A Jennifer Ellison Story

Jennifer Ellison was sitting in the front room of her spacious Liverpool home. Tired after two weeks on a cooking show called Hell’s Kitchen in which she had been tortured and put through the grinder by Britain’s most famous swearing chef Gordon Ramsay. She was thinking back on all the experiences that she had during the show. Her legs curled up underneath her on her brand new Lazy Boy she bought with the winnings from Hell’s Kitchen. She spotted herself numerous times on the TV. On the music channel with her new single Bye Bye Boy, a interview about her role in new Hollywood movie Phantom of the Opera, an advert for weekly
magazine ZOO which she starred in this week, a clip of her at a premiere the previous night and finally resting on a rerun of Brookside, the show that shot her to fame in her teens. She was wearing a loose blue Everton football shirt with Ellison 8 on the back. The top, although loose, still was slightly pushed out I at her chest. Jennifer although having quite a small frame has massive 34E breasts, which make it hard to find clothes that hide them. Although she is not ashamed of them she finds it inappropriate to wear skin-tight clothes while watching TV. Covering her slender legs was a pair of blue tracksuit bottoms, that of which usually seen on sports stars as they warm up. Therefore Jennifer looks as if she is just about ready to run a marathon. Just as she had brought up the subtitles on her show in charged her brother.

“Come on Jen I thought you would be ready by now girl” he said as he stands there in front of her wearing a black shirt and a blue pair of jeans. “Come on. I told you I would be here at 9 to pick you up”

“What? I thought you meant tomorrow. Oh no. I was sure you said tomorrow” she mumbles as she gets up and quickly runs upstairs to put on her dress. As she ran up the stairs she tore her Everton shirt over her head and kicked off her tracksuit bottoms leaving her running up the stairs just wearing a white lacy bra and matching thong. Her brother Tony peered up after her checking out her tight miniscule ass. He then turned back into the living room and sat on the couch while trying to push down the rock hard cock the sight had just given him. No matter where he looked he saw her baby face and her rock hard body. Pictures of nearly every one of her photo shoots were posted all over her living room. She was obviously very happy with her body. As he sat he stared at all the pictures then, when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs he bolted up and repositioned his jeans so that they would not make it obvious he was overly excited about his sisters pictures. Jennifer entered the room in a stunning strapless black dress. Her cleavage was ample and Tony figured that she must have been wearing a strapless bra to hold them up. Her hair was nearly perfect for just five minutes work. Her blonde locks had been kinked and had two strands running across her heavenly face. The dress came to just above her shins showing off quite a lot of her silky legs, which had just been freshly shaven. He stood before her looking up and down his mouth open catching flies. She stood there smiling as she saw his eyes move up and down her very slowly taking it all in.

“So Tone what you think then?” she asked laughing. He continued to just stare not being able to speak. He stuttered something but nothing that could be passed for English. He couldn’t stop wondering what colour panties if any she had on. He tried desperately not to stare at her tits but found it impossible and gave in to temptation. “TONY ELLISON!!!!” she hollered in her Scouse accent before a twinkle in her auburn eyes and a smile came across her face.

“I’m sorry. I just can’t help it. You have brilliant tits and I ain’t ashamed to admit that I can’t keep my eyes off them,” he admitted truthfully.

“Well as long as they are the only things you can’t keep off my tits then we will be ok tonight,” she giggled. “Come on then lets go. We only have half an hour. Is Steve out there?” she asked wondering if they are taking her limo to the opening of a new club that Tony part owned.

“Yeah he is. Now hurry up,” Tony answered while rushing past her and getting to the limo. He waited for Jennifer to get in first and then hopped in as Steve shut the door behind him. Both men checked out Jennifer’s ass when she entered the limousine. Tony let Jennifer reach across him and get the champagne and two glasses. She served it up and they both toasted to the success of the club as the limo sped away.

They pulled up outside the club just in time for the opening. It was a true Hollywood opening with Jennifer getting out first and although it was his night Tony being completely ignored by the press as they push and shoved to get the best picture of Jennifer for tomorrow’s paper. They walked up the red carpet and stopped just in front of the ribbon. The pair of them get close and had a few snaps taken of them before Jen was handed the giant pair of scissors. The pair took one handle each and cut the ribbon to officially open The Box. As the crowd clapped and the photographers still took more pictures Jen and Tony disappeared inside to celebrate the opening. The music started to play as the crowds filtered in. Tony and Jennifer were already excited as more people meant more money, which wouldn’t be bad for either of them.

Tony stood up from the V.I.P lounge and made his way to the dance floor taking Jennifer’s hand bringing her with him. They got to the floor as “get Busy” by Sean Paul came on. It was Jennifer’s favourite song at the time and was a real dance song for the girls. From above you could see nearly every girl pair of with someone and dance up on them. Jennifer moved up against Tony and began to dance on him but at one point during the song they both got turned around and separated. Tony had closed his eyes for a second to control himself and when he opened Jennifer was no longer there and some other woman was rubbing herself up against Tony. He was distraught to have lost Jennifer but got on with things. Tony was not a bad looking guy at 6 foot, sporting short blonde hair and dark auburn eyes like his sister. He had tried out for Liverpool FC so was in good shape although he did not make the team. So because of his looks he found that this lady rubbing up against him was very pretty herself.

