Place” days. But Selena always seemed to date asshats and get into toxic relationships. By that, I mean Canada’s dubious “gift” to America, Justin Bieber!

Selena deserved a real man. Someone who wouldn’t drag her entire career down. Someone like Max! Max pulled his laptop out of his bag and immediately pulled up Selena’s latest video, “Good For You”. He slowly began to stroke his growing cock through his pants. Goddamn! What a feeling it would be to have his dick inside her!

After stroking his cock for a while, Max stopped and pulled up a blank document page.

Max wrote down various questions about Selena’s career, about her album just being released and even questions about her personal life. Max had everything planned, except for actually having the star agree to the interview. Max pulled up Google on his laptop and tried to search for Selena Gomez’s management team’s number. Three hours later he finally found the number to Selena’s manager.

Max was in shock that he actually found it. He immediately dialed the number that was plastered on his laptop. Max couldn’t believe that he was moments away from talking to the guy who managed his idol’s career. Max knew he had to hide his excitement and act like a professional.

“Hello, this is Trey Austin! How can I help you?” the voice on the other side said.

Max had to carefully pick the next words that came out of his mouth.

“Hi, I’m Max Weller, and I’m a freshman at The University of Southern California. I’m majoring in Journalism, and my professor has given me an assignment that involves using an influential person in my everyday life,” Max said, as calm as he could.

“And how can I help you, Max?” Trey said.

“I was wondering if I could interview one of your clients,” Max replied calmly.

“Which client?” the manager asked.

“The lovely Selena Gomez!” Max replied.

The manager huffed as he said,

“Selena’s schedule is quite hectic due to her album just being released, but it’s possible depending on the payment, of course.”

Max anxiously waited for the call back that could possibly change his entire life. Max decided to make himself a quick dinner. Then he heard the ring and ran towards his phone, almost tripping over his shoe, as he picked it up.

“Hello,” Max said as he sat on his bed.

“Mr. Weller, this is Mr. Austin, Miss Gomez’s manager. Good news! Selena has agreed to do the interview for $5,000,” he said.

“Seriously, she’ll do it?” Max said excitedly.

“Yes, and consider yourself lucky. Selena usually charges a hell of a lot more, but she understands that you’re a college student. Just be at 6250 Hollywood Blvd. on Friday at 3. And congratulations, Mr. Weller!”

Max couldn’t believe his luck he actually managed to an interview with his curvaceously busty Latina idol Selena Gomez. The bulge grew in anticipation. In three short days he was scheduled to interview Selena, but Max had one problem he needed five grand to finalize the interview or else all the anticipation and build up would be for nothing.

Max immediately grabbed his laptop and began running through his contact list of his closet guy friends and immediately did a group Skype session. Max told them about how he scored an interview with the one and only Selena Gomez. They all of course called his bluff, but agreed to loan him the money so long as he fucks Selena on camera that way his friends know he wasn’t lying.

With added urgency and anticipation Max knew he needed to get the sultry Latina in the sack or else he would not be the laughing stock amongst his friends, but he’d also be owing them five grand. With added urgency and anticipation Max knew he had to fuck Selena whether she wanted to or not. The bulge in Max’s grew in anticipation. In three short days he was going to do something most men would die to he was going to fuck Selena Gomez.

Three days have past and Max had everything he needed to interview Selena. He put on his best out which was a faded pair of dark blue jeans, plain white tee and a LA Dodgers hat. With everything ready he grabbed his gear and checked his phone. He still had a good fifty minutes before he was suppose to be at the address that Selena’s manager told him to be at.

Max felt the cool summer breeze blow through his hair as he got off the bus and arrived at his destination. He walked towards the West Hollywood Hotel. Max couldn’t believe his eyes as he walked inside the luxurious high class hotel he was cvurrently standing in.

Max walked over to receptionist’s desk and said ,

“Max Weller I have a meeting with Selena Gomez” Max was sweating nervously with anticipation as he was moments away from being face to face with his busty idol.

The receptionist pointed down the hall. Max turned walked the direction she said stopping at the bathroom to take a whizz. Max found an empty stall and took the piss before getting the image of Selena on her knees in his head as he strokes his fully erected cock. Max zipped his pants up and flushed the toilet as he walked out of the bathroom.

