A Match Made In Heaven

Authors Note: I was ill a few weeks ago, and absent from work for 4
days, during which I happened to watch some tournament on Eurosport,
which inspired me to write this Jelena Dokic story. This is my first
ever effort, so bear that in mind. I tried to do some research into
her, so some of the facts are correct, but I have created her
character as I would like it to be. I have no idea if she can speak
English this well. So, I ask you to suspend your belief and read on.
In a perfect world this is what I would like to believe could
happen, so I offer you a glimpse into my fantasy land. Instead of
just writing porn I
have tried to make the story 3 dimensional, but
I may have failed miserably. Its mostly fluff romance, and please
bear in mind I was ill when I wrote this so don’t judge it to
harshly. For the record, I don’t like Jewel’s music, don’t drive a
Z3 and I live about 35 miles from Canterbury.

Jelena Dokic story, MF, cons, first time, romance.

© Peter Von Grunigan (aka “The Frying Dutchman”) 2002

A Match Made In Heaven

The BBC Breakfast News broadcast playing from the TV serves as a
reminder that I am still living in the real world. The past two
weeks have been somewhat surreal for me, from living in the
countryside without a girlfriend to sleeping in one of London’s top
hotels with a woman who I think I am in love with.

One of the first news items on the programme is the All England Lawn
Tennis Championships, known as Wimbledon to one and all. The girl
still sleeping in my arms was a competitor there, one of the rising
stars of the ladies’ game. If I told you she liked to drink Turkish
Coffee after a meal, and had a scar across her stomach you might not
know her from any 18 year old, but if I said she was half
Australian, half Yugoslav with the sort of angelic good looks that
could make any man’s head turn you would know I meant Jelena Dokic.

At the moment she is in that amazing land of semi – slumber. You
know you are awake, but not aware of your surroundings. She is lying
atop of me, and I indulge myself by allowing my fingers to trace the
soft curves of her breasts while she rests. The small smile breaking
out on her face serves as a reminder that she is comfortable with
me; she enjoys my touch. It hasn’t always been this way though, I’ll
take you back to when we first met, a fortnight previously.


A little about myself first. I’m 18 years old, about 6ft tall with
short brown hair, and matching colour eyes. I live on my own in a
large house in Britain’s smallest town, paid for by my Father’s
money. Dad used to own a large PR company in London until he sold up
and retired as a millionaire several times over. My parents live
about 20 miles away. Anyway, due to my Father’s career, he still
gets VIP invites to various events, most of which he attends. I can
normally get the tickets from him if the event really interests me
though, as this one did. Recently I had taken to playing a little
bit of tennis. I don’t claim to be the next Pete Sampras, but I
discovered I had a half decent serve and so coupled with my natural
aptitude for sports I was becoming quite the amateur player down at
the club. So, I decided to use Dad’s corporate hospitality tickets
to attend the WTA tournament in Eastbourne, a seaside town about 50
miles away. I didn’t really know that much about the professional
side of the game other than how good Anna Kournikova looked in a
tennis skirt, but I figured I could get some useful tips from
watching the women play.

The opening day of the Tournament dawned, one of those rare, perfect
English mornings where the sun is shining and the hillsides and
fields make England the beautiful land it is. Choosing to drive the
Z3 over my BMW saloon I began the journey across the Kent
countryside (with the roof down) and Five For Fighting providing the
gentle backing on the CD player. Every time I stopped for traffic
lights I tried to glance at the programme for the days play, which
began at 13:00 with Jelena Dokic, who would be coming into our
Executive room afterwards to address the gathering.

Completing the journey with an hour to go before the action I decide
to have a pre match drink, obtaining a glass of Cider from the
makeshift bar. I perused the collection of signed memorabilia that
would be the subject of the later auction before taking my seat for
the match, which itself proved to be a huge letdown. Either I was
under the wrong impression when I thought that Dokic was a class
player, or she had an absolute nightmare performance, loosing to a
girl whose name I couldn’t get my country boy tongue around,
Bedanova I think it was. Amusing myself by wondering if the WTA
would fine Dokic for impersonating a professional tennis player
during those 40 minutes on court I thought about going back inside
to see how she would explain her defeat.

