A Gwen Story

If you want to skip past the story and go strait to the sex, go down past
the lines.

I hadn’t actually MET Gwen Stefani until THAT day. It was a Tuesday
afternoon with bright, shining skies, and hardly a cloud in sight, and I’d
just arrived in the parking lot of “the office”. My boss, a man named Todd,
called out from the back door “Hey Frankie, your NEVER gonna BELIEVE who’s
here!!!” Naturally, this made me a bit curious, so I quickened my pace.

My job isn’t like most normal jobs. In fact, its not like ANY normal jobs
that I can think of. I don’t work from nine to five. I do few amounts of
work. I do few menial tasks. The things that I “do” are things that
usually go on in the privacy of a couple’s bedroom. No normal job pays so
well for being so fun. No normal job requires you to have sex with
beautiful women in front of a camera!

I walked in through the back door, like I always do. I hung up my jacket at
the coat rack (its only a light jacket, more for looks than actual
practicality, who wears a “real” jacket on a sunny day anyways). I went
over to one of the lockers, my locker, and put in my dinner for later, two
chicken and turkey sandwiches, a BBQ’d pork rib, an ice pack, and a salad (I
believe in eating fairly healthy whole foods, and will not go out for junk
food like some of the others that I work with). And of course, I put in an
extra change of clothes (sometimes clothes can get ruined in my profession,
getting torn off your body and all, and its usually good to have some
backups). It was then that I began walking down the hallway, towards the
set, to see who I would be “working” with today. As I rounded the corner, I
was hit with much surprise and awe.

In front of me stood Gwen Stefani. THE Gwen Stefani. It was damned near
impossible to not know who she was. She was in a band that had put out six
records, three of them huge hits (Tragic Kingdom, Rocksteady, and their
latest one, don’t remember what its called though). She had a clothing
line, a few movie cameos, and had just gotten over a VERY public divorce
with her ex, a Mr. Gavin Rossdale. And at that moment, she was standing in
front of me inside a PORN STUDIO! For the life of me I couldn’t quite
figure it out!

My boss, a Mr. Todd Rocker, a young and revolutionary new porn director,
quite popular with the celebrity circuit, came up to me and introduced us.
“Frank, this is Gwen. Gwen, this is Frankie “the Hardon” Holland”. I
nearly blushed and punched Todd for using my nickname in front of Gwen, but
refrained from both, as not to make an ass of myself even further. “Your
never gonna believe why Gwen is here!” Todd said, his face beaming. “No
clue Mr. Todd (that’s his name around the studio).” I turned to Gwen and
said “Its an honor to meet you Ms. Stefani, this is one of the true
highlights of my life, but, why ARE you here?? This is a PORN STUDIO of all
places!!” Gwen looked at me and smiled “To film, with you.”

My heart leapt up into my throat, and I was so stunned I couldn’t move. Was
this true what I was hearing? It couldn’t be! All I could choke out though
was a few coughs, and a “wa-what??” Both Gwen and Todd burst into laughter.

“Yes, you heard that right. She’s here to film a porno. After her
divorce, she decided to have a change of careers. And this is where it’s
going to start!” Todd’s eyes were shining. “Oh, and you get to be her
first on film!” “When are we doing this?” I asked dumbly. Todd looked at
me and smiled, “Today you retard! Get ready, we’re filming in forty

As you know, my name is Frankie “the Hardon” Holland. They call me that for
my ability to keep a hardon for almost as long as I damned well please. A
miracle of nature I am, I can keep fucking even after I’ve shot my load, and
can regain horniness after only a few minutes. Yes a true miracle of
nature. That is why I became a porn star. My skills originally weren’t
very good, but because of my unique “abilities” and general good looks, I
was able to get into the biz at the young age of twenty-one. Now, seven
years later, after thousands upon thousands of girls, I was finding myself
sitting in MY rehearsal room, as nervous as I had been on the day of my very
first shoot.

Todd had written up some lines. The story for this film was something close
to me being a fan and getting backstage, and the resulting debaucheries,
something along those lines. A bit cheesy, but then again, Todd isn’t known
as much for his script writing abilities, but more for his revolutionary
film style, and his ability to get REALLY HOT unknown actresses to film
with. I walked onto the set.

Gwen was on the set, a mock up of the private rooms celebrities get
backstage at arena shows. She was laying on a couch, dressed in a black
bikini top, a fishnet shirt that cut off above her stomach, shiny silver and
black pants, and loads upon loads of jewelry, like you would see at a show.
We read off our lines. “Oh Gwen, I’m your biggest fan” etc, etc. “Oh
really, if you ARE my biggest fan, then prove it to me. Do ANYTHING I tell
you to do.” etc, etc. Then, it was time.


I approached Gwen and put my hands on her stomach. It felt smooth and firm
to the touch. From there I began feeling my way up to her breasts. I began
kissing her neck and taking off her see through shirt while she eyed the
camera (after all, this was HER movie). “Kiss me” Gwen said. As I tossed
her shirt down to the floor, I began untying her top, while I continued
kissing her neck and shoulders.. Within moments, the bikini top fell to the
floor, exposing her small, but ever so luscious breasts. I grabbed them and
squeezed them, and began kissing them, licking them, and sucking on her
tits. Gwen was breathing heavily. Suddenly, she gently pushed me away, and
knelt down, undoing my pants. As she was undoing my pants, I was taking off
my shirt.

