A Holy, Holly Christmas

This fictional story contains GRAPHIC sexual situations, if you are underage
or easily offended. STOP READING

A Holy, Holly Christmas
by Wonder Mike (m6968@aol.com)

Holly Marie Combs: Hi everyone, I am so glad you could all make it to my
Christmas party this year. I hope you all know each other. Everyone, this
is Ashlee Simpson.

Ashlee: Hi all!

Holly: Emily Hart.

Emily: Aren’t you on 7th Heaven?

Ashlee: Yes I am.

Holly: You all know Mackenzie Rosman.

Mackenzie: I brought Beverley with me, my mom wouldn’t let me come alone.

That’s okay, you are all welcome.

Holly: I think everyone has met Amanda Bynes.

Amanda: Aren’t you Jessica Simpson’s sister?

Ashlee: Yes, yes I am Jessica’s sister.

Mackenzie: Don’t you think she is prettier than Jessica?

Emily: Yes she is.

Ashlee: And you are much prettier than Melissa.

Emily: Thank you, I always thought so.

Holly: We are going to have a great time tonight, The WB isn’t having the
younger kids to their Christmas party this year, so we are going to have our
own fun.

Mackenzie: I think there is going to be a lot of fucking at the WB party,
and they wouldn’t let me come.

Beverley: I told you in the car to watch yur mouth.

Ashlee: That’s okay, we have all heard it before.

Amanda: What do you mean?

Mackenzie: You know all the fucking that goes on all around the sets.

Ashlee: Except on 7th Heaven.

Emily: I only get 2 visits a month to the set of Sabrina, Melissa has all the
guys on the set worn out so I couldn’t get any anyway.

Amanda: I have heard about that witch, she is a tyrant.

Emily: You can say that again.

Holly: We are not here to bad mouth people, we are here to have a Christmassy
good time. Drinks and horseback riding for everyone.

Emily: Whoo Hoo, let the fun begin. Sorry. I think I had a little
transferance from sis.

Holly: That’s okay I channel Shannon sometimes, you stupid whores.

Holly: See.

Beverley: Good one Holly.

Holly brought out the eggnog and passed it around, the girls couldn’t wait.

Holly: This is German eggnog, be careful, it is strong stuff, but hey, it’s
a party.

They all began gulping down the spiked juice, it wasn’t thirty minutes before
they were all flying.

Holly: The doorbell, who could that be?

MacKenzie: SANTA.

Holly: That’s right, Santa.

Santa: HO, ho ho, what do I see?

MacKenzie: I bunch of Hoe’s?

Santa: I hope so, lets see who’s naughty, and who is nice.

Santa twirled out of his bright red over coat, he was shirtless and had a
stomach of iron, Ashlee ran over and ran her fingers across his chest.

Beverley: You brought a stripper Santa?

Holly: What other kind is there? I bet Alyssa and Rose will wish they came
to this party.

Amanda slid her thin hands across Santa’s chest, then shoved them down his

Santa: Ho, ho, ho.

Amanda: What type of present to you have for me tonight Santa? I hope it’s a
big one.

Jessica shoved both hands down Santa’s pants and whipped out his cock.

MacKenzie: Wow, look at the size of it.

Santa: Ho, ho, ho, don’t be alarmed little girl, it’s just my snake.

Holly: That’s the biggest one I have ever seen on a guy.

Santa: That’s why you paid the big bucks, HO, ho, ho.

Beverley: I am ashamed of all of you.

Ashlee: Damn it, lighten up, if Jessica was here she would be all over Santa
like a hobo on a hotdog.

Ashlee began stroking the thick cock with both hands until it was fully
erect, and a foot long.

Holly: Beverley, go over there and put it in your mouth.

Beverley: I have never done that before.

MacKenzie: I knew it, how do you expect to keep a man if you don’t suck like
a vacuum?

Beverley sex is not the most important part of a relationship.

Holly: Ha, ha ha.

Santa: Ho, ho ho. Girls who don’t suck, don’t get the creamy Santa present.

Amanda opened her mouth as wide as she could and began sliding the cock down
her throat.

Holly: Now we’re partying.

Santa grabbed Amanda by her ponytail and began working her head up and down
on his cock, Ashlee was licking up and down the shaft of it.

Holly: Come on people, this isn’t a spectator sport, line up, hurry up, you
all get a turn.

Emily and Mckenzie worked their way to santa, Emily began to stuff the cock
down her throat as Mac fed it to her.

Santa: Ho, ho, ho.

