A Lustful Act

Story Title: A Lustful Act

By sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

Codes: MF, mast, cons

The story you are about to read is not true in any way that I know. This is a work of fiction from my mind and please do not confuse anything I write as reality. Anyone under eighteen years of age or happens to be easily offended please stop reading as of now. Anyone with any comments or suggests send them to sharkboy77@hotmail.com


By sharkboy

The place is a Hollywood studio, as the director of a summer movie that comes out next June sits inside of the editing room. Inside of the room is Brad Johnson and the movie’s editor Stan Edwards. Jessica Alba happens to be sitting in on the session too.

“Okay Jessica, you know if you drop the no nudity clause from your contract we do not have to be so picky here.” Brad smiles at the beautiful woman who was on the TV show called Dark Angel among so many movies.

Jessica gives Brad a menacing glare, as she looks at him. Brad happens to be friends with her boyfriend Cash Warren, but Jessica does not truly like the man. He happens to be a powerful man in Hollywood who she works with. If she had to choose between Cash being friends with him, or not she would choose not. “Right, if I could play Nancy, the stripper in Sin City and keep my clothes on I can do it in any film. Besides getting naked in any movie would land me in the hot seat with mom and dad.”

“Yeah, in a comic book movie, besides men would pay up the ass to see your ass.” Brad smiles at her, as his eyes go over her body. “Tell mom and dad to cut the purse strings too kid. What are you, twenty-five?”

“A rated R comic book. Frank Miller does not write for Archie.” Jessica rolls her eyes at him, because in the comics Nancy went both bottomless and topless. Sin City is a very adult comic book. “Besides those only come as graphic novels, and I’ll tell my dad what you said next time he and I talk. You’ll wish I hadn’t.”

“Okay, miss comic book expert. Right here is the scene we need edited.” Stan stops the video, and her eyes widen, as Frank removes her top and the camera goes right to her breasts. “Okay, that does have to go.” Brad so would love to keep it to blackmail Jessica later.

“I can’t believe I let him do that.” Jessica bites her lip, as she watches the scene. Frank Gabbles, a really hunky African American man, happens to be the man she did that scene with. She nearly screwed him after the scene and she is so happy that he happens to be happily married. She loves her boyfriend Cash, but it has been weeks since she has seen him, and right now she has an itch she so needs to scartch.

“Yeah, you put up a real fight, Jessica. My God, he took your panties off for God sakes. Did he screw you for real?” Brad asks, as he smiles at Jessica. The camera did not get any pussy shot which is too bad.

“Trust me if I really came you would all know it.” Jessica once more rolls her eyes. She does breath a sigh of relief, as she can see the camera man did not get a shot of her vagina. She’ll have to thank him later for that. She does not need any of those shots to get out.

“Never asked if you came I asked if he was inside of you.” Brad says with a shit eatting grin on his face.

“No, he was not inside of me.” Jessica bites her lip, as she watches the screen. She rolls her eyes, as she looks at Brad. “What am I twelve?”

“No, but you seemed into what he was selling.” Brad smiles at Jessica, as his eyes go over her body. God, she is hot!

“Yeah, how many ladies will be into what he’s selling in that scene too?” Jessica shakes her head. Some people forget that she is good at pretending to be in love with someone else. She is an actress for God sakes.

She sits in silence, as the rest of the love scene is shown, and she becomes so wet. She licks her lips, as her eyes go over the form of her handsome co-star. She needs it bad. Frank is a hunk, and she really needs a hunk right now.

“Jessica? JESSICA!” Her eyes are taken off of the screen, and then land on Stan Edwards, the movie’s editor. He smiles at her.

“Yes?” Jessica looks at Stan, as she stops licking her lips.

“We are done editing. You may watch the scene once more to see if we missed anything.” Stan smiles at her, because he can see that Jessica happens to be in heat. He would love to fuck her, but that would open a can of worms he doubts he could ever handle.

“So, I may stay and watch it again?” She looks for Brad, and he happens to be now gone.

“Yes, watch it as many times as you need to do so.” Stan smiles at the beautiful Jessica Alba. He has had a crush on her for so long.

“Thank you for being so cool!” Jessica hugs him hard, and she can’t help but rubs her breasts against him as they hug.

