A House In The Woods [Pt. 2]


This is adult fiction. If you are under 18, or if you cannot judge what

read by adult messures..do not read this story. The author does not want to

harm anybody. Rape is no fun.

A house in the woods

-Part 2-

by Lost Soul

She felt dizzy and was fighting the urge to vomit. The room spun around her

and the only thing on her mind was the wish to live.

He had raped her, had robed her soul, humiliated her body. But she was still

alive. And although her body hurt, her lower body….Carrie-Anne felt

grateful just to be alive.

She was alone now; wasn’t even tied to the bed.

She had fallen asleep shortly after she had dressed and he had locked the


But now her consciousness returned and Carrie-Anne awoke…and felt dizzy.

At first she did not perceive where she was. But slowly the memory returned.

She had been on a vacation, had wanted to do some horseback riding. When it

got dark she drove her car over a rocky road to get to her hotel. But the

Jeep had broken down and the actress had to hike through the woods in order

to find some help. She had found this house, deep in the woods. And a man

had opened the door, had permitted to use his phone.

-Yeah, right-

He had taken her to the first floor, had opened the door to this small

room…she had seen a bed, a chair…and he had thrown her into the room and

shut the door.

Later he..had returned…

She was shivering. The thought about what he did to her.

She cried.

She cried for almost an hour. But then…finally the crying stopped. She

just lay there and starred at the ceiling. The pain in her vagina was more

intense…was casting it’s shadow over her being. Carrie-Anne closed her

eyes and listened to the sound of rushing blood in her veins.

-Rape…I have been raped….-

Nobody knew she was here. She had not even phoned the motel or anything

because the god damned cell phone did not work out here. Nobody knew. Even

this whole trip was a thing she had just done out of a one moments thought.


And this man, this dirty bastard was certainly willing to kill her if she

dared to resist. He had made himself very clear about that. And Carrie-Anne

believed him.

So, what could she do?

Getting out?

She had tried it. The windows were locked and the guy had placed wooden

panels in front of them. The door of this room was locked as well.

She had thought of getting out when the guy would return. But…she

dismissed the thought instantly. He was fast and strong.

So, what could she do?

It was making her crazy. The thought of fleeing was spinning in

Carrie-Anne’s head all the time. She was so afraid of what the man would do

to her next. He had fucked her already…so, what would happen the next time

he walks in?

Again tears were running down her cheeks.

"Oh God…please make him go away. Please let me free."

But God did not listen…or he just did not answer her.

And so the beautiful, black-haired actress went back to sleep. She dreamed

about someone rescuing her from this nightmare she was in. She dreamed about

just walking out the front-door. She dreamed about someone touching

her…the man, the rapist. She even felt the pressure of his hand between

her thighs, on her vagina.

Carrie-Anne moaned. She turned in her sleep but was pulled back. She again

felt the pressure…the dream was so intense…

And then her eyes went open. She stared at the unshaven face…the grinning


He had put his right hand between her legs and was letting it go up and

down. He enjoyed the tingling sensation the soft but durable, the skin-tight

fabric of Carrie-Anne’s white pants left on his fingertips.

"Yes, my pussy…you like that, don’t you?!"

Her eyes felt with tears and she was about to turn away, to jump off the

bed…but he kind of felt what she had in mind and put his other hand on her


"Don’t you dare to resist…you bitch!"

Carrie-Anne could hardly breath and her body went limp instantly.

"So, be a good girl and hold still while I fuck you…"

She felt like crying…felt like…

And his hand did not stop stroking her vagina. His fingertips were pressing

against the lips, were pressing the fabric hard against her

clitoris…but…then he stopped…

The man was looking down on her and through the mist of tears in her eyes

Carrie-Anne had the idea that he was thinking about something.

And only a moment later he stepped back from the bed.

"Come…," his right hand was making a gesture, "get off the bed…!"

The woman complied…shaking…

She was so afraid of that man…where she would normally resist, where she

would be a tough woman…like in Matrix…she now was just a little girl.

Afraid of monsters…

Then she stood there, in the middle of the room, shaking and more a pray

than a human being, a woman…

She looked at the worn out man in his dirty underpants and she knew she

could have instantly vomited.

