A Long Day Part 2

Title: A Long Day Part 2

Author: Femalewomanizer165

Celebs: Greta Gerwig

Codes: FF, cons, rom

Disclaimer: Do not read this story unless you are over the age of 18. Sadly this story never will come true and is a work of fiction.

Chapter .3
I woke up the morning after me and Greta almost had sex feeling obviously hungover but also suspicious. I wanted to know how she  felt about it if she even remembered it. Neither of us had to go to work today so I’d soon find the answer. I checked my phone and it was 6:47 so I decided to see if Greta had awoken yet and she hadn’t. She was sprawled out on her bed and looking at her I felt the urge to kiss her once more Incase she wasn’t proud of last night. I sneakily walked to her bed and positioned her head looking up and kissed her ever so passionately. I couldn’t stop myself hours can’t go by days, weeks I don’t care as long as I’m here. I felt something weird then, something had changed, Greta was joining in. She had woken up and was participating in the kiss. We both stopped and I asked her if she knew what she was doing or if she was still under the influence of alcohol. She said no and then I jumped on her bed and continued where we left off. She took off her top and I removed mine. She grabbed my tits tight and this continued for God knows how long. We both got back under the covers then I fell back asleep whilst in Greta’s embrace. I woke up without her in the bed and when I went out to the kitchen there she was wearing a blue dress with white flowers on it drinking tea and looking at news on her phone. I snuck up behind her and kissed her on the cheek as I walked by. I made myself tea and sat down next to her. I asked her if she wanted to do something together since we didn’t have work.

Chapter .4

She found out about a new restaurant opening downtown. I agreed to go at around 7:00 and we kissed on my way out. I went to my room and planned what I was going to wear on our date. I decided to wear a skin tight black pants and a white shirt. At 6:30 I went downstairs dressed and waited for Greta. She came downstairs in a vibrant yellow dress. I almost fainted looking at her she was the most beautiful I’d ever seen her. We left and arrived at the restaurant soon after. We ate but I noticed that Greta hadn’t touched her garlic mayonnaise intact she put it in her bag. I couldn’t understand why but my thoughts were interrupted by our walk home I would’ve kissed her if I could’ve. We got home she left the sauce in the fridge, got changed and made herself sleepy time tea. She took the sauce out of the fridge and brought it upstairs. When we were both naked she scooped some of the sauce out with her finger and rubbed it on my pussy. Then she proceeded to lick it off as if she was eating it. It took me awhile to get to sleep that night Considering I know knew that Greta loves me, although it was comforting in a lot of ways. Turning over every morning and getting to see her unconscious body next to me.

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