A Long Night For Jessica

A Long Night for Jessica

by Rastafari

(n/c, cons, Ff, oral, humil, viol)

<***I know I forgot to do this for my first story (Therapy for Britney), so here goes. If anyone wants to send me comments, questions, hatemail, spam, or anything else short of a virus, feel free-nay, encouraged, even-to send me a little something at: shasta_mc_rasti@yahoo.com. This being my second story, I hope it's a bit improved over my last attempt. Please note, my stories are meant to be absurd. It is intentional! Until my next story, I remain: Rastafari, the guy who uses this name based solely on his love for reggae.***>

“Mmmmph!” Jessica Alba tried to scream around her gag as the riding
crop came down on her sore, red ass once again. She felt like molten
steel had been poured onto her ass after enduring what felt like a
decade of torture.

The man holding the riding crop stopped to rub his arm, working his
shoulder in circles, “There, that’s 106, as hard as I could do ’em.”
The man beside him admired his friend’s handywork.

“Mmmm, good. Now let’s move on to the next portion of the evening’s
festivites, shall we?” said the woman sitting behind Jessica.
Looking over her shoulder, she couldn’t make out who it was due to
the darkness in the corner where she sat, and the tears blurring
Jessica’s vision. The woman laughed quietly as the two men untied
Jessica from the table she was bent over and moved her to a
contraption hanging in the middle of the room made of chains and
metal bars. Jessica was sure she recognized that voice, but her
ability to hear was currently dulled by the searing pain enveloping
her backside.

They literally dragged Jessica over to the contraption, her will to
fight broken long before the beating her ass had endured was even
half over. Now all Jessica wanted was for them to finish quickly.

“Okay Jessie, now we’re getting to the fun part!” the woman said as
she got up and walked into the light. Jessica weakly raised her head
to look upon her tormentor. Jessica’s eyes widened in shock as the
woman walked out into the light….


Earlier that night…

“God, this is torture!” Jessica Alba exclaimed, tossing down the
script she was reading and rubbing her eyes. She uncurled herself
from the sofa and stretched before walking to the kitchen. She poked
around in the fridge, knowing that her ’emergency script relief’ (a
40 of Colt45) was back there somewhere.

“I mean, this script has cowboys fighting steam powered robot ninjas
in the 1800’s! Who the fuck even wants to make a Wild Wild West 2
anyway?” she steamed from within the fridge.

“Mmm,” replied Michael Weatherly, Jessica’s fiance as he
straightened his tie.

“Ah! Here’s my baby! Anyway, I’m supposed to be interrested in the
role of Nightstar Anderson, the ‘spunky, half-Cheroke female sherrif
who shows off her Native American side by riding bareback’. Do you
know how many fucking anal sex inuendos are stuck in the script
because of that?”

Michael stuck his head around the corner of the doorway, looking at
Jessica’s complaining backside sticking out from behind the fridge
door. He watched it as she shifted her weight to her other foot.
“Probably not as many as that baby deserves.”

Jessica’s upper half joined her butt as she closed the fridge and
returned to the couch, “You say something, babe?”

“What? Oh, no,” He finished with his tie and grabbed his jacket,
giving Jessica a quick kiss on the cheek. “Wish me luck. Dinner with
a director is good-impression time.”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine babe.” Jessica replied, poking the Wild
Wild West 2 script with her foot and making a face like she’d
stepped in dogshit, hugging her 40.

“Oh, just throw it away and move on to the next one you got there.
What’s it?”

“Battlefield Earth 2: Terl’s Revenge.”

“…..I’ll pick up a couple more 40’s for you.”


30 minutes later…

Jessica had her legs hooked over the back of the couch, her head
hanging just off the floor as she read through the script for
Kangaroo Jack 2: Electric Boogaloo. She felt sorry for the
moviegoing public. Throwing the script across the room, she grabbed
the remains of her 40. “Allrighty misher, any lash requests?” She
said, poking the bottle with her index finger.

