A Good Review

A Good Review starring Karen McDougal

By: Niccin

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My story begins with me going to Karen’s office to review a contract
with her. She is elegantly dressed in a short tight skirt and a
well-tailored jacket.

Karen needs to get a file. She uncrosses her legs, lifting the top
leg high, giving me a glimpse of her panty-covered crotch. As she
walks across the room my eyes rivet on her undulating ass and
breasts. When she gets to the file cabinet, Joan bends from the
waist to get the file. As she does the snug fitting skirt rises up
to an obscene
level, completely baring her luscious thighs as well
as her plump panty covered ass. Now I’m fucking her with my eyes and
mind. As she turns she gives me a smile as if to say, “I know what
you’re thinking” as she hands me the file.

When I look up to ask Karen a question I’m stunned to see her
sitting on the desk with her skirt up around her hips and her legs
spread wide apart. I literally become dizzy with desire as I watch
her stroke the bulging front of her black silk panties with her
index finger. I just sit staring at Karen in stunned silence.
She looks at me with that smile and says, “We’ve done enough work.
It’s time for fun.” “I’m horny! And you obviously want me,” she says
looking at my crotch where my hard throbbing cock is poking a tent
in my pants. “So, why don’t you do what thousands of men want to do
– fuck Karen McDougal?” she asks while rubbing the insides of her
firm thighs.

I stand up, unbuckle my belt and drop my pants and shorts together
to the floor. I bend to disengage them from around my ankles. When I
straighten up I see that Karen is still sitting on the desk but she
doesn’t have her skirt or panties on.

“Come on and fuck me!” she says in a soft sexy voice as she
unbuttons her jacket exposing those beautiful breats.

As I approach Karen, she gets on her back, brings her feet into the
air and spreads her shapely legs wide forming an erotic V. She
lustfully looks at me from between her gorgeous legs and says, “Fuck

I grasp my throbbing cock and nuzzled its bloated head against her
swollen pussylips. They clasp it lovingly. I reach out to either
side and take hold of her trim ankles. Karen wails with wild ecstasy
as I thrust my hips forward planting my cock deep into her.. I hold
my c.ck there and enjoy the feeling of her pussy as it greedily nips
at my deeply embedded cock. Karen looks at me through her lust glazed
eyes, “Fuck me hard. Fuck me like the slut I am”, she begs.

I begin thrusting in and out of her with hard fast strokes. “Yes!
Yes!” Karen chants as I move my cock in and out of her at a furious
pace. I’m fucking her so hard that her soggy pussy makes lewd,
sloshing, suctioning noises. Karen begins to savagely snap her hips
from side to side. Her pussy is clasping and unclasping in a
feverish tempo on my pistoning cock. I continue to thrust into her
ceaselessly. Then suddenly it happens. My cock pulses and explodes
deep inside her and Karen’s body convulses and jerks spastically as
her orgasm jolts through her. The muscles of her pussy tighten on my
cock like a vise as I pump my hot, thick, creamy cum into her
vibrating pussy. As the spasms of our climax subside, Karen relaxes
her talented pussy muscles and I slip my diminished cock from her
pleasure pit with a loud plop. Karen sits upright on the edge of the
desk with her legs spread wide apart. Our love juices are bubbling
out from between her pussy lips and trickle down onto the luscious
inner flesh of her thighs.

“I want it in my ass now. Please? Do it now Please!? Karen begged in
a low husky little voice and repeating herself again and again as
she climbed on top of the desk placing that incredible ass right in
my face. I stepped up to mount her as she licked her lips in
anticipation. I spread those cheeks apart and admired the view of
Karen from behind on all fours. I took her slow at first enjoying
the view of her ass on my cock as her breasts swung back and forth.
My tempo increased, Karen thrust back and ground against me in
sultry hunger. Her ass now clinched firmly as I pounded away at her.
The si ght of her ass plunging over my cock nearly drove me out of
my mind. I playfully smacked her ass as she let out a yelp of
desire. I grabbed onto her waist and I @#%$ her hard until she
clawed at the desk and tossed her head as she shuddered in a long,
long orgasm. Her shaking was driving me insane. Karen sobbed and
bucked against me as I came. She wanted it, every little drop and
more! Karen loved it deep and hot in her body and I loved dumping my
load in her ass. I slowly removed myself and Karen quickly spun
around to look at me. Those beautiful eyes gleamed as she began to
stare at my throbbing manhood. She slowly licked her way down and
began to clean me dry. Her luscious lips sliding up and down as her
soft velvet tongue licked and licked until my balls began to ache.
Karen knew what was about to happen so she took it deep into her
mouth as I began to unload once again. She pulled me in farther and
farther until her chin touched my balls. Her gagged moan told me she
was satisfied.

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