A Fantasy Begins

A Fantasy Begins Pt. 1

Charlotte Church, Crystal Bernard & Sara Evans

Written By: Spyder

In a young man’s life there are many facets of dreams and how they perceive them. Has anyone wondered what kind of fantasy would create a wonderful story? Well there are many stars I create stories of and each of them would make a sexual life more pleasing. This is a series of such stories and dreams that could happen if they were in my neighborhood.

Allow this one to start a little different than most of the stories I have written. After a day of trying times and hard work, today would be the start
of my holidays. For the next two weeks I am free to enjoy life to it’s fullest and this is what the day after the slow and trying times entailed. I had just stepped out of the shower, when the doorbell rang; I pulled on my robe to run down to answer the door, when a lovely vision of a goddess stood before me. She is my neighbor’s sexy blonde wife, whose husband just happens to be out of town of business instead of on a honeymoon with this gorgeous creature. I ask her in for breakfast, she accepts as I give her the only stipulation for her to remain. Once she has heard the request, she removes her clothes and sits on the couch. She also says that she is still a virgin, so if we fuck it will be the very first time.

For the next hour or so, Sherry and I sexually arouse one another. Her blowjob was so hot that I came three times before I actually fucked her. Sucking her breasts was a new exploration for tit lovers everywhere. She had the most delectable areolas ever and she also came many times over. Once we went into the crux of the morning, I found out how extremely tight she was, as she screamed for the force of my ten inches hurt her. Sex was great with her and she left for home without breakfast, but a new appreciation of what a man can do for her if needed.

Shortly after Sherry left, a new round of what ifs occurred. Here I am at eleven in the morning, not a morsel of food entered my mouth, only the taste of sweet pussy. Again the doorbell rings and in walks the sensual young classical singer Charlotte Church, country star Sara Evans and a babe of TV and music, Crystal Bernard. This is no ordinary day, as I plant warm kisses on the mouths of these hot babes. Charlotte says she needs to end her virginity, so she took the advice of a friend by seeking my cock out. I watch as the ladies undress each other, one by one they get naked before my lusting eyes.

Shortly after they are totally nude, Crystal decides to tie me to a chair, so she can enjoy my cock without my interrupting her. Once she has performed this task without any resistance from me, Crystal kneels down to give me my second blowjob of the day. She looks into my eyes as if to say, you have been fucking someone else today. Miss Bernard deep throats the hard dick and waves the other two over to join in on the fun. Charlotte informs her that she has done this once before and knows that a cock can feel good in the mouth. Sara licks her lips and then the ass of the youngest of the group, before she sucks on my balls. I’ve never felt a three-way blowjob before and I plan to enjoy this for as long as they can keep it up.

Many minutes pass until Crystal unties my bindings and allows me to face fuck all of them. At first Charlotte was not ready to go this far, but with a little persuasion of Sara’s hot tongue around her clean pussy, she relents and accepts my cock being shoved in her mouth. A load of cum oozes in her throat and she gurgles her approval. It is now Sara’s turn to feel this sexual drive. Crystal takes Charlotte over to the couch and eats her pussy, which is now dripping of her own delicious cuz.

Sara soon swallows the load that explodes in her mouth and I then decide to tie the three horny women to one another for the next phase of the afternoon. Once they are sufficiently tied, I react to the situation like a gopher going from hole to hole, eating and finger fucking them rapidly. Charlotte screams out that she has never had a man before, for the second time and I will decide to ass fuck her last. Crystal being in the middle, she is the first lady that will enjoy my rock. With my hands free, this is where I decide to put them to good use, double dipping the asses and pussies of the two ladies on my left and the right. Ecstasy is the meaning of this segment of sex, as I continue to please the three horny women of show business. Knowing that she will feel a cock inside her very soon, Charlotte tenses up a little while my fingers do there inside work. Crystal explodes in her environment, as the condom cannot hold the load I have for her. Removing the rubber, I shoot my load on her butt and back and move on to my next lover.

The ever so eager Sara Evans softly says that it would be a pleasure to be ass fucked at this time. With one mighty plunge, I have entered the cavern of Miss Evans, ignoring the fact she has the tightest hole that a man could dive into. As she moans, I drive hard and fast into her hole, lifting her up in unison to my deep movements inside. She screams, turning her head she smiles and whispers that her husband never drives her this hard. It isn’t long before a load is ready to emerge on her ass, but before that happens I slap her cheeks until redness appears and the sexy songstress says to end the agony of her load. Pulling out of her tight asshole, I hold my cum until I am near her face and squirt the massive shot in her mouth, which she swallows. Charlotte now realizes that her time has arrived.

Walking to where she is on all fours, I grab the belt form earlier use, tickle her ass, then with one or two mighty blows I make her scream as I lash it down hard on her creamy white ass. No yet softened by fucking the other two delicious cuties, I slowly enter the ass of this Welsh virgin. Another couple of light yelps and her ass gives way to my thick stick. Her pain is soon replaced by giggles as she accepts her first of many ass fucks. She has many orgasms while being driven hard by my love pole and very soon I pull out to allow her to swallow a load of my jism. She sinks down after tasting another load of cum, as I decide to keep the ladies tied up for now.

What they don’t know is that I have made up my mind to drive each pussy one after the other. Beginning with Sara, I drive it in her pussy with a resounding whoosh. Undeterred by their womanly screams for separate session of fucking, I continue to pound the sweetest love nests around. Stepping into the back pockets of these vixens, they feel my cock after a few moments with each one. Relentless in my sexual attack, I finally shoot another load into the pussy of Miss Bernard, then I will untie them for the rest of what should be hot sex again and again.

Before they lie on the carpeted floor, my hands are taken and I am lowered to the floor. I wait as each of them decides what they want first. Sara squats over my face and tells me to eat her dripping pussy, while the other two ladies take turns riding me. Stamina is now getting low, as I reach for Sara’s tits to squeeze them over and over again. Then it’s Charlotte who sits on my smiling face to have her twat licked and devoured. Crystal and Sara move away and begin to pussy fuck each other, which is my cue to turn Miss Church on her back and enter her cunt while on top of her. My other two lovers show their approval by delightfully clapping hands while continuing to make love. Charlotte is now so adverse in sex that she slips of my shaft and gives a final blowjob.

Her swallowing for the third or fourth time was the culmination of an afternoon of hot passion and raging hormones. What began as an afternoon of love with the neighbors wife, turned into a long time with three hotties.

It is then I believe I wake up…until…

The end

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