The doorbell rang. Jessica pulled herself up, the combination of
blood rushing from her head and Colt45 making her fall back, rolling
to a sitting position on the floor. Staggering to her feet, she
drained the remains of her 40 and weaved her way to the door.
“Please, please let this be Seth Green wanting to make Idle Hands
2.” She prayed before opening the door.

“Large with mushrooms and green peppers?” said the pizza guy.
Jessica starred for a second, trying to remember if she’d ordered a
pizza. The time spent flipping through Battlefield Earth 2 had been
a blur. A horrible, horibble, nightmarish blur soothed by her secret
lover malt liquor, but a blur.

Eventually, Jessica shook her head, “Nnnnnno, I don’ think thash
mine…” Shaking her head caused Jessica to wander past the doorway
for a few seconds before making her way back.

The pizza guy turned to his side, “I think you can put away the
cloroform. She’s done the job for us already.”

Intrigued, Jessica peeked around the corner, “Whozzat? Seth?” She
only had time to register that it was not Seth, before a rag was put
over her lower face and everything went black.



Jessica awoke to find herself lying face down on a couch. At first
she thought it the standard end to a night of reading bad scripts,
but then she realized her ankles were duct tapped to her upper
thighs and her ankles to each other. And she was wearing only her
underwear. The last clouds of intoxication quickly dissipated as she
struggled with her bonds, working herself around until she was on
her side, looking at her surroundings.

She was in a large room lit only by a couple single bulbs hanging
from the ceiling. Along with her sofa, she could see some tables and
strange metal contraptions hanging from the ceiling. At the far end
of the room was a chair. She could see that a woman was sitting
there, only her legs visible in the dim light.

“Well Jessie, have a good nap? Worked through that 40 yet? You know,
I never took you for a big drinker. Maybe we should hang sometime.”

“Where are we? What the fuck do you want? Let me go, bitch!” Jessica
screamed, struggling harder against the tape.

The woman sighed, “That’s no way to treat your hostess! Tom, kindly
pick Jessie up.”

Jessica realized there were people behind her when a hand came down
and grabbed her hair, pulling her up to her knees. Jessica gritted
her teeth, but didn’t cry out.

“Oooh, aren’t you a tough little girl?” the woman said, laughing.
“Jeffery, kindly bitchslap Jessie.”

A man walked around from the other side of the couch and quickly
brought his hand across her face. Jessica cried out and fell back
over. The other man picked her up by her hair again. This time she
let out a quiet grunt as he did so.

“Much better, Jessie! Don’t be afraid to show your feelings. Keeping
them bottled up isn’t good for you!”

“Fuck you, cunt!” Jessica spat at her captor.

The woman crossed her legs and leaned back with a sigh, “Oh dear. I
had really hoped we could begin with the fun stuff, Jessie dear, but
it just won’t do to have you saying things like that, after all the
work I’ve done preparing for your visit! Your behaviour really is
vexing, darling. But don’t worry, any hurt feelings I’ve sustained
I’ll just have Jeffery take back from your ass! Boys, kindly bend
Jessie over a table and tie her spread eagled to it. And don’t
forget to remove those pesky clothes she still has on!”

The two men grabbed an angry and frightened Jessica and carried her
over to a table, laying her face down. One of them pulled out a
knife and cut off her underwear while the other held her back and
head down against the table. The man with the knife then cut the
tape from her wrists and tied her arms to the table legs with nylon
rope. He then did the same with her legs. Jessica struggled vainly
against her bonds, crying softly. She was completely naked and open
to these men!

“There! My, you look quite fetching, Jessie,” The woman said,
staring directly between Jessica’s legs. “Now Jeffery, kindly pick
up that riding crop. I think 106 should be sufficient. And don’t be
gentle, Jeffery. If I’m pleased with the severity of your work, I’ll
give you a bonus.”

“Wait! You can’t do this to me! Please!” Jessica begged, straining
her neck to look back at her ‘hostess’.

“My, you are right, Jessie! Tom, kindly pick up that 5 inch strap-on
over there. No, that’s the 9 inch one darling… yes, that’s it! Now
turn it inside out and strap it to Jessie’s head. I think it’ll make
a fabulous gag for our little houseguest!”