Out from under the zipper came my dick. A full eight inches long, and
almost two and a half inches wide, it popped out, hard as a rock. Gwen took
it in her hands and shoved it into her mouth. She began sucking it
fiercely. I could feel her tongue wrapping around it inside her mouth, as
her head bobbed back and forth. I put my hand down onto her head, while she
continued sucking me off. My legs began feeling weak. She continued
sucking me for almost three minutes, sometimes going so far as to deep
throat it as far as she could, to where I could feel her medulla amblumgatta
against the head of my cock. As I was getting close to blowing my load, she
released me.

>From there I had her lay down upon the couch. Once down, I began removing
her pants. She had already unbuttoned them, and it was a simple task of
just pulling them off of her, and exposing her luscious, swollen, shaved
pussy. I gently spread her legs wide open, and began kissing her inner
thighs. She began breathing heavily and ordered, “eat my pussy, eat it now,
and you wont regret being my biggest fan!” I gently leaned down and began
licking the lips of her pussy. Gwen began moaning softly. I then stuck my
tongue as deep as it could go, and began lapping at her insides. Gwen began
wriggling around and moaning even louder. I began sucking on her clitoris,
and licking it with slow, broad strokes of my tongue. It was when I sucked
her clit that she gave the loudest response. I continued eating her out for
several minutes, until she could take it no longer. “Oh yeah, come on and
give some of that dick action! Fuck me good!!”

I sat up and looked down at her, laying on her back, legs wide, breasts
shining with sweat, eyes looking at me with lust, thinking to myself “.and
this is the famous Gwen Stefani, I’m really about to fuck her”. I looked
down at my dick, and slowly maneuvered it to the entrance of her pussy,
stopping it just at her pussy lips. I rubbed the head of my dick on those
luscious lips, savoring the feeling. When I could take it no longer, I
slowly shoved it in, savoring every moment.

As my dick began thrusting back and forth, Gwen began moaning loudly, much
to the delight of my ears. I put her left leg up upon my shoulder, as it
was against the back of the couch, and spread her other leg as far as I
could. For a moment, I looked up towards the camera and saw Mr. Todd,
behind the lens, giving me a thumbs up. I looked down at Gwen, and began
thrusting even harder. One of Todd’s cameramen came up and put the camera
right up close to the dick and pussy action that was going on. I could hear
the sound of flesh on flesh, the smacking as I thrust my cock as deep as I
could, and the loud moans of Gwen’s voice. Being a singer has its
advantages I guess.

I pulled out and moved Gwen off the couch. From there, I sat down, and told
Gwen to sit down on my lap. Facing towards me, she slowly maneuvered
herself down upon my hard cock, and began bouncing up and down, moaning in
delight. I watched her bouncing breasts, and smiled to myself as I put my
hands upon her waist and helped aid her in her bouncing. As she continued
bouncing, I could feel that I was about to blow my load, and told her that.
After I told her, she got off my dick and grabbed my cock in her hand, and
shoved it into her mouth. I could feel myself cumming, and I could feel her
tongue lapping it all up and swallowing down. Her eyes looked up at mine
with a look of pleasure.

There was a small table next to the couch, and on it was a monstrous dildo.
I grabbed it. I then laid down on the couch, and pulled Gwen on top of me.
She was still sucking my cock, as, due to my fantastic gift from nature, it
was still hard as a rock. I maneuvered her pussy right above my head, and
began sucking her again. This didn’t last long though, as I then began
inserting the dildo into her pussy. Cameramen were getting close ups of
both of our genital regions. I slowly began thrusting the dildo back and
forth with one hand while I massaged her clitoris with the other. I could
hear, and feel on my dick, Gwen moaning to herself as she continued to suck
me off. I continued thrusting the dildo and massaging her clit, with
periodical slaps on her ass. Within a few minutes, I could feel myself
regaining my horniness, and told her that I was ready to go again.

This time I went and laid down on the floor. Gwen came and, once again,
maneuvered herself over my dick. This time however, she was facing away
from me. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock, and, once again, began
bouncing away. I crossed my arms behind my head and watched as two
cameramen came and got close ups of her. One was getting a close up of her
pussy bouncing on my dick, the other was getting a shot of her upper torso,
as her breasts bounced and she made faces of pleasure as she moaned away. I
watched as she bounced, as her long, blonde hair flew up and down, and
smiled to myself. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Mr. Todd
signaling me. As I looked over at him, he was signaling for me to do her
missionary style.