“Thank you for the hug.” The thirty something man says, as he smiles at the beautiful twenty-five year old. “I will lock the door before I leave, okay.”

She thanked Stan once more, as she rewinds the video tape, and she begins to watch it. She shivers, as Frank kisses over her chest on the tape. His lips are so incredible, and she closes her eyes as her hand moves up inside of her shirt.

Her hand moves over her tits, and she moans so hard as it does. She breathes deeply, as her hand moves over them pitching her nipples so hard. Her hand then moves to her pants, and it begins to unbuckle her pants. They fall to her knees, and she smiled, as she imagined his big huge dick move over her pussy. That did happen during the love scene, and it so turned her on too.

Jessica then licks her finger, as she moves it inside of her panties. Her hand feels over her pussy, and she shivers hard when it moves over her clit. Her finger then works itself inside of her soaking wet pussy. She moans, as her finger works inside of her pussy, and she closes her eyes even tighter. Two more fingers then move inside of her pussy, and she begins to saw away like mad with it.

“Oh God! Frank!” She says, as she begins to jack herself off. Her eyes are squeezed so hard that she does not see the door open. She begins to masturebate herself harder and harder. She quickly cums all over her finger. Her chest heaves, as she cums over and over.

“Thank God that happened.” Jessica says softy, as she opens her eyes. She then gasps, as Harold the handsome twenty-two year old camera man stands before her with his mouth gapped open. He does have a key for this room, and she damns herself for not doing this someplace private like her dressing room.

“Wow, that was the greatest thing I ever saw.” Harold stands before her with the door wide open behind him. Jessica looks out to make sure no one has begun to gather outside the door. Could people have heard what she had just done?

“Can you shut the freakin’ door please?” Jessica then sees a little boy with a really stunned look on his face. This will start an urban legend for sure. Harold then closes the door with him inside of it, and his eyes go over her body.

“See something you like?” Her hands are still inside of her shirt and pants. She gives Harold a comhither smile, and he walks towards her. His hands go to her hips, as he begins to kiss her with such passion. His hands move over her tits, as he takes off her shirt.

He kissed down to her neck, and she shivered hard. Harold has great lips too, and she needs them so bad. She steps out of her blue jeans, and her panties begin to come down to her knees. Then Harold takes a step back, as he looks into her beautiful brown eyes.

“How far can you go?” He asks, as his hand moves over her hard tummy. Her eyes roll, as his hands move over her tummy with such gentle skill. How many men would be so considerate considering her current condition?

Jessica moans so hard, as she closes her eyes so tight. The words come out as a whisper, but they do come out of her mouth, “Fuck me, so hard.”

She moans even hard, as her panties hit the floor. She smiles at the handsome man before her, as he begins to undress. His body is nice, but not one that would turn her head in a normal state of mind. His cock on the other hand is nice and big. It happens to be nine inches long and very thick.

The beautiful actress falls to her knees, and she looks at the large cock. She takes it into her hands and she blows on it. Shivers go up his spine, as Harold looks down at the beautiful actress. She then slowly begins to inch his penis inside of her mouth.

“Oh my god…” Harold chants, as her lips and tongue begin to move over his penis. Her tongue moves under his shaft, and shivers go up his spine, as he moans so hard. His body shakes, as her lips and tongue pleasure him with such skill.

His eyes then pop open and he begins to say. “I am going to blow.” His body shakes even hard, as her left hand moves up and it begins to feel his balls. He then begins to orgasm so hard, and he cums inside of her mouth.

Jessica does her best to swallow most of it, and some comes down her chin and falls to the floor. She does a really good job swallowing it, and she looks up at him, and his pulls his dick from her mouth. “Well?” She asks him with a sexy smile, as cum drips from her chin.

“Oh my God! That mouth so lives up to its billing!” He offers Jessica a hand, and she stand up.

“So, there is a party inside of my mouth, and you came to it.” Jessica smiles at him.

His eyes look over her pointy tits and he smiles at them. He has loved her body for a long time, but her tits are a pretty good size. “My sister owes you a big appology.” He smiles, as his eyes go over her tits.