Jessica struggled as he forced the rubber cock between her teeth. He
shoved it in all the way, so deep that it almost made her gag. Then
he buckled the strap behind her head and ran his hand through her
hair, “Ya look great, Alba!”

“Mmmmph! Fumph thu, uththul!” Jessica tried to scream around the
strap-on in her throat.

“Begin, Jeffery.”

He pulled back the riding crop and swung with all his might, making
a suprisingly loud ‘smack’ resonate through the room, leaving a
quickly forming deep red slash maring the perfect, pale globes of
Jessica’s firm ass. Jessica reacted with such a jolt that the table
slid a couple inches across the floor. She had never felt pain so
severe as this, her ass stung with a ferocity she wouldn’t have
thought possible before. She screamed around her gag, for all she
was worth.

“Again Jeffery, I don’t have all night to spend watching Jessie’s
ass do a chameleon impression.”


Back where this tale started…

Jessica Alba starred up into the face of her tormentor. The woman
who had caused her so much pain, more than she thought possible
before her ass was beaten so red you could use it to land aircraft
on foggy nights. The woman Jessica had imagined dying in thousands
of original and horrible ways, until the pain had overwhelmed her
ability to think.

Eliza Dushku.

While the two men worked on attaching Jessica to the device hanging
from the ceiling, Eliza walked over and removed Jessica’s strap-on
gag. She then grabbed a handful of Jessica’s hair and kissed her
hard, exploring her mouth with her tongue. She finally pulled away
and grinned. “Supprised to see me?”

Jessica’s jaw slowly worked, her dulled mind trying to comprehend
what was happening to her. Was this a dream? No, a dream wouldn’t
hurt like her butt did right now. So…. what was going on?

She voiced this as best she could: “…ww…wh…a…aa…?”

“Hmmm, looks like I was a bit harder on your rear end than I thought
I was, huh? Well, I guess you deserve an explanation for that, don’t
you?” Eliza touched her index finger to Jessica’s lips as she said
this, then ran her hand lazily down Jessica’s neck and along her
collar bone, then following the curve of her breast before finishing
with a flick of Jessica’s nipple. “But before I begin, what did you
think of my performance? All the kindly’s and the dear Jessie’s.
I’ll bet you never guessed it was me! Of course, the fog of
beer/fear/pain probably helped with that.”

Jessica just starred at Eliza, becoming more confused by the second.
Eliza hopped up onto a table in front of Jessica, sitting
cross-legged and leaning back. “Alright, alright, I think you’re a
bit too confused and pissed with me to care about my acting. So I’ll
get to the point. Ever hear of the CSSA?”

Jessica just starred.

“Mmm, thought not. Celebrity Sex Story Archive. You’d be suprised
what sort of things we’ve done according to them. Hell, lots of it
sounds pretty fun, actually. After we’re done here, I’ll show you
the site. But I’m getting off topic.”

Still just starring.

“Well, they had this ‘Hot 100′ thing to see who was the most drooled
over celeb among the people who frequent their site. I was sure I
was gonna win that because, well, come on!” Eliza pulled up her
shirt, showing off her toned abs, while reaching up and holding her
tits out in her hands. “I mean, this is some good shit right here.
But I figured if I was gonna lose that bitch, it would be to
Portman. And what kind of revenge can I get on her? She’s so kind
and mature and shit. Well, maybe I could have her spanked in a
Catholic school girl uniform… mmmm…. But that wasn’t needed,
cause you were the one to beat me! And you’ve had all the fight
training, and seem such a girl after my own heart, that I thought,
hey she’s the type of bitch I can take out my frustrations on! Have
some fun with her! Of course, some people would say it’s crazy to be
jealous because more people want you to be gangbanged by a bunch of
black dudes and eaten out by Christina Aguilera than me, but I’m
just that sorta gal! Sorry if I went a little overboard with the
canning there. 106 was actually the number of girls in the top 100.
But don’t worry, you should enjoy the rest much more!”