They got close and began to kiss before she wrote her number on his arm and went away. Tony had almost totally forgotten about where Jennifer had gone and headed back to the V.I.P section. He sat down and chatted for about an hour before a friend of his asked him where his luscious sister was. After Tony sent a chilling look his way he realised that he himself had no idea. He decided to head to the toilet before going to look for his younger sister. He entered the toilet and noticed straight away that something was up. Three steps into the bathroom he nearly slipped on a pair of white thong panties. Although frustrated he still enjoyed the thought of someone walking around his club without panties on. He bent over and picked them up and felt that they were mildly damp. This excited him even more. He sniffed at the panties and smiled. Definite pussy juice he thought to himself. He put the panties on the sink beside him and walked into the nearest stall. Just then he heard a young woman moan. Definitely a Liverpudlian he thought to himself as he could her the slight accent in her moans. The moans became more frequent and louder as he heard their genitals squash together.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Do me harder! HARDER!” the anonymous woman moaned. Just then Tony’s head shot straight up. He knew that voice. He had heard that scream being directed towards him when he was younger and was getting told on by his younger sister. In the booth next to him his younger sister was riding someone and she had no idea that he was listening. His cock stiffened at once which caused a problem as he was still in the process of pissing. His piss went all up the wall of the newly refurbished toilets. This was the last thing on his mind though, as he could hear the sound of balls slamming hard against his sister’s pussy. “I’m gonna cum baby. I”m gonna cum!” was the moans just as he heard Jen screaming in ecstasy when a puddle of her cum hit the floor beside his feet. He stared at it as he heard the moans of the guy who was doing well to still be going. He couldn’t take it anymore and slowly moved down and dipped his finger in the cum. He brought his finger to his mouth and sunk it deep between his lips. The juice tasted like a drink of nectar. He had never tasted something so beautiful and wanted more. But the puddle on the floor was not enough to relinquish his thirst. He needed it straight from the bowl. Just then the man groaned and the balls slapping finished with a moan from Jennifer. He could tell that the man, although held it for an impressive amount of time, couldn’t stop shooting his load deep inside her. He heard the smacking of lips for a few more seconds before seeing Jennifer’s feet hitting the floor. He kept his eyes on the floor and saw the guys trousers being picked up and heard them being tied up. His cock still rock hard Tony listened intently.

“That was amazing. Here’s my number. Call me if you fancy giving me another orgasm” he heard Jen say. He heard another kiss and then saw the guy’s feet shuffling out of the stall. He laid down and looked outside to see the identity of this mystery man. What he saw amazed him. Not only had this guy fucked his sister but he also was in his pub. It was his favourite Liverpool player Steven Gerrard. He knew that the papers had linked Jennifer with him but he just guessed it was crap. Now he may be one of many few that actually knew the truth. After getting rid of his bout of being star struck Tony got back to the job in hand. He snuck out of the stall and then opened and shut (and locked) the entrance to the bathroom. His cock still out he walked into the stall that Jen was in pretending not to know she was there. When he entered what he saw hardened his cock to full size. There was his little sister sitting on the toilet, legs spread, and her dress on the floor wearing the tightest corset that he had ever seen. One tit was out but the other was pushed up so high it looked like Mount Everest had been moved onto her chest. Her erect, dark pink nipple stared him in the face and now his rock hard cock was level with her face. He was speechless and genuinely shocked and she copied his actions. Suddenly he had second thoughts when he looked upon her almost innocent, sweaty face. He turned to go when she reached out and grabbed his cock. He felt a rush go through him as his cock brought him around. He faced her once again this time she had the upper hand. She kept full eye contact while slowly rubbing her hand back and forth on his 7-inch long cock. She began to open her tiny mouth and inched closer and closer to the cock of her brother. Her tongue slowly protruded from her mouth and flicked across the head of Tony’s cock. He moaned with delight as he first felt his sister’s tongue on him. The first flick landed right down on his piss hole and that sent shivers down them both.