Re entering our suite I was told it would be about 20 minutes before
Ms Dokic came to talk to us and then answer questions, so I helped
myself to another drink and then sat down to read the information
book about the event. I was mildly surprised to only see 10 of us in
the room, but I figured that they were expensive tickets, and that
maybe the Test Match at Lords had proved a greater attraction.

Ms Dokic then appeared, and instead of the pretty girl I had
expected to see, all I noticed was a small woman who seemed to have
the weight of the world on her shoulders, judging by her expression.

The talk began; she gave the standard sportsman’s excuses for
loosing and then fielded questions from the audience, which didn’t
take long considering there was only 10 of us. The usual inane
questions followed “How are you enjoying England? Are you looking
forward to Wimbledon?”

I found myself wondering if people had any imagination at all, and
from the look on Jelena’s face it appeared she had answered these
questions a thousand times before. I waited until the inquisition
had finished, and then followed her to the bar. She had just ordered
a mineral water when I spoke.

“I have a question, well, two questions to ask you if I may”

With a sigh she replied “OK”

I took that to mean that however reluctant and bored she was she
would take the trouble to answer me. I did consider leaving her
alone, but something stirred me to speak.

“Firstly, did you really want to be here, and second, why are you so

“No, I have to do these speeches as a contract obligation, and I
just got beaten in the first round. Why do you think I’m upset?” she
responded angrily.

“I’m sorry”, I replied, looking sheepish and moving away. “I just
thought you could use some comfort”

“Hey, wait. Look, I shouldn’t have snapped at you. Come and sit down
and maybe we could talk for a bit.”

Slightly wary of how she might react I sat down on the bar stool she
gestured to. At this point the barman came back with her water and
decided it would be a good move to charge her for it. Her angry look
returned as she remonstrated with the barman about who she was and
that she shouldn’t have to pay for a bottle of water. He didn’t
relent though, saying that all drinks had to be paid for. In the end
I handed over a five note, asking for yet another cider for myself.

I couldn’t help but chuckle slightly at her anger; she did have a
point after all.

“You aren’t making me feel any better by laughing at me” she stated.

“I know, anyway you have your reasons for being down.” I admitted.

“Maybe it’s a good thing I lost, at least I have time to relax
before Wimbledon.”

“Looking for the positives, that’s a good trait to have”

“You can always find something to be happy about if you try” she
said, looking philosophical.

“True. I haven’t introduced myself though. I’m Adam, Adam Carter.”

She took my offered hand; I wisely neglected the death grip
handshake I normally used, instead giving her hand a light squeeze.

“Jelena Dokic, obviously. Nice to meet you”

At this point she leaned over the bar to take the water, which by
now was officially hers. I reached for my cider as well; slightly
mystified by the very small amount of change from the note I gave.
Jelena was wearing a loose shirt and I got a decent view down it as
she retrieved her water. To say I was impressed was a bit of an
understatement, it was one of the most perfect rack’s I had seen,
even in a bra.

She must have seen my quick glance somehow because she tilted her
head slightly and reproached me.

“When talking to a women you usually look at her face.”

I tried to give the shy look I thought I had perfected, and
attempted to be remorseful.

“My apologies. You are a very beautiful woman though”

Her features softened. “Thank you”, she said. “I’m often called a
cute girl, by the press I mean. I don’t get as much attention as
Anna but I do get men eyeing me. It’s nice to be complimented
properly for a change.”

I gave a small laugh, “I’m sure many men compliment you”

“Well, there’s my father. I’ve always been his pretty little girl.
But I’m constantly going around the world, living in a hotel room. I
don’t meet many decent men on my travels.”

“You’re in England for a while now aren’t you? You could try and
meet some here”.