With that, Eliza hopped off the table and walked up to Jessica,
flicking her tounge against Jessica’s earlobe, “Besides, if you’re
really pissed off, I’ll let you and the boys have me as a houseguest
afterwards, kay babe?”

Jessica just frowned at her captor, “What the fuck is wrong with
you? Seriously! I beat you in a pole on the fucking internet that I
didn’t even know about, so you kidnapped me, and…. fuck! I don’t
think I’ll be able to sit for a motherfucking week, you bitch!”

Eliza pouted as she ran her hands through Jessica’s hair, “Oh, come
on Jessie… here just look at this.”
She pulled her jeans down to her knees and bent over, placing her
hands on the table. She turned to look over her shoulder at Jessica,
who was getting a closeup view of Eliza’s firm ass. “Just think
babe! Think of all the things you can do to this afterwards!” With
that, Eliza gave her ass a quick wiggle, looking back at Jessica
with a pout.

Jessica couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of her situation.
“You are totally fucking insane! What fucking world are you living
in, where you can kidnap someone, have them beaten, and then offer
to be beaten as compensation! I mean, I don’t care how great an ass
you have, you’re still-”

Eliza spun around with a big smile and gave Jessica a hug, “You
think I’ve got a great ass? I knew it! I knew you’d be into this!”

“W…wait, what? Into what, being spanked?”

“No, silly, into this!” Eliza replied with a giggle, leaning down to
kiss Jessica again. She ended the kiss by tugging on Jessica’s lower
lip gently with her teeth. Eliza pulled away and jumped back on the
table, grinning widely at Jessica. “Mmmm, I don’t think anyone can
resist those lips of yours, babe!”

Jessica was confused. Something had gone very wrong with the world.
She had just been abducted and abused, all for the enjoyment of this
woman, and now she was being tied up to some… thing! And for some
reason, this girl was really starting to win her over. She was just
so… happy, for some reason. And she was definately a great kisser.
Jessica shook her head. No! This couldn’t be real! She was just
really really really rediculously drunk right now. That had to be

“Okay Jessie, all ready!”

It was then that Jessica finally shook off her thoughts enough to
become aware of what had happened to her. Her arms were held behind
her back, her wrists chained together, with a chain pulling them up,
forcing her to bend forwards slightly. She was standing on one foot,
on her toes. Her left leg was chained up, her ankle tied to her
thigh. A chain then ran around her knee and pulled her leg up and to
the side, putting her in some sort of strange, ballet-like pose. A
metal bar ran from the chain on her wrists to the one around her
knee, holding her in position. All she could do was struggle uselessly
and slowly spin back and forth on her one foot. Then she noticed

Her captor had taken off the hoodie and jeans she’d been wearing,
revealing a pair of black fishnets that went up to her mid thighs,
black, fingerless latex gloves up to her elbows, and nothing else.
Eliza was shaved, which didn’t really suprise her, but she wasn’t
expecting the nipple rings. Probably because she’d seen Eliza in
some pretty tight tops before. She was mezmerized by the thick,
silver rings sticking out of Eliza’s hard, dark nipples. Suddenly
Jessica realized that she was looking at another girls’ tits and
quickly turned away.

“Aww, no need to be shy! You can tell me if you like them!”

Jessica kept her face turned away and didn’ say anything.

“Tom, kindly give Jessie a little slap on the butt, please.”

Jessica screamed out and hopped off the ground as his hand connected
with her overly sensitive rear end. Eventually she managed to stop
her wild spinning and turned back to face Eliza. “You bitch! What is
it with you and my fucking ass?”

“Well, it’s hard to resist. I mean, look at it! Rrrrroww!!!”

Jessica blushed and turned away. Then she remembered what was
happening and turned back to Eliza. “Stop making this fun, you
bitch! And stop getting those guys to do things to my goddamn ass!”

“Only if you tell me what you really think of my nipple rings!”

“They’re…. they’re fine, whatever. Okay?”

“Tom, kindly raise your hand in a menacing manner.”

“Okay, fine! I think they’re beautiful, and really look good on your
tits. Happy?”

