A Fantasy Begins Pt. 7

The Fantasy Begins: Pt. 7

Shania Twain, Victoria Principal & Gillian Anderson

Written By: Spyder

I am not certain how many days I have been in this dream state or for that fact how many days I have actually been fucking some of show businesses hottest women. All I know is that I wake up in my bedroom with things I do not remember seeing in my house before. I look down to see that the VCR is running again with a movie that has Dana Delaney being gang raped by a group of renegade cops. While watching I hear the door open and feet softly climbing the stairs. Again I attempt to sleep, but knowing
it won’t happen, I wait to see who enters my abode.

The bedroom door swings open, expecting three or four women I only see Gillian Anderson walk in. She smiles as she says that she is only here to have a great sexual experience alone. I cry inside knowing that I will not have three ladies to choose from at one time. While Gillian sits near me, grabs hold of my cock, I hear the door open again. This time a voice calls to me, my neighbor Sherry asks if I am alright and once I say to return later for I am tired, I hear the door close tightly. Gillian tells me that she has seen the neighbors wife and understand why I have to fuck her once in awhile.

Gillian asks me to follow her; downstairs to we go, leaving me to wonder what is up at this time. Once we get there she grabs a chain and a rope, follows it up by binding me to my weight bench. With no clothing on my naked frame, Gillian kneels beside me and asks if I am comfortable. Not feeling to much strain from the ties that bind, I inform her that everything is fine and then she begins to undress slowly. Teasing me with the way she removes her outer garments, my new lover has drawn a hard on from me and while she undresses the hot actress gently pulls her blouse across my stiffened member. Leaving her bra on, Gillian then takes hold of my cock, flicks her tongue over it, then she steps back to retrieve the bag she carried down with her and pulls out a whip. She tickles my torso with it, finally using it for what it is meant for. Stroke after stroke falls upon my thighs and stomach until Gillian decides to suck my cock. Before this happens the lovely lady licks my nipples and strokes my dick almost making me cum on her hands.

Gillian’s next step is to tease my cock with her hard nipples on her firm breasts. Not able to stand this treatment much longer, she finally gives me the best blowjob I have ever felt. Gillian creams my dick for the longest of times until load flows into her mouth, which she lets, dribble on her chin and then swallows the remainder. Standing over my prone body, she slides atop me so I can have a mouthful of breast. Begging me to suck her succulent orbs of delight, I obey and await her next move. With her red-hot hairy hole ready, she lowers her pussy on my cock and rides me for the next thirty minutes or so. I smile, as another load is ready to appear, Gillian rises up and places her well-fucked pussy over my mouth and asks me to eat her out… now. Since I am not in a position to argue, I enjoy the pie I am eating, bringing her to climax many times. She cums with a vengeance and says no one has made her feel the need to stay around longer. Alas it ends, Gillian leaves the basement, I am still tied and chained to the weight bench, I wonder if she has set me up for the rest of the day.

Footsteps make there way to where Gillian left me and soon I see the face of the next lady who will arouse my senses. Rounding the bend on the stairway, I see a sexy pair of legs attached to the ever-sexy Victoria Principal. She smiles and states that she will not have her lover tied and chained to a workout bench. With my bindings undone, I show my appreciation of Vickie untying me by kissing her fully and groping her tight ass. A giggle emerges from her throat as I whisper that she will have a hot reward in store for her releasing me from Gillian’s sexual fantasy. Walking over to a nearby bed, she lies me on the covers, leans over to kiss me and then backs away as she undresses herself. Vickie starts with her sweater, lifting it off her body to reveal that no bra is holding her ample boobs in place. She leans in for another kiss; steps back and undo the button at the back of her short dress. The garment falls to the floor as she steps aside. Kissing me once more, she asks me to remove her pink silk panties and to keep them aside. Before I remove them I slide my hand inside and put three fingers into her pussy. Judging from the feel, she never shaves her hot haven of love. Vickie moans in delight as I kiss her gently on the nape of her neck while I finger fuck her already hot nest. Finally I lower and remove her panties to see that I was right about the amount of hair that adorns her cunt.

