A Lesbian Werewolf In ECW

A Lesbian Werewolf in ECW

(FF, Fbeast, cons)

by Number One

Pairing: Stephanie “Trinity” Finocchio and Shelly Martinez

Disclaimer: If you’re under 18 and/or offended by the sexual and bestial
content, this story isn’t for you!

It was a moonlit night, and ECW Vixen Trinity had just left a local
tavern. She didn’t go there to have a couple of drinks, though. She needed
assistance. Her car had broken down in practically the middle of nowhere.
Unfortunately, all she received were a number of drunken reprobates hitting
on her and playing grab-ass with her.

Trinity continued
walking through the woods, still in search of assistance.
Just then, she heard some odd noises. It started with the sound of a twig
snapping. Trinity thought nothing of it. Then came a small series of rustling
noises. Again Trinity thought nothing of it. But after that, there were the
sounds of footsteps — followed by an animalistic growl. Now Trinity was

Fearing for her safety, Trinity began walking faster and faster until her
fast walking quickly became a run for her life. However, she built up too
much speed and took a nasty fall and later blacked out.

Trinity came to in a local hospital the next day. She had little memory about
the events of last night. Just then, a nurse entered Trinity’s hospital room.

“Miss Finocchio,” she said, “you have a visitor.”

“Thank you,” Trinity responds.

The visitor was none other than Shelly Martinez, ECW’s resident fortune
teller. “Hey, Trinity,” she said. “How are you feeling?”

“I’ve had better days,” replied Trinity, “but at least I have my health.”

“It sure was a nasty fall you took,” said Shelly.

“How did you know that?” asked Trinity.

“I see all, remember?” replied Shelly.

“OK, Dionne Warwick,” Trinity said sarcastically. “But before you contact
your psychic friends,” she added as she pointed to bandaged left arm, “can
you explain how this happened?” She removed the bandage only to reveal claw

“Oh my God!” Shelly exclaimed as she stared at the marks in horror. “I can’t
believe this!”

“Believe what?” asked Trinity.

“I hate to break it to you, Trinity, but…” Shelly began.

“But what?!” Trinity asked impatiently.

After a moment of reluctance, Shelly finally let out the words. “You were
attacked by a werewolf last night.”

“What?” was all that Trinity could say after Shelly’s proclamation.

“You wanted to know about the claw marks, didn’t you?” said Shelly. “And I’m
giving you a solid explanation. You were attacked by a werewolf.”

“A werewolf?” asked a skeptical Trinity. “You mean some poor schmuck who
changes into a wolf every full moon? You actually believe they exist?”

“I don’t believe they exist,” said Shelly. “I know they exist.”

“Oh, that’s different,” said Trinity, rolling her eyes. “See, I had thought
you had lost your fucking mind. Now I know for sure!”

“Look, you asked a simple question,” Shelly snapped back at the bedridden
Trinity, “and I gave a simple answer. You were attacked by a werewolf and
lived. You do see what that means, do you?”

“Let me guess,” said Trinity, jokingly, “I’ll become a werewolf, right?
During the next full moon?”

“Bingo,” replied Shelly. “Oh, by the way,” she added, “the next full moon is

“Oh, then I’d better watch my back then!” laughed Trinity.

“You know what,” said Shelly, not wanting to be ridiculed for one second
longer, “I can see I’m keeping you up, so I’m going to leave so you can
rest.” She walked towards the exit, but before she left she said in an
ominous tone, “Beware the moon.”

Trinity gave a derisive chuckle. “What a crazy bitch,” she said to herself.
“I’d still fuck her, though.”

* * *

Hours passed by. The sun had set, and a full moon had risen. Trinity laid
restless on her hospital bed, hearing the eerie sounds of a wolf howling. She
later let out a loud, blood-curdling, painful scream. Her transformation was

Her fingernails elongated into long claws that were digging into the
bedsheets she was clutching to. Her teeth became sharp, rigid fangs. Black
fur covered every facet of her body, and her face became wholly animalistic,
complete with glowing yellow eyes and a full grown muzzle. Trinity, the Full
Bodied Italian now a full blown werewolf, easily rose out of her hospital
bed and broke out by crashing through a window. She later looked at the full
moon, tilted her head back, and let out a loud howl.


* * *

The next morning, Trinity woke up in the woods naked and bewildered. She was
horrified to see blood on her fingertips. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “What
have I done?!” She panicked, not knowing what to do. Then it hit her.


She figured that the all-knowing Shelly Martinez could help her through this.
After she lucked out and found a trenchcoat to conceal her nakedness, she
rushed to find Shelly.

It took countless hours and careful dodging, but Trinity had finally arrived
at Shelly’s residence at close to sundown. Before she could knock at the
door, Shelly had already opened it.

“I’ve been expecting you, dear,” Shelly said to Trinity with a smirk. “Come

Trinity entered the house in a rush. Shortly after, Shelly said, “Let’s take
this in the bedroom.” Both ladies went upstairs and into Shelly’s master

“I’m sorry I got sarcastic with you last night,” said Trinity as she sat
on the king-sized bed, “but the whole werewolf thing seemed a little

“It’s OK,” replied Shelly. “You’re not the first person to think I’m crazy,
and you probably won’t be the last.”

