A Fantasy Begins Pt. 2

A Fantasy Begins Pt. 2

Britney Spears, Dolly Parton & Emma Samms

Written By: Spyder

The next day I wake up to find only that Sherry left by leaving her panties and bra as a token of the ending of her virginity. Once more I fall fast asleep to hear the doorbell ring, the opening of a door and feet heading into the living room.

What I see are three beauties of a different kind as compared to yesterday. In this threesome are two blonde sexpots and a British bitch. Equally excited as to the nature of the visit, I watch as each lady undresses the other. Almost down to there nude bodies,
I offer to help remove the under garments on each body. Starting with Dolly, I unfasten her bra and watch as her huge mammories fall into view. I can’t help but massage enormous breasts before I remove her silk panties. She now stand before me nude with the most erect nipples a man can endure.

Next up is Britney, she walks to where I stand, lifts her arms up and waits as I undo her bra while kissing her fully on the mouth. I lick her breasts while squatting down to lower and remove her see through panties. Placing two fingers inside her previously fucked cunt, I make her scream as Emma wonders what sort of hello I have for her.

Emma watches me wave her over, as I longingly wish she would suck my cock first, but the order of the day is to undo her bra and remove her black lace panties. Having enjoyed her tits on occasion before this meeting, I swiftly squeeze the gorgeous melons and lick around the areolas. Arousing her to the fullest I slide my fingers into a waiting white ass. Another yelp of pleasure and it will be soon time to enjoy all three hot women wherever I decide to fuck them. The hot Brit. lady lies wantingly on the floor after I have removed her under garments.

All three of the hottest ladies around make a move that I don’t fully comprehend until Dolly forces me down and sits on my stomach. Britney holds my wrists as Emma straps a length of leather binding around my feet and wrists. They smile very wickedly, as the plan is to drive me crazy as they take liberties with my hardened prick. At first they slap the love gun, so much so that it turns a bright red, then one at a time they deep throat the aching piece and attempt to have it cum on their chins and tits. Emma reaches for something in her bag, tells the other two to turn me over as she rams a dildo up my ass, making me cum on the carpet. Seeing the load squirt in the air, Dolly takes the lead and slides her hot pussy over the shaft and rides the wild one for a while, as Emma and Britney eat one another. Dolly squeals in delight as she cums a couple of times before she gets up to allow one of the others to enjoy the ride.

Emma and Britney enjoy their sexual ride on my almost softened cock, another load shoots out as they loosen the bindings around my arms and legs. Bending over, I let a long pause go by and then I enter one ass at a time. Utilizing the leather strap, I raise welts on the whitest butts around while whipping my lovers into submission. While I pound them in the ass, my Doberman strolls into the room, Britney looks evilly at the animal and asks to join him. Again I sit on the floor and wait as Emma and Dolly take positions, Emma widens her thighs to allow me to fuck her, while Dolly sits on her face to have another crack at being eaten. We try to watch what Miss Spears is involved with as she sucks the dogs cock. Neither of the two that I fuck are to shocked at what they are witnessing, as Britney decides to have the animals cock in her cunt. She moans after the dog leaves her alone and walks out of the house.

Tiring of what seems to be an eternal amount of time to perform sex with these ladies, I let loose with a yawn that would scare even a ghost. Emma, Dolly and Britney look on as I take turns fucking them all over again, shooting a load of jism on each back and into each gaping asshole. Eternity has come, as I fall off to sleep believing it is over once again…


The end

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