They both slighted forward to each other and his cock fitted superbly into his sister’s mouth. She licked the underside of his cock with her tongue as she moved her hands to his balls. She began to massage them as he slid in and out of her mouth. The feeling was like no other he had ever felt as, for the first time, he looked down and saw his cock moving in and out. It was like poetry and was nearly read to blow right there but realised that if he did he may never get this chance again. He reached down and held on to her kinks tightly trying to control himself. He thrusted in faster and faster but suddenly pulled out. She looked up at him confused with a little precum and saliva dripping out of the corner of her mouth. She is panting as she asks what is wrong. He just smiles at her and gets down on his knees. He puts his lip around one of her erect nipples and slid his hand slowly down her stomach to her pubic hair. She moans as his fingers finds her clit and begins to slowly pull back the hood and reveal the wonder beneath. He moves his hand down past her clit and slowly slides it across her puffy lips. He sees his opening and slides his finger deep inside his sister’s soaking pussy. He puts his left arm around her back to support her and lift her too him. She moans his name as he slides his finger out of her and unclamps her nipple from between his teeth. He leaves his tongue out as he slides down her body leaving a wet trail of saliva from her breast, down past her belly button where he finally rests at her clit. He moves his right arm up around her waist to conjoin with his left to make sure that she doesn’t fall as he begin to slide his tongue up and down her wet pussy.

The juice he tasted before was nothing compared to it first hand. He went for it and stuck his tongue deep into her as she screamed for more. His tongue entered her as a shower of pussy juiced trailed down his tongue and into his waiting mouth. It poured down his throat and they both moaned loudly. He lapped away at her like a dog until he heard her breathing and her hands gripping tightly around his hair. He thrusted his tongue inside her once more as she began to shudder and scream. He felt her cum as it hit his face full on most of it going down his mouth but some of it staying on his face and even going in his hair. He bellowed with laughter as he pulled back from her looking up her starting at her matted pussy hair. He saw the sweat glistening from her pierced belly button all the way up between her tits and he rested his eyes on her wet gorgeous face with her hair plastered against the sides of it. She smiled at him panting and then stood up. For the first time ever he saw her in all her glory. Her tight body was nothing compared to what it looked like when she was sitting down. He felt a surge run through his cock and nearly creamed all over her feet. He controlled himself though and stood up facing her his cock twitching 7 inches in front of him. They stared at each other for a minute before Jennifer said anything.

“Tony, do you think I’m a slut?” she asks innocently.

“What? No of course not. Why the hell would I think that?” he asks genuinely taken aback.

“Well you probably didn’t know this but I just fucked Steven Gerrard and now you come in and I fuck you just because I’m horny even though you my brother!” she cried.

“I knew about Steven but I don’t think you’re a slut” he consoles her cupping her face with his wet hand, “ I just think you’re a gorgeous woman that has the sex drive and body that any man would love to have in their ideal girlfriend.” She smiles at him and then thanks him in a soft whisper. She turns around and puts her hands up against the wall sliding down it until she is bent over doggy style and pushing Tony to the door of the stall. His cock was almost bouncing at the sight of his delicious younger sister bent over in front of him. He knew what she wanted and who was he to deny her. He took his hard cock in his hand and moved closer to her. He began to rub it up and down on her lips and then in one swift motion pushed deep into her pussy. She jolted forward and moaned. She pushed back against him and he pushed forward into her. They continued this for a few minutes with Jennifer swearing her head off and talking dirty to her brother as he pounded her.

“Come on! Give it to me now! Harder! Faster! Harder! Harder!” she screamed with all her lungs. He obeyed every command she gave him with pleasure. The harder he went the wetter she got which gave him immense pleasure watching her pussy juices run off his cock and down her legs. Every so often he would lean over her and tweak those amazing, natural tits while still pumping his cock deep inside her. Sweet dripped off them both until he felt her clamp her pussy around his cock. As she began her second orgasm, third of the night, he quickly pulled out leaving her to cum with nothing in her or anything touching her. He watched her shuddering, her whole body shaking as she climaxed again. His cock resting on her back as he felt the vibrations run through her. She looked back her face pouring with seat with a look asking why he pulled out.

He simply smiled and the stroked his finger down her back and rested at her puckered asshole. Still looking back she grinned and tried to relax as he slid his first finger in there. It was so tight it was unbelievable. She moaned loudly as he pulled out of her and reached further under to get some of her soaking wet pussy juice. He got his whole hand lathered in it and then circled her ass again to get it lubed up. He then stroked his cock and got it all wet. He moved forward and eased his cock into her ass. She groaned but told him not to stop. He got in six inches and began to nearly cum. He held it but knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Suddenly without any warning Jen pushed back hard and he felt his whole cock bury inside his sisters ass. He pulsated over and over again without moving. He told her he was about to come and asked her where she wanted it.

She quickly moved forward and he came out of her ass with a pop. She quickly turned back around and got on her knees just as he moaned loudly and his first shot erupted from his cock. She opened her mouth in time to catch some but most of it flew past her mouth and onto her cheek, into her hair. Spurt after spurt came out hitting her face and hair then dribbled down into her mouth or onto her tits. She sat there smiling while swallowing down every piece of cum that lands in her mouth. He looks down at her cum-covered face and drops his softening cock inside her mouth.

“I was wrong sis you are a slut. But I love you because you’re my slut” he tells her.

“Damn right I am” she smiles while sucking on his cock hardening it again.

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