Max shook the nervousness out of him as stood in front of the door that could change hiis life forever. Max reached for the door handle as he opened it and walked in.

Max’s jaw dropped as saw his idol Selena stood up wearing a black one piece dress and black heels.

“You must be Max” Selena said as she extended her hand to greet him.

“And you must be the lovely Selena Gomez” Max bring her hand up to his mouth for a kiss before sitting down.

“Wow, Selena I figured your management team would be here,” Max said, as he went into his bag and grabbed the notebook with the questions he wrote down.

“I figured I’d show you that I don’t need them. I mean what exactly is a college kid going to do?” Selena said as she sat down in the chair across from him.

Max was excited beyond belief to be meeting his fantasy celeb…..in the flesh! All the times he had jerked off to pics of her in magazines and on the internet…..and now…here she was right in front of him! Only feet away! And wow! She looked like a million bucks too…..just as he imagined she would.

Selena was wearing a long-sleeved black dress, that showed off just the smallest hint of cleavage. Along with it a pair of expensive sunglasses and her dress really showed off her toned legs. She wore black, knee-high leather boots with 4-inch heels. Her luxurious black hair fell down around her shoulders, framing her heavenly face. Her full, sensuous lips were accented by a gorgeous shade of deep red lipstick.

Max’s eyes roved across her body as he watched her sit down, crossing her legs. Was it just his imagination or did he catch a quick glimpse of white panties? Max shifted in his chair to conceal his hardening cock.

“Fucking college horndog!” Selena thought to herself, as she sat down. I should just tell him to take a picture! It’ll last longer. Well, I expected this. I mean, hey, most college guys think with nothing but their dicks anyway! And oh my God! I can see the bulge in his pants!

“So Miss Gomez shall we begin?” Max asked trying to hold in his excitement.

Selena nodded her head ‘yes’, as she took a sip of her Starbucks coffee.

“So Selena, tell me. How do you feel about your album being released?” Max asked.

“I’m excited to give my fans something they will enjoy,” Selena said.

“I heard you like Marvin Gaye. Is this true?”

“Yes, I like his music. My favorite song by him is called ‘All Night Long’. I tried to do a couple of songs like his on this album,” Selena explained, as she folded her arms on her legs.

“Looking at you, I can tell you like it ‘All Night Long’ “! Max winked mischievously at the pop star.

Selena rolled her eyes in disgust, and muttered the words, ‘you’re such an ass’, before taking another sip of her coffee. “Like you’d ever get a chance to find out!”

“So it’s safe to assume that Marvin Gaye is the inspiration behind the new sound of your album?” Max asked.

“Well, I wanted a more grown-up voice and he certainly has one, but I’m just trying to show my fans who I truly am. It’s like I’m revealing myself to the world in regard to this album.”

“I wish you’d reveal yourself to me,” Max said quietly to himself.

“What’s your favorite song on the album?”

” ‘Hands to Myself’. I had a fun time writing it,” Selena said, as she saw Max gawking at her.

“What’s your favorite thing to do when you visit L.A.?”

“I like to go to the beach. I just LOVE the ocean and the feeling of the water on my skin,” Selena replied while taking another sip of her coffee.

“Who are some other artists you look to for help or guidance, in regards to your music?”

“Definitely Taylor! She’s like my major BFF! She’s helped me through sooo many situations, especially like the hectic relationship with my ex.”

“Your ex being Bieber, right?”

“Yes,” Selena said.

“What did you ever see in that asshat, that attracted you to him?” Max spat.

Selena, now rather annoyed, replied, “That’s really none of your God damn business. Now, can we please continue the interview like professionals?”

“How was it working on your new album with a brand new record company? Was it a good first time with Republic?”

“Republic. My god I can’t really put into words how amazing they were. They were supportive, kind and really let me make the music I wanted to make.”

“You don’t seem like….you, Selena,” Max said, as he put his notebook into his bag.

“What do you mean?” Selena asked curiously.

“Come on, lets face it. You’re not the “goody-goody” girl the media says you are. I mean you’re a Latina. You know how “adventurous” your kind can get?” Max said, obviously striking a nerve with Selena.

“So why don’t you let me find out how “adventurous” you can really get, by going out on a date with me,” Max said.

As he said this, he leaned over closer to Selena, letting his hand slide along her thigh. His cock jumped inside his pants. Max couldn’t believe how exquisitely smooth her skin was.

