A Hollywood Trainer Ch 2 Shawn Johnson

A Hollywood Trainer Ch 2 Shawn Johnson

Indiana Jones

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Shawn Johnson

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“This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.”

A few days after my encounter with Hope, she called me saying she had a friend that could use some help getting back into shape.

“Alright thats too easy. Who is it and what exactly is she looking for?” I asked.

“It’s Shawn Johnson from the U.S. Gymnastics team. We met at the Olympics in China and have been great friends ever since.” she replied quickly. There was something interesting in the way she said that. Perhaps a bit more than a casual “friendship” when they were in China? The idea was enough to tighten the pants on any guy.

My first thought was how much fun this could be. I remembered Shawn from watching her on TV. She was a little hottie back then and I could only imagine what she looked like now.

“What kind of training is she looking to get?” I needed to know these things before hand so I could arrange the proper activities and schedule.

“Well she is starting her own gymnastics camp for Olympic hopefuls, but she has been out of the game for a while and wants to get back in shape before her camp starts this summer” Hope answered.

“Just have her stop by my office and we can work out something” I told her as my exitement at a new celebrity client growing.

Hanging up I left my office to go roam the floor of my gym. As the owner, it was good to be seen out and about. Insuring that all the training and classes going on were being conducted to my standards was very important. My growing reputation counted on clients recieving high quality teaching.

Seeing that everything was being done to my satisfaction I headed back to my office to change so I could get a workout of my own in. Now dressed in gym shorts and a cut off T-shirt I found one of my Judo instructors, Benson, cleaning the mats.

“Hey man, once the mats are dry, want to go a few rounds? I’m feeling a bit rusty on my Judo technique,” I asked him walking over to wear he was mopping.

Laughing, he put up the mop and said,” Sure thing boss. Just dont get mad when I beat you.”

“Not going to happen, brother, ” I told him, accepting the challenge. Taking off my dogtags and my shoes and socks, I started stretching while we waited for the mat to dry. As soon as it was dry, Benson and I were on the mat going at it. Eyeing each other, looking for openings in our opponents defenses. Lock up, throw, roll, back to our feet. Over and over, we tossed each other all over the place. Going full bore in a hand to hand martial art is one of the best cardio workouts there is. A total body workout. It’s also a great stress reliever.

We had probably been going for about 15 or 20 minutes when a voice cut in. “Excuse me, but which one of you is Garrett?”

Stopping, I looked over and saw an absolutely beautiful young lady standing at the edge of the mat. There stood Shawn Johnson. Her sandy blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail. A tight, green Abercrombie polo shirt showed the swell of her tits nicely. But immediately my eyes were drawn to the dark blue jeans she had on. Cut low to show off just a bit of her midriff, they looked like they had been spray painted on. For being so small, at least a couple inches under 5 foot and easily under 100 pounds, this girl had some serious thighs and ass. It took me a second to be able to answer, “Im Garrett, Hope told me that you would be coming by. Welcome to Ranger J’s. Benson, can you give this young lady a tour of the facility while I go shower and change?” As she turned to go with Benson I stopped and pointed to the rear of the building,”My office is right back there, go ahead and have a seat inside and I will be with you shortly.”

Showering quickly, I changed back into my normal office clothes of khaki pants and blue polo with the gym logo on the front. As I walked into my office, Shawn was bent over looking at some of my old Army pictures I had framed and put on my bookshelf. Sweet baby Jesus! I thought to myself. The ass on this girl is insane. Just thighs and ass for days. Gathering my composure, I cleared my throat to get her attention as a made my way to my desk. “So what is it that you are looking to achieve?” I asked her as I sat down in my plush leather chair. “Well I have a camp for Olympic hopefuls that I’m starting this summer. I havent been doing much in the way of training recently and I need to be back in top shape before then. I had her about Ranger J’s from different people” Shawn told me. “Then when I talked to Hope and she told me about her amazing experience here, I decided this was the best place to go.” That comment about Hope’s “amazing” experience was intriguing, but I decided to just wait and find out later just what exactly Hope had said. Focusing on the task at hand I told her, “We have a variety of classes and activities here that would be perfect for what you need. I think a strong cardio program combined with some total body work would be the best route to go.” Flashing a killer smile, Shawn stood up to shake my hand,”Ok Garrett, would this Thursday be good for you to start?” Some ideas already floating around in my mind, I told her that would be fine. As she left I just watched her ass swing back and forth. Oh this will be fun I thought to myself. Maybe even manage to pull off a repeat of the Hope Solo incident.

