A Hot Night With Diana Caleb

I am a first time writer and so I would like some feedback from the

This story is totally based fiction


If you don’t like sexually explicit stories do not read this article
because in may offend you, and don’t read this story if you are under
the age of 18 years of age. Oral mast Vaginal

This night started like any other, I was at home watching TV, when
I flicked the remote over to change channels to Nine. They had the
swimming on and they were busy interviewing the winner of the last race.
It was the 100 Meters backstroke for women. The poolside reporter
talking to a young Woman who’s face looked familiar to me, but I could
not think of her name off hand.

At the end of the interview the reporter said that Nine was running
a competition. To be in the mix to win the first prize of one night with
Diana Caleb. You had to tell them In two hundred words or less, What you
would do if you could spend on night Diana Caleb.

So by the end of the next day I had posted my entry on Nine msn. But
the winner would not be announced until after the final event was swum
on the last night. The time came for the the big draw and I was sitting
the edge of my seat waiting, as they through the winning name out of the
out of the Barrel came the name At it was me.

The following Friday I was driven to the Sofitel Melbourne in a
Limousine, Where I was greeted by the Bell Boy. He lead me into the
resturant. I looked around the room to see if I could spot the lady in
question. Then I heard quiet feminine voice call from a table at the
rear of the room, so I walk in corner table where the voice emanated
from and I was greeted by The most Beautiful Young lady I had ever seen.

She pointed to the seat opposite her and asked me to be seated. So I
sat down an then she said you Must be Luke Gordon and I said you must be
Diana Caleb. We then sat down and talked and sipped on white wine. The
waiter came and we ordered our meals, which were dent to the table
Promptly and well presented. We talked over the meal an we planned our
night out.

After the meal we decided to walk to the Jazz club that was just a
couple of blocks away. It was only then that I noticed the stunning
green and red evening dress and White blouse she was wearing. I could
also see the outline of her aeriolae and her big right nipple, which
must have been at least one to on an a half inches long and it wasn’t
even erect; We got into the club and when we heard first track, we got
up to dance. We left the club at about 10:45pm and walked back the
couple of blocks to the hotel on the warm summer’s night.

When we got back to the Hotel she asked me if we could call it a
night and head to home room, I said why not. So we walked slowly up the
stairs to the third floor and walked straight to the door of our hotel
room. Then she reached into to her bag pulled out the key to our room.
When we got in gestured politely for me shut the door and turn the
light on. I did as she said and then the first thing I noticed was the
king sized bed. She calmly called me to her and I asked her if she had
enjoyed her night so far? Diana said she had enjoyed herself so much so
far, that she wanted me to join her in the bathroom to take shower.

I waited for Diana to call for me to join her in bathroom. She
opened the door and turned on the light and called me to join join her.
I walked to the bathroom door all nervous. I knocked on the door and she
said come on in. So I did and I got the greatest shock of my life, There
was this stunning young women standing naked from the waist up. Diana
must have been massaging her nipples because they were now jutting out
about a good four or five inches from the tops of her breasts. she
slowly began to remove the rest of her evening dress. I could see Diana
was wearing a pair of Light blue lacy G-string underwear, that bearly
covered her hairless engorged pussylips. As Diana got into the shower
and removed her G-string I could bearly believe my eyes. I got undressed
and quickly joined her in the shower.

She said that she was horny all the time, even at race time she had
hard long clit tenting her bather’s before and during her races and she
said that often during races she has mutiple orgasms

She asked to wash her back, I washed upper back and very slowly made
my down her muscular back. As I reached her tanned and toned Buttocks. I
heard Diana give out low husky Yelp. She turned around to me and gave me
a deep and passionate kiss. Diana took by sup prise then by asking me to
wash her legs, as I did this She calmly put thumb and forefinger at the
very top of her cunt lips and showed off her enormous lit. I asked her
has your clit always been this big and long? She said that she has been
well endowed down there as far back she could remember. Diana said I can
feel something long and strong between your legs as well. I then asked
her how long it had been since she had her clit hood removed? She
answered me like this, I have nether had a hood over my great endowment.
I noticed Diana was leaking pre cum profusely from her pussy. By now I
could not only see outer lips but her swollen inner lips as well. She
reached back and guided my nine inch monster into her her wide open
pussy, I could feel Diann’s pre come coating my cock as she continued up
and down on my hard on, I felt her body start to shake and next thing i
notice is that her cunt is literally shooting cum two to two and a half
meters into the air. I asked Diana are your orgasms always that hard and
high. She nodded her head and spread her cunt lips apart and I could see
her cum bubbling all the way down cunt walls.

The next morning Diana awoke to find her bath run and me waiting by
the door to the bathroom. She could see the smile on my face and she
could also lean down and see the pre cum on the head of my erection and
I noticed something different about her and that was that she actually a
little opening in the very centre of her clit head. Which was actually
let out lots of droplets of pre cum on to the length of clit and onto
her glistening cum soaked cunt lips. which were still engorged and and
open even wider as well as being almost luminous bright bliding red
colour. As we got into the bath my dick enter throbbing cunt front on,
and neither of us could hold back. we both came at the same time. But at
this time I felt something I had never felt before, This was that as
well as riding my coming she had been riding her clit and having
clitoral orgasms inside herself I removed her still rock hard and long
clit from her pussy to find out that she duel shooting orgasms out of
both cunt and her clit.

The was the best sex I had ever had and am ever lightly to have.

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