A House In The Woods [Pt. 3]

This is adult fiction. If you are under 18, or if you cannot judge what you
read by adult messures..do not read this story. The author does not want to
harm anybody. Rape is no fun.

A house in the woods

Part Three

By Lost Soul

The night had been terrible. Only tossing from one side to the other.
Nightmares had come and had taken her into a world that was not so different
from reality. A man, a shadow was in that dream. The man had cuffed her to
whatever…and that man…

Carrie-Anne awoke, covered in sweat, breathing heavily. She had been taken
prisoner. After she took the wrong
road, on her way back from a ranch, she
had been lost. Lost…and then she had found this deserted place, deep in
the woods. A house, light that appeared to be the rescue. A man, this man,
this shadow had opened the door. She was allowed to use his phone..upstairs,
in this little room. But there was no phone. Only a bed and a chair. And
than he had raped her. He had fucked her…

He was a mad-man. He had said that he would kill her if she did not
willingly participate in the rape. He had pulled down her white pants, had
opened her white blouse, had fucked her…

And later he had come again. And he had made her sucking his cock.
Carrie-Anne could not cry anymore, she had cried too much.

She just lay on this old mattress and waited. She had thought about running
away. But the window had been blocked. And there she was….lonely….

Nobody knew that she was here. Even the idea to take a small vacation had
come out of nowhere. Carrie-Anne had not told anybody about her plan to
spend some days on a ranch, and this was the price she had to pay.

Now she lay there, in her white horse-riding cloth, raped and broken.

The mad man had not returned for some time, and so the black-haired actress
had slept…more or less.

Now she was awake, starring at the ceiling, counting spots of something
dark. She did not dare thinking about anything, tried to think about

She wasn’t even aware of day and night. How long…how many hours had he
kept her prisoner? She did not know..had not counted.

Time passed by….till…

The door was unlocked…and even before Carrie-Anne knew what had happened,
the door flew open and banged against a wall.

The actress sat up and starred at the man in dirty underpants and an equally
dirty undershirt.

“Get up…bitch!”

She saw the knife…the huge blade…and Carrie-Anne Moss was afraid that he
would kill her if she did not follow the order. So she jumped from the bed
and stood on weak knees. Her eyes were red from crying, her body shaking.
She hugged herself and looked at her captor with fear and disgust.
“Get out of your pants…now…”

He whispered the last word, and Carrie-Anne knew he would not hesitate to
harm her…to beat her..or cut her…

She stumbled backwards and sat on the bed to pull her black boots from her
legs. Then she stood and opened her white, skin-tight pants…

There she stood…her lower body naked…and she felt his gazes, wandering
up and down over her body.

“Give me your panties.”

She bent forward and pulled them up from the ground. The man came closer and
took them from her hand…pressed them against his face and inhaled.
“Yes…that is good!”

He turned and walked out of the door. But before he shut the door, he turned
again and looked into her eyes.

“Get into your pants, bitch. I will return.”

Then he left.

Carrie-Anne did not move at first. She just stood there, half naked. Slowly
she picked up the white pants and dressed. It felt strange to have the thin
but durable material on her vagina, laid around the curves of her firm ass.
She sat and pulled the black boots on. Then she waited. Waited for the
monster to return.

Carrie-Anne slept again. This time it was only deep and dark, without any
dreams or nightmares whatsoever. Time passed by and she almost forgot where
she was. Maybe everything had been just a dream. Only shades of suppressed
memories and fears from the dark. Maybe she had seen too many movies, had
worked too much on those dark Matrix movies. Maybe…

But why did she feel the pressure between her legs. Why was it like some
person was stroking her lower body, pressed a finger against the
vagina…why…it was a dream…yes…

But…no…could it be? Her eyes flew open and Carrie-Anne looked into the
crazy eyes of her captor.

“Awake…little princess?”

He smiled and kept on caressing her vagina. His middle finger pressed the
durable, bright white fabric of her pants against her clitoris. He was
stroking it, using it….

“You like it…don’t you!?”

Carrie-Anne did not move. She was frozen and starred into his face.
She feared that he would get angry and was about to say something to please
him. But the mad-man withdrew his hand from her vagina and stood up.
“C’mon, get up, bitch.”

She had a very dry throat and still tasted the sperm she had swallowed some
time ago. she tasted fear and pushed her body off the bed.

Again she was standing on weak knees. Gone were the times when she was a
tough woman. Now she only was a little girl. Ten years old and afraid of the
dark. He was the master of her well being.

“I want you to get rid of your wonderful pants and your black boots. Now!”
She swallowed saliva and just nodded.

With stiff fingers and a racing heart the beautiful actress pulled down her
pants again. She pulled it over strong thighs. She sat and pulled on black

There she was. Fragile…

“Come…come closer,” he said while he was sitting on the edge of her bed.
Carrie-Anne took steps into his direction…came closer.

She wanted to run away, she wanted to vomit…wanted him to die…wanted…
-No…I can’t let him touch me…no…please…no…-

The mad-man shoved his right hand between Carrie-Anne’s thighs…over her

She inhaled sharply…

The man inserted his middle-finger into her hurting vagina, and then it
could not be seen anymore. It was inside her…moving…

Carrie Anne centered all her remaining strength, closed her eyes…

-No…don’t let him win. He wants you to be afraid. Don’t show him…don’t –
He finger-fucked her slowly…again and again.

“You know, bitch…I love your white pants…I love your white blouse…but
I think I want you now without them. I want you from….”

It was like he was thinking. He withdrew his finger from her vagina and
stood up.

“Come…to the rear end of your bed…”

Carrie-Anne did not know what he wanted. She just followed his words because
she was only sure about one thing. She knew he would harm her or…even kill
her if she did not act according to his wishes.

