A Holiday Adventure

Carol loved the feel of the hot sun beating down on her skin. This was the second day of her two week break in Jamaica, a break she desperately needed. She had a tiny white bikini that covered the bare essentials, the heat always made her feel sexy.

“You want something to drink lady?”

Carol sat up with a start, in front of her stood a teenage Jamaican lad wearing only a pair of shorts.

“No thank you” she replied.

“What about something to eat then?” he enquired.

“No thank you I don’t want anything. Thanks anyway”, Carol felt a little unnerved as he stood over her.

“How’s about some pure black
beef then”, with that he pulled the side of his shorts up to show her his prick.

“Fuck off and leave me alone”, she was now really angry and stood up to confront this lad.

“Sorry”. He muttered as he skulked away.

Carol’s heart was beating pretty fast, but not from fear, it would take more than some young punk to frighten her, but the sight of his cock had started the juices flowing, already there was a damp patch forming. It had been two whole weeks since she’d had a good fucking, that little fucker had just reminded her. Now she wanted a good screwing.

Carol puts on her diaphanous white dress, white panties and no bra, god did she feel horny. There was to be a party for all the guests tonight, she intended to have a good time. The party was in full swing, Carol was careful about how much she drank, she liked to stay in control. There were several young Jamaican lads at the party, and Carol was the centre of their attentions. Without knowing it Carol’s drinks were being spiked, she was slowly getting plastered. After a few hours one of the boys said he was going to another party further down the beach and asked Carol if she fancied accompanying him. All inhibitions gone she was all for it, little did she realize but when they left five young lads followed. After ten minutes they were way out of sight of the hotel on a fairly secluded beach. As she asked where the party was the other boys appeared out of the palm trees, clutching bottles of rum and a ghetto blaster.

Well here we are announced her companion, Carol still never felt threatened, the slow music filled the night air, she danced in the swell of the waves as they rolled into the shore. The drink had an effect when she fell into the water, laughing she stood up, there was an almighty gasp as six lads looked at her. The dress, now wet was see-through and clung to every delicious curve of her body. Even her pubic hairs could be easily seen as her soaked panties almost disappeared, her gorgeous breasts encased in the white gossamer were topped by her huge, hard nipples. She may just as well strip as nothing was left to the imagination. You could feel the tension as six cocks hardened. Taking more drink she began dancing with one of the boys, a slow rhythmic dance, their bodies swayed against each other, another lad joined the pair, standing behind her his hands reached round her and pulled himself tightly against her, she was the meat in their sandwich. Carol soon became aware of two hard cocks rubbing against her; the bulge behind her was sliding in the groove of her arse, while the other she could feel against her thigh almost against her pussy.

Now she realized just how vulnerable she was, but drink had only heightened the horny feeling from earlier in the day. The lad behind began undoing the buttons of her dress and soon it dropped to the sand meanwhile Carol was stroking both knobs through their shorts. Her breasts (especially her nipples) were caressed and squeezed, it felt so good Carol leaned backwards into the guy, her senses followed his hand as it headed between his friend and over her belly, little by little his fingers inched inside her knickers, she could feel his breath on her neck and as his finger slid into the furrow of her fanny, gently nudging her clit, which was standing, imploring attention, she almost fainted. Her own hands were now inside both lads shorts and were full of solid hard young pricks, which she caressed with relish.

By now the dancing had bought the group to a man made mound of sand, opening her eyes Carol was greeted with the vision of the four other lads naked, stroking raging hard-ons. The only thing she could think was how similar they all were, except one that looked fucking gigantic. She was now eased backwards onto the mound, all at once ten, twenty, heaven knows how many hands reached for her, it felt like thousands, every nerve in her body was alive. She could feel her pants being eased down her legs, and then a beautiful tongue began probing her slit, many more tongues, teeth and lips now began to lick, suck and nip at her. The first orgasm was marvelous but somehow she knew it would be the first of many. Carol was now turned over; the mound was exactly built so her arse was accessible, her mouth also. Now the first knob was eased into her pussy, at the same time another was presented in front of her face, without any prompting her lips eased over the knob sucking it deep into her mouth. Two more cocks were begging for consideration, Carol’s fingers soon encircled them. Could this be heaven? She thought.

The cock in her fanny moved to the music, rocking in and out with long leisurely strokes, her mouth responded in harmony. As the tempo of the music increased so did everyone. As if by magic all five climaxed together, Carol’s scream only halted by the copious amount of spunk that filled her throat, she felt spunk spatter her face and the throbbing knob exploded against the walls of her cunt. As the cock was eased out of her fanny another was pushed with venom into her arse, Carol cried out in real pain but was muffled as the three cocks in front of her were pushed towards her mouth, they wanted licking clean, she took turns licking at each, now and again taking them into her mouth, she was surprised how quickly they responded and thickened again. The cock in her arsehole wasn’t the biggest but was rammed into her with such force, she felt as if she was being abused but it still turned her on, her fanny was dribbling more of her juice as she got hornier. The three cocks were all now hard and ready for more action, her mouth carried on with the fantastic job sucking, licking and her fingers fondling their balls, she wondered if they would coat her face again. The cock in her arse was getting ready do dump its load, by now she was used to it and pushed against it, to get more, this one just oozed it spunk into her.

In an instant her arse was empty and she realized that a huge knob was being rubbed along her fanny lips, Carol responded by spreading her legs even more and pushing her arse higher, she wanted this, she wanted her fanny to be stretched to accommodate this spectacular organ. She sucked even harder as the massive knob inched into her, so, so slowly, it was as thick as a mans forearm and at least nine inches long. She gobbled frenziedly, getting two knobs at once in her mouth; both sets of lips were being forced wider apart. All at once both cocks in her mouth burst again, this time there was so much come it escaped out of her mouth and dripped into the sand even though she did her best to swallow every drop. The huge cock was now beating a wondrous rhythm and a finger was in time as it pushed into her arse, her orgasm were coming thick and fast, it was as if with each stroke a new wave rolled through her body. She thought he would never stop when without warning the knob swelled even more and spurted, filling her insides, pulse after pulse of his hot juice sprayed her cunt walls, so much so it splashed out down her legs. She clutched the remaining cock in front of her and rubbed it all over her face and that began to empty for her, her face was now covered in come.

Carol was lifted to her feet, her legs almost buckled under her. She was gently carried into the surf all ten hands helped to wash her. All inhibitions gone along with any fears, Carol took control and told two lads to lie on the sand head to toe, on their backs with ones legs draped over the other, now moving closer together their balls made contact and there was what she wanted, two stiff dicks, balls to balls. Standing over them she squatted, each lad took hold of his cock and fed it into the hole she presented for them. Beckoning the huge cock over she licked at his already hardening length, her mouth slid along its length eventually suckling his colossal balls. Her hands reached out for two more and wanked them vigorously; the final hardness was pushed into her armpit. She’d done it, all six cocks were at her command, she rolled her waist back and forth, sucked and licked harder and harder at the pisshole. If she thought one was ready to come she eased back, she wanted everyone to blow together, she herself was enjoying multiple orgasms. Her timing was perfect each one belched come into her, over her, as the monster in her mouth erupted she took him out of her mouth and took the full force into her face. Again Carol was covered in man-juice and she loved it. She had been well and truly fucked. This would be a holiday of a lifetime

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