A Man of Singular Talent – Brooke Wexler & Lauren Taylor

A Man of Singular Talent – Brooke Wexler & Lauren Taylor

By Mephisto Pegari

Content Codes: Mf, nc, rape, anal, mc, oral, first, mDom


The second of (hopefully) a series of shorter tales featuring my mind-controlling protagonist. This one features the actresses Brooke Wexler and Lauren Taylor of the Netflix show “Richie Rich”. If you want to read about the protagonist and how his powers work, seek out my longer stories.

As always feedback is welcome.


All characters and events are fictional. Many are illegal, immoral and/or impossible. Never try this in real life. You do not have mental powers.


Nowadays I avoid Hollywood. Sure, I’ve had a lot of fun there – it used to be a tradition of mine to spend a week or two a year there, doing my own kind of casting couch of the latest starlets to come up from anonymity. But as I grow more cautious (some might say paranoid) I increasingly avoid obvious hunting grounds like Hollywood, beauty pageants, the Cheerleading World Championship, and so on. Which isn’t to say that I don’t feel the urge to sample some celebrity ass; I just pick less well-known actresses shooting on location somewhere with less vigilant security.

Case in point – the 2015 remake of the 1960s comic “Richie Rich” is a dire unwatchable piece of trash with only two redeeming features, namely the actresses Brooke Wexler (a 21 year old who plays a robot maid) and Lauren Taylor (a 17 year old who plays the sister to the eponymous star of the show). That, and the whole thing is shot in the small Californian town of Los Gatos, home of Netflix. The security is laughable; it is simplicity itself to wander into the studio on Friday afternoon, spot the two young actresses, assert my mental control over them and order them to wait quietly in a dressing room until everyone else has left for the weekend. Shortly, the studio (a windowless warehouse with a few open sets, dressing rooms, etc) is dark and silent, and the girls are all mine to play with.

As I enter the dressing room I mentally order the girls to stand side by side and face me for a proper assessment (I could have waited in the dressing room with them, but that would have been too tempting).

Brooke is cute as a button, with a slim build, elfin face with prominent cheekbones and gorgeous full lips. She has not changed out of her costume for the show, which was in fact what first drew my attention and motivated me to come down to see it in person – a ridiculously sexy French maid costume, complete with short skirt, heels and white stockings that end just above the knee. Her outfit looks more appropriate for the set of a cheesy porn flick than a kids TV show, which suits me just fine. Her brown eyes are wide, alternately staring at me and darting around the room – they are the only part of her body I am currently allowing her control over, so I guess she’s making the most of it.

Lauren’s set clothes are boring by comparison, a sleeveless blue dress with a white belt and white pantyhose. Still, it’s a good bet that the body underneath is worth seeing, something that will be proven shortly. Lauren’s silky blonde hair falls to her waist, and her face has the fresh look of a relatively innocent late teen girl. It’s a pity my mental control is not precise enough to get Lauren to smile, but I console myself with the knowledge that she will soon be doing everything she can to make me smile instead.

Normally I would start by getting the girls naked, but I wanted Brooke to keep her maid costume for now. Lauren on the other hand… the dressing room doubles as the wardrobe and fitting room, and I notice a pair of dressmaker’s scissors on a nearby table. I pick up the scissors and approach Lauren. If she was scared before she is terrified now, watching me coming towards her with these long sharp scissors; I reach into her mind and dial down her fear a little, just so she doesn’t have a heart attack or something equally inconvenient. Squatting in front of her I take the hem of her dress and apply the scissors. The blades make short work of the fabric, and in a minute or so I am pulling away the tattered remnants of Lauren’s dress to reveal the smooth girlflesh underneath. A few snips and the plain white bra falls away, causing Lauren’s medium sized breasts to bounce free. A few more and pantyhose become stockings, then panties become rags on the floor. I had given the girls some tasks to do while we waited for the crew to leave, so I am pleased to see Lauren’s pubic hair is trimmed and neat, pink folds of her pussy peeking out of the light blonde hair. I take a step back and admire my handiwork; Lauren is now naked other than the remains of her pantyhose clinging to her legs. Her clothes lie in pieces around her feet. Her skin is starting to show goosebumps and her nipples are prominent; I guess it is rather cold in here if you aren’t wearing anything.

