A Good Day To Hide

Title: A Good Day To Hide

Author: Hydrogen

Celebs: Cara Delevingne, Annie Clark, Kiernan Shipka

Codes: mFF, mf, anal, facial

Disclaimer:  This did not happen. It was written in a dark room using only my imagination and Google for other resources.

So hello folks! This one is a bit less action packed but still plenty of sex and fucking. Hope you have fun! And now, the story.

Now, living in LA, that to in the suburbs had its perks. My father was an agent, you know those guys who find stuff for actors to do?

So one of many perks of living in the suburbs of LA was that you have really famous people living around. One would think I would have gotten used to it by now, but no I shifted here about 3 years ago, in my 7th grade. I used to live with my mum in Florida, up until she moved to the Netherlands with her boyfriend. I wasn’t very attached to her, so it wasn’t a big blow to me, but we still talk every now and then.

I was now in 11th grade. Now I was off a generally shy personality, in fact I was very anti social, not many friends or girlfriends, just some classmates I talked to once in a while to lessen the burden of existence.

Now, my dad wasn’t one to stay home a lot, he would usually go off for weeks at end. He had informed me that he wouldn’t be home for the month as he was going to France on some business. That was good news for me because since the last 4 years I had gotten into the habit of spying on people. A correction to that would be, I had gotten into the habit of spying on naked women.

It started out with peeping on my mum when she bathed or brought a guy home, but slowly I graduated to other people in our building and girls at school.

This habit had continued till here too but most of my neighbors were agents and their families, so it wasn’t as exciting as one would expect it to be. That was up until a month ago, Cara Delevingne and her lover, Annie Clark, shifted into a house next to mine.

I read up about them because my knowledge lacked. It was then that I started spying no them. Nothing major, I would use my binoculars and keep a watch on their pool and uncovered windows. I usually wouldn’t see anything special just them living in their house, which was fine by me, I liked watching people anyway.

This was until a few days ago. It was then when I saw them making out by the pool. It was very passionate. Cara’s hands roamed all over Annie’s body. When Cara slipped her into her shirt, probably fondling Annie’s boobs. With this the two lovers went into the house, possibly for more what they were doing.

Seeing this, I made me a bit of a brave. There weren’t any people in the house except the cook, who minded his own business. I thought, that I should probably go up close. Which is what I did today.

I wore the appropriate clothes and before they were out in the pool, I was there in the bushes. Of course, I had done this kind of thing earlier so I had enough practice. One of the things about being a voyeur is that you learn to be patient.

After standing there for about 10 minutes, they came, probably after eating lunch. It was another 20 minutes before Cara started to get a bit naughty, squeezing Annie’s boobs and rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottom. Annie then put her finger inside Annie’s vagina. I could tell by the look on Annie’s face.

Again, they went inside to finish off but it was not in my line of sight. I went into my house and grabbed my binoculars. But nothing.

Perhaps I will try again in a few days. Until then, my binoculars are there.


The past few days have been strange.

So firstly, my vacation had started. That meant I could spend the whole day, doing stuff like this. So I tried my luck again, this time with a video camera (I avoided using phone to record because it was full of porn and music). But I didn’t see much except Annie continued reading her book. It was not like if I filmed anything I was going to put it on the Internet, it was just for me to masturbate to.

It was the next day when things went sideways.

It was my normal routine, got up, took a bath, had breakfast and I was ready with my binoculars to see if it would be worth going into the open field. And I saw Cara and Annie sitting by the pool in their bikinis, listening to the radio. I thought this was my chance.

I quickly changed my clothes, grabbed my video camera and rushed down, lest I miss something.

I chose my spot carefully in the hedge. I stood in such a way that I wasn’t visible to the outside or inside. I peeped and saw that were still sitting by the pool, but Cara was grabbing Annie’s boobs (something she was very fond of) with one hand and rubbing her slit with another.

Excited on hitting a jackpot, I quickly took out my camera quickly and hit record.

As the two lovers continued, Cara slipped of her own bikini top and Annie. Their boobs were out there for me to see. Cara’s boobs were quite small and her nipples were a bit of a dark shade of light brown. Annie’s boobs were about the same size but they looked smaller as she was slightly taller that Cara. Her nipples were of a pink-brown shade.