Letting out a little squeal of shock, Selena jumped out of her seat and slapped Max hard across his face.

“What the fuck? You really think you can touch my thigh, say some shit that you think makes you sound like a player, when actually it makes you sound like a pathetic loser, and expect me to fuck you right here and now? I have standards, you fucking loser. How dare you think you’re even close to being on my level!”

“Oh, I guess you only want to fuck the rich douchebags like your piss-stain of an ex-bf. Us regular douchebags aren’t good enough for you?”

Max’s comment brought Selena to her boiling point. She stomped her feet, balled her fist up and punched him right square in the jaw causing a trickle of blood to drip from his fat lip he had just received. Max was still feeling the effects of Selena’s right hook. He rubbed his jaw with his hand.

“You’re lucky I have a heart and won’t report your pathetic loser ass to my manager,” Selena angrily snapped as she stormed out of the room. Selena grabbed her glasses and her purse. She took the rest of her coffee and dumped it all over Max.

“If you were a little more respectful….I might’ve taken you up on your offer!” Selena sneered as she stormed out of the room. A slip of paper with her room number fell out of the breast pocket of her blouse. She paused at the door and glared over her shoulder. “You could have maybe had the night of your life and I would have let you live out your fantasy! But now…..nothing! Think about that. How close you came……loser!”

Max was humiliated. He couldn’t believe he got rejected by his idol, Selena Gomez. All those images of Selena that were in Max’s head were replaced by the scene of Selena’s rejection being played on repeat. Max had reached the boiling point. He knew, right then, that he was going was going to make the high and mighty princess, Selena Gomez, pay for humiliating him.

Her words echoed in his head. “You could have had the night of your life!”

“No…,” Max muttered out loud. “I’m still going to have the night of my life! But it’s going to be a nightmare for you….bitch!”

-two days later-

“I’m fucking glad I took that computer science class now,” Max muttered, looking down at his phone while his password cracker finished accessing the hotel’s systems.

“Let’s see,” he said, flicking through the various controls. Fire alarms, elevators, cameras, check-in logs, even the building’s electricity, everything was available.

“I should start with the security cams.” Max thought to himself, and quickly cut them. Max smiled at he looked at the nearest camera and saw the small red light on it flick off, and heard a small popping sound as it’s circuits blew.

Looking intently at the screen in front of him, Max accessed the external door locks, and switched them off. Then he quickly accessed the computer mainframe and began to upload the virus he had created. He turned and watched the front desk as it finished uploading. He saw one of the staff stand up abruptly and walk to the phone. “Calling the manager, no doubt.”

“Sir, we have a problem. It looks like somebody’s done something to our systems.”

“Security’s down too!? Oh no! Uhm, my screen says something about, ‘burning this corporate pigsty to the ground.’ Okay, I’ll get them!” the woman said.

Clearly nervous, she headed to the nearest elevator. Max called after her “Hey, can you hold that for me!?”

The woman quickly stuck her arm out and held the door open, and he ran in after her.

“Sorry, I just need to get to my room is all,” he panted.

She smiled. “It’s fine, no worries.” She punched in Selena’s floor.

“Your floor, sir?” She asked.

“Just punched it in, actually.”

The two of them rode up in silence, and stepped off on the top floor. Max took a step forward, before the woman stopped him.

“Hold up just a moment, sir, I need to discuss something with a guest very quickly, then you can go to your room. Okay?”

Max nodded “Sure, go ahead!” he said with a smile.

She was cute, short, with shiny red hair tied up in a pony tail. He stared at her tight ass while she walked away, and spoke to one of the large men in black suits outside Selena’s room.

The man shook his head, and knocked on the door. A towel-clad Selena stuck her head out, and smiled at the man, waving to the woman who grinned nervously back at her. The man nodded as she spoke, then turned and walked away. The 4 men and the young woman walked away, and she stopped.

“You can go ahead to your room now, sir. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you need anything, call the front desk and ask for Shannon, I’ll take care of it.”

“Thanks,” Max said, smiling at her again.

As he heard the elevator close behind him, he walked towards Selena’s room.

“But I’m already gonna have everything I want.”

Max had made a master key that would gain him access to any room, but he was only interested in one room. He unlocked it and stepped inside, not surprised that the room she picked out was lavish and expensive.