I am greatly enjoying the view, but the dressing room is really too cramped and cluttered for my needs. Luckily I know a nice place nearby. On my mental commands Lauren and Brooke sink down to their hands and knees and crawl out the door towards the set. I follow, shedding my clothes as I go and watching these two shapely asses sway before me. I am mildly surprised to see Brooke is not wearing underwear. A rifle through her mind reveals her exposed state to be a condition of her getting the part – for the producers it was not enough to put a hot girl in a fetish outfit for a kids’ show, they had to go that little bit further. I’d disdain their morality, but I’m not that self-deluded. So instead I just enjoy watching Brooke’s petite  tanned ass, her movements giving me glimpses of pussy and asshole (both thoroughly cleaned as per my orders).

We arrive at the set of Lauren’s character’s bedroom, which I chose primarily for the bed in the center. I place the dressmaking scissors on a side table and sit at the center of the bed, my shoulders and head rasied on a large pillow and and my dick erect and pointing at the ceiling (or at least where the ceiling would be if this wasn’t a set). The girls mount the bed on either side of me and start planting kisses on my chest, shoulders, neck and finally taking turns putting their soft lips against mine. Their bodies press against mine, and I feel the difference of Lauren’s warm skin versus the cooler fabric of Brooke’s dress against me. I would like to run my hands over their bodies, but I’m effectively pinned down and the best I can do is stroke their backs. Two hands find my dick and balls and start fondling and stroking. I figure now would be a good time to allow them to speak, which they do in between kissing and nibbling me. Brooke pipes up first.

“Wha-” *kiss* “What the fuck am I doing, stop” *lick* “this!”

“Brooke, I can’t stop, how i-” *kiss* “-is he doing, eeew what am I touching is that his di-” *nibble*

“Please, I don’t want to do this, don’t maauunf”

The girls’ frightened protests are an amusing contrast to the passion of their embrace and the energy with which their lips press against mine and their tongues explore my mouth. Their protests grow more strident as I mentally order them to work their way down my body until they reach my dick.

“What the fuck, are we drugged or wh-” *liiiick* “bleh, what?”

“Help! Someone help!”

“No, please I don’t want, I don’t want to go there, I’ve never – mmmff!”

Brooke is the first to reach the destination, and is rewarded by my dick pressing past her soft bow lips and into her warm mouth, cutting off her claims to innocence. A brief mental check reveals her to be lying – she has indeed given oral pleasure to a man, and in fact is quite skilled at it, a fact I appreciate greatly as her tongue flicks the sensitive head before her lips tighten around my shaft and her head simultaneously tilts and moves down, plunging my dick into the wet depths of her mouth while twisting the skin a little for that extra tactile sensation.

I moan a little as Brooke attacks my dick with vigour, her cheeks bulging with every downwards thrust of her head. I don’t want Lauren to feel left out though, so with great reluctance I mentally order Brooke off my dick. Brooke sucks hard before pulling her mouth off me, and my dick leaves the vacuum of her mouth with a distinct pop. Lauren bows her head, and her litany of “help! help!” is blocked by my dick entering her mouth. The blonde is less experienced than the brunette at pleasuring a man; her technique consists simply of stuffing as much of my dick into her mouth as she can before bobbing her head up and down. Still, I’m not going to complain; the sight of a near naked Lauren Taylor with her lips around my dick, silky blonde hair bouncing with her head movement and eyes wincing as she tries to reach the base of the shaft, is rewarding all by itself.

The girls take turns with my dick, licking and kissing and sucking. With a couple of mental commands they move around so that I can reach their bodies with my hands, and as waves of pleasure radiate up my body from my dick I further entertain myself by stroking the girl’s exposed asses. Brooke’s ass is petite and taught; she keeps herself fit for her modeling work. Lauren’s ass is fuller, but no less enjoyable to squeeze. Lauren’s breasts jiggle in time with her head bobbing on my dick, which is enjoyable to watch; Brooke’s chest is disappointingly concealed by the fabric of her dress. Well, that can be fixed easily enough.

Both girls stop attending to my dick for a moment and sit up facing each other. Their minds radiate a mix of relief and puzzlement, which turns to alarm as on my mental prompting Lauren reaches over and takes the dressmaking scissors from the bedside table. As she leans forward to Brooke both girls start panicking.

“Lauren, what are you doing? Get them away!”

“I can’t, I can’t stop. I don’t know what.. oh god Brooke I’m sorry I can’t stop.”

