A Fantasy Begins Pt. 5

The Fantasy Begins Pt. 5

Kim Delaney, Dana Delany & Kristina Wagner

Written By: Spyder

Once more I wonder if I am hallucinating, dreaming or in a very hot and steamy movie that I am the only male. Now on the main floor of my home, I feel around the sofa to find that I haven’t put my next door neighbors panties in a drawer. Now this sex was real, but I can’t help think that maybe the rest could be as well. Today I want to rest, but know it will be tough as I expect that Sherry will be over for another session.

This time I definately go for a walk to clear my head and hope this is all
the dream I know it is. As I walk a limousine stops and a woman’s hand waves for me to enter the long vehicle. I step inside the long black Cadillac to see that three more have invited my prick into their bodies. The ladies in question; Kim Delaney, Dana Delany and Kristina Wagner tell me that they have heard of this sexual excursion I am on and wanted to be a part of it. Kim informs me that she asked Miss Wagner to join her on this trip to break the tedium of fucking the same women over and over again. I let loose with a hue grin after Kim’s words and tell her that I am not adverse to new lovers. Not knowing where they are taking me I wait to see the final destination of their choice, but they have a surprise for me in the form of blindfolding me to not see the place we will be fucking in.

One hour later, I notice the car stopping and voices outside the vehicle. Dana informs the driver to keep Joe busy while they prepare the surprise. The next thing I hear is the soft voice of our driver, who I haven’t seen at all, but what she does to keep me busy is very pleasing. She states that her name is Corrine and she will try her best to please me while I wait my afternoon fate. Corrine unzips my jeans and without any prompting she gives me a blowjob. At this time nothing in the world will shock me as to what will happen. While she sucks my cock, I think of what will happen in when I enter the place of love. There is one thing I know and that is none of the ladies have bound or gagged me while performing sexual fantasies with me. Soon I have cum in the mouth of my warm up lover and she then leads me into the building or whatever is in store for me.

Up on entering the place Kristina takes my hand, says that my surprise is ready and to await the next part of the day. Kissing me, while she strokes my hardened prick, Miss Wagner purrs that she has never felt anything so long or hard in her life. In fact she also says that her husband Jack Wagner is never fully erect until he has cum. The next thing I notice is that Kristina has taken over where Corrine left off and sucks my rod while stroking my balls. I now here two more sets of footsteps entering wherever we are waiting for the other two. Still blindfolded, I can only hear the words my lovers have said. Kim tells Kristina that she is proud of the fact my cock is dripping with cum so fast. To this Miss Wagner says that she could never waist a huge cock that is totally hard.

Once more I am lead into another room, or so I think, Kim and Dana begin to tie me to a slippery piece of wood. My guess is that it is a table and my pleasures will be fulfilled with the three horny honeys’ I am with. Dana whispers that all my dreams of them will be a reality and then not knowing what I am doing here, she sits on my face and tells me to eat her while I lie on the floor. I am not sure who it is, but I feel one of the ladies lower herself on my cock and insists that I ass fuck her in this position. The only lady left is tickling me with something leather, then takes a different approach by whipping my stomach. Having my eyes covered I can only imagine who is riding me while I eat Dana’s now nearly dripping cunt.

Places are changes as a pussy I have never had before sits on my face, it is Kristina and she yelps at the fact that not even Jack eats her out. Knowing this piece of information, I know that Dana and Kim are taking turns giving me a blowjob. Ready to unleash my load of love juice I hear a loud hard swallow, as one of the Hollywood vixens have tasted cum. I think I am about to relax until the three of them release me from the table or board and take my hands to lead me elsewhere.

Again I wonder what is about to happen, only to find out that something furry is being placed over my cock. A soft voice whispers that I am about to experience only what a woman has felt. She also says that I am about to ass fuck a dog. For once I am shocked, but have to go with it because I have no choice. My captors make certain that I do as asked, for they have the dog’s ass ride up and down my shaft until it goes loose and leaves the room. Dana does not wash it off as she sucks it one more time.

I now feel my arms and legs being untied as my lovers have decided to let me have their bodies the normal way. The blindfold finally comes off, my eyes adjust to the light and once they have I see three sets of the most wonderful breasts I have ever seen. This time I am not going to return the treatment, as I reach out and bend Kristina in half to fuck her wondrous holes of delight. Covering my tool with a condom, I enter her ass first, banging the unfucked hole with a lot of vigor, even though I am tired. Kristina backs into my every thrust and squeals that she is about to make arrangements to be in town next month. A smile appears on my face as I have added one more beauty to my wish list to fuck. Backing out I place a fresh rubber over my stiff dick and plow head long into her pussy. Clean- I wonder what it would be like to fuck her while her hair tickles my dick. I ask her to allow the hair to grow back for our next sexual excursion. Once she has cum sufficiently Kristina rolls away and taps Dana on her ass to signal her turn.

Dana lies down next to me, opens her thighs and waits for me to eat lunch one more time. Knowing that she has brought whip cream and strawberries with her, I place a berry in her pussy, cover it with the whip cream and devour the fruit and her hot pussy. Dana moans as Kim thinks of something that she can do to enjoy what Dana is feeling. Next I squirt out some of the sticky dessert topping on her tits and lick them until she cums from the excitement. It is her turn, Dana puts some whip cream on my cock, lowers her open mouth over it and sucks her new dessert of love. It turns out that Dana is one hell of a deep throat artist, for I have never had a woman take it all the way to my balls. Four or five times at this and it is the moment I need, with a little cream on my cock I ram her ass good and hard. Soon I exit her sexy ass to fuck her pussy. While I enter I smell chocolate and see Kim has brought out some melted chocolate and sliced cheese. She sits down as Dana orgasms many times over and in the corner Kristina has also cum because she has masturbated in unison to our fucking. Pulling back I cum on her back, Dana walks away and allows Kim have her turn.

Kim lies down, tells me to stand up and prepares to dip my cock in the hot melted goo. Once she has done so, Miss Delaney licks the chocolate off my rod and then deep throats it as far down as Dana done earlier. Fifteen minutes of dipping my cock in the chocolate, Kim relents and wants me to use what is left on her. Over her heaving tits I pour a little on her rigid nipples, licking and sucking them until she moans wildly. With my fingers I take the brown flavoring and coat her pussy with the remainder. I kiss my way to her cunt and lick the chocolate from the clit and her hairy pie. Again I have made her squeal, but I do not stop with that as I begin to enter her ass. Sticky from her usage of the semi sweet candy, I fuck her gaping hole for nearly ten minutes as Kim has cum. This time there is no rear entry in her pussy, I decide to meet her face to face for the rest of this session. My sticky hard ten incher plows into her with a vengeance, creating much heat and a lot of cuz. She moans loud and unwraps her legs once I have made her climax one last time. Shooting my load on her inner thighs, Dana and Kristina decides to not let it roll to the floor. Dana licks my cock and Kristina licks Kim’s inner thighs and pussy.

Sex was fantastic and the three ladies fall asleep next to me…I awake quickly…in my own bed… it is over… until…

The end

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