He could hear the shower running with Selena singing a Taylor Swift song. Max grew hard thinking about the hot Latina running her hands all over her tight body. Running over her supple breasts and curvy hips to wash her smooth pussy.

Max looked at her computer and saw her phone charging next to it. He took the laptop out of rest mode and noticed she had a few porn sites in her history, soft core, mainly casual sex. Max smirked, saying to himself, ‘Sweetie, I’ll teach you the joys of hardcore sex.’

Max then went through Selena’s phone and found all sorts of nude pictures. There were some topless ones, with her in sexy panties. Others showed her totally naked, spread-legged on a bed and taking close-ups of her tight pink snatch. One in particular, that really caught Max’s attention, was a pic of Selena with the thick handle of a hairbrush pushed halfway inside her. Her back was arched, her eyes closed in ecstasy and her gorgeous tits jutting straight up from her chest.

Max damn near came in his pants, seeing that one. Another pic showed her bent over a chair, reaching under herself and pulling her pussy lips wide open.

“This little slut is out of control!” Max muttered to himself.

Another series of pics he came across, showed the little Hollywood tart feigning oral sex using a banana. She had damn near the whole thing pushed in her mouth! He even found a short video she must have made for snapchat, showing her running her tongue up and down the length of the banana and smiling seductively.

This was a fucking gold mine! Max quickly copied the pics to his own phone. Although all the texts were deleted, Selena didn’t want anyone to know who she sent those steamy naked pictures to. Max knew he was suddenly going to become a very rich man. Speaking of steamy, Max looked at the bedroom and crept inside sneaking into the bathroom. The steam was so thick that Selena wouldn’t be able to see through the glass mirror but he could see her naked silhouette and it made him incredibly hard.

Max left the bathroom and saw her black thong panties on the floor. He sat on the edge of the bed, holding the underwear. He ran the part were her plump ass cheeks were rubbing against the fabric. The cotton material was still warm and Max was loving this moment. He pressed his nose against the crotch part and inhaled the strong musky aromas that stained the underwear.

Selena finished her shower and turned off the water as her long, wet, black hair clung to her skin. She reached up and clenched the edge of the shower curtain in her hand as she immediately felt the cool air give her goosebumps.

Selena felt the cool breeze brush against her wet body as grabbed her towel with free hand stepping on the cold floor as she looked into the fogged up mirror thinking about how she was disrespected a few hours ago. Selena looks around andsees a trail of clothes as she finished scanning the fancy bathroom before walking out of the bathroom.

Selena ran her hands through her wet black strains of hair as she began combing her hair. The wet wet water dripped from Selena’s young body as she reached walked out of the bathroom singing Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams”

“Oh you are my “Wildest Dream” Selena” Max thoughgt to himself from inside Selena’s closet.

Selena removed the towel and ran the towel through her hair to dry it off, unfortunately her back was to Max so he only saw her plump succulent ass. It wasn’t until Selena turned around and saw her glorious juicy ripe melons and her freshly shaved snatch complete with a landing strip that Max nearly jumped out of the closet, but Max knew he had to play it cool, he had to wait for the right moment.

Selena dried her beautiful body, running the soft cloth across her silky skin. Max felt his heartbeat quicken as he saw her nipples harden, and his hard-on strained in his pants as he saw her lips part in a moan of relaxation as she let the tension flow out of her body. He could see the water glistening on her shaven cunt, giving the impression that she was fertile and in heat. Max had to restrain himself, it was too much, SHE was too much.

After she toweled off, Selena approached the closet, finishing her singing. As she reached for the handle, Max burst from the closet, clothes and hangers flying aside as he charged out. “AAH-UUGUGGAAAH!” Selena gurgled as he braced his forearm across her throat and pinned her to the wall, hard. She pulled and scratched at his arm as her air supply was cut off, gulping like a fish and making strangling sounds as she wriggled and squirmed, her head swimming from the lack of oxygen.

“Don’t scream, Princess!” Max hissed, reaching into his pocket. Selena froze, her eyes bulging in terror as she saw him flick open a knife. “Understand?” He whispered. She nodded frantically, and he pulled his arm away, coughing and choking as she took deep, huffing breaths. He grabbed a handful of her sleek black hair and pulled her head back, running the flat of the blade across her cheek. Selena whimpered in in fear and squeezed her eyes shut.