Lauren and Brooke’s words turn incoherent as Lauren pinches the fabric of Brooke’s dress and starts cutting, to the point that I have to mentally dial down both their fear and their speaking volumes (we may be in an empty warehouse in the middle of nowhere, but no sense taking unnecessary risks). Lauren makes short work of the top of Brooke’s dress, and soon the brunette’s chest is exposed, clad in a simple white bra that also falls apart under the scissor blades. Brooke’s orange-sized breasts are finally revealed, and after Lauren has returned the scissors to the side table I cannot resist having her cup Brooke’s breasts in her hand and gently bite each nipple. Or maybe not so gently – Brooke squeals twice as red tooth marks appear on the flesh of her breasts. Her nipples glisten with Lauren’s saliva.

It’s a lovely sight, and a little lesbian show might have been a good warmup, but my straining dick has more urgent demands. So Lauren bends down once more and takes me into her mouth. Meanwhile, I mentally silence Brooke (no need to do so with Lauren, my dick provides a handy gag), and order her to stand and move to the other side of the bed. I had noticed a hairbrush on the side table earlier, which will now come in handy.

I mentally order Lauren to redouble her efforts; her head bobs rapidly in my lap and my dick pokes the back of her mouth with each dip. At the same time Lauren raises her ass into the air. I move my hand to the back of Lauren’s head and push down; that provides the final impetus to force my dick into her throat. Lauren’s lips finally kiss the base of my dick as her throat pulses against the invading dick, which prompts me to start thrusting my hips up. Behind Lauren, Brooke has picked up the hairbrush, turned the plastic bristles towards Lauren and takes aim. As I feel my orgasm rise I push Lauren’s head down as far as it can go, dial up her fear and say


Brooke’s arm swings down and Lauren gives a heartfelt wail as the brush hits her exposed ass. The vibrations from her screaming bring me over the edge, and my cum boils up my dick and spurts directly down Lauren’s throat. Lauren’s screams don’t last long, partly because she can’t breathe and partly because I am filling her throat and mouth with warm sticky cum, but she somehow finds the air for one more as Brooke hits Lauren’s quivering ass with the brush once again. I release her head shortly thereafter, my orgasm peaked, and Lauren gasps and splutters wetly. Drool and cum drip down from her mouth onto my dick and balls, which won’t do at all – Lauren applies her tongue and soon I am clean again.

My first orgasm of the night was a doozy; I spend maybe ten minutes just lying limp on the bed breathing heavily. When I return to the here and now Lauren is still licking my deflated dick – I never told her to stop – while Brooke is standing beside the bed in heels, stockings and the tattered remains of her dress. I haven’t seen her pussy from the front yet, so on my silent prompting Brooke lifts the hem of her short skirt. Her pussy is completely clean shaven, with clear tan lines. Her slim build results in a distinct thigh gap, the shape of her outer pussy lips clearly visible in the triangular space. I start to reach over to feel her pussy with my hand, but then I have a better idea.

On my orders Lauren gets up and pads off back to the dressing room to clean herself up. Brooke hops onto the bed and straddles my hips. I feel the warmth of her pussy against my dick, and as Brooke begins tilting her hips back and forth I feel the tantalizing friction of her soft folds rubbing against me. With a little mental manipulation Brooke’s pussy begins to become aroused, and soon there is a distinctly damp feeling between her legs.

While Brooke’s hips work to revive my dick, my hands are finally able to explore her trim tanned body. Brooke’s legs are thin but shapely, her stomach flat as a board – her main line of work is modeling swimsuits, and she is diligent in keeping in bikini shape. My hands cup and grope her breasts. Brooke’s nipples are  standing pertly to attention, a result of my artificially induced arousal, and I enjoy stroking them with my thumbs.

By the time Lauren has returned to us, makeup and hair restored to perfection, my dick has woken from hibernation and is one slip away from penetrating Brooke’s wet pussy. I fully intend to let that happen, but not quite yet. Instead I have Brooke turn in my lap while Lauren gets back on the bed. Some complicated rearrangements later and the two girls are both on my lap, facing each other with legs closely entwined. Their hips are pressing against each other, and my erect penis is sandwiched by two wet warm pussies (I had also initiated Lauren’s arousal by this point). The girls lean back, put their arms behind them, and start circling their hips. This is probably the closest I can get to fucking two girls with one dick, and it feels (and looks) incredible.