Emily stuffed half that fat cock down her throat, McKenzie shoved her head

MacKenzie: Bitch, Melissa would have deep throated him by now, suck that

Amanda: What a fouled mouth little girl.

MacKenzie: Fuck you bitch.

Santa: Ho, ho, ho, let’s not fight girls, we are all here for a good time.

Holly: That’s right girls, we are her for a good time, and it is my turn.

Holly dropped to her knees in front of Santa, she grabbed the cock with both
hands, and began working it down her throat.

Inch by inch the cock disappeared down her throat, until the entire 12 inches
had vanished.

Beverley: Wow.

Santa: Ho, ho, ho, what a hoe.

Ashlee: I can do that. I saw Jessica doing it to Snoop Dogg, I know I can.

Ashlee grabbed the cock and began working it down her throat, she got eight
inches in, Amanda grabbed her by the neck and shoved, but Ashlee could only
get another inch down.

Amanda pulled the cock away from Ashlee, she began working her way down on

Amanda used her tongue to massage the cock as it vanished completely down her

Emily: That is amazing, you are almost as good as Melissa.

Amanda: How do you think I got my own show, plus ‘What I Like About You’?

MacKenzie: I am going to get my own show the same way.

Santa: Ho, ho ho, who wants to get fucked now?

Emily: Me, me.

MacKenzie: No, me.

Santa: Clam down hoes; there is plenty of Santa to go around.

Santa walked over to the couch and sat down, the six girls followed him

Emily Hart Stepped out of her jeans, MacKenzie did the same, Ashlee and
Amanda climbed out of their dresses. Emily climbed on top of santa.

Emily: Whoo hoo.

Santa’s fat cock slid easily into Emily’s pussy, she began to slowly bounce
up and down on his cock.

MacKenzie: Fuck, I need me some of that, I am as horney as hell, I need to
be fucked now.

Holly: Lay on the floor and close you eyes Mac.

The young teen did as she was told, she closed her eyes and opened her legs.

MacKenzie: God that feels good.

The long tongue lapped at MacKenzie’s bald pussy, she looked up and saw Hugo,
the biggest Bull mastiff she had ever seen.

Holly held her dog by the collar as his tongue worked over MacKemzie’s tiny

Beverley: I can not believe what I am seeing, you guys need help, and I mean
real help. God, what’s that?

Emily slammed up and down on Santa’s cock, he held her by the waist, her long
blonde hair flying.

Emily: God, this feels good, I know I am tighter than Melissa, that bitch.

Holly came up behind Emily and slammed her down on Santa’s cock making sure
she took it all.

Beverley was knocked to the ground, Wiley, another of Holly’s Mastiff’s had
stuck his head under Beverley’s dress, and buried his tongue into her cunt.

Beverley tried to roll away, Amanda and Ashlee grabbed her and held her still,
Wiley was all the way between her legs and was going to work.

Hugo had his entire tongue stuffed inside Mackenzie’s tight pussy, she rubbed
his head as he ate her good, she was creaming all over his tongue.

Holly was under Hugo know, she stuffed his ten inch cock down her throat and
began to suck it, Hugo began fucking her face as he ate out McKenzie.

Ashlee: I need me some, now.

Santa lifted Emily off of his cock, Ashlee took her place slamming her pussy
down on his cock.

Ashlee bounced up and down on the cock, Emily then pulled it out and licked
her pussy, than stuffed the cock down her throat before putting it back
inside of Ashlee.

Beverley: I need to be fucked now, please, I need to be fucked.

Holly pulled Wiley away from Beverley and told her to get on her knees, Wiley
climbed on her back and rammed his cock. Right into her ass.

Beverley: Oh, my God, I am being ass fucked, by a dog, and I am cumming again.

Wiley slammed his cock into her ass harder and harder with each stroke.

Amanda: What about me, I am ready to get fucked, who wants to fuck Amanda.

Beverley: God, I’m going to cum again.

Holly: Hold on Amanda, I’ve got someone for you.

Holly called out for Jesse. Her third Mastiff. Amanda dropped to her hands
and knees and Jesse immediatly mounted the skinny brunette.

Jesse slammed his cock into her open, dripping pussy, he completely covered
her as his cock pumped in and out.

Emily was back on top of Santa know, this time he took aim at her ass and
slammed his cock into it.

Santa: Ho, ho ho, I bet Melissa doesn’t take it up the ass.

Emily: Who are you kidding, how do you think she got her own production

Emily bounced up and down on Santa as he hammered her ass, Ashlee climbed to
the top of the couch and began to grind her pussy against his tongue. Santa
stuffed three fingers into Ashlee’s cunt.

