A Long Day Part 1

Title: A Long Day Part 1

Author: Femalewomanizer165

Celebs: Greta Gerwig

Codes: FF, cons, drugs, rom, mast

Disclaimer: Do not read this story unless your 18 or over. This has never and will never happen, this is fiction.

Chapter 1.

At exactly 7AM my alarm went off I didn’t have to leave for work until 8 so I just went on my phone for a few minutes. Eventually I got out of bed and walked to the kitchen Greta had already left like every morning. I made myself a bowl of cereal and then went to get changed. I was completely naked and it was only 7:30 so I decided to lay there on my bed for a few minutes. I felt an itch in my leg and when I scratched it my hand tickled my pussy ever so slightly it felt good so I continued to do it. I eventually started masturbating not thinking of anyone or anything specifically but feeling so good that I could’ve stayed like that for hours. When I finally stopped I finished getting dressed and made myself tea in my travel cup. I arrived at work at 7:50 I worked as a barista at the local Starbucks a job that I was in the middle on but enjoyed when a customer that wasn’t a cunt walked in. Then when I was ready my co-worker and ex-girlfriend Amanda walked in we don’t speak at all which made this situation especially awkward. We had dated for seven months before she cheated on me with a comedian from Brooklyn.

Chapter 2.

When I arrived home I decided as a joke to yell out “Honey I’m hoooome” to Greta. To my surprise no reply I walked into the kitchen to see Greta curled up in the corner with a bottle of red wine beside her. I walked over and sat down next to her laid my hand on her knee which was exposed because she was wearing short pajamas. “What happened” I asked In a slightly melodramatic fashion. “ N…Noah dumped me” she blurted out with tears following her words. “He met me outside a coffee shop and everything seemed fine and then he just dropped it on me”. “Did he sat why”? I asked. “He said what everybody says that it isn’t gonna work out”. We both sat there for at least twenty minutes contemplating. I eventually poured myself a glass of wine also and then after more sobbing and one hour we had downed three bottles between the two of us. At 10:00 Greta laid her head on my knee and put her arm around me kind of cuddling but not in a way that was too friendly. The cuddle felt more like a subtle romantic gesture. She stayed this way for a while eyes closed ,head on my knee and arm around me until she looked up and from an extremely close distance stared at me right in the face. I felt as though I wanted nothing more than to kiss Greta and stay with her arm around me forever. She leaned in and despite the smell of the wine from her breath and the mascara running down her face she still looked like the most beautiful thing in the world to me. She eventually stopped moving towards me and just stared. I moved my head forward and then our noses touched I could feel an indescribable sensation throughout my body. Then it happened Greta kissed me and in that moment it felt as though I was a virgin experiencing her first kiss as I was so thrown of by my deep infatuation with Greta. I eventually overcame this and began caressing the side of Greta’s head and kissing her like my life depended on it. I suggested we go to her bedroom and she just nodded in approval. She told me she’d meet me there so I went up, removed my jacket and got ready. She came into the room with no mascara running down her face and jumped onto the bed with me. She took off my light blue blouse and skirt. I now naked ripped off her oversized grey jumper and her dark green pajamas shorts. I kissed her passionately and grabbed her tits fondling them. She shoved her middle finger inside my pussy and rubbed my clit. I slowly moved my hands down to her ass cheeks and grabbed them thrusting towards her as she rubbed my clit. Greta stopped abruptly and ran to the bathroom where she violently threw up. It was this that made me realize that she really wasn’t going to remember this and that to her this was just a drunken mistake. When I was sure she was finished throwing up I went into the bathroom only to find her unconscious on the bathroom floor. I dressed her and carried her to her bed and kissed her on the lips, cheeks and forehead before holding her hand for one more minute before leaving her room and returning to my room where I lay thinking of what had just happened and if it will ever happen again. If Greta would even remember it and if she did if she would’ve enjoyed it. I fell asleep after a while and dreamed of her.

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