“What did she say?” She smiles, as his eyes move over her body and he takes off his shirt too. “Wow, your chest is much nicer than mine.” She grins, as her eyes move over his chest. Yes, Harold has lifted more than one weight before.

“She said some mean things about you playing Sue Storm. She said you looked way too young, and your chest was small.” His eyes move over her tits, and her tummy.

“Yes, I saw some pictures of Sue Storm. Does anyone look like that? My color is wrong too, and my skin is to dark.” She shivers, as his fingers scarpe against her flat tummy. “Uhhh…” She moans softly, as his fingers dance over her tummy.

He moves in closer to her, and his hand moves down inside of her naked body. He kisses her tits, as they heave so hard. “When I see my sister next I so have to correct her.” He begins to kiss her tits with passion, as his hand move over her naked pussy.

His fingers dance over her pubic hair, and it sends shivers up and down her spine. She arches, as his hand move over her clit. Then Harolds hand continues to move down her body, and it covers her wet pussy.

“You are sopping wet.” His fingers move over her vagina lips, and Jessica moans, as she shudders so hard. His fingers move inside of her lips, and she gasps so hard. His other hand moves over her tits.

“Jessica, may I make love to you?” He asks as he slips his fingers inside of her vagina.

She smiles up at the handsome man holding her, and then she looks down at his errection. “Where can we do it?” She smiles, as she looks at the biggest one she has ever seen before in her life. Even Cash cannot compare to his size.

“Right through that door.” He points at a small room where Stan sleeps when he does the final edits. She takes his hand, and she leads him into the small room. She smiles at the room, because it is not a nice place to sleep, but it has a bed inside of it. Whatelse does she need?

“Not the Hilton, but it will do.” She lies on the bed, and his eyes widen when they go over her legs.

“Oh my God. Great legs!” He walks to her, and his hands move over her sexy legs. Her head goes back, as she enjoys his hands on her beautiful body. His hands are so wonderful, as they move over her legs.

Then her legs give out, and he holds her as his hands move over her legs. He lies her inside of the bed, and he looks down at her. “So, Sue Richards you happen to be helpless before Big Dick!” He says in a mock villain tone.

“Oh no! Not Big Dick!” Jessica curls her legs under her, and she smiles up at Harold. “My legs are exposed too!” Harold crawls into bed with her, and his hands move over her sexy legs so gentle. Her chest heaves, as she tries to crawl away from his hands. “Oh God!” His hands have an affect on her body, one that she might never overcome too.

Jessica smiles, as his hands move over her legs with such awe, and she closes her eyes enjoying his touch and his words so much. “I have wanted you for so long. You are so beautiful and very sexy. I want to fuck you so long, and so hard.”

Jessica smiles at the handsome Harold, as she looks at him. “So you want to fuck Sue Richards so hard? She happens to be married.” Jessica grins up at the handsome Harold, as her eyes move over his penis. How big will that thing get?

“Yes, and she happens to be at my mercy.” His hand moves back inside her panties, and he begins to feel her pussy once more. She closes her eyes, and she gasps so hard.

His hand moves over her clit, and she squeezes her eyes shut so hard. Her chest heaves, as she breathes so hard. “Oh God!” Jessica cums hard all over his hand. His hand then cups her pussy, as she cums for a few more seconds. “Has been beaten! At his mercy now.” Her chest heaves hard, and Harold moves between her sexy legs.

He kisses down her legs, as his hands move down her long sexy legs. “So, you’ll do anything I wish then?” She nods, as she looks at his dick, and she licks her full lips. “Get up and sit on my dick now!”

Harold lies down, and Jessica stands up. She then sits on his dick, and it begins to slide inside of her. Her body shakes so hard, as she strains to take her dick inside of her. “So big…”

Jessica strains to take his size into her, and her chest heaves so hard. Once she has gotten use to his size she smiles down at him, and she begins to ride him so hard. His hands move up her hips, and over her body to her good sized tits.

She moves onto his dick with such fury and need. Her tits move up and down, as she rides him so hard. Her brown eyes look at him with a burning desire. His hands move over her beautiful body giving parts of her attention that her usual lover has forgotten to touch lately.

“Come down here, as you ride big dick?” Jessica leans down showing how flexible she is, as she rides the huge penis. “When both you and I cum you shall belong to me forever.”