Thursday finally arrived. Just in case, I had arranged for Shawn to arrive at 7:30pm, 30 minutes before we closed. That way if anything interesting did happen, there wouldnt be anyone around. I had decided that whenever I picked up a new famous client, I would see to there training personally. At exactly 7:30 on the dot, Shawn showed up at my office door. She was already dressed to workout for the evening. Her silky hair pulled up in a rough bun, red spaghetti strap top, and short little nylon running shorts. “I’m ready to get to work”, she said as she knocked on the door frame. Standing up, I walked around my desk to take her to a warm up area.”Ok, lets get to it then”, I replied. “So what we are going to do, is start you off with a warm up jog on the treadmill. Then we will go out back for some sprints and squat thrusts. I want to start you off slow and work up to the harder stuff, ok?” Looking up at me, she smiled,” Whatever you say Coach!”

Hopping up on the treadmill, she started pushing buttons and getting it set up. I just stood back and watched her jog. It was difficult to focus with this gorgeous girl bouncing around in front of me. Her small breasts barely contained in her top as they bounced up and down. Her ass was the real treat. Words could not describe it. I had to turn and adjust numerous times to hide the raging hard on I had going. After about 15 minutes I figured she was plenty warmed up. “Alright thats good. Lets take it outside.” I said. Once we were out behind the building, I showed her the orange cones I had set up. “Here’s what I want you to do. Start at this cone, and do 3 squat thrusts and then sprint down to the next cone. When you get there drop down and do 10 crunches then sprint back here. I want you to do that cycle 10 times, ok?” She looked at me like I was crazy,”And this is starting slow? Im going to die before this is over.” But of course she didnt die. She sure as hell puked all over the place when she was done though. “Good job Shawn. You did well for the first day. But we have another week of this before we move on” I told her. “Oh god…..” she moaned as we walked back inside.

After two weeks of conditioning, I felt that she was ready to move on. During this time I had picked up on some signals from her. Smiling at me with a certain look in her eye. Hugs that lasted a bit longer than usual and were a little tighter than just friendly. Today I was going to have her move on to a different sort of conditioning. One that hopefully would be much more fun for both of us. When she arrived she gave me her customary greeting hug. “Hey Coach, how was your day?” Releasing the hug I said, “Not too bad, just another day at the office. At least I dont get shot at in this job.” Giving me that beautiful smile she asked, “So whats on the schedule for today?” We started walking towards the mats as I explained the next step to her. “Well next Im going to work with you on Jiu-Jitsu”. She looked at my questioningly. “What does that help me with?” Chuckling I said, “Its kinda like wrestling, but with more technique. So you are using all the parts of your body to try to achieve a dominant position on your opponent. Plus it is a discipline that allows someone your size, to beat someone even bigger than me. Its an excellent cardio workout.” She perked up even more at this. “So Im going to wrestle around with you? And your going to teach me how to beat somebody no matter how big they are? This will be fun.” she said. Getting on the mat we both took our shoes off. “Ok now lay on your back” I told her.”Now dont laugh but, open your legs. Im going to get between them and then your lock your ankles around behind me. This is called the Guard position.” Laughing at me she asked, “Are you sure this isnt you just trying to get cozy with me?” Suddenly she locked her ankles behind me and using her thick, athletic thighs, she pulled my hips into her. “Ive been wondering how long you were going to take to get me like this….” Reaching up she grabbed my face and pulled it down to hers. As soon as our lips touched it was like an animal like urge overcame us both.

She ran her hands underneath my T-shirt, grabbing the bottom she pulled it over my head and tossed it away. Grinding my hardening cock against her crotch, I ran my hand up her taught belly to her small breasts. They were firm, but soft. I pulled the straps of her top down her arms and then pulled the whole thing down to her waist leaving her naked from there up. Her breasts now exposed to the cool air, caused her nipples to harden. Her breasts were about the size of half a grapefruit, with quarter sized brown areola, and nipples like pencil erasers. I lowered my head and took her left nipple in my mouth, flicking my tongue over it while sucking gently. My other hand gently massaged her other breast. Kissing my way up her chest and neck, I kissed her mouth. Our tongues entwined, I grabbed the waistband of her little nylon shorts and pulled them off her ass and down her thighs. Releasing the grip on my she had with her thighs, I pulled her shorts all the way off and tossed them aside. Lowering my head to her pussy, I wondered if she might crush my damn head with these thighs when she came. If so, what a hell of a way to go. As I spread her pussy lips, I could see that she was quite wet already. I teased her a bit by running my tongue around the outside of her pussy lips before stopping at her clit and flicking my tongue back and forth across it. That caused a low moan to escape her. Continuing to work my tongue on her clit I eased a finger into her wet pussy. I could feel the walls of her cunt pulsating around my finger. She tasted almost sweet, which was a nice suprise. Slipping a second finger inside her, I reached as deep inside her as I could while flicking my tongue even faster across her clit. This seemed to put her over the edge because she put her hands on my head to hold me in place and started bucking her hips up off the ground.