I had Gwen get off my dick, and motioned for her to move over towards a
bench that was in the room. I lowered her down onto her back, and, taking
both her legs into each one of my arms, once again shoved my cock deep into
her. This time I was thrusting a bit faster than usual, and I could
definitely hear it from the way Gwen was breathing and moaning. By now, we
had been fucking and sucking for almost forty minutes, and we were both
drenched in sweat. I looked down at my dick, and watched go in and out of
Gwen’s wet pussy. Over and over and over, in out, in out. I stopped for a
moment and leaned down, so that I could suck Gwen’s tits. I let go of her
legs, and began squeezing her tits and fucking her with greater intensity.
If my head hadn’t been so close to Gwen’s mouth, I probably would’ve been
able to hear a very loud smacking sound, but as it was, all I could hear was
Gwen moaning with pleasure. Once again, I felt myself beginning to cum. I
leaned back and pulled out, and sprayed my load all over Gwen’s torso. As I
kept spraying more and more of it all over her, she was rubbing it all over
her breasts and her tits, making them glisten.

“More” she ordered, sounding exhausted. “More?!” I thought to myself. “God
Damn woman!”. But this was Gwen Stefani, and I couldn’t let her down. I
had her get onto all fours, and I laid down on the floor beneath her, and
once again began eating her out. And of course, there were camera close
ups. Gwen couldn’t stay on all fours for long, and she sat up, still
allowing me to eat her out, while she rubbed her breasts and made lusty
looks towards the camera. After about five minutes of eating her out, I was
feeling horny again.

“Get back on all fours babe!” I told her, and she did. I then began kissing
her ass (ha ha, literally!!) and squeezing her cheeks. I spread her legs
out a little bit, and shoved my cock deep inside her. This time, I was
determined to fuck her as hard and as fast as I could, and so, I did. My
dick was moving so fast it was a blur, and I could feel the force as I just
kept pounding her pussy. I could hear her crying out, this time it didn’t
sound like the moaning she had been doing earlier. It sounded like a mix of
pleasure and pain. I was about to slow down, as I didn’t want to hurt her,
but then her cries became filled with animalistic pleasure, as she screamed
and howled at me for more. I kept pounding her pussy with my dick. I was a
jackhammer, I was the piston of a racecar, I was a beast. I fucked her as
hard and as fast as I could, and a number of times I shoved my dick into her
so hard I pushed her out of place! My cock pounded her harder then it had
ever pounded a pussy before, and soon, I could hear Gwen shouting that SHE
was about to cum.

As Gwen began to orgasm, she began to scream and howl. Within seconds, I
could feel vaginal fluid all over my dick, which was enough to get me off.
I told her I was about to cum, and she told me to cum inside her. So I did.
After we both finished orgasming, I pulled out of her. She sat up in
front of me. With both of us standing on our knees, I put my arms around
her torso and began kissing her shoulders. “HOLY SHIT, THAT WAS FUCKING
AWSOME!!! CUT!!!!” Todd said. “Fucking stellar!!”

“So, what did you think?” I asked Gwen. “You were phenomenal. That was the
best sex I’ve EVER had. Thank you.”
“No, thank you” I told her.

As we both stood up, naked, I asked her, “hey, you wanna come take a shower
with me?”. “Sure!” she said.

And here is the greatest part. As we both got into the studio shower, I
began to clean her off. Before I finished however, she turned towards me
and grabbed my head. She then began passionately kissing me, shoving her
tongue deep down my throat. “Fuck me here. Lets do it again!” she said.
“Holy shit!” I told her, “You MUST be trying to kill me!!” Gwen laughed.
I then mustered enough strength to get my dick hard one last time. We both
passionately kissed each other for several minutes. Then I lifted her up
and put her against the wall of the shower, watching the water fall onto her
breasts, and watching how her wet hair dripped. She was still beautiful,
even without her make up. I shoved my dick deep inside her, and began
thrusting it into her pussy, over and over. This time, she wasn’t moaning
so loud, and she wrapped her arms around my neck as I continued to hold her
and fuck her. Soon, we both were orgasming again, and I once again cummed
inside of her.


When we were done, we both got dressed in loose fitting, comfortable
clothes, kissing each other as we went. When I opened the door, the whole
crew was outside of the shower room door. “Hey, now, ya gotta let us get
that ON FILM next time!!” one of them said, smiling. Gwen and I hung out
and talked for many hours after that while Mr. Todd went off to edit what he
had just filmed. Over the next few days, Gwen and I did more scenes. I
guess after me she decided she didn’t want to fuck anybody else yet, and Mr.
Todd expanded the story into a full-blown affair, and THAT being the reason
why she got a divorce. That film shoot was amazing!

Unfortunately, the aftermath of such a film was damning to Gwen’s career.
She was denounced by many of her fans, No Doubt collapsed, and she was black
listed from most celebrity events. Her clothing line temporarily boomed,
but even that collapsed under her newfound infamy. However, she was rich
enough to live out the rest of her life in leisure, and began recording her
own solo albums. While her legions of new fans would never replace the
scores of old fans she had lost, her records still sold very well, each one
of them going gold. Gwen and I have since then became the best of friends.
We are almost inseparable at times. And, of course, whenever one of us has
a craving for a booty call, we get together. Overall, that day was the
beginning of the best days of my entire life, my friendship and intimacy
with Gwen Stefani.

by the Kapt’n

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