Again she asks me to lie down, looking at the marks the whip left, Vickie begins to lick and kiss my chest and legs where the whip broke my skin. I am feeling excited over the never felt sexual treatment, then as she completely has me in the palm of her hands, I look down to see that she has a wonderful grip on my cock. The strokes are slow and gentle, smiling she takes the next step and sucks on the tip of my prick. I moan while the sweet Miss Principal sucks my love stick, deep throating it for the longest of times. Soon she has grown tired of having it in her mouth, allows me to let cum shoot into her mouth, which she swallows and kisses my inner thighs. Next she lies across my body, placing her sexy legs over each shoulder and waits for me to devour her sweet pussy. Her moans echo against the basement walls as I jab my tongue into her hot hole. I hear her say that her husband is not one to enjoy this part of sex and that it is a pleasure to have me eat her box lunch for awhile.

It is now my turn to try something, as I gently move her onto the bed and prepare to face fuck her. Before I do this I see her smile and then I dip my dick into her open mouth. She gurgles loudly as I plunge my cock in her mouth and again my load fills her mouth. Now with her thighs wide open I slide between them and long dick her pussy. She begs me to keep the action going until I can shoot some cum onto her body. An hour later the white ooze squirts out, at first in her pussy and then realizing that she didn’t want it in there I finish with a shot on her tits. She pants heavily and says to ass fuck her. I lift her up from the bed and use this idea to ass fuck her. Looking in her eyes, she smiles at the way I have decided to fuck her rear hole. Once I am comfortable with the position, she meets my every thrust with her own brand of acceptance. I am ready to unload and do it in her ass, she yelps at the feeling of cum in her hole. A little tired we lie on the bed to rest and then she gets dressed to leave.

Fifteen minutes go by, not one voice or set of footsteps has come down the stairs. Then I hear two voices; I get up and hope to greet the person or persons at the bottom of the stairs.

I was right there are two heading down, but I am in for a surprise as it is a man and a woman who have joined me in my basement. Once the light is upon their faces, I see Shania Twain and her husband Mutt Lange. Mutt sits on the bench and watches as I kiss her hot lips. Once I have kissed her for a few minutes, I whisper that we should tie up her man and let him watch what we are about to do. She agrees and says he can squirm while we fuck because he did the same to his secretary in front of her a few times.

We go to where Mutt sits, pick up the chains and rope, then bind him to the bench while we endure some hot passion. Once we have done so, Shania asks me to sit while she does a strip tease. She places her music on the CD player and slowly removes the clothes she wears. By the time the chorus is done Miss Twain is out of her jeans and shoes. The song now over all she has on is her bra and panties; I smile with a wide grin as she squeezes my cock before slipping out of her sexy under garments. Mutt yells that this isn’t fair and demands to join in. Having none of this, Shania takes a strip of linen and uses it as a gag to shut her wandering husband up.

I walk to the area she stripped in and lower myself to her shaven pussy. Slipping a finger or two inside her pussy, I will also kiss her inner thighs and lick her clit. She giggles a little and asks that I eat her pussy right near where her asshole of a husband is sitting. We move there, she spreads her legs as she lies down and waits for me to bring her to a climax. A slow eating of her hot twat and she cums on my tongue and chin. Mutt is squirming a lot as he now sees his hot wife do a lip lock on my cock.

Shania devours the length of my prick, creating many possible ways of cumming in her. As the women before her she accepts the load as it rolls down her throat. Lying on my back afterward, Miss Twain lowers her burning pussy on my cock and rides it while her husband attempts to free himself to no avail. Not using a condom, Shania has decided to ride me until I cum in her cunt and she says that it is payback time for the time Mutt got a 17-year-old pregnant. My cock unloads in her; she rolls off, lies down and tells me to please fuck her while the oven is still hot.

Once I am between her athletic legs, I plunge my rod into her already filled pussy. Half an hour goes by and finally I cum once more into her pussy. She smiles and says that if she is to be pregnant she will let me know. I head toward the basement shower I have and clean off a little, to only be joined by the three ladies I have had today. We shower and have more sex together under the stream of cold water. Watching the women make love to one another, I am pleased to know that they have done each other before arriving here to be fucked by me. Once we have showered, we remove Mutt’s bindings and the three left watches as Shania and her crying husband leave.

Victoria and Gillian also get dressed and leave as well. Another day of hot sex is over… I have dreamed one hell of a week as I wake up to find that I have been fucking the neighbor again. She gets up and asks where the extra pairs of panties and the new CD have come from. Not sure, I reply that I may have been in the arms of some hot talented stars or they only left a reminder of a visit of another kind.

This time it is over… I think.

The end

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