By this time my dick is eager to be enveloped in girlflesh, and so after a few more minutes of double pussy grinding I silently order Brooke off my lap and have Lauren reposition herself so she is kneeling over me, my dick inches from her pussy. Not to leave Brooke out I have her stand by the bed, bend over and take hold of my dick. A few energetic sucks from Brooke’s talented mouth and Lauren is lowering her hips to meet mine while Brooke aims my dick at the target. Lauren’s arousal and Brooke’s saliva make penetration easy, and the blonde doesn’t even pause in her descent as the head of my penis parts her outer folds and slides smoothly all the way inside her. Lauren’s eyes widen at the sensation of having a hard dick in her vagina (not the first time she’s felt that, but certainly not a common experience). I let her rest for a few moments, before she starts moving up and down. Lauren’s hair shakes and her breasts bounce as she fucks her pussy with my dick. The feeling of Lauren’s teen vagina gripping my dick as it moves inside her is even more exciting than the visual; I need to tone this down somehow or I’ll pop within a minute. Luckily Brooke is on hand, and as Lauren raises her hips enough that my dick pops out of her pussy the brunette catches it and starts licking Lauren’s pussy juices off the shaft (something Brooke finds disgusting, apparently, and not just because she is being forced to service me. Seems Brooke strongly dislikes girl-on-girl action; I’ll have to remember that for later). Once I’ve cooled down a little it’s back inside the blonde for my eager penis, and another round of bouncing (coupled with some deep-dick hip rotations for variety), and another cool-down with Brooke’s talented tongue.

The energetic sex is wearing Lauren down; her skin is red and flushed and increasingly slick with sweat as my mental commands force her to keep the same pace. Technically Lauren will continue bouncing until I tell her not to, but it is still possible for her to pass out from sheer exhaustion, and before that happens there is one more thing I want from the poor abused girl. Both Lauren and Brooke are surprised as Lauren lifts herself up and stands over me on the bed. Lauren’s relief is palpable but short-lived, as I have her turn around so she is facing away from me and start to squat. As Lauren lowers herself back down, I get a front seat view of her shapely round ass. Meanwhile Brooke has once again taken hold of my dick, but instead of blowing me is spitting onto it, trying to get it as lubricated as possible. She then holds the shaft at the base and aims it at Lauren’s steadily descending ass – neither girl fully realizes my intention yet, poor innocent souls.

I allow Lauren to speak just as the tip of my dick touches her asshole, and as she pushes down and my the head of my dick is forced past her anal ring and into her ass Lauren lets out a desperate scream of equal parts pain, surprise and despair. Its a shame she doesn’t put such strength of emotion into her acting.

Burying my dick into Lauren’s asshole is much harder work than it was with her pussy. Lauren is… was an anal virgin, and Brooke’s saliva lube is only effective to a point. But with some encouraging upward thrusts from me (which elicit further screams) we slowly manage to work my shaft deeper and deeper into her. A good five minutes later and Lauren’s ass is resting on my legs, my dick completely out of sight. Lauren’s cries have died down to a continual wail and the odd sob; she’s realized the deed is now done and there is no-one around to help her. Even her residual complaints die off as she starts to once again bounce up and down on my dick, replaced with rhythmic panting from the effort of movement and pain of the anal violation.

As I watch my dick be revealed and then swallowed by Lauren’s pumping ass I spare a glance at Brooke. Her eyes are closed tight, unwilling to witness her co-star being treated this way. Her eyes fly open though as she feels herself move under my command, and as Lauren lifts her ass up and Brooke’s hand reaches out she is filled with silent horror at what she knows will happen next. My dick pops out of Lauren’s ass, is grabbed by Brooke’s hand and then transferred to Brooke’s mouth. Lauren’s ass was thoroughly cleaned per my instructions prior to this session, but still the knowledge that Brooke is blowing my dick after it had just exited Lauren’s ass is… unwelcome. If I hadn’t tweaked her reactions she would have vomited all over me (not my kink, sorry). After giving my dick a thorough tongue bath Brooke assisted its return to Lauren’s ass, much to Lauren’s vocal disappointment.

Brooke had the delight of tasting my post-assfuck dick twice more before I felt my orgasm approach. Lauren released my dick for the last time (perhaps). Brooke’s petite hand wraps around the shaft and energetically jacks me off while placing the tip on her slightly parted lips. I am quickly brought over the edge, and before Brooke understands what is about to happen my dick spurts a thick stream of cum at her, some getting into her mouth but most coating her soft heart-shaped lips. Brooke’s mind is stunned, but her body reacts fast under my orders, and she squeezes and angles my dick so the next stream lands directly between her eyes. In a few moments my dick is spent, and Brooke’s face is covered in my sticky warm cum.