Max trailed the blade down her fit, toned body, prodding her hard nipples with the tip of the blade, then running it between her full, soft tits. “If you scream. I’ll kill you, Selena.” He said, his breath hot on her face. Tears began to run down her face as she sobbed and trembled, her tiny form shaking as he stepped in closer to her, and she gasped and pulled back into the wall as far as she could when she felt the bulge in his pants press against her belly.

“Max p-please..don’t kill me” She choked out. “I…..I have money, any amount. Just name it, I can get it for you, just please” Selena whimpered. “Any amount? Anything?” Max asked. “Y-yeah.” Selena said, nodding her head. He stopped, and considered her offer. She WAS rich, and he could do a lot with any amount of money he wanted, maybe a car and a house, maybe he’d even make her betray one of her friends to satisfy his lust..

“No deal.” Max snarled, twisting a hand in he hair and throwing her onto the bed. He stood over the crying, terrified young pop-star and undid his belt. “The only thing I want is you, filled with my cum!”

Max grabbed Selena and threw her on the bed watching her tits bounce from the impact. Selena cried, begged and pleaded with Max hoping he’d re consider what he was about to do. Max had waited too long he couldn’t wait so he climbed up on the bed and sat on Selena’s lap and licked her cheek which disgusted Selena almost causing her to vomit, but Max went from licking her cheek to jamming his tongue her throat.

Grabbing the front of Selena’s long white nightgown, he sliced through the thin white fabric with his razor sharp knife, separating it in two halves down the middle to her waist. He cut the straps on her shoulders. He yanked the nightgown down, letting it bunch around her midsection. Her naked breasts jutted up from her chest and her eyes were as large as saucers.

“MMMMMFFFFFFFF…….MMMMMFFFFFFFF!” she squealed frantically through the panties in her mouth.

“What’s wrong bitch?” he asked, dragging the tip of the blade around her left nipple in a lazy circle. “Embarrassed to let a peasant like me see your bare tits?”

Selena squirmed and screamed as Max pressed the tip of his blade harder into Selena’s luscious hard succulent mounds. Max removed the panties from her mouth long enough to hear her scream and say,

“MAX I SWEAR TO CHRIST I’LL HAVE YOU ROT IN JAIL. DO YOU KNOW HOW POWERFUL I AM?” Selena belted out before Max shoved the panties back into her mouth causing Selena to gag from being lodged in.

“Not very powerful with me sitting on you slut” Max laughs devilishly.

Selena flailed and thrashed underneath him. Max just kept the knife pressed to Selena’s gorgeous tits, loving how her firm body pushed up against him. But then he got sloppy. He let go of her wrists he was holding with his other hand, so he could reach down to push his hand into her panties.

“I’m letting go of your wrists,” he said. “But don’t try anything or I’ll slice a nipple off!”

Selena just laid there still as Max slid his hand along her flat tummy. Then…..she made her move! She twisted her body hard, catching Max off-guard. She rolled to the left, he fell away in the opposite direction, dropping his knife in the process.

Selena….so desperate to not be raped…..found a reserve of adrenaline and strength she didn’t know she had.

She grabbed the lamp off her bedside table and as Max lunged at her, she swung it right at his head. Max saw it coming and quickly ducked, the lamp just glancing off his right shoulder. But it was all the distraction Selena needed. She pulled the panties out of her mouth, jumped off the bed and ran for the doorway, her cut-open dress still hanging off her.

“Sonuvabitch! I’ll fucking kill you!” Max roared, as he came after her.

Selena might have gotten away…..if she hadn’t slipped on the carpet. In a flash, Max tackled her, wrapping his arms around her legs and she came crashing to the floor with a hard thud that knocked the wind out of her lungs.

Max was furious, calling her “a cunt” and “a fucking whore!” Spittle flew from his mouth and sprayed against her cheek.

Selena was genuinely scared now. She didn’t like the wild, animal look in Max’s eyes. He grabbed a big handful of her dark hair and yanked her to her feet. He slammed her backwards against the wall, knocking a picture off from the force.

He grabbed what was left of her dress and ripped it down off her body, leaving her clad in just her panties. He didn’t have the knife now, but he gripped the beautiful girl by her slender throat and squeezed. With his other hand he backhanded Selena across the face, momentarily stunning her. All she saw was stars!