Beverley was face first on the floor, Wiley was trying to ram her through the
floor, Holly was behind Wiley now, pressing down on him

Amanda was rocking back onto Jesse, she needed all ten inches inside of her,
Holly rolled over to her and pushed on Wiley. It took two shoves before
Wiley’s softball sized knott vanished into Amanda’s pussy.

Amanda: Oh my God, we are tied.

MacKenzie rolled over, she was flat on her back with Hugo pumping into her,
she wrapped her short legs around his waist, they could barely reach all the
way around.

Holly ran over to McKenzie and shoved on Hugo, his knott slid easily into her

Holly: You have done this before.

MacKenzie: Not with a dog, but all the gust stars on 7th heaven.

Santa shoved 3 fingers into Emily’s bald pussy as he fucked her ass, he had
worked four into Ashlee.

The two blondes road santa wildly until he couldn’t take anymore.

Santa: Hoe’s santa is cumming.

Ashlee jumped off of santa’s fingers and yanked the cock out of Emily’s ass,
she shoved it down her throat as he began to spurt.

Emily rolled over and puked the cock out of Ashlee’s mouth just in time to
get her face sprayed.

Hugo,Wiley and Jesse all began to pump there loads into the teens, Beverley
managed to yank the cock out of her ass and shove the cock down her throat,
she gulped down all the doggy cum.

Amanda and Mackenzie were tied, they had to wait until Jesse and hugo emptied
their loads inside of them,

Amanda: I hope I don’t get pregnant, I think this would ruin my career.

Holly: All of them have done me, you can’t get pregnant.

MacKenzie: I am still horny.

Ashlee: Me too.

Beverley: I think we all are.

Santa: I think I need another 30 minutes, then I can go again.

Holly: We don’t have to wait, lets head out to the back, and I can get you
all satisfied.

The six girls hopped up and ran to the back, trailing Holly, as soon as they
exited the living room, they knew what she had in mind.

Outside stood a full stallion.

Holly: This is my pride and joy, Travis.

MacKenzie: I get to do him, I get to do him.

Beverley: Fuck you, you little slut, I am going to do him.

Amanda: You are going to have to get in line behind me.

Holly: Calm down. Travis can go all night.

Holly walked Travis over to a bench he that was set up, she sat on the bench
and began stroking his cock. There was a two foot high fench at the head of
the bench.

Amanda: WOW.

Emily: WHOO fucking HOOO.

Travis’s cock grew and grew, until it was 2 feet long, Holly had a bucket and
brush, she cleaned he cock off and began to slide it down her throat.

The arm sized cock vanished inch by inch down her throat until half of it was
gone, she then pulled it out with a pop.

Holly: who wants to try next.

Beverley Mitchell ran over and grabbed the cock with both hands, she shoved
six inches of t down her throat and slammed her head up and down on it.

Ashlee and McKenzie grabbed Beverley by the head and worked it up and down
faster on the giant cock as Holly took pictures.

Ashlee then took her turn on the cock, stuffing it down her throat.

Ashlee couldn’t take as much as Holly, MacKenzie then took her turn.

MacKenzie wrapped her tiny hands around the cock, her fingers couldn’t get
all the way around it, she then began taking it down her throat.

Holly and Ashlee helped McKenzie take the cock, but it was too big for her,
she could only take a couple of inches.

Amanda and Emily took their turns next, Emily stuffed a foot of horse cock
down her throat, Amanda then did the same.

Holly: You two are going to go far in this business.

Emily: I learned from the most prolific cocksucker in the business.

Mackenzie: More prolific than Winona Ryder.

Holly: Come on, no ones a bigger cocksucker than Winona.

Emily: Melissa is close.

Holly laid on the bench, Travis walked over so it was between his legs, Holly
grabbed the cock and placed it between her legs, Travis gave a thrust.

Holly: GOd,I almost forgot how good this feels.

Travis began to thrust into his master, a foot of cock vanished inside of her
on the first thrust, on the second one the entire two feet vanished.

Travis put his front legs on top of the fench and began to fuck Holly.

Holly wrapped her legs around the giant stallion as he pumped harder and
harder into her.

Holly: God I’m cumming already, on Travis.

Travis pumped his cock into Holly harder and deeper, stuffing it all the way
inside her on every stroke.

Holly: I’m cumming again.

MacKenzie slapped Travis on the ass, making him fuck Holly harder.

Holly: Slap him again, AAAUUUGGGG.

Mackenzie and Amanda slapped Travis on the ass, he was fucking Holly as hard
as he could now.

Holly: GOD, no more.