“No, must get off before…” Jessica makes a weak attempt to stand, and she is pulled back onto his penis. She tries once more, and she is pulled down once again.

She tries over and over again to get up before she orgasms so hard all over his penis. She squeezes his penis so hard, and he cums inside of her so hard. Her body shakes, as she cums over and over all over his dick.

“So weak now… I have been defeated…” Jessica falls onto his face with her chest. His mouth kisses over her tits, as she enjoys the afterglow of her orgasm.

“So who is your master?” He asks, as his fingers trace over her spine, and Jessica shivers hard.

“You are my master.” She sighs, as his hands do not stop with their magic. Could she be any more turned on right now?

“Jessica, when do you wish for me to stop?” He asks, as his hands move over her thighs, and she shivers hard. His tongue then slowly moves over her upper chest.

“Ask me again in a few more hours.” She shivers, as his hands move over her legs. Shew closes her eyes to enjoy this so much. “Unless you have got to go or something?”

“Heck, I would so quit my job to do this for one more half hour.” Harold smiles, as his hands move over her legs still. She shivers so hard, as one of his hands move over her tummy. “So, I have found your weakness?”

Her body shivers so hard, as his hand moves over the form of her tummy. She breathes so deep, as she enjoys his hands so much. His hands trace over the curves that so many millions of men would love to be anywhere near this close to. “Yes, I am such a tummy slut.”

His hands move over her tummy and her legs, and it makes Jessica so hot and horny. Then after twenty minutes her eyes widen, and a smile spreads accross her face. She feels his erection against her back. “Want to go again?” He asks, as his finger moves inside of her belly button.

“Ahhh!” Jessica screams, as she has a minor orgasm. He is not even touching her vagina, and he still rocks her world. “Do anything you want to me.” A smile has spread accross her beautiful face, one that will not go away very soon.

“May I ass fuck you?” His finger moves into her asshole, and she wiggles some. He can feel that she has had plenty of anal sex before. Maybe only her ex-husband, or her current boyfriend Cash can do that to her?

“You just made me orgasm for a second time and now you ask permission? Wow, you must respect me?” Jessica smiles, as she sits up, and she looks down at him. “So how long have you wanted to fuck my pretty little ass?”

Since I saw my first Dark Angel commerical. I wanted to violate every hole that you have.” Harold smiles up at the sexy Jessica Alba.

“So you wanted to rape Max so bad? How dare you!” Jessica turns away from him, as she grins so wide. It happens to be nearly impossible for her to be mad at him right now, and she has heard much worse.

“I would fuck every hole that Max had including that sexy ass belly button that she so loved to show off. That must have been such torture for Logan?” Harold smiles, as Jessica begins to giggle hard. “Something I missed here?”

“Who here has fucked someone in a wheelchair before?” Jessica raises her hand, as she looks back at him. Her eyes widen at his raised hand too. “What?”

“My girlfriend was actually in a wheel chair, and we both became horny.” He smiles, as his eyes go over her asshole.

“So you and she are prevernts?” Jessica wiggles her ass, as he stands up. His eyes watch it, as he walks to her.

“Yes we were. Her name was Max, and she was so sexy.” He rubs his dick against her asshole, and she shivers so hard. “She had long blond hair, and a great set of legs on her.” His dick begins to move inside of her asshole, and Jessica shivers hard. Her broke her leg dancing.

It does not take long for him to figure out that Jessica has not had a lot of anal sex, and he tries to be gentle. “So Sue, how is your first anal fuck?” He asks, as he jerks it inside of her asshole hard.

“Must resist him… will power nearly gone…” Jessica says in a pantfill voice, as she endures her third ass fuck ever. His hand moves over her tummy, and her eyes roll back. “Oh GOD!” This one happens to be her best ass fuck ever.

His hand moves over her flat hard tummy, as Harold ass fucks her so hard. Her eyes flatter, as she can feel her orgasm coming once again. “Oh fuck!” Jessica Alba then orgasms all over her thighs, as he fucks her asshole so hard.

She then feels him pull out of her asshole, and he cums all over her back. The seamen is warm, and Jessica smiles because she does not have to do anything nasty to clean out her asshole. That is the reason she rarely ass fucks anyone.