"W…what do you want?"

He smiled, knew of course his power, enjoyed it…

"Pull down you pants."

She starred at the smiling man and gulped some saliva. She did not

comprehend instantly…

And so the man made one huge step toward her and his hands gripped her


His fingers were pressing hard into her neck and the flow of air was


Carrie-Anne Moss was gasping for air. Her hands went to his hands, to her

throat…tears were spilling out of her eyes..and the vision was getting


"P..please…," only a whisper…

"I told you…bitch…do not ever resist…when I am telling you to drop

your wonderful, white, skin-tight pants…you do that. Understood?!"

She was barely able to move, but somehow managed to nod at his words.

"Good…don’t you ever try to do that again, whore…"

And he let go of her throat.

Carrie-Anne went to the floor…gasping for air…crying.

She sat on her knees and supported her body with outstretched arms.

The man was still smiling while he was looking down on the black haired


Carrie-Anne’s eyes were red from crying. But after a while there were no

tears left and she felt only weak and worn out while she started getting up

onto her feet.

But the man had other thoughts.


His voice was the sound of metal rubbing against metal. Carrie-Anne winced

and stopped moving.

"No, don’t get on your feet. I have a better idea."

She looked up and into his face…not knowing what he had in mind.

The man stepped closer and with disgust the actress saw his cock getting up,

stretching the shorts.

It was almost in front of her and she wanted to crawl back.

The thing…this…penis…was disgust able…

"Open your mouth."

She starred at him, not believing what he had just said. She knew why she

had to open her mouth…he would….

Carrie-Anne squeezed her eyes shut. No, this could not be.

He placed his hands on both sides of her head and pressed…

Pain, as intense as lightning shot through her body when she opened her

mouth and screamed in pain.

The man was laughing hard.

Then the pain was gone. He took his right hand off her head and the pressure

was gone. Instead he pulled down his shorts. When Carrie-Anne opened her

eyes she saw his huge cock moving in front of her face.

It was red and …

-Oh God, I can’t …I just can’t…do that-

"Please, Mister, please…don’t make me do that. I …I cannot do

that..please no…"

She almost expected him to hit her. But instead the rapist was just


"Oh, my dear Carrie-Anne Moss…you will do many things in the future to

come. Giving me a blow-job will just be the tip of the iceberg. And you will

suck my cock now…or otherwise you will pay for not doing it."

And his expression went dark.

Never in her life did she see such an expression of total darkness….and

Carrie-Anne knew she would do as he had said. She knew he would kill her.

And nobody would come to her funeral.


She opened her mouth and shut her eyes.

The man placed his hands on her head, stroking it..holding it…

And the dirty, long cock entered Carrie-Anne Moss’s mouth.

She closed her lips around his cock while she was breathing hard through her

nose. She felt dizzy, the room spun around her.

"Hold my ass…"

She knew better than not to comply. And so the beautiful actress placed her

hand on his buttocks. The pure touch, the closeness…the cock in her

mouth…she was fighting the urge to vomit.

The rapist on the other hand enjoyed every second…

He was breathing hard…

"Suck my cock….let your tongue go over the under-site of it…do it!"

The grip on her head got stronger again and she felt the pain coming back.

The fear grew…

And instantly Carrie-Anne began sucking her rapist’s penis.

The pressed her mouth hard around his cock and let her tongue do its job.

She sucked on it and closed her eyes for a second.

-I don’t want to die…-

She tasted it and sucked it…

The man was pushing her head away from his body. But only so far that his

cock was still in her mouth. Then he pulled her close. He used her mouth as

a vagina. He fucked Carrie-Anne’s face.

Her vision dimmed and she felt unconsciousness rushing down on her. But

Carrie-Anne knew she had to stay awake, she had to finish the …blow-job.

And so she held his buttocks and sucked on his cock. Again and again the

penis entered her mouth..again and again…it was rubbing over her

lips..again and again her tongue was gliding over the under-site of the


The kidnapper’s moaning got louder and louder…he was close and Carrie-Anne

knew when that happened she…

Sperm spilled onto her tongue, into her mouth.

