A Fantasy Begins Pt. 6

The Fantasy Begins: Pt. 6

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Joyce Dewitt, Lila McCann & Lorrie Morgan

Written By: Spyder

As I lie there on my waterbed quite vividly thinking that all this cannot be real. Then again I remember that every time I am awake I am alone… until.

The times when I cannot explain a new CD from my favorite singer, a lace pair of panties from Amy Grant, a black bra left behind by Linda Blair. These items are hard to explain, unless I bought them off of e-bay. I relax on the couch for I hope is an uneventful day.

Well this time it, the fantasy or dream is a little different,
as I am sent an envelope with an airline ticket and a note that says be there in three hours. As quick as I can pack I am out the door heading for the airport, destination Hawaii. On the almost empty airplane, except for and attendant and pilots, I am greeted by a familiar voice, as the only flight attendant happens to be Lila McCann. A smile is apparent as she undresses for the flight and waits as I follow her lead, then sitting down while she tightens my seatbelt. She kisses me fully after she brushes her hand across my cock. I return the gesture, but instead of brushing my hand across her pussy, I slide two fingers deep in her hot yearning box.

The plane taxis down the runway, the pilot tells me via the P.A that we will arrive in Hawaii on time. In the meantime I undo the belt and search out the lovely Lila, who sits in the attendant area of the jet rubbing her ass and clit. Sneaking up beside her I remove her fingers and replace them with my own. While I stroke the inner sanctum of her love box, she grabs a hold of my dick and jerks it as I bring her to a gentle climax. Soon she kneels before me puts her mouth on my dick and deep throats it before it is totally hard. She gurgles as my thick rod tickles the back of her throat many times and once I have cum, she swallows every drop I spurt in her mouth. It is now my turn to arouse the lovely country singer, I get her to lie on the small table in the area we are in and begin to eat her pussy. A line of hair covers the clit, but nor the amount found on a previous woman. Slowly I lick the hot clit and it isn’t all too long before she has come on my lips.

Next I lie on the floor and insist that Lila ride the stick shift of love. She obliges and lowers her open pussy onto my cock. Riding me hard and fast, Lila yelps in delight when I have exploded on her thighs once she lifts off. Bending over Lila accepts my cock in her ass; I bang her with the speed and agility of a young gazelle. Once more I unload some jism, but this time on her back and cheeks. A rear entry into her hot box is in the offing, a fresh condom on my dick and I slam it inside her for a little while. This time I do not cum, instead I tease her, turn her onto her back and drive it in her again while looking into her eyes. The pilot announces that we are ten minutes from landing, so I speed up the process by fucking her harder until… I rear back, roll off the rubber and squirt the sticky load on her face and tits. We get dressed in time for the plane to taxi into the airport.

I walk off the plane into the hot Hawaiian sun; waiting at the airport is the lovely Lorrie Morgan. She tells me that she is the designated driver to the beach house we will share over the next few days. She pulls out of the parking lot once I have retrieved my baggage and we drive along the highway in the direction of the house we are to fuck in. I cannot but keep looking up the short skirt of the lovely Miss Morgan, no panties adorn the lady as I see her sweet blonde patch of hair. I also smell the perfume she wears and that doesn’t cover the smell of her love juices flowing while she maneuvers around the cars in front of her.

One hour later we pull in behind the house of love, with no one around for miles I decide that I shall not wear any clothes the whole time I am hear. After getting out of the car, Lorrie and I walk into the open door, I am greeted by the naked bodies of Jennifer and Joyce. They kiss me passionately on the mouth, release me and I undress very quickly. Lorrie, who is already dripping with cum, has shagged her mini skirt and blouse, unzips my pants to unleash my bulging sex organ. Joyce and Love ask why I am so hard already; they give an angry glance at Lorrie until I explain that the only flight attendant was Lila McCann. This is when they understand that I have already fucked a gorgeous woman and maybe need a little rest.