“How did you know?” Jessica smiles, as she looks back at the handsome Harold. She feels the seamen move down her back, and she smiles wide. Her arms then give out, and she falls onto her tummy.

His arm draps over her, and Harold smiles at her. “Because my ex named Max hated it when I came inside of her butthole, and I happen to be trained.”

Jessica grins so wide, as she asks. “You know you can never tell anyone what has happened here once we leave this room?” Harold tells her he has forgotten already, and Jessica Alba falls to sleep with a wide smile on her face. Harold smiles, as he sleeps so sound too. Stan does come into the room for something, but he does not wake them or say a word to anyone.

THREE WEEKS LATER… inside of the studio where the last scene of the movie is to be filmed. Jessica reads over the new script with a look of worry on her pretty face. She looks at Brad, as she shakes her head. Then she walks towards him.

“What the hell is this?” She asks slamming the script into his chest.

He looks down at the page and the scene that she happens to be reading, and he smiles wide. “A rewrite. Problem?”

“YES! He gets to what?” Jessica looks at him with narrow eyes. “I have a no nudity clause in my contract!”

“Yes, and you keep on everything inside of this scene. Problem?” Brad smiles at her wide.

“His hand gets a little close to it don’t it?” Her eyes look at him with such anger inside of them.

“Jessica, you shall wear a long skirt and he’ll have to do what has to be done without touching Little Jessica.” Brad smiles down at her. “Besides no man has never done that to you before? Cut the virgin act please? You have been married for the love of God.”

“Yes, but not on camera. Are you trying to make me orgasm on camera?” Jessica folds her arms, as she looks at Brad so pissed off.

“Why don’t you go and cool off before the scene Jessica?” Brad says, as he smiles wide at her.

Jessica walks to the corner, and she hits the button on her cell phone to call the man who wrote the script to this movie. He might not be happy with the crap that Brad is pulling here. When the phone is picked up she hears the two words she would rather not hear. “Brad Marshall.” She sighs, as she hangs up her phone. She is trapped. Damn!

Fifteen minutes later, Jessica and the handsome man named Frank do the scene that was written for them to do. Jessica looks up to the character played by Frank mad as hell. “Screw you, I am going home!”

Jessica attempts to walk away from Frank, and he grabs her arm with his large hand. “You ain’t going anywhere batch!” Frank pulls her into him, and he forces her to kiss him with passion.

As she breaks down Jessica wishes it were just her character named Catherine who was breaking down, but Jessica Alba is breaking down too. He kisses her long and deep, and her heart breaks, as it becomes filled with such dirty lust. She begins to kiss him with real passion. Something she would try never to do on camera.

He breaks the kiss, and her head swims, as he grabs her by the waist, and he begins to pull her to the floor. Her eyes widen, and she forgets herself and that she happens to be in a scene. “NO!”

As she and Frank fall to the floor, Jessica really tries to fight him so hard. His hand creeps up her skirt, and she shivers hard when his hand moves up her leg. Her eyes then widen, as he grabs her vagina hard. “Oh my God!” Her body shakes so hard, as she attempts to pull away from the handsome, and very strong Frank.

“You ain’t going anywhere!” Frank shouts, as his right hand continues to work on her pussy, and his left arm controls her beautiful body.

“NO! NO! NO!” Jessica shouts so loud, as she begins to orgasm so hard. Her body shakes, as she cums all over his hand. Her head goes back in defeat, as she orgasms so hard and long. “Uhhhh!” Jessica totally forgets about the scene that she and Frank filmed, as she enjoys the after glow of her orgasm. “Yes, yes, yes.” She closes her eyes, as she enjoys it so much.

Frank Gabbles look at Jessica Alba, as Brad yells cut and print. His hand is still on her vagina, and she cuddles with him. “Jessica… are you okay?”

“Yeah, I was just… oh shit… I orgasmed on camera didn’t I?” Jessica sits up, and she looks at the camera. Tears run down her cheeks, as she does.

