A Girl Is Horny

Title: A Girl Is Horny

Author: Money

Celebs: Maisie Williams

Codes: MF, oral, anal

Summary: Author is hooked up with celeb but keeps it so off the radar noone is the wiser they have sex and nobody could figure out what she sees in him anyway

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened this is total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any questions or comments send them to rockcook5@yahoo.com now on with the story.

Being an extra on the set for game of thrones you tend to get lost in the shuffle of the massive amounts of extras around. I just started out as a bodyguard next thing I know I’m wearing body armor in a battle sequence it didn’t last long since I almost broke my left hand on a steel helmet during it but I kept coming back as a background character depending on what they needed.

While getting my hand looked over I had run into Maisie Williams we hit it off the British jailbait was so sweet going into season 3 we hooked up but kept it so off the radar nobody was the wiser being 7 ‘4 you wouldn’t think someone like her would find a guy like me such a catch during a shooting break we found ourselves on a shopping trip but Maisie was clearly distracted.

“I really need another outfit I look like a street walker.” she said

“It was your idea to put it on…still your legs look fantastic.” I said

Maisie was wearing all black fishnet stockings, a leather skirt that was almost illegal short, and a long sleeved top that was open at her shoulders nobody within eye shot had a clue that I pounded this girls holes every chance we had with my 18 inch dick.

“I’m feeling frisky let’s bring a girl home.” she whispered

“Your sounding crazy.” I said

Maisie was already looking around the beach for options seeing a number of eye candy worthy picks from Kate Beckinsale and Anna Kendrick to Christina Hendricks and Scarlett Johansson.

“I can’t decide so many options.” she said

“Not like you can just walk up and ask to have sex with them.” I said

“Well Kate has the legs, Anna has the ass, Scarlett has the abs and legs, and Christina has the epic boobs.” she said

“Oh no your not roping me into something that spells disaster if it goes wrong.” I said

I pulled Maisie into a secluded cave her frisky nature was going into overdrive the darker it got some light filtered in from a hole in the top of the cave she was busy fishing my cock out of my pants.

“Roger me till I scream.” she purred

“Will do.” I said

I slid my thick cock inside her pussy with her on the ground she arched her back popping a button off her shirt giving me a view of her ample chest the fabric was still hiding.

“I said roger me.” she demanded

“You asked for it.” I said

I pulled open her shirt diving right for Maisie’s boobs sucking as hard as I could you would think someone so petite wouldn’t be stacked but she was sporting some rather large C’s I found very nice.

“My brains on fire….so thick.” she moaned

“Here I go.” I said

Maisie opened her legs wide letting my entire length inside her womb her boobs bounced with every thrust I gave she was already drooling her brain awash in pleasure hormones pumping into her body.

“Can’t focus.” she moaned

“Maybe this will help.” I said

I held onto her boobs as I pounded away even harder Maisie was so turned on she was spouting off Scottish which I found a huge turn on that made me go faster.

“Losing control.” she said

“Just a little more.” I said

Maisie’s abs were being distorted by my massive size the petite girl was riding out waves of a building orgasm that would be epic and she was ready for it humping away with me.


“Can’t hold it.” I said

The orgasmic scream wasn’t bad it was the deafening echo in the cave that made my ears ring as I pumped what seemed like buckets of spunk in her pussy it almost felt like she had drained my balls dry.

The next week

Maisie got some time off with other scenes being shot that week we found ourselves back on the beach for some fun she didn’t have time to change into a bikini so opted for a white dress with what looked like red pepper slices in a pattern on it she looked way hotter than I expected plus she burned through her breakfast long before lunch.

“I’m getting hungry.” she said

“Good thing beach dining is just a block away.” I said

“I was thinking a food stand experience.” she said

“Just a question of what your up for.” I said

I could smell at least 6 different food types coming from the various stands all of them made me hungry since I had spent so much energy keeping up with Maisie not to mention what I burned off the last time we had sex.

I knew Maisie’s favorite food was a cold chicken sandwich but that option didn’t exist here we both needed something to eat my nose picked up on smoked tuna, sushi, steak, an unknown meat BBQ, Italian cuisine, and something that qualified as Indian food that I couldn’t tell if it was a dead animal or just stunned we both opted for Italian. I got a nice slice of lasagna while she got a plate of spagetti that almost looked restaurant quality.

“For the record if you suck on those noodles your leaving here pregnant.” I said

“Awww I was thinking get you worked up then call Emilia Clarke in for a threesome.” she said

We got our food yet there was nobody around in what counted as a food court Maisie took the chance sitting on my lap feeding me with a spoon.