Cara started to lick at Annie’s nipples as Annie slid her hand down to Cara’s cunt and started to finger her. Both were in heaven, it was quite evident from the look on their faces.

Now, I don’t know why it happened, perhaps standing there for about 40 minutes or so, therefore it was natural of me to fidget a bit, but my camera fell. That made a considerable noise, even though the radio was on.

This attracted Cara and Annie’s attention. Scared, I decide to head back home, but wasn’t able to get out of the hedge. I knew the end had come for me. Cara and Annie, now clothed moved towards me.

As they moved closer, they saw me and Cara grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me out. My camera bounced forward.

“What were you doing?” shouted Cara.

I had no reply. I looked down to the ground trying to avoid eye contact.

“Answer me!” shouted Cara, punching me in the stomach.

It hurt quite a bit, somehow I managed.

“I… um… I was just…” I stammered.

“Come inside. Wait there till we send you off to the police.” Said Cara.

We came inside the house and I sat on the bed, alongside Annie.

Annie hadn’t said anything till now but she had a look of disgust on her. Feeling extremely repulsed, Annie slapped me.

“Okay, now seeing how you are pretty young, just tell us what you were doing and we won’t call the police.” Said Annie.

Now I’m not one for crying but I don’t know what happened, I just cracked.

I started to sob, hugging Annie and hiding my face on her shoulders. Up until now Cara was determined to call the police but now she seemed to hesitate.

I wept my heart out onto Annie’s shoulders.

“I… I’m sorry… I…” said I with a crack in my voice.

“It’s okay. Just promise that you will never do that again.” Said Cara.

“Or actually I had a plan in mind.” Annie said with a smile.

Now turning to me Annie inquired, “So what were you gonna do with the tape?”

“I… I was just… going to masturbate.” Said I.

“You were not going to post it online?”

“No never. I never even fantasized about joining you. You were sacred to me, doing anything like posting it online or fantasizing would be a blot on the beauty.”

Cara had seemed to catch on Annie. “So what’s your name? And how old are you?” asked Cara.

“Phil. And I’m 16.”

“Okay Phil, now we have a proposition for you. Would you like to join us?” said Cara, all in one breath.

I was left quite surprised. “Okay. But I am a complete virgin. You will have to teach me things. Hell, I haven’t kissed anyone.”

Annie pulled me towards her and kissed me. Her mouth covered mine. It was made. It was fireworks in my head. It was insane.

I pulled back.

“So shall we begin? C’mon we will guide you on the way.” said Cara, with a sexy smile on her face.


With that Cara removed her bikini and stood there completely naked. She was beautiful without a doubt. She had nipples that were the sand colored nipples and her pussy lips were a bit fat, giving it a very cute look.

“Go ahead, you strip too. You too, Annie.”

Without hesitation, Annie took off her swimsuit and sat on the bed. Her nipples were off a pinkish hue and her pussy was a bit messy, with big labia. It was nice anyway.

Taking my cue, I too removed my shirt and lowered my shorts.

“My, my this boy is no “boy” Anne.” Said Cara.

I guess I was averagely endowed. But my regular masturbation made me more than average.

“So let’s start!” said Annie.

Cara got on her knees and started to suck me off while Annie just kissed me.

After that, we got on the bed, I started to fuck Cara first, while Annie masturbated to the view.

“Oh yes, fuck oh god yeah”

Anne and Cara then switched. After servicing her too, Annie suggested that to some buggery.

I switched to Annie’s ass and continued pumping away, while Cara shoved her tongue up her pussy. Needless, she came in buckets. After a few more stylistic changes, it was time for me to cum.

Eagerly (despite them fucking women for a while) them kneeled before me as I pumped my cock. I exploded, covering their faces with my cum. They faces to each other and licked and each other clean.

After we were done washing up, I suggested that we should have lunch at my place. My cook, Derkins made good food and we were all exhausted and very hungry.

On the dinner table, we started talking. Cara was telling me about her acting schedule and Annie was telling about the new album she was working on. The conversation turned to me.

“So what do you like to do, besides peeping on people.” Said Cara with a giggle.

“Well, I really like photography. Any type.  I think a photograph is like amber. Once you click that moment is forever set in time. I dislike editing my photos or using black and white or sepia, except in rare cases.”