Travis pulled out of Holly, he pussy hanging wide open, Mckenzie stuffed her
arm inside of the giant hole as Holly fell off the bench.

Ashlee took her place on the bench, she spread her legs, Amanda grabbed
Travis by the cock and stuffed it into Ashlee.

Travis thrust his cock all the way into her on the first stroke.

Ashlee: God, it’s in, if only, Jessica could see me now, she would be so

Emily and Amanda began whipping Travis, he hammered Ashlee’s cunt with his
giant cock, ramming two feet of it all the way in and all the way out with
each stroke. Travis put his front feet on the fench again so he could ram

Ashlee: Oh God, fuck me fuck me, FUCK MEEEE.

Emily and Amanda whipped travis harder, Ashlee’s juices came flying out of
her pussy.

Ashlee: I’m cummmming.

Amanda pulled Ashlee from under Travis, she then got on her hands and knees
next to the bench, Travis mounted her and slammed his cock into her from

Amanda rocked back and the entire cock easily disappeared inside of the 16
year old.

Emily and Beverley whipped Travis now, he was whipped into a frenzy slamming
his cock in and out of Amanda.

MacKenzie: Now, that’s that I like about you.

Amanda: God, fuck me, make me your bitch.

Travis followed instructions fucking the teen even harder.

Amanda: That’s it, I’m cummmming.

Amanda tried to pull away from travis, put she was impaled on the cock, Emily
and Beverley managed to pull her off of him.

Emily Hart took her turn on her hands and knees, Travis didn’t need any help
finding her hole.

Beverley: I bet Melissa hasn’t done this before.

Emily: I wouldn’t be so sure, God it feels good.

Travis thrust into the young blonde teen, Beverley and McKenzie began to whip

It took three strokes for Travis to get his entire two feet into Emily, she
rocked back to take it all, Beverley and Mackenzie both used two whips on him.

Travis pumped in and out of Emily, she tried to crawl away, Holly yanked her
back until she was impaled on the cock.

Emily: GOD, I’m cuummmming, God, I’m cummmming.

The juices began to run down Emily’s legs, Beverley and Holly pulled her off
the cock. Beverley took her turn laying across the bench.

MacKenzie grabbed hte cock with both hands and palced the tip of it inside of
Beverley, travis thrusted, but Beverley was too tight.

Holly whipped Travis, he thrusted again, he rammed a foot of cock inside of

Beverley: God, it’s too big, it’s too big.

Holly and MacKenzie slapped Travis, he gave a mighty thrust and buried his
cock inside of Beverley.

Beverley: GOD, he’s splitting me in half, it feels so good.

Travis began ramming his cock in and out of Beverley, her tv sister whipped
him harder.

MacKenzie: Fuck that bitch, make her cum so I can get my turn. God wish Jess,
Catherine and Rachel were here to see this.

Beverley: Oh God, me too. I’m cummmmming. FUCK ME.

Travis rammed his cock all the way in and out of Bevely with each stroke,
she went limp after 2 minutes, Holly and McKenzie pulled her off the cock.

MacKenzie: MY TURN, MY TURN.

The 13 year old laid on the bench and spread her legs as wide as she could
Travis stood over her and rammed his cock into her.

Only a couple of inches went inside of her, her tiny pussy was too tight,
Holly slapped Travis on the ass.

Travis thrust again, he had four inches of cock into MacKenzie, he began to
work it in and out, Holly whipped him harder.

Travis worked half a foot into McKenzie, Ashly and Amanda worked their way
back to their feet.

The two girls each grabbed McKenzie by a leg and pulled as Holly slapped
Travis as hard as she could, he buried his entire cock inside of her.

The cock was almost as long as MacKenzies legs, and it was buried to the
hilt, it was so tight travis couldn’t fuck her.

Every time travis tried to thrust, he pulled Mackenzie back and forth on the

Mackenzie: I’m Cummm.

MacKenzie went limp, Holly and Ashlee pulled her off the giant cock.

Holly grabbed the cock and began to stroke it it began to flair open, she
handed it to Amanda.

Amanda took the cock and tried to shove it into her mouth, but she was fast
enough, Travis began to spray his load.

The stallion came and came, covering Amanda’s face with his load, she pointed
the cock at the limp body of Mackenzie, she covered her face with his spunk,
and he was still cumming.

Holly grabbed the cock and gulped down the rest of his load.

Holly: God, don’t you know not to waste it.

Amanda: This has been great fun, maybe we could do this again on Ground Hog

Holly: Great idea.

Santa came outside to survey the mess.

Santa: I have video taped the evening, and that will be your present for the

He than exclaimed



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