A Long Night For Eric Bishoff

A Long Night For Eric Bishoff

Disclaimer: This story is solely a work of fiction. It’s not meant to suggest any knowledge of the sexual practices or preferences of anyone depicted in it! Please don’t sue. If you’re too young in your city, county, state, region, or country to read such material, please turn away now.

It was the nite of the big pay pre view ,
Eric Bishoff was in his office, looking over the card .
It was going to be a very special night he thought .
But little did he know how special ,
for it would be a night that every one would remember
As the matches was going on, it was almost time for Eric to go
out and address the crowd .
The plan was to get Lita in the ring and have Rosy and
Jamal to attack her .

So Eric entered the ring a greeted the crowd , in his
arrogant maner .
Then he calls Lita out , Lita walks out to the cheers of the
crowd .
Dressed in black spadnex and a rainbow top which fits her very
well .

Eric once again be littles her by calling her a BITCH .
Lita then slaps Eric rocking him back Eric rubbing his face
laughing , i like a woman with fight .
Cause i will give you THREE MIN UTES ,a few minutes go by ,Lita
stands there with a smile on her face .
I dont think they will be coming out ,
WHY Eric asked ? oh they will be cumming but not out here.
Lita said then the screen showed Stacy and Torrie on thier
knees give some serious HEAD .

What Eric didn`t see was Chyan ,Nicole Bass comming up behind
Eric . Grabbing him , Eric tried to fight but two women was to
strong .
Lita walked up to Eric and punched him in the mouth .
Im your worst nightmare , WAIT a voice came and out walked
Stephanie and entered the ring .
eric we are going to give you what you really want .
Some HLA, BUT not with each other ,
tonight it`s YOUR turn .

By this time Eric was on the mat naked on his knees.
and out walked Muhlua , she wore a silk robe walked to the
ring .
stood in front of Eric and dropped the robe , opened her leggs and
pussy pushed her wet pussy into his face .
Chyan pulled on Eric`s hair , made him scream as Mulha put her
pussy in
Eric`s mouth .

Rubbing her pussy til she came .
Out came the female annoucer , dressed in a black tux like
For she too had felt the wraith o f,
the three min s.
She raised her dress and Eric seen her lovely ASS.
As she pulled her thong away she ran her finger into her ass hole

then put it in Eric`s mouth ,then opened her ass up made Eric
lick her ass out . After she fingered her self while Eric ate
her ass out .
one by one each lady wrestler came out to Eric .and they
abused him .
Now it was Stephs turn she brought out , a hand bag .

inside was a large strap on dildo .
She took her pants off and she put on the dildo .
No lube Chyan said , HELL no did he give us any .
Steph got behind Eric and pushed the large dildo up his ass.
Eric screamed, Chyan pulled her panties off and put them in
Erics mouth .
Steph was fucking Eric hard, then NicoleBass was putting on a
strap on too.
Nicole fucked Eric all over the ring .
Chyan got her turn too , Finally Lita had her turn Erics ass
was fucked raw .
Lita rubbed he ass , then smacking it
hold him Lita said , Lita was fingering his ass first one then
two soon she had all four in his ass .
Lita found room for her thumb and she had her fist in his ass .
Lita began to fuck his asswith her fist til he passed out .
Eric laid in the ring naked with a big dildo in his ass .
and the light faded to black.

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