A First For Jennifer Lopez

A First for Jennifer Lopez

The alarm clock woke Jennifer Lopez that day. She was tired from her
filght trip back home last night and now she had an early appointment to
make and an appearance she had to make at 2 in the afternoon. Jennifer
woke and got up that day and did her usual things and then headed off to
her 2 o’clock appointment. She had to go to MTV studios to record an
interview for her upcoming movie. She got done with the appointment and
on her way out saw Tom Green she said hi and said how funny she thought
he was and they went on their way when she ran into
Ananda Lewis. The
black beauty talked with Jennifer and chatted when Ananda invited her to
a party at her house that night. Jennifer said she would try and make it
and they parted ways. On the way home in her navigator Jennifer began to
think, "maybe i should go to this party. I haven’t had some fun in a
while. And i need a man. damn do i need a man." Jennifer started to feel
an ache between her mocha colored thighs as she began t owriggle in her
seat. Later that night Jennifer decided it was time to go to a party.
Jennifer dressed up in a purple sweater that tied up in the front and a
black floral print skirt. Jennifer followed the directions ananda gave
her and she started to think she was lost. Jennifer started to curse
herself when she hear a loud pop. She knew instantly what had happened.
In the middle of the dark night she had just popped a tire. Jennifer
parked her car on the side of the road and stepped out to confirm her
worst expectations. Jennifer got back in the car and hooked up her cell
phone to the lighter and called AAA. Suddenly just as she gave her
location the cell phone copped out on her and Jennifer realized that her
battery had died. Jennifer sat in her car as the cold air started to
come into the car and Jennifer forgot to bring a coat. Suddenly, a tow
truck appeared and pulled up in front of Jennifer’s car. She could not
have felt better, she felt even better when out of the tow truck came a
young, muscular, black man who smiled as soon as he saw who he had found
on the side of the road. Jennifer smiled back as she stepped out and
explained what happened. The black man introduced himself as Jamal and
began to hook up Jennifer’s car to his tow truck. Once the car had been
put in place Jamal offered a seat for Jennifer in the truck and she
stepped in as they drove off. Jennifer asked, "So did AAA send you?"
Jamal, replied, "Naw, I was just driving along the road and saw you
there decided I can help out. Why doesn’t an actress like you have a
better car?" Jennifer laughed and the two began to talk more, as
Jennifer talked more and looked more at the chiseled arms and chest
underneath his tight white shirt she began to feel the wetness between
her legs get hotter. Jamal then said, "You know there’s no hotel’s in
town up here so you can call for a cab or you can stay at my place
tonight, I mean I can sleep on my couch, my place is just above my
garage." Jennifer immediately felt a rush over her as the thought of
spending the night with this man excited her and she said she could
always call for a cab in the morning. As the two set her car in the
garage they went upstairs into Jamal’s apartment. It was a beautifully
furnished apartment with a fireplace. Jamal instantly turned on the
stereo and offered Jennifer some blankets to warm her up. They both sat
down with some hot chocolate, and sat down near the fireplace when one
of Jennifer’s favorite slow songs came on the radio. Jennifer instantly
said, "Mmmm, I love this song." "Would you like to dance?" asked Jamal
who extended his hand. As they began to dance Jamal who was easily half
a foot taller than Jennifer held her close to his body as Jennifer could
feel his hard abs and stone chest. Jennifer leaned her head against his
chest and could feel his heartbeat. Jamal could feel her breasts on his
stomach which made his manhood begin to stir. Jamal moved his hand
around Jennifer’s waist as he felt the top of her beautiful ass.
Jennifer now began to feel Jamal’s penis against her stomach and she was
amazed at the size of what she felt. Jennifer lifted her head and looked
into Jamal’s eyes as they both smiled. Jamal bent his head down and
began to kiss Jennifer. They both let their tongues dance around the
other’s as Jamal reached down and began to grind her ass between his
massive hands. Now hornier than ever Jennifer started to rub her pussys
against the bulge in Jamal’s pants. Jennifer reached down with her palm
and began to rub the bulge as Jamal had now lifted up Jennifer’s skirt.
Slowly the both fell onto the floor as Jamal layed ontop of Jennifer
kissing her and running his hands up and down her body. Jennifer sat up
still kissing Jamal and took off her sweater releasing her braless
breats. Jamal broke their kiss and began to lick and tease Jennifer’s
breasts with his tongue and hands. Jamal lowered his head and lifted
Jennifer’s skirt and exposed her pussy and her white underwear. Jennifer
lifted her hips as Jamal took off her panties and began to work her
pussy with his tongue. Jennifer began to buck her hips trying to fuck
Jamal’s face when suddenly an enormous orgasm overcame her body. Jamal
sensing what he had done brought his head back kissing his way up
Jennifer’s body to her mouth as Jennifer tasted her own juices. Jennifer
reached for Jamal and reached into his pants as she took ahold of what
to her was the biggest black cock she ever felt. Jennifer suddenly
pocessed lifted up Jamal’s shirt and undid his pants and took off his
boxer’s to reveal the biggest penis she had ever seen. She had black men
before but, he was the biggest. Without hesitation, Jennifer dove at the
penis with her mouth. She took the head of the 11 inch penis in her
mouth as though it were a tennis ball. The desperately tried suck off
the penis bathing it with her tongue. She moaned and moaned as she tried
to deepthroat the big black stick in her mouth. Jennifer suddenly felt a
gush in her mouth and instantly swallowed as she began to lick the cum
off of the enormous penis before her. Jennifer now pushed Jamal to the
ground and stood over him, she sat on top of his legs and she began to
work Jamal’s penis back to life with her hand. Once back at full staff,
Jennifer stood up and lowered herself onto the penis trying to take it
all into her. Once she felt her ass hit the bottom of Jamal she began to
grind her pussy back and forth closing her eyes savoring the feeling of
Jamal’s black pole inside her. Jennifer ground her pussy against his
abs. Jennifer started to feel an orgasm coming and began to bounce up
and down on Jamal making a slapping noise on his body and at almost the
same time Jennifer orgasmed as Jamal shot a hot, thick, load into her
and Jennifer collapsed on the ground as she lay naked next to the fire
feeling it’s warmth. Her feeling was broken suddenly by the feeling of
Jamal’s hands on her ass. Jennifer was no realizing what was happening.
For so many years many men have wanted to get Jennifer in the spot that
has become her biggest asset. Suddenly fear began to come over Jennifer
untill she felt the bulbous head of Jamal’s weapon against her asshole.
Jennifer’s eyes widened as she felt Jamal bury himself to a hilt into
her ass. Suddenly Jamal begin to pound into her ass and Jennifer started
to push backwards against his black fuckstick untill in one final push
Jamal thrust as far as he could into Jennifer’s ass and shot his load
into her. They both collapsed this time and layed next to each other
kissing and cuddling. Jennifer didn’t call for a cab the next morning as

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