“So tell me,” said Trinity, “what else do you know about what happened to
me two nights ago? The last thing I remember seeing were a pair of glowing
yellow eyes.”

Shelly removed her black robe and answered, “The werewolf had no intention of
killing you,” she said as she walked closer to Trinity. “Instead the beast
saw you lying unconscious and simply dug her claws into you, passing the
curse onto you.”

“Her?” asked Trinity, who noticed Shelly gently rubbing her left arm. “How do
you know it was a female?”

Shelly gave an evil snicker. “Because…,” she said, “I was that beast.” She
later kissed Trinity passionately on the lips. Trinity was taken aback by
Shelly’s response.

“Wait a minute!” Trinity exclaimed. “Are you telling me that you’re a…a…”

“A werewolf?” said Shelly. “Yes, I am. I was given the curse about five years
ago. It seemed like it all happened so fast. One moment, I’m a normal human
being. The next, I get attacked by a werewolf and turn into one every full
moon. The transformation was painful at first but as the years went by, I got
used to it. It became orgasmic for me.”

“Orgasmic?” asked Trinity, who also disrobed.

“Oh yes!” answered Shelly. She jumped up on Trinity’s lap and said, “The full
moon’s almost up. Let me make your second transformation a little erotic.”
Before Trinity could respond, Shelly pushed her down on the bed and began to
lick the Full Bodied Italian’s luscious tits.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Trinity moaned ecstatically. Shelly then moved down to Trinity’s
tight pussy. She began licking her pussy, unaware that the full moon had just

“OHHHHH!!! OHHHHHHH!!!” Again Trinity moaned in deep ecstasy. Her moan was
louder that her last moan partly due to her transformation beginning to take

Trinity wasn’t the only one changing. Shelly rose up sporting long fangs and
glowing yellow eyes.

“I see I’m making you come, my dear,” cackled Shelly. She licked her
full-grown fangs lustily and continued working on Trinity’s pussy.

“OHHHH YES! YES! YEEEESSSS!!!!” screamed the Full Bodied Italian, who was
losing her humanity while her pussy was receiving a severe tongue-lashing.

Shelly rose up again, only to see Trinity’s transformation close to being
completed. She then gave a wicked smirk and raised her right hand. Her
fingernails were elongating into long claws. “If you like that,” she said,
“then you’ll love what I have up my sleeve.”

But before Shelly could make her move, the almost bestial Trinity overpowered
the petite Latina beauty. She then inserted her clawed fingers into Shelly’s
luscious pussy. Shelly was not impressed.

“Is that all you got, bitch?!” growled Shelly, whose transformation was
starting. “Come on, fuck me! Make me howl!”

Trinity growled angrily as Shelly and then moved closer and closer to her
pussy. She then began giving Shelly’s pussy the tongue-lashing of a lifetime.
This time, Shelly was becoming ecstatic.

“YES!” Shelly moaned loudly. “That’s it, baby. Now fuck me hard!”

After that sharp command from Shelly, Trinity rose up, now fully transformed
into a werewolf. “AAAWWWOOOOO!!!” she howled. She then began to penetrate
Shelly’s pussy with her full-grown muzzle! “YES!!!!” growled Shelly. “That’s
just what I want! AAAAHHHHH!!!!”

Trinity continued using her muzzle as a dildo and fucked Shelly’s tight pussy
repeatedly, causing Shelly’s transformation to escalate. “AAAAHHHHH!!!!” she
screamed as her muzzle was extending. Trinity then released her muzzle and
let out another howl.


But Shelly wasn’t done yet. Now fully transformed into a werewolf, she
grabbed Trinity and regained control of her bestial lover. She then managed
to put Trinity into an odd 69 position and inserted her long, lengthy tongue
into Trinity’s hairy pussy.

“ARRGGHHHHH!!!” Trinity uproariously roared as she was being pussy-fucked by
Shelly’s inhuman, eight-inch tongue. Trinity then managed to regain her
composure just to repay Shelly’s tongue-lashing by inserting her own near
quarter-yard-long tongue into Shelly’s hirsute pussy, causing her to burst
into an ear-shattering howl of lustful pleasure.


After their long sexual escapade, the two lycanthropic females lay
semi-conscious on the bed, while the full moon was slowly setting.

The bedroom was a wreck the next morning. The luminous sun shone on Trinity
and Shelly as they woke up. “So,” Shelly began, “did you enjoy last night,

“To be honest, my first transformation was enjoyable,” replied Trinity, “but
last night was to die for!”

“Well, you’ll have to be patient, my dear,” said Shelly, “because that was
the last full moon of the month. Another won’t be up for another four weeks.”

“Oh,” was Trinity’s disappointed reply.

“But,” Shelly began as she began to caress Trinity’s body, “we can wait it
out together.” She then gave Trinity a gentle kiss on the lips.

“I can hardly wait,” replied Trinity.

The End

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