“This is so peaceful the sun, the sand, if I could live here I would.” she said

“I did see a few places not far from here that could be summer vacation homes.” I said

She liked that idea giving my leg a squeeze even rubbing my dick the bulge snaking its way across her legs her breathing got rather heavy her hands running through her hair.

“We might get caught.” she purred

“Not likely nobody around.” I said

Maisie crawled under the table pulling my dick out I could feel her starting to give me a blowjob while I tried to eat my food and keep a straight face in case someone came around,

“Now this is a fantasy adventure.” she purred

“Would be a shame to get that pretty dress messy.” I said

She was going at a quick pace even though I couldn’t see her I could feel everything as her mouth went to work adding a slow titfuck pulling her dress down around her waist.

“This is so kinky.” she said

“Yeah if other people were around.” I said

Maisie kept sucking my dick keeping me busy where I barely noticed her dress being dropped in my line of sight she was totally naked under the table.

“Pretty sure you wanted to see this.” she purred

“Never get tired of that.” I said

Her eyes were looking right at me the visual of her sucking me off never got old her perky boobs sandwiching my shaft made it throb I almost lost it when she kept licking the tip.

“Just sit back and let me handle this.” she cooed

“I won’t last that long.” I thought

I kept an eye out for visitors while Maisie was pulling out all the stops I couldn’t look under the table but I kept rocking in place ever so often my head would bounce off the granite table due to a spasm knowing she was naked under there kept me hard her noises feeding the visual center of my brain.

“Bloody hell…it’s going to blow.” she said

“You can handle it.” I said

My dick erupted with so much spunk Maisie could barely keep up as my balls kept churning out a staggering volume down her throat I could just sit there my head on the table imagining Maisie sucking down every drop the loud pop a signal she was finished.

A few days later

A 4 day weekend was declared on set for an upcoming national holiday which was a big green light to Maisie to just let loose we headed back to the beach to a clothing boutique having a blowout sale on bikinis of all types the patterns were so different from what she was used to the rainbow of colors was staggering in volume.

“This should work very well.” she said

“Yeah if you want to cause a riot in that.” I said

Her choice would have gotten her face plastered on any tabloid in any country on the planet basically throwing jet fuel on a brush fire her perky boobs didn’t stand out but her legs were sure to turn heads at the beach if we made it across the street, the dark red color made her brunette hair give off an electric look her fans would kill to see.

“I’ll change back so I can pay for what’s in the room there.”

“No real hurry.” I said

I looked around making sure the door and changing area was secure before slipping in with Maisie the pile of bikinis were on the shelf she was still naked.

“Took you long enough.” she whispered

“Had to secure the area.” I said

I picked Maisie up in my arms my size a little more than the space could handle my cock snaking it’s way up her ass the anal ring was tight but gave from the sheer size of it. I could see her face in the mirror Maisie’s eyes bulged her mouth open in a mostly quiet shreik before the volume went to 11.

“SO THICK!!!” she yelled

“Not so loud.” I said

Her legs were spread apart to an almost unhealthy angle with my 18 inch dick firmly in her ass her feet were off the floor hanging freely.

Ger bikini was on the floor faster than she could blink her eyes were already opened wide from my thick shaft opening her anal ring and holding her up by her boobs in mid air.

“You might destroy something if you roger me too hard.” she cooed

“That was kind of my plan.” I said

Maisie bounced on my shaft the more I pushed down on her shoulders she wasn’t in pain but enjoyed the feeling of my massive rod up her ass her head buried in my chest looking up at me.

“I can feel the vibrations.” she moaned

“Just means you really like it.” I said

I was pistoning into Maisie so hard she was hanging on for dear life biting her lip helped but she still wanted to scream from the pain her fingers white from holding onto the dressing room door.

“Need….to…scream.” she said

“Not yet.” I said

Maisie was hanging free with my dick pounding her ass her boobs were bouncing in a nearly hypnotic fashion I was holding out but I wouldn’t last long seeing her in the mirror.

“Keep going and your going to break me in half with that thing love.” she said

“Totally worth it if I did.” I said

The girl was bucking her hips hard her orgasm was building and we both had nowhere to go in the small space my dick was throbbing ready to explode.

“Gonna….gonna….AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” she screamed

“Not so loud.” I said

Maisie bit my finger but didn’t draw blood it was more of a sensual biterelishing the sensations her body was feeding her brain as her orgasm hit full force while my dick sprayed her ass her body went rigid kicking a side wall out with her leg her girl cream all over my shaft and a sizeable puddle on the floor explaining this was going to be tricky.

It took a few more seasons before the show ended Maisie was ok with it moving to Las Vegas for better weather, living off her royalties, and raising babies.

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