I feel drained; violating two girls and cumming twice expends a lot of fluids. So I have Brooke get up and allow her to collapse onto the bed; once I’ve gotten up Brooke crawls up to the bed and does the same. I mentally command them to stay where they are, but they are so exhausted I doubt they would be able to move even if they could. There’s a kitchen (a real one) nearby and I fetch a cool refreshing drink of water. There’s a case of beer in the fridge, some local beer called “Golden Glow”. I pop the cap of a long-necked bottle and take a swig; not bad. I bring it back to the set with me.

I move a chair to face the bed. The girls are where I left them, of course. I return speech to them and start issuing some further mental commands. As they begin to stir and rearrange themselves on the bed their involuntary groans make them realize they can speak once more.

“Uuurghh… oh god, my ass! It fucking hurts, you fucking asshole”

“Please, no more, just let us go, you’ve done enough already haven’t you?”

“What… what are we doing now? Oh jesus, Brooke, I’m sorry, I.. just…”

“Lauren? No, get off me, I don’t wa-mmmff!”

Brooke has moved to lie on her back; her sudden silence is not due to my commands but more because Lauren has sat on her face. I’ve decided Lauren’s abused pussy is going to get some kinder treatment from Brooke than it got from me. One more order to each of them and Brooke is licking and teasing Lauren’s pussy like a pro, while Lauren has put her head between Brooke’s spread legs and is returning the favor. Lauren is too numb from her recent experiences to care, but for Brooke this is both revolting and humiliating; just as well we can’t see her face right now. I watch the two girls get to know each other, drinking my beer and recuperating.

When the beer is finished I feel up to joining the (un)happy couple. I get up, stand in front of Lauren’s head and pull it up by her hair until it is level with my semi-erect dick. Lauren’s mouth opens reflexively and I take it as an invitation to fill it with my dick. There’s not much finesse required here; I hold her head by the hair while I use her mouth to get me properly hard. Once this is achieved Lauren sits up (further grinding her pussy onto Brooke’s face, which elicits a muffled squeal from the brunette). Brooke’s smooth shaven pussy is wet from her own juices and from Lauren’s saliva, but even then she’s small enough that it’s a squeeze to fit the head of my dick inside her. Brooke feels the intrusion, and is vocally opposed to it, but nothing coherent escapes Lauren’s thighs as I push into Brooke’s tight pussy. I take hold of her hips, which gives me enough leverage to bury some two thirds of my dick inside her; then it’s simply a matter of sawing in and out, getting a fraction deeper with each downstroke. Soon I have settled into a rhythm, and I am enjoying fucking this brunette swimwear model and D-list actress so much that I don’t notice when I finally bottom out and my balls slap against Brooke’s ass. Brooke meanwhile is also getting into a rhythm, squealing and moaning in time to my thrusts. If Lauren wasn’t so upset by watching me fuck Brooke while smarting from her own violations, she would probably enjoy the sensations Brooke is giving her pussy. I decide to try and break the pattern a little, and move one hand to grope Brooke’s breasts. As I take one nipple between my finger and pull Brooke gives an extra “Aaughmmfah!” to let me know she felt that. Pulling the other nipple has a similar effect, as does slapping the flesh of her breasts.

You know that feeling, when you’ve been fucking two hot girls for a few hours and your dick has become quite desensitized, so even though the pussy you are currently inside is hot and wet and tight it doesn’t feel like *quite* enough? I’m sure you do. In which case you will understand why, after ten or so minutes of pounding Brooke’s pussy, I dismount and order the girls to swap around. Lauren lies down and watches silently as Brooke’s pussy descends towards her face (I didn’t silence Lauren, she’s just given up saying anything). I don’t fuck Lauren’s pussy though; instead Brooke bends her head between Lauren’s legs and resumes eating out the blonde teen, while I position myself behind Brooke. Her maid dress is now a tattered skirt and white stockings, and Lauren’s eyes watch from underneath Brooke as my dick appears in her field of vision. It’s not heading for her though; instead I take hold of Brooke’s ass and pull her cheeks apart to open her asshole as much as possible.

I order Brooke to lift her head up from Lauren’s pussy. Sadly I cannot see her face but I can at least hear her voice. Lauren may have given up trying to talk to me but Brooke still manages to plead for leniency, which turns into desperate begging when she feels the head of my dick against her asshole and realizes I’m not going to be satisfied with just her pussy.