“Wow, that’s really interesting. You know, I think you will really like Kieran. She enjoys art a lot. And let’s be honest, you need a girlfriend.” Said Annie.

“But I like hanging out with you guys! I just met you today.”

“Well, who said anything about not fucking us. Annie and me have an open relationship. So can you. Where did you think we met Kiernan? Annie and I have both fucked that little vixen’s brains out. So day after tomorrow it is, I’ll call her. And I’m sure you guys will be great together.” Said Cara.

I knew Kiernan Shipka but never saw her as a potential partner. Well, that is all for now.


So today was a day that led to a huge personality change.

I reached there about 3:00 pm.

“So I have told her, that you are gonna be there. I have also told her that I am trying to fix her up with you. Oh and just so you know, even though she is the romantic type, she likes it rough. Like really rough.” Said Annie, trying to bring me up to date.

So at about 3:30 or so, Kiernan reached the place. After the introduction, we stood there awkwardly while waiting for the other person to strip.

“C’mon fellas! Lighten up!” With that Cara removed her baby tee.

“Yes, you should totally feel comfortable here, Ki, we are all friends.” Said Annie.

Feeling a bit reassured, Ki started to remove her shirt. I started doing so too. We all stood their naked, knowing what was to come. Kiernan had cute little tits and the most beautiful rosy nipples, a bit small in size and her pussy was pure looking.

“So let’s begin then.” I said as I kissed Kiernan. She returned my kiss and started groping at my manhood while fondled with her tits.

Meanwhile, Cara and Annie were at it again, doing their usual stuff. Currently, Annie was sucking on Cara’s boob.

I was distracted from that when Kiernan suddenly went down and started to deepthroat me. After some bobbing of her head and some choking on her part, I ejaculated in her. It must’ve been a lot but I didn’t see any as all of it was swallowed by Kiernan. I was starting to really like her.

I lay her down on the bed, and started to eat her out. Four minutes later, she came moaning at first and then screaming.

I plopped her onto the bed, I now saw that Annie was fucking Cara with a strap on. I too took Ki and thrust into her. As I started to fuck her harder and her language got more colorful.

“Oh yes c’mon lover boy fuck me fuck me hard ram it up me split me in two you know what shove it up my ass.”

I did as I was told. I started out with a slower speed. I noticed that Cara and Annie were now engaged in a 69, when that happened I had no idea.

As I started to fuck her harder she got more excited.

“Oh my god fuck oh yes Phil oh yes fuck my ass I am your little slut am I not? Cum in me oh yes in fact cum on my face oh fuck oh fuck YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!”

I pulled out of her and she got ready to take me my load, I came all over her face and in her mouth too.

I saw that Cara and Annie were masturbating to us.

After she was done licking it of herself (Cara and Annie licked it off her, the places she couldn’t get), Kiernan and I lay in bed, while Annie and Cara went into the shower.

“That was very nice.” She said.

“Indeed. You are a very energetic partner.”

We went quiet for a while.

“So would you like to go out on a date with me? Tomorrow perhaps?” said I

She blushed for a moment, which was odd considering I had just fucked her ass. She then moved over and kissed me on the cheek.

“That sounds great.”

Later, Ki and I took a bath too. After some afternoon tea, Kiernan left. Cara and Annie congratulated me on my new relationship.

“We were tempted to join but we didn’t want to disturb. I really wanted to fist her sweet twat she loves it. You should try it some time.” Said Cara.

“Will do.”

As I was about to leave, Annie and Cara both hugged me tight.

“You know, I never thought I would have acted the way I acted the day we caught you peeping.” Said Annie.

“But it worked out. Didn’t it, Anne.” Said Cara.

“And we gained an invaluable friend.” Said Annie.

“I guess, it was a good day to hide.” Said I.

We laughed and I went home and went to bed after the usual proceedings of the evening. I was thinking about the change in me. Pathetic creep to fairly okay young man. And I have a beautiful girlfriend and beautiful friends who are not only ready to fuck but also caring and affectionate. It was good day to hide.


So the title is a song called “It’s Good Day To Hide” By Pygmy Lush.

I also had to take the liberty in the fact that, Cara and Annie doesn’t live in LA.  I like to keep that stuff straight and true but it was unavoidable in this case.

It was really fun writing this story and but I don’t think I will be adopting first person narrative anytime soon. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the story, have a good day folks.

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