“Fucking cow……fucking pig!” he yelled. “Now you’ve pissed me off you fucking cunt!”

He clamped his mouth down on Selena’s, tasting the salty blood from her cut lip. He forced his tongue inside her mouth, listening to her try to scream around it.


He rammed his hand inside her panties and two probing fingers found her damp slit. He jammed his fingers inside her with such force it lifted her feet off the floor. In and out….in and out…..in and out! Max raped her with his fingers. All the while shoving his tongue into her throat and tasting her saliva. Selena tried to push him away but his weight kept her pinned against the wall. He kept a knee pushed between her legs as his hand continued to work its way in and out of her.

Then he pulled out, and let go of her throat. Selena took a deep breath.

“M-Max…..pl-please…..I’m sorry…..I’m sorry!”

“Fuck off bitch! You wanted to play rough…..NOW we’ll play rough!”

“Max…..nooooo….l-listen to me…..I’ll do anything….okay? I-I’ll suck you…..I’ll suck your cock…..okay?”

Max paused for a second. He had pulled her away from the wall by her hair. “You will?” he asked tentatively.

“Yes…..yes I will!” She licked her lips and gave him a sultry, seductive look. “I’ll suck your cock good, okay? Like…..like you’ve never had it before. Just promise……you won’t rape me……and after I’m done….you’ll leave….and I won’t call the cops.”

Max thought for a second. His cock was growing hard, thinking about having Selena’s lips wrapped around him. He looked her hard in the eye.

“Okay, slut! You can suck my dick…..and if you do a really, really good job, I’ll let you go! But it had better be good…..and by that I mean deep throat and everything…..you’re even swallowing! Got me?”

Selena nodded slowly. “Yes…..yes, Max. I’ll suck you like you were Justin…..hell, I’ll do you even better than I ever did Justin!”

“Let’s go!” Max ordered, yanking Selena by the hair back over to the bed.

“Good girl..” Max whispered brushing her hair out of her face. “Now, open wide.” He growled, twisting his hand into her hair and grabbing tightly, jerking her head back. “AAGH!” At first Selena refused which caused Selena shrieked in pain.

The young starlet gasped, more in fear than pain. Max took the opportunity to shove his 10″ cock past her lips. She froze as she felt the foreskin tickle her as it slid in. The girl looked up at her rapist chest panting from fear with tears filling her eyes. “Show me just how well that pretty little mouth works Selena,” said Max, grinning down at her.

Selena closed her eyes, letting a couple tears run down her cheeks as she began to suck on the shaft of her rapist. She opened her mouth so Max could see her tongue sliding along the length of his cock. Max pulled her head back. “I’m surprised you know how to suck dick with your boyfriend having a micro dick and all.”

Max slid his cock in and out of her mouth, the slick skin engulfing the young latina’s throat. Her eyes never broke from staring at Max; she was scared, humiliated. Worse, Selena had to give sexual gratification to man who she didn’t even know and quite frankly it made her want to vomit. All of the sudden, the entire length of the cock was shoved down the girl’s throat, making her gag and choke. Her eyes squeezed shut when she felt the cock hit the back of her throat.


“Look at me you cock teasing slut.”

She slowly opened her eyes just in time to see Max smiled at her torture and humiliation. Max was putting her through hell and there was nothing she could do to stop it except try and quickly satisfy her rapist. The young woman cried around the cock that was still in her mouth. Max had gripped the side of Selena’s head and pulled her further down his cock strings of spit and drool dangling from the side of her mouth.

Selena closed her eyes and tried to shut out what was happening, to no avail. Max put his hands on the back go her head and pulled her down. “GAAAAAAGH!” Selena gagged and retched around his cock as he crammed it into her throat.

He leaned back his head and groaned. “You might be shit for everything else, but you sure can suck cock, slut.” He said, pulling down down until his balls rested on her chin. “And I bet you’re not a bad lay, either. We’ll see about that soon.” He said, enjoying her reaction as she heard that. Selena’s eyes went wide, and she shook her head no. “Oh yes. I’m gonna rip your tight little pussy open and dump a nice hot load of cum in there.” He pulled her head back and began to fuck her throat while he spoke to her.