Instantly the mans hands were at her jaw. He held it shut around his cock.

"And now…swallow it bitch or…," he was breathing hard, "..or you will

die now."

Carrie – Anne closed her eyes and let go of his buttocks. She was sitting on

her knees and tried to think about nothing. She knew he would kill


She swallowed his sperm.

Slowly the white sperm ran down her throat. Slowly…

Carrie-Anne had to fight the wish to cough…to spit it out…

But he still held her jaw shut…


And the Canadian actress swallowed…every bit..everything she had in her


For a while he was letting his cock in her mouth. Then it turned weak..and

lay on her tongue like a dead body.

And still he held her head, held her jaw…

But finally the man let go of Carrie-Anne’s head, stepped back and his weak

cock slipped out of her mouth. For a moment she was still on her knees…

But then she collapsed in front of the rapist.

Carrie-Anne Moss lay on the wooden floor and just starred at the man. Sperm

was running down her chin, mixed with her own saliva. She starred at him,

saw him pulling up his shorts, stroking himself again. He came over to her

and sat next to her limp body, smiling.

"When I am gone, you will pull down your pants and your panties. When I am

back you will hang those panties on the door-knob. If not…you won’t get

anything to eat. Is that understood?"

She did not respond. She just lay there, barely awake.

He bent over and looked into her face.

"I asked you something, bitch. Give me your panties …"

Finally Carrie-Anne was able to focus. She looked at him, swallowing

saliva….and sperm…

"Y..yes…I will give them to you."

He smiled and patted her head.

"Good girl…good girl."

Then he got up and Carrie-Anne saw him leaving.

The door went shut and the bang of wood on wood sounded like thunder.

Carrie-Anne felt like someone had hit her.

She was alone…again.

She lay there, not moving, just moaning. But after a while she lifted

herself up till she sat, her back against the frame of her bed.

She was breathing hard when she laid her head back.

There were no tears. She felt empty.

The only thought she had…

-I have survived…-

Carrie-Anne sat there, for a while. Nothing happened. Nothing..

But then, all of a sudden, she bent over and vomited.

Sperm and her last meal were running over the wooden floor. The did it again

and again…till nothing else was left in her stomach.

Then she cried. Tears were running down her cheeks again. She coiled herself

into a foetal position and cried.

She knew, when he came back, when he saw the mess on the floor, he would

probably hit her. But Carrie-Anne wasn’t afraid.

Finally she went into the dreamland.

Hours later she awoke. The floor was more than uncomfortable and her body

hurt. The good thing was, that the bad taste was almost gone. Very slowly

she pulled herself up till she stood on shaking legs. She walked around the

bed and sat on the mattress. Her head hang down between her shoulders when

she sat there, thinking. shaking and being very afraid of the man.

Never had she considered herself to be a weak woman. But now she had let him

fuck her and she had given him a blow-job…without resisting.

Carrie-Anne hated herself for being such a disgust able, weak woman.

"Why haven’t I just said…no…why…," she whispered.

Time went by and she just sat there, waiting for him to return.

The thought …

What did he say?

Her panties….

"Oh my God….," Carrie-Anne jumped to her feet.

-When I don’t follow his orders, he will…kill me….-

-You weak bitch-

Again she cried. There was no end in sight.

What would it help her if she resisted? He would hit her, he would fuck her

anyway. He would just use force to drive his cock into any opening of her

body. She was so weak.

She got up and opened the black belt around her waist.

Carrie-Anne stared at the ceiling, thinking and very calm. Wearing her white

pants without any panties felt strange. But how much more strange than being

kidnapped and getting raped could things get?

She had slept for a while. Lately she slept a lot. Probably a reaction of

her sub-consciousness. It had to shut down again and again.

She had no more tears. And she knew he would return. The blow-job was not

the last thing he did to her, she knew. She thought about the reason why he

wanted her panties. But when she was honest, she did not care. He would

probably sit downstairs and inhale her scent. He was a sick bastard.

Carrie-Anne closed her eyes. She was tiered.

To be continued

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