A Letter To Bella

Greetings. I have been a fan of your website off and on for a few years now. I’ve never been much of a writer, myself. I recently got inspired to dabble in some erotic fiction and it came out in the form of a letter. Not sure if this is something you quite allow on your website but I found it very erotic and thought I would try to get it out there anyway, thinking other fans might have a good read. It’s short and sweet.

A little bit of back-story… the context of this “story” is: What if the author had enough guts to tell their sickest fantasy to some unsuspecting celebrity? What if they could get away with it, legally? Please let me know whether or not you will accept something of this nature. It’s perverted and twisted, I know. I’ll understand. Without further ado, here is all the required info:

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Dear Bella Thorne,

You are so adorable it’s amazing. Your red hair, everything! I love your tight 14-year-old ass. I lust after you soo much.

I would love to force your mouth open and pound your young, sweet face. I would handcuff you in a dungeon and make you wear pigtails so I could pull them to force-fuck your pretty mouth. I would lock you in a cage and make you feed and live off of my cum every day. I would make you suck my dick like a baby bottle for hours upon hours and pump the back of your throat, making you gag, choke, vomit, and spit repeatedly on my fleshy mouth stick. I would especially love forcing my dick down your open throat hole as you receive my explosive load. I would relentlessly rape your tonsils until you cough blood.

When you can no longer speak I’d force your legs open and spread your tiny, tight asshole with my cum-covered assfucker. I’d rape your colon so hard until you scream, and I will keep on going! The more you scream, the harder I fuck the living shit out of you. I will jam, pound, bang, and finally plaster the inside of your rectum with so much cum that you will be shitting my creamy white goodness for days!

When you no longer have a voice box with which to scream, I’d turn you around and make you lick off my shit-and-cum-covered member. I’d throw you on the bed and break your pelvis bones until your legs are forced completely back behind your body so I can ram my bloody, cummy, shit-fucker inside your tight, amazing, moist, virgin heart-shaped pussy! I’d fuck your incredibly young teen cunt until your vulva lips turn blue, purple, and red. I want to force my dick so deep inside you that I can feel your amazingly tight cervix receivingly wrap around my dickhead, and then inject my creamy seed directly into your uterus!

The End

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