A Lacey Chabert Story

A fictional story that in no way shape or form involves Lacey
Chabert. This is just a fake celeb story.

A Lacey Chabert Story

By Shannon Teague

Lacey Chabert entered her Hollywood trailer after a long day of
shooting for her new movie. It was really difficult to find work
after the cancelling of Party of Five. Yes, she was making money on
The Wild Thornberries however, the guys just lost intrest in her.
It was obvious to her that she knew this she
grew up on the
television no man wanted to see her as a fucked up drawing they
wanted the real thing. The movie was protrayed a new Lacey Chabert.
A grown up 17 year old who would be a legal adult in a few short
weeks decided it was time to bring her career back in shape by
starring in the movie. The movie was different; it was action and
drama with a lot of adults. She played a cops daughter and enjoyed
the attention from the guys, that was until they stopped filming for
the day.

As Lacey entered her trailer she was surprised to see Brandon.
Brandon plays Lacey’s father the cop in the movie. Brandon just
told her she was being a very good actress and played the part of a
cop’s daughter well. Lacey accepted the comment and began to get a
little upset. She wanted Brandon out of her trailer the thought of
a grown up black man so close to her in the pitch black night did
scare her a little.

Travis then walked into the trailer. He plays Brandon’s sidekick
cop in the movie. Lacey was pleased to see him and say that the
friendship was good chemistry.

Kenan & Andre showed up at Lacey’s door and invited themselves in.
The Party of Five sat around and talked about the day filming. In
the back of Miss Chabert’s mind she wanted them to leave. She
wanted to get a shower then fall asleep.

Lacey was then startled as Brandon got mad at her. She didn’t hear
what he had said and got upset. This had a domino effect as her
four black co-stars became rather angry with poor little Lacey.

Brandon stood her up and began to play with her hair then kissed her
on the lips. She tried to get away but Andre was holding her with
force and she was stuck. She had been drugged and was put on a
coffee table. She heard the zippers come undone and feared the

A helpless Lacey Chabert was turned over on her stomach and began to
lose her dignity. The four men began undressing her she saw the
clothing items fall to the floor. Her sweater, jeans, shoes & socks
layed in a heap on the floor. Her white lacey bra was then stripped
and Travis began to masturbate with it. Kenan pulled her panties
off with force and began to smell her sex. Brandon began to
lubricate her ass and his big black dick and with all his force
shoved it up her butt. Lacey cried in pain as her ass tore. Brandon
continued to her fuck her ass. He almost came on the spot because
of the tightness. He was enjoying every minute of taking her
virginity. He talked dirty to little Lacey as she cried in horror
as her bowels began to explode.

Travis took out his 7 inch cock and spit in Lacey’s face. He
demanded her to give him a blowjob while Brandon fucked her ass.
She refused, so Brandon pulled her hair back bringing Lacey more
pain. She agreed and took the horny cock into her mouth and sucked
away. Travis enjoyed it so much that five minutes later he exploded
sending his cum all over Lacey Chabert. Lacey gaged and choked with
all the cum and spitted like crazy. This anger Brandon & Travis
because all got sluts swallow, not spit. So Lacey was forced to
suck Travis again this time it took ten minutes before all of
Travis’ ejaculation was down her pretty little throat.

After 20 minutes of brutal beating on her ass Brandon has his first
orgasm which came to some relief to Lacey. She survived two guys.
Kenan came up next to Lacey and began to play with tits. He loved
them and demanded to fuck her tits. Travis and Brandon eached took
turns and spanked Lacey on her ass and pussy with whips. Lacey
cried out loud but still was able to make Kenan cum.

Andre stood 7’1 315lbs, he was huge. He flipped Lacey over and
began to ate her pussy out. He slirped her pussy juices and precum.
Lacey knew what was next and knew that a huge nine inches would be
in her pussy very soon. Slowly Andre pressed his massive penis into
Lacey’s virgin pussy and all of a sudden Lacey went back to
screaming again. It hurt so much that Lacey began to bleed. All
nine inches were inside and he was fucking her dirty and hard. It
took fifteen minutes until Andre reached orgasm but it was well
worth it.

Lacey Chabert layed still on th coffee table after 55 minutes of
horror and terror. She was just raped by four guys she thought were
her friends. The guys all looked at each other and realized they
wanted more from their slut. Immidaetly they all jumped up and
attacked their favorite position. It was an all out gangbang on
Lacey Chabert who had her ass torned, pussy stuffed, tits squeezed &
mouth filled.

It took an hour and a half before the all the guys left and Lacey
could take the shower she had waited for. Slowly she made her way
into the shower and fell down in the tub, her body hurting. Then a
knock came at the door. Who is it, Lacey asked. Up walked in
Jennifer Love Hewitt. She undressed quickly and joined Lacey in the
shower. What a way to follow up a gangbag than with a lez

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