Eliza smiled, looking down and flicking her nipple rings, “Yes, I
am! So you like my tits, too?”

Jessica was almost ready to cry. What was going on? This couldn’t be
happening! Maybe she was the crazy one. That was it, she’d been
driven crazy by reading the script for Kangaroo Jack 2, and now she
was babbling away in the corner of her closet, slapping her own ass
and pouring canned fruit on her head! What was the point of trying
to act rationally any more? This was all some crazy hallucination
she was having. Eliza was probably a bag of Oreo’s in real life.
Time to just play along with the insanity.

“Yes, I love your tits! You have just about the most perfect tits I
could imagine! If I wasn’t tied up, I’d be having a hard time
keeping my hands off them! I want to kiss them and squeeze them and
pull on your nipple rings!”

Eliza hopped up and down, an enormous grin spread across her face,
“Oh goody! You’re finally in the right mood! Boooooys, I think you
can go for the evening!”

As the two men walked out of the room, Eliza ran around Jessica’s
bound form, tracing her fingers along Jessica’s silky skin, before
stopping behind her. Looking down at Jessica’s bright red butt, she
reached out with both hands and grabbed her tender ass, squeezing
her cheeks in her hands.

“Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!! Fuck! Stop that!” cried Jessica, tears welling up
in her eyes.

“Sorry but it’s just…. so….. yummy!” With that, Eliza leaned
down and ran her tongue across Jessica’s right cheek.

“Mmmm, now that feel’s better!”


“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! You sadistic bitch!”

“Sorry, sorry, just needed to get one more in there. What can I say,
I’m an addict. I’m done now, really. Time to start the fun stuff!”
Eliza got down on her knees behind Jessica, face to face with her
neatly trimmed pussy. Her mouth was watering just looking at it!
But, no, she needed to go slowly. Eliza turned to the leg Jessica
was standing on. She slowly, genly ran her hands over the thigh,
placing kisses along it, slowly working her way up towards the
beautiful box above.

Jessica was starting to get wet. In fact, if she wasn’t currently
tied up after being kidnapped and having her ass severely beaten,
this wouls be very enjoyable. She closed her eyes and relaxed as
best she could, letting Eliza do her work.

Eliza had worked her way up to Jessica’s moist pussy. She ran her
tongue slowly up and down Jessica’s slit, working her tongue in bit
by bit. Finally, she reached up and spread her wet pussy lips,
giving her full access to Jessica’s dripping pussy. She burried her
face in the folds of flesh, snaking her tongue deep into Jessica,
twisting it and curling it, lapping up Jessica’s juices like a
thirsty cat. A hot, young, kinky, bisexual cat.

Jessica was definately enjoying herself now. She moaned deeply as
Eliza worked her magic tongue inside her pussy. She had to admit,
had Eliza’s plan been just to kidnap her so she could tie her up and
eat her out, she probably would have gone with it much easier. In
fact, this may be the best revenge plan she’d ever heard of.

Eliza shoved two fingers into Jessica’s pussy, pumping them in and
out while she moved her tongue to Jessica’s clit. holding it in her
fingers, Eliza ran her tongue back and forth across Jessica’s clit
as fast as she could. After a minute, she stopped to gently rake her
teeth over Jessica’s clit, before beginning to suck on it. She stuck
a third finger into Jessica’s flowing pussy.

Now Jessica was really into it. She could feel her orgasm beginning
to build as Eliza sucked on her clit. She moaned, losing the
strength to stand on her one leg, and giving all her weight to the
chains holding her in position.

Eliza started working Jessica’s clit a little harder, while she
pulled her hand from her pussy and placed her middle finger against
Jessica’s asshole. She felt Jessica tense up, and took enough time
away from her work to say “Don’t worry, you’ll like it babe.”,
before going back to sucking on Jessica’s clit. No sooner had this
happened then Eliza pushed hard, popping her finger inside Jessica’s

Jessica, shocked, quickly inhaled and gave off a weak “Aaaah!”. As
Eliza started to work her finger back and forth out of Jessica’s
tight hole, she got used to the strange feeling and returned her
attention to enjoying the work going on with her clit.

