A Fantasy Begins Pt. 4

The Fantasy Begins Pt 4

Amy Grant, Alyssa Milano & Judith Light

Written By: Spyder

As I said earlier, is this a dream or am I actually fucking some of the hottest women in show business. Now in my bed, I attempt to get some sleep, but in the VCR I have a movie playing where Judith Light and Alyssa Milano are lesbian lovers. Now I know this is only a flick, but damn if three more hot ladies enter the room. The two mentioned and Christian singer Amy Grant.

Surrounded by extreme beauty and smiles that tell me each of them want to share my bed for an evening of sexual tolerance. I lie there
on the waterbed and watch as these hot women undress one another. Kisses fly between their lips as I stroke my rod in anticipation of the next few hours or so. A surprise to me is that Amy is naked first and has uncovered a banana from her overnight bag. I wait as she moves over to where I lie and watch her take the fruit and dip it into her pussy. Masturbating with the soft yellow fruit, I look over to witness Alyssa is using the phone receiver for the same pleasure. Not one to be left out or so I expect, Judith is acting the boss and takes charge of my cock. She informs me that if I please her to know end, she will return to have more sex in a few weeks. Judith licks my balls and sucks them until I am so hard that she deep throats my cock immediately. Twenty minutes pass by, then a half an hour until she swallows the load of jism that she worked on getting out of me.

Alyssa lets the receiver go moves to where I had a blowjob I will never forget and waits until Judith moves to use the mechanism she left behind. Alyssa sits on my face, I watch as her very hairy pussy lowers onto my waiting lips and then I eat the Italian honey with the gusto she never knew existed. Eating this sweet cunt reminds me of Charlotte Church, tasty and hot at the same time. Alyssa leans backward and I whisper to have her bring Miss Church the next time she is here. Across the room Amy has exploded with a vengeance and eats the banana that she used in her hot pussy. Not knowing that she had peeled the fruit I watch as she licks her cum from it before devouring it. Alyssa stands up and takes hold of my dick to suck the juices out of it, before Amy has her turn to enjoy it. Miss Grant stands above a still hard cock, as Alyssa walks toward a spread eagle Judith Light. The two former stars of Who’s The Boss lie on the floor sideways, Judith places her head between Alyssa’s legs and Alyssa does the same. The women have an excellent time eating each other’s pussies, while their fingers do the magic in the asshole of the lover they are eating.

Amy leans over while on the bed and begins the process of drawing out more cum. She gently strokes, squeezes and sucks on the longest cock she has ever had. A smile appears on her face as her lips are soon covered with the sticky ooze of my love gun. Swallowing hard on the load she has withdrawn, Amy strokes me up and down while the other ladies join us on the sofa.

Judith, Alyssa and Amy decide who will be the first recipient of a hot hard fuck. Each of them licks my cock as the decision is to be formalized. Finally I pat Amy on her tight ass and she takes the hint that it is she that will be driven first. Alyssa and Judith wait by the door as I slip two fingers into Amy’s pussy, then while inside I remove them long enough to put all my digits into her hot box. This is the moment I allow myself to ball my hand into a fist and fist fuck her open cunt. With my other hand and lips I begin to suck and squeeze her tits. Her areolas are soon rigid as the licking and sucking continues. I remove my fist from her gaping pussy with a resounding plop; cum all over my hand I lick the sweet juices off and I replace my hand with my thick cock. Fucking her hard was and is the immediate plan and she is so willing that she asks to suck my cock after I exit her twat. Shortly I have cum over her stomach as she has one of many orgasms to end our time together.

No rest for the wicked as Judith saunters over and slides her pussy over my throbbing dick. Riding me like a hooker needing to fill her nightly quota, Miss Light continues to assault my manhood with her up and down motion. Squealing loudly Judith has multiple orgasms in this position, cumming so many times she hasn’t had time to experience what I am about to have her enjoy. She then gets off with one-motion slips her asshole over my cock. This is one time I am surprised by what one of the ladies has done to please me. Her ass devours my cock as I smile at the treatment she has unleashed on me. Soon I have cum in her hole and she then gets up to suck on my dick once again, soon to unload on her tits and face.

Second in line is the horny Alyssa Milano, she bends over the end of the sofa, waves me to her rear and form there I ass fuck her, while taking her dildo I quickly drive it in her pussy. She screams extremely long while her plastic love gun does it’s work, creating heat and sticky liquid of love from her newly shaven pussy. Pulling out I slap her cheeks as she looks around to see if I am done with her in that position. I then with one mighty push plunge my cock into her hot pussy. We soon have a meteoric explosion, cumming at the same moment, leaving nothing to chance; Alyssa turns around to give me her best blowjob. She swallows hard and smiles as we separate for her to relax quietly while I take Amy to the limit. We head to the living room to continue the sex.

Instead of waiting for Amy to join me on the sofa for a second time, I walk over to her and lead her into the kitchen for I have a different plan for her hot hairy hole of love. Wondering why we have entered this room as opposed to the bedroom or where we started at, Amy smiles as I reach for a squirt bottle. Filling it with orange juice, I perform a little juice therapy of my own. First on her tits, I leave a dribble of the cold liquid rolling from her body. Lying her across the table, I begin to lick her body where orange juice has rolled. Her moans are titillating as I continue to spray her body, but this time on her pussy. Spraying a little inside her open pussy, I dip my tongue inside her cunt to lick the juice out of it. Lapping up the O.J I have made Amy cum so hard that she insists that I fuck her now, but I wait until she has done something unusual to me.

Amy reaches into the fridge and with one-hand pulls out a carrot. Now it is my turn to wonder what she is to use it for. She leans me over and drives the veggie up my ass. With her free hand she massages my balls, getting me so hard that the next step is obvious. Once I have squealed at the treatment she gives me I stand tall and watch as Amy sucks my cock. I cum inside her mouth and watch as she swallows allowing some to dribble down her chin. She looks at me and tells me that even Vince isn’t as good to be with as this. Again I lie her atop the kitchen table to drive my hard love tool into her yet to be fucked pussy. She tells me that a load of jism in my pussy would hit the spot right now, since Vince hasn’t been inside her for a few weeks. Moaning as I fuck her, Amy meets my thrusts with one of her own and insists that it be over today. We head back to the living room and the other ladies have already gotten dressed to leave.

They leave me alone for the rest of the day… until…

The end

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