And so she walked around the bed till she was facing the wall and till she
was having the full length of it in front of her.


He turned and looked at her, letting his eyes comprehend the beauty of her
body. And he seemed to be thinking about the two times he had fucked her.
Almost feeling it..again…

He walked behind her till Carrie-Anne could feel his body-heat. Till she was
smelling him.

-Dear God…please no….-

“Now crawl onto the bed..on all four…”

She closed her eyes for a second and the bent over till her hands touched
the mattress.

Carrie-Anne was on her knees and hands, looking down onto the old, dirty


He grabbed her pelvis….

Cold hands….


But instead of getting angry, the man just began laughing.

“You crazy bitch…you want it from behind..I knew that…God…”

His right hand began to move forward, onto her back, began stroking her

“What a beautiful bitch you are….”

The left hand withdrew from her body and she heard something that she
identified as…pulling down dirty underpants….

She closed her eyes…

And then again….both his hands grabbed her pelvis again. Cold, strong
fingers pressed into her body and it hurt. She winced…

And then it started to get bad…

The tip of his cock touched her ass….

-Oh God, oh God..oh God…not into my ass…no….-

His grip tightened and he pulled her back…

“Not my ass…no….!”

But he did not plan to fuck her ass…not now….

His cock found its way between her muscular thighs and then the tip touched
her red, swollen lips…

On part of her was relieved that he was not entering her anus. The other
part of her…was in panic. He would…

He entered her vagina again.

Carrie-Anne inhaled sharply again. She closed her eyes and a sound of fear
and disgust and pain escaped her mouth.

He pushed his cock into her body…he pulled her close and then bent over
her, letting his hands go upwards, underneath her white blouse.
His lower body kept on pushing…his penis entered her vagina, was
surrounded by lips that hurt.

“No…God….,” she whispered and…then felt his hands cubing her breasts.
He began squeezing her breasts, began massaging them while he fucked her
from behind. His Moves got stronger, got faster by the minute. He was riding
Carrie-Anne Moss.

The hands kept on massaging the breasts. He enjoyed the cool fabric of her
white blouse around his arms, enjoyed the fear of his prey while his cock
entered the warm and now even wet opening.

The ride got faster, more intense…

She was fucked like an animal from behind…his cock hard, big and red in
her body. Fluids mixed….

Her eyelids were moving fast, her mouth stood open and saliva was running
down her chin.

Again and again the cock entered her vagina. Again and again his strong
fingers pressed into her warm breasts.

Sound of lust mixed with sounds of fear. The woman was hurt beyond measures.
Her soul lay in pain…almost shattered.

Then he withdrew his fingers from her breasts. They were gliding down her
body till he held her pelvis again with strong hands. He pulled her close
and pushed his body against hers. Again and again he entered her opening….
And then…an eternity had passed….a huge wave of stinking white sperm was
spilled into the warm vagina of Carrie-Anne Moss.

The low sound of satisfied lust escaped the mans mouth. He pushed his cock
again into her vagina..again and again…and again, till it hurt him too

Then he pushed the woman forward and Carrie-Anne fell onto her face. She
screamed and her tears were soaked up by the old mattress. She lay on her
face, her hands flat on the underground….

Sperm ran out of her vulva, and down her thighs. The lips hurt like the
fires of hell. Her ass held high, her face pressed on the mattress…she had
thought that the time that she had sucked his cock would be the low in her
existence…but now she knew she was wrong.

How low could one woman be?

She sank to one side, lay finally in a fetal position. She wrapped her arms
around her legs and began weeping like a little kid.
Her captor groaned…

“God…every time I fuck you…it gets better and better.”
The he began laughing….

Carrie-Anne did not look at him. She had closed her eyes and felt in a state
of suppressed consciousness. Her vagina hurt, her breasts…she knew dark
spots would form where his fingers were….

She heard the door open…heard it banging into the frame.

It was quiet in the little room. Wind was howling around the lonely house. A
beautiful, dark haired woman lay on an old bed. She had been raped.
Carrie-Anne Moss was breathing slowly now. She still had closed her eyes,
her hands flat on the mattress.

Would this hell ever stop? Would he rape her again and again…every
day…for the rest of her life?


Her head came up and she opened her eyes.


No, she would escape. She only had to find a way. And she would have to
endure his raping. She knew he would come again…he would…
“Oh God…I can’t…please make hip stop. Please….I can’t …not

After a while the beautiful actress sat on the old mattress, her knees
pulled up, her arms wrapped around them. She looked at the closed door.
“He will come again….”

Carrie-Anne sat a while and then sank back against the wall. She began
drifting into sleep. She was breathing and her body rested for a little

The door flew open and banged against the wall.

Her heard took a leap. Her pulls was racing, her eyes wide…

At first she did not comprehend where she was, what was happening. Then she
realized the situation, saw the man…racing toward her.

He gapped her, pulled her from the bed.

Carrie-Anne screamed in fear.

“Your blouse….get rid of your blouse. I want you bitch naked.”
When her heart had slowed down, the woman just nodded and looked with fear
into his eyes. She still hadn’t dressed. Her white pants and her boots were
laying on the cold floor.

And now he wanted her white blouse.

Carrie-Anne began to unbutton her white blouse.

The man let go of her arm and stepped back to watch her. She followed his
order and finally the thin fabric ran down her arms. She was naked.

The dirty man bent down and picked up her blouse, her white pants and the
black boots.

“Get on the bed,” he barked and smiled while he held the white cloth.
“I will wash the stuff….I like you white and bright.”

Then he left the room again.

The door was shut and Carrie-Anne was left behind.

She walked over to her bed and sat on the edge.

She was empty. Her heart slowed down, her pulls as well. She had been

Carrie-Anne Moss began crying again.

To be continued

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