“Uugh, noooo, please don’t put it in me again. It hurts so much. What the fuck is wrong with you, you aren’t going to get – heyhey wait, no. No! Not there, I can’t take it there that’snotpleasepleaseIcantAAAH!  Takeitouttakeitout it can’t go in thereAaH! Ah! Fuuu-Ah!fuu-fuck! Ah!”

Brooke’s asshole is easily the smallest hole I’ve penetrated today. But penetrate I do, as I grip her ass tightly and put my whole weight into pushing the tip of my dick against Brooke’s last virgin hole. A quarter of an inch, then half, then just as I think my penis is going to snap in two I get it past her anal ring and am properly inside her ass. Once past the muscle ring at the entrance the resistance is much less, but I’m still bearing down with full force so a couple of inches of shaft plunge immediately into the quivering girl. Brooke gives a shrill cry so loud it reverberates around the warehouse; I immediately react by shutting down her vocal cords and Brooke falls silent apart from rapid breathing. Lauren also gives a cry of shock as she watches Brooke’s ass being penetrated inches from her face, but then falls silent again of her own accord.

I look down and see Brooke Wexler as  I had wanted to see her ever since I first saw her in that French maid outfit – on her hands and knees in front of me, skirt around her waist, with my dick firmly embedded in her tanned petite ass. With this the evening finally feels complete.

Which does not mean that I am going to stop, oh no. I have a good few inches of dick that would love to make the acquaintance of Brooke’s asshole. I don’t know how much I can fit inside such a small ass, but I resolve to find out. I need better control though: at my command Lauren’s hands reach up and replace mine on Brooke’s ass, holding her open for me. This frees me to take hold of Brooke’s hips (I can almost encircle her waist with my hands) and keep her steady while I begin rocking gently back and forth, moving my dick a half inch back and forth inside Brooke’s ass. It is tough going – her bowels grip my shaft like a python squeezing it’s prey. But I slowly increase my movements and inch by throbbing inch my penis delves deeper. I am at my last inch when it feels like I can’t get further, at least not without causing lasting damage to Brooke’s rectum. I refuse to be beaten however; Brooke Wexler’s ass is my Everest, my Kilimanjaro, and I am going to reach the peak.

(Roll your eyes all you like, I so rarely face challenges in my life that I feel I can wax poetic whenever one does come up. Besides, I’ve fucked more tight female asses than Edmund Hillary ever climbed mountains; we are both experts in our respective fields.)

I know from experience that a shock of some kind will loosen a girl’s ass, so I look around the set for inspiration. Ah, yes, perfect.

Lauren lets go of Brooke’s ass and wiggles her upper body out from under the brunette sufficiently to reach the bedside table. Returning to her previous position, Lauren waits until I am ready.

There isn’t much room to swing, but nonetheless Lauren manages to whack the bristle side of the hairbrush against Brooke’s pussy with considerable force. Brooke can’t scream this time, but the pain and shock of dozens of plastic bristles hitting her sensitive pussy radiates from her mind like a thunderclap. Her whole body spasms, which is my cue to push down with my body and pull her hips up to meet me. At last the final inch of my dick slides into Brooke’s petite ass. Her body continues to jolt, and I moan in sheer animal pleasure as I feel her ass ripple against my shaft. I had intended to fuck Brooke’s ass as I had Lauren’s, but she’s just too tight and her ass is trying so hard to milk my dick that it brings me over the edge and I cum for the third time tonight, this time deep inside Brooke’s thoroughly violated ass. I lose awareness of anything around me with the strength of the orgasm; the next thing I remember clearly is my rapidly shrinking dick slipping out of Brooke’s asshole as I sit heavily on the bed. A couple drops of cum leak out from Brooke and drop onto Lauren’s face, much to her disgust.

Time to clean up. With the assistance of the girls I pack the tattered remains of their set clothes in a trashbag, which I will take with me and dump somewhere distant. We then raid the fridge for the beer bottles; the girls methodically down five each and the rest are poured down the sink, then the empty bottles are spread liberally around the dressing room and bedroom set. The girls then crawl into the bed on the bedroom set, and fall into a deep sleep. A little tinkering into their sleeping minds and all memory of their ordeal is expunged. Brooke and Lauren will awake in a few hours, find themselves in bed together, naked and aching and hungover with empty beer bottles all around. Their imaginations will fill in the blanks – it used to amaze me how good the human mind is at putting clues together and coming up with completely the wrong conclusions.

It’s first light when I leave the warehouse, there’s no-one around, no traffic, nothing. I get in my car and head back to civilization, where a hot shower and a warm hotel bed await me. With or without a hot girl in a maid outfit.


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