I insist that I am not at all tired and lead Joyce to the couch. She growls at the fact that she will be the first of these three to be sexually fulfilled. I kneel on the floor, spread her thighs as wide as she will allow and slowly kiss her inner thighs. She giggles at the treatment; I close in on her black hair covered pussy, slide my tongue inside and eat while Lorrie and Love watch on. I hear a door close as I realize that they have left the two of us alone, with my tongue and fingers doing there thing, Joyce whispers in a sexy tone that she would love me to jam my cock in her mouth. She also says that she has never given head to a man in her life, but has eaten a woman once before. I surmise that she had tasted the pussy of Jenilee Harrison, which she adds is one hot woman to have that way.

Once I have drawn her cum, Joyce slides down as I line my cock with her lips and I drive it hard into her open mouth. Her eyes widen at the new attraction for cock she has gained. Joyce attempts to deep throat it, but gags on the size, then she takes it a lot more slowly and is relaxed enough to have my rod tickle the back of her throat. I find a load of cum well up inside the long piece and it shoot into her mouth, swallowing her first cum, Joyce asks how many women have blown me. After I answer many, I ask her to bend over in front of me, she does as told and waits as I shove my gun in her ass. I marvel at how tight she is as Joyce tells me it hurts, but not to stop the action. I groan at the length of time it takes to get it in all the way to my balls and once the opening is not as tight, I let her have every inch for twenty minutes or so.

Next I drive it into her pussy from the back, which she says has never been done at all. She squeals in delight as I fuck her from behind and now have the two horny ladies who left eating each other’s pussies. Again I am ready to unleash a load, but wait until I am fucking her in the frontal entry. She screams out that she is still a virgin at fifty and is pleased that a non-Hollywood lover has taken her all the way. A short time later, I pull out, remove the condom and shoot it on her stomach and inner thighs.

Love moves over to where I am, takes my hand and leads me outside to the beach. I am not sure what is in order, so I wait as she lies me on the golden grains and buries me, leaving my hard dick sticking above the mound of sand. I smile at her as she slides her hot pussy over my cock. Not one to pass on a new experience, I allow that lovely now red head to do as she pleases. My pole firmly planted in her cunt, she does all the work, fucking it while I lie under a lot of sand. She stands up, lowers herself to the ground and prepares to suck it into submission. By this time Lorrie has joined us and informs us that Joyce is preparing lunch. The two ladies take turns sucking my cock, cumming over and over, Lorrie and Love unbury me to have me pound there holes.

Jenn bends over and accepts my fingers into her ass, while Lorrie feels me ass fuck her. She also has never been done like this and tells me to go as long as possible. Once I have unloaded again in Lorrie’s ass, she helps Love sit on my face to eat her and then she squats over me rock hard pecker and rides me for a long time. Almost near exhaustion, we walk to the house after hearing Joyce call us in for lunch. My eyes see a bowl of strawberries whipped cream and assorted fruit. I take a few of the juicy red berries and place one inside of each pussy. Joyce says that we should regain our strength, but I continue by eating the berries out of the pussies I have put them in.

Lunch was exquisite as I fall under the charm of three very sexy and hot women. With much of the fruit left over, the ladies decide to make a salad of their own. First lying me on the floor, they layer some whipping cream on parts of my body, followed by pieces of the left over fruit. Once I am covered to their satisfaction, each one takes a place to eat what is there. Jenn is near my cock and eats the kiwi and cream from around it, Lorrie placed cream and berries on my stomach and this is where she will eat. Joyce takes a spot in the areas that where unclaimed, feasting on what ever her lips will touch. Lunch now over I decide to plunge my cock into Lorrie one more time as they tell me that it will be soon time to leave. I cum inside her with a heated vengeance, while Joyce wants a little more of me herself. Before she can do this, Jenn has slid down my pole to ride me again. Joyce sits upon my face and I eat while Jenn fucks me.

Jenn and Lorrie have left the house; Joyce and I finish what we started by widening her now no virgin cunt. She insists that I shoot my load into her hot cunt, but I tell her to wait for another time when we can explore this avenue of sex by ourselves. Joyce joins the others, while I shower and get dressed. I never knew three days could fly by so quickly and as we say good- bye I slip a finer into each pussy while kissing the ladies.

Another hot time was had, but again… I am waken by a dog barking outside… I get up to see where I am, but am still groggy from what might have happened.

It is over… until…

The end

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