“Yeah, Brad did not tell you what was to happen?” Both Frank and Jessica feel so dirty right now. Jessica looks at the camera, as she begins to cry so hard. Brad wanted her to orgasm on film so he can make up some story to tell Cash. He always wanted her, but he’ll never have her! She would rather die than do that.

Jessica gets up, and she runs out of the studio in tears. She is half mad at herself for signing up to do this movie for Brad. The other half is pissed off at Brad for how he has treated her during the filming of the stupid movie. She sits inside of the crap dressing room that was given to her, and she cries so hard.

As she sits inside of her dressing room she cries with such anger, and fury. Then she hears a voice that she has come to care for deeply. “Are you okay?”

Jessica looks up at a really worried Harold, and she wipes her eyes. She must look like such shit right now? “No, I just orgasmed on camera, and that bastard is going to make bucks off of it!”

“Can I come inside or do you wish to be alone?” Harold says, as his eyes do go up her body, but he is not looking for any sex.

“Can you hold me and not screw me?” Jessica wipes some flem from her nose. Who would want to screw her right now, because she must look like shit?

Harold smiles, as he closes the door, and he walks to her. Jessica sits on his lap, and she cries so hard. He holds her in his arms, and she presses her tits against his body, and she sits on his errection, as she cries so hard. Then she tells him how she feels like a complete whore at what happened with Frank. During this entire time she so turns on Harold, but he does not make any moves on her or anything.

SIX MONTH LATER… It is a beautiful july evening, and Jessica and her serious boyfriend Cash Warren attend the screening of her new movie that took forever and a day to film. The movie came out late, because of some editing bullshit she hear rumors of or something. Jessica doesn’t really care. She hangs on his arm in a beautiful black dress showing some breasts, and a lot of leg. She would rather be any place else than here right be, because Cash happens to be something like an hour and ten minutes away from seeing that scene that so scaries her.

Half way down the red carpet, she grabs her stomach and she fakes an illness. Her knees buckle hard, and Cash catches her before she falls hard to the ground. “Honey, are you okay?”

“Cash, I feel a little bit ill. Can we go home?” Jessica to her surprise feels that she needs to vomit some, and she bolts from his arms.

When she comes out of a nearby bathroom, she smiles as she sees the handsome Harold before her. He hands her a hanky. “You did not get it all. You really are sick?”

“Yeah, I have been shitting bricks about this movie the last six months or so. Can you blame me?”

“Actually that entire time I have been trying to text message you. That scene got cut to ribbons somehow.” Harold gives her a knowing smile, because he has been working with the editing crew too. He hopes to be an editor one day.

Jessica feels six month of stress leave her body, and her stomach becomes better. She smiles widely at Harold and she asks. “A mistake in editing?”

“Yeah, a mouse got into the film and it ate only one scene. Some small parts could be saved, but most of it is gone.” He takes a cute little trained mouse from his pocket. “Meet Scooter.”

“Hello Scooter!” Jessica pets the cute little white mouse, as she and Harold talk some. Then Cash comes to join them, and they all go into the movie together.

When the scene comes where the character played by Frank Gabbles masturebates her, Jessica holds her breath. The scene is very short, and it does show the important parts, but her orgasm has been taken out of the scene. How the scene has been done is one million times sexier than what the scene that Brad wanted to happen would have been.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Jessica does not scream it, but Cash can sense her emotion and he looks down at Jessica.

“Something you were afraid for me to see?” Cash asks, as he bites his lip. He looks down at his beautiful girlfriend, because he did not like the sexual chemestry between her and Frank Gabbles. Jessica has been in films with some of the sexiest men in the world, but no one has sparked with her like Frank has. Brad also made up something which Cash is still mad at him for.

“Cash there are somethings you need to know what happened between Frank and I.” Jessica bites her lip hard, as she looks up at Cash. Tears come into her eyes, and she tells him everything that happened between her and Frank Gabbles.

As he listened her Cash Warren shakes his head, and he became really angry at both he and Brad Johnson, who he once considered to be a good friend. He let his extremely sexy girlfriend go way too long without any attention, Once the movie got over Cash Warren went over to his ex-friend named Brad Johnson, and he ended their friendship with his fist. The moral of the story, do not make Jessica Alba cry EVER!

THE END. Send any suggestions or comments to sharkboy77@hotmail.com

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