Not wanting Jessica’s pussy to become lonely, Eliza shoved her face
back into her dripping snatch, and proceeded to tongue Jessica’s
pussy while flicking her clit with one hand and fingering her
asshole with the other. She could feel how wet Jessica was becoming,
and put more effort into her work. she shoved another finger into
Jessica’s ass.

Jessica was more prepared this time, and barely changed her series
of moans and groans at this new intrusion into her backside. Eliza
twisted her hand, turning the two fingers inside Jessica’s ass. This
was the last straw. Now she’d reached the point of no return, and
felt her orgasm building to a head.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!!” cried Jessica. Eliza returned
her mouth to Jessica’s clit while working her third finger into that
tight anus. Jessica could feel her orgasm building fast. Then it

“Aaaaaahhhh!!!! God, I’m cummmmmming!!!!! Aaaaaahhhh!!!!” she
screamed, while Eliza lapped at the juices pouring out of her pussy,
still fingering her ass and flicking her clit. Eventually, Jessica’s
orgasm played out, and left her exhausted and gasping in her bonds.

“Oooohh…. So… Was that… what would ha… have been… my…
punishment, if I hadn’t… hadn’t called you a cunt before?”


“Fffffffffuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!! Oh, ow ow
ow ow ow ow! Shit, would you stop that?”

Eliza leaned down below Jessica and looked her in the face, still
licking her juices from her lips, “But you said it again. Naughty

“Owww…… Sorry, sorry, geez. Can I come down now? I still have
that fever that only your delicious tits can cure!”

Eliza grinned and jumped up, getting to work on releasing her guest.


Several hours later…

“Ow ow owwy ow ow!” cried Eliza as Jessica untied her from the
table. She gingerly rubbed her newly reddened butt.

“See? And that was just 40! I couldn’t bear to hit that amazing ass
of yours anymore than that.” said Jessica, kneeling down to kiss
each of Eliza’s cheeks once.

“Oooh… Yeah, I went a little crazy with the ass beating, sorry

“What about those nipple clamps you used when I was blindfolded,
that you forgot to mention were hooked to a car battery?”

“Hey, I was wearing a pair at the same time you were!”

“….You’re scary sometimes, you know that?”

Eliza squinted at Jessica in mock anger. “Oh, I am, am I?”


“Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Two can play at that now, bitch!”


“Eeeeeeaaaaaaaaaooooowwwwww!!!! Curses, foiled again!”

They both laughed. Jessica had given up on sanity a long time ago,
and had had a great time since she’d done that. But thinking of
sanity did give her an idea.

“Hey, hon?”


“How about next time, instead of kidnapping me for revenge for some
internet poll, you just call me and say you wanna have crazy kinky
lesbo sex again?”

“Okay. Jessica?”


“I wanna have crazy kinky lesbo sex again.”

“…..bitch, take a cold shower. We’ve been doing it for hours now!
Break time!”

“…..hmph.” Smack!


Epliogue, some time really, really, really, rediculously late…

Jessica returned home, sore but satisfied, to find Michael waiting
for her.

“Jess! Where the hell were you? I got home to find a pizza and an
empty 40 laying beside the door, and you nowhere in sight!”

“….uh. I’m not really sure for a lot of the time. I was sorta….
really drunk.”

“Geez, I hope you don’t end up in the tabloids for this. Well, why
don’t you come on in, sit down and tell me what you do remember? I
take it none of the scripts were very good?”

“Uh… actually, I’d like to stand.”

“……okay. Sure, whatever. Oh, and you got a phonecall a little
while ago.”

“From who?”

“Didn’t say, but she said to tell you that she’d taken a shower, and
it hadn’t helped. Then she said ‘smack!’, and hung up.”

“Hmm. Must just be some crazy person. Some crazy, kinky, sexy

“…..Jess, what did you do?”

Jessica just smiled. “I’ll tell you about it tomorrow morning. I’m
gonna go to bed now. My ass is totally beat.”

Le Fin.

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