“I might even do it more than once, keep filling you. Maybe you’ll get a brat out of it? Better from me than that dickless piece of shit you seem so intent on fucking.” Max pinched her nose shut, letting her choke on his cock as he kept talking to her “I can’t wait to try your ass out too. I bet it’s cherry, isn’t it? Won’t be for long.” He finally pulled out of her mouth and threw her over the bed, pulling her head so that it dangled off the edge.

Selena gasped for air “please why are you-” He cut her off with a hard backhand to the face. “Shut the fuck up and open wide.” She opened her mouth and he rammed his cock back in. The sight of her elegant throat bulging around his throbbing dick was almost too much, her gagging and mewling was like music to his ears. Max began to hammer into her throat harder and faster, groaning and squeezing her head in his hands “Swallow my cum, you spit it out and I WILL hurt you got me?”

With a deep, animalistic grunt, he came into her mouth. Selena retched and heaved at the musky, bitter taste, but forced herself to swallow his disgusting slime. He pulled out of her mouth, and in a final act of humiliation, rubbed his slimy shaft and balls across her face and hair. Selena gasped for air and rolled over onto her stomach. Big mistake. She felt the foul jizz she had just swallowed churning in her belly, and it rushed back up as nausea over took her.

“Where do you want my cock?” He asked.

“MY ASSSS!” She whimpered and screeched.

He pulled out his cock and drove in and out of the starlets asshole.

Selena started to cry as the violation of her anal cavity continued.

“Quiet puta” he shouted at her as he raped her ass, completely ravaging it thrusting hard enough to have her tits bounce back and forth every now and then to let her know how serious he was.

“UUUNNNGGGGHHH! UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH!” she silently sobbed on the bed, ripping and tearing at the bed sheets to try and block out the pain of her ass being torn apart by the cock of her rapist.

“About time you had this tight little ass fucked by a real man,” he taunted her as drove in and out of her anal cavity, more of her blood running down his dick as he buried himself in her bowels.

“What do you say I add some cum to all that blood,” he coldly said to her as he held the gun to her head, warning her not to make a sound as he tore up her ass, giving her long, deep thrusts as he shot his cum into her bowels, a mixture of his cum and her blood pooling between her legs and staining the bed by the time he unloaded all of his spunk into her ass and pulled out. Max saw Selena reaching for her phone, but Max grabbed her phone and threw it against the wall watching it break as it made contact with the wall.

Max flipped Selena over on her stomach her tits bouncing as she moved. Max had positioned Selena to face her laptop as she didn’t know her was being recorded. Max wanted to see every agonizing painful expression, every tear coming from Selena’s eyes, Max wanted to see Selena broken on camera.

Max taunted Selena as he flipped her onto her back giving her laptop a good view of jiggling tits. With Selena wiggling around in the spotlight, Max aimed his hard tool at her pussy.

“NOOO! Please don’t, anywhere but there, please!” Selena begged and pleaded for Max to stop, but her cries were ignored as he thrust his massive tool into her tight cunt. The sudden penetration pulled and tore at her vaginal walls as he pounded into her, the more she screamed the harder he thrust into her. Selena thrashed and fought until Max brought the knife up to her face again, flashing back to his threats she quickly stopped herself from fighting.

“Remember what I said bitch.” He threatened as he jammed his fingers further into Selena’s mouth making her gag and shudder. With his toy mostly compliant, Max continued his powerful thrusting into Selena’s cunt while his free hand cupped her jiggling breast. Selena held back a groan as he squeezed her tit and destroyed her snatch, closing her eyes she quietly sobbed as she was violated with her laptop filming it all. “Don’t just lay there slut, suck off my cock like the whore you are!” Swallowing what was left of her pride, Selena wrapped her lips around his cock as she did as commanded. With her mouth busy and his hard member pounding into her cunt, Max continued playing with her tits, after squeezing and fondling them, he pinched and twisted each of her rock hard nipples.

“You really are a slut. This is turning you on isn’t it?” Selena shook her head no as her body switched between pain and light pleasure, the hard thrusts into her pussy were making her body slowly betray her as twinges of pleasure started coursing through her, while her nipples being twisted and the knife being placed up to her throat. “What do you say we give our audience a big finish?” Without waiting for an answer and not caring a bit about Selena, Max gave her nipples a final hard twist and pulled the fingers from her mouth. Her relief was short as she felt her rapist’s hands grab her hips as he hammered into her tight cunt even harder and faster.