“OHHHHHH…….UUNHHHH…FUUUUUUUCK!!!”, she moaned loudly as she started to cum on my fingers. And just as I had figured, as soon as her orgasm hit she clamped he thighs around my head. Luckily she released quickly. Sliding her hands to my shorts she slid them down my legs. Wanting to get on with it quickly I pulled them the rest of the way off myself. Getting between her legs again I positioned my cock at her hot, wet pussy. Easing inside her, I realized that this probably wasnt going to take long. Everything leading up to this had me very horny and that combined with her exceptionally tight pussy was going to push my limits. “Oh shit…”, she was so tight I couldnt even hold in my own moan of exstasy. Biting her lower lip as I slowly slid in and out of her, Shawn moaned soflty, “oh god….it’s so thick…” Picking up the pace of my thrusts, I know couldnt hold out much longer. Gritting through my teeth, I said, “Shawn I’m about to cum.” “I’m not on anything, pull out!” she said suddenly. I quickly pulled back out of her. Showing incredible flexibility, she twisted herself around until she had her mouth down by my cock. “Don’t worry, I swallow.” she said in a sultry voice. She wrapped her lips around the head of my dick and slowly took more and more into her mouth. Once about half of my 7 inches was in her mouth she started sucking slightly while working her lips up and down my shaft. With her other hand she slid it up and down the rest of my cock in a twisting motion. Already close from fucking her pussy, I couldnt handle too much of that and I exploded down her throat. She just kept sucking and milking my cock until every drop was out.

She slid my cock out of her mouth with a plop and licked her lips. Still looking into my eyes, she made a bit of a show of swallowing my cum. “So even after that you are still pretty hard”, she said. “I havent had much regular sex, but I have plenty of practice at something else you might like”. Lowering her head she took my cock back into her mouth. This time she took almost the full length down her throat. She pulled back and let a whole lot of saliva drip down my cock. Letting it fall out of her mouth she let a few more gobs of spit slide down onto me. Sitting up she turned around and got on her hands and knees. Reaching back she pulled her ass cheeks apart revealing her little pink asshole. “I kinda developed a thing for anal over the years. Its great and you can cum in me without any risk of getting knocked up.” Looking at her with a big smile on my face I asked her, “Are you real? Because you are every guys dream.” Laughing she smirked at me, “Why dont you come find out….”

Getting behind her, I put my legs outside hers and placed the head of my dick on her asshole. Slowly I pushed in until the head was in. Giving her a second to get used to it, I slowly slid the rest of my cock into her ass until my legs were against her tight, tanned ass cheeks. Intent on enjoying every moment of this I kept up a slow steady pace. Pull my cock out until just the head is in, then push all the way back in. What she said about her sexual experience was definately no lie. Her pussy had been almost virgin tight, her ass was not. It wasnt loose by any means, but it was not the tightest of her holes. That didnt take away from the exquisit feeling of my cock deep inside her bowels. As I kept sliding in and out of her ass, she reached down and started rubbing her pussy. Increasing my pace a little bit, she rubbed her pussy faster. Sensing that she was getting close to another orgasm, I kept up a steady plowing into her ass. Moments later she shuddered from her head to her toes. “Mmmmmm…….Uuuuunnnnnngggg!!!!!” she moaned as her second orgasm rippled through her taught body. Her sphincter tightened around my cock causing that familiar tingle in my balls. Almost ready to cum again, I started slamming into her ass hard. Holding her hips firmly, I slid in and out of her ass as hard as I could. The sudden pounding caused her to fall down until her head and chest were on the mat and just her ass was sticking up. Holding off my orgasm to the point of not breathing, I finally erupted, filling her bowels with my cum. Jet after jet spurted from my cock as I kept slamming away at her. Finally spent, I slipped my dick out of her now gaping ass. Laying spread eagle on the mat I just laid there and tried to catch my breath. Looking over at Shawn, she too was laid out trying to recover. Finally I sat up on my elbow. “That was a hell of a workout!”. Giggling, she crawled over to me and kissed me. “That was AMAZING.” she said. Gathering up our clothes, we got dressed and headed for the door. Our evening workout most certainly complete. As I locked the front door behind us, Shawn turned to me and said, “I dont know if I want to recommend you to anyone else. I might want to keep you to myself.” Leaning down I kissed her forehead, “Well referals is how I get new clients, cutie, so dont be too selfish.” Raising her eyebrow and trying hard to look mad, she finally smiled and said, “I suppose I could suggest you to some people. Ive met a lot of famous people what with all the events and photoshoots Ive had to do over the passed couple years. Im guessing if the referals happen to be hot celebrity types, you wont object too much?”. “Why no, I dont suppose I would.” I replied. Shawn continued to come in for training for the next couple weeks until her camp started. We also fucked like rabbits almost every session also. I was definately beginning to think that this job was going to be way better than I had ever dreamed……

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