A Fantasy Begins Pt. 3

The Fantasy Begins Pt. 3

Chely Wright, Linda Blair & Stephanie McMahon

Written By: Spyder

The next morning I wake up early, quite refreshed and hoping that the sex is over. Deciding to go for an early walk, I leave my home to head to the park, but go for a drive to the country and my cabin by the lake. Driving at a fair speed, I see a car follow me all the way down that curvy road. I step out, as I no longer see the Trans Am around.

Opening the log structure I am taken aback as three beauties have followed me inside the country home. Not to surprised at the fact that Chely Wright and
Linda Blair are here, I am stunned to see the newly married Stephanie McMahon is with them. I expected that she would be trying to please her idiot of a husband Triple H. The first suggestion is to go for a swim, since there is no one around for a few miles we decide to skinny dip. The ladies smile while I help them out of their clothes, one at a time I strip them of the summer wear that adorns the hot smoldering sexpots how followed me all the way here. Once they are fully nude I undress myself and we walk the path to the shimmering blue expanse of water that should be warm to the skin.

At the same time we dive into the water, I give Steph a little surprise as I dive deep enough to swim up between her legs, jamming my tongue into her pussy underwater. She yells loudly as the other two wonders what the commotion is about. While underwater, I finger fuck her tight ass, creating a new sensation for her as she cums in the lake. Chely and Linda swim our way to find out where I got to and how Steph is screaming when she should be swimming.

I swim to the top for air, then go back down to find the pussy of my next target. Chely gasp as I fill her ass with my cock while still in the water. Steph swims toward Linda and kisses her breasts, which finds her excited to be having an underwater lover, even though she is one of the wealthiest sluts in America. Steph reaches down into the water and an educated guess is that she jammed her fingers into Linda’s perfect pink pussy. The round of water sex continues until I have sufficiently made each lady cum at least once while we are supposed to be swimming.

It is now Linda, who has the surprise as she dives down and grabs my stiff wet cock to give me my first underwater blowjob. I was shocked that the other two hadn’t tried this approach, but am pleased at the lips that surround my thick dick. Miss Blair breaks the plain to catch some air and then goes in for the finale as she has made me cum in the lake. Before she gets too far away, I finger fuck her ass and pussy, making her yelp in delight and then after nearly an hour, we head to shore to dry.

The sun is hot, but not nearly as hot as the four of us as we walk back to the cabin for the rest of the afternoon. Four naked people, dripping of water and cum stroll into the cool cabin to relax or so we think.

I sit on the sofa with three hot and horny lovers near me. Each attempt to stroke my dick, but it’s a matter of who wants it the most. Linda bends over my standing prick and begins to suck it once again, while Chely devours Linda’s cunt and at the same moment Stephanie takes care of Chely’s burning hole of love. They bring her to climax about the same moment I have shot my next load down her throat, watching a smile cross her lips as she swallows the sticky ooze. Stephanie slides into Linda’s spot and begins the process all over once again. At this time the roles are somewhat changed as Linda teases Chely’s ass with her fingers, shoving them in as far as they will go. Chely licks her lips and drives her tongue into Stephanie’s love hole, lapping up her sweet nectar and creating moans of pleasure. Chely’s turn is next, as she sucks my balls first, while Linda eats the dripping pussy of the country princess, while the McMahon princess slides under Linda and sucks the orbs that please many men. Once each of the ladies have sufficiently cum they lie on the floor, legs wide open to await their destiny.

Walking around the living room, I see the three ladies wondering what I have planned for the rest of the day. At first I am not all that certain myself, but come to the conclusion that it will have to please them and all at once. Heading out to the kitchen I have the desire to use some veggies to derive some hot pleasure from them, but I need and find a rope to tie them together and to three pieces of furniture in the living room. In the fridge I find a cucumber, the English variety, three six pieces of rope, three short and three long and then go back to the living room, where the three horny women are banging pussies together in a heated sexual menage a trois.

With the shorter pieces of rope, I ask each lady to where it is I will tie them. Beginning with Linda, I bind her wrists to the legs of the dining room table, Chely will be tied to the coffee table and Stephanie to the sofa. As for the longer pieces of rope I tie their legs together, allowing freedom to move them in any direction needed. Chely see the cucumber and wonders what it’s use will be, but is not long in finding out as I use the now peeled veggie in her cunt first. It is a long reach, but is worth it as I dip my cock into Stephanie’s pussy, while the cucumber does it’s magic in Chely’s hole. Linda lies there hearing the pleasure and whimpers a little as there is no attention sent her way. This is when Chely reaches over and playfully slaps the heaving breasts of the former star of “B” movies. Sensing that Miss Wright is ready to cum; I drive the veggie into the horny Linda Blair, while my free hand slaps the breasts of Miss McMahon, er Mrs. Helmsley. Steph is more adverse in veggie sex than I thought as she wraps her pussy around the long cucumber, almost squeezing it in half. Finally it is Linda’s pleasure to feel the cum soaked veggie in her bushy hole. Her hot pussy surrounds the veggie quickly, as I maneuver it in and out of her dripping cunt very rapidly. She cums all over it, as I ask each lady to take a bite from the cucumber.

Having the veggie disappear, I next will drive my cock into the pussies. Placing a condom over my hard prick, I plunge it deep into Linda, then after a few moments I back out and target Stephanie, who is smiling widely. Chely receives the drive of all time as I give her the hardest plunge of all, creating a yelp of pain and pleasure at the same time. After fucking the tied up women, I relax once untying them from the furniture they were bound to. Stephanie sits beside me and watches Linda and Chely leave the cabin. Unsure of what is about to occur, we follow the naked twosome to investigate. Arriving at the barn, Linda separates from me and takes one of the three horses I have around for riding purposes. Only thing this instance they are not riding them the normal way.

Sliding under the animals, each of them gives the horse’s blowjob. Not shocked, I hear the animals give pleasing nays of relief as they cum on the women. The next step is to watch as they place the horse cock into their pussies to fuck them with all their might. A short time later, the ladies stroke the cum out of the horses dicks and lick it from their hands. For the second time we head to the lake for a swim.

Linda and Stephanie dive in and go out a little further than the last time. While they are heading toward the island a few hundred feet away, I grab hold of Chely’s body, ask her to bend over and ass fuck my little country darling. She knows that the condom is not on and smiles when I plunge it is far and tease her butt and pussy unmercifully. Once I have decided that her ass has had enough, I slowly slide it in her pussy, listening to her gurgle her pleasure of the fact she is the only one of the three to feel my load inside her as well as on her. Chely turns toward me, kneels down and begs me to tit fuck her, which I do. When the other ladies return from the island, we have separated and gone for a swim in a different direction. Stephanie notices the time and knows that she has to fly to New York for Wrestlemania and asks the other two as guests at the extravaganza.

Again it is too real, as I wake up back in my bed at home. How many nights of dreams can I endure or is it really happening?

I fall to sleep… until…

The end

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