“Wait! Please don’t, I’m not on the pill!” Selena’s please fell on deaf ears as she frantically fought for freedom. She writhed and used her hands in a desperate attempt to free herself and escape, all her effort got her was a hard backhand to her face. Selena moaned in pain as she slowly regained her senses, quickly her situation came back to her as she felt the urgent thrusts into her unprotected cunt.

“Time for the fun part bitch!” Max yelled as he grabbed Selena’s ass and lifted her off the bed as he fucked her even deeper. Selena franticly fought to escape as she felt the throbbing member sliding in and out of her, her rapist’s sadistic smirk and the blinding light from the chopper were only adding to her humiliation.

“Please, not there! Anywhere else, plea-” Selena’s eyes went wide as she froze in horror, all she could feel was the throbbing cock in her cunt as it sprayed his cum into her womb. Tears filled Selena’s eyes as Max looked down at her and started laughing as a little trickle of jizz leaked from her cunt. Rage quickly replaced her sadness and horror as he pulled out and let Selena fall to the bed, wiping away tears from her eyes; she noticed that Max was in pain caressing his balls trying to get the feeling back into them. Using her anger, Selena used all of her strength and kicked Max in his balls making him fall to the floor in pain while Selena scrambled to her feet and bee lined for the door not caring if anyone sees her nude as long as she got the hell away from Max.

“You’re going to pay for that bitch!” Max was gasping in pain as Selena without a second thought she ran for the door in a last attempt to save herself. In Selena’s adrenaline filled state she fumbles around with the lock being unsuccessful she runs for the bathroom, but Selena’s hope is short lived as Max kicks the starlet in the head disorienating her.

Selena curled into the fetal position, cum oozing from her violated holes. Tears streamed from her big brown eyes. Her entire body was covered in cum, sweat, tears, and drool. Her ass and pussy ached, and the sour taste of cum permeated her mouth. She heard Max stand and leave, but didn’t register the fact.

She flinched as he spit on her, but was otherwise non-responsive. She lay there for what seemed to her like hours, hands over her sore pussy, cum leaking onto her fingers, sobbing quietly into the bed. Finally, the raped beauty forced herself to try and stand. She could barely walk from the pain of her brutal violation, and cum leaked down her long legs, drying on her thighs. She forced herself into the bathroom and crawled into the shower.

The water soothed her aching body, and cleaned away the mess of jazz, drool, and sweat. Selena scrubbed her body, she felt dirty and disgusting, like she couldn’t get his stench off her skin. The water was hot enough to hurt, but Selena didn’t care, anything was worth it to get HIM off her.

After nearly 2 hours, Selena exited the shower on shaking legs. She rinsed his taste from her mouth, and headed back to her bed. She just wanted to sleep, for all of this to be over. Her eyes fell onto her laptop, and a smile crossed her face.

“Hehehe. I GOT HIM!” She said to herself. excitement overtaking exhaustion as she realized that she could take payback on Max for the indignities he had forced onto her, for every sick act her forced her into. She rushed to the computer and pulled up the file directory, looking for the video.

“Where is it, where is it!?” Selena muttered to herself, pouring through them one by one. Her hope was slowly snuffed out as the cold realization hit her: It wasn’t here. Her one piece of proof, her one way to put this monster away forever, and it wasn’t here! “FUCK!” Selena screamed, her crying beginning anew as her last hope for even the smallest bit of happiness was stolen from her. Her career was over, her life was over, everybody would see the video of her rape and humiliation.

She jumped sharply as her email pinged. It was Max.

Her hands shook as she clicked on the message, and opened it.


If you don’t want to be a porn star, meet me at 86 East Street on Tuesday night, Apartment 9b. Wear the same things you did for our interview. COME ALONE. If You do anything beyond what I’ve told you, or don’t come, it goes up.


P.S. Clear up your weekends.”

Selena felt cold horror wash over her. It wasn’t over.

-Tuesday night-

Heels clicked on the floor of the apartment. Selena stopped outside the door to room 9b. She took a deep breath and choked back her tears. She knew tonight would be another disgusting rape session, as would the weekend, and every subsequent one. She raised a slender hand, and knocked on the door.

It opened.

“Come in, Selena Welcome to our little lovenest.”

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