“I think I’ve already met one.”

I averted her eyes and gave a small cough, thinking that the girl
sitting next to me had probably made my day by giving me a sly
compliment. There was silence for a few seconds until she broke it.

“This is my favourite part of the year now. I stay in England for
about 4 weeks. I spend some of the time at my favourite hotel near

I jolted sharply up at that statement. She stayed in a city about 3
miles from my house, surely this was karma paying me back for the
shit it had dealt me over the years. I decided to try my luck, the
worst thing she could do would be to say no.

“Look, well, the thing is I live quite near Canterbury. So, I
thought maybe we could get together sometime and, you know…..” I
tailed off, the question was obvious enough, she didn’t need the
ending of it.

When I did look at her directly again I saw the first proper smile I
had seen from her all afternoon.

“That would be really nice. You know, I’ve got a feeling about you,
you just seem like a nice, honest guy” she said.

“I try my best” was all I could manage to say with my head
metaphorically spinning.

Jelena Dokic had agreed to go out with me, and I couldn’t quite
believe it.

Suddenly everything else became a task so simple that I was able to
talk and imagine what might be at the same time. We stayed together
for about an hour before Jelena had to go. We exchanged phone
numbers and she walked me out to my car, which was parked in the
executive area.

Driving home was a weird task; my body was on autopilot, my head


Jelena called me the next day, explaining that she had to do two
more days in Eastbourne before coming to Canterbury. She asked if we
could meet in the city at a restaurant for lunch. Unsurprisingly I
agreed, and then suggested that we eat at Le Petit Blanc, one of the
more fashionable restaurants in town.

Come the day I was a bundle of nervous energy, trying to decide what
to wear, eventually going for a beige Versace suit and an open neck
midnight blue shirt. Finally making it to the Z3 and managing to
manipulate the clutch I drove into the city and parked before
walking to the restaurant. Jelena was waiting for me outside on a
bench, and she stood up as I approached. I let the breath slowly
escape from my lips. Wow. She was wearing a simple white dress that
clung to her curves in all the right places and finished halfway to
the knee, and her hair lay over her shoulders like a soft coat. An
angel might be too strong a description, but she was certainly the
most beautiful woman I had ever seen. With a slight drizzle now
starting to fall we quickly made our way inside; I couldn’t help but
think what a ray of sunshine she was on a cloudy day. My sensible
side though, was pleased that I had shut the roof on the car. For
the first time I noticed she was taller than average, only 4 or 5
inches below my commanding 6ft.

She looked relaxed, and emitted a radiant glow that enhanced her
natural beauty. I got the feeling she genuinely wanted to be here,
which served to put me at ease. I was no longer around Jelena,
famous tennis starlet, I was with Jelena the woman.

She smiled at me as I pulled out her chair for her.

“You really are a gentleman, aren’t you” she whispered.

“I like to think I am one of a dying breed,” I suggested. “Shall we
order drinks?”

Over wine and a quite superb meal we conversed, and found out about
each other. Our likes, dislikes and personalities were exchanged
during the course of an excellent Roast Beef with a Horseradish
Volute, and Turkish Stuffed Tomatoes accompanied by seasonal
vegetables. Jelena had surprised me by ordering the same meal as me,
but my doubts over her appetite were quashed as she matched me in
finishing the meal. She must have sensed my intrigue because she
offered an explanation.

“One of my less appealing traits, I do have rather a big liking for
good food.” she giggled. “Seriously though, I have to eat lots of
meat for the protein.”

“Any other flaws that I should know about?” I questioned

“I have a six inch scar on my stomach from falling off a fence when
I was a small girl. You’ll never see me wearing short vests or
tops.” she offered.

“Shame” I grinned at her. My not too subtle attempt at letting her
know I found her quite attractive appeared to work. She kept eye
contact with me and smiled. I returned her gaze for a few seconds,
and we just looked at each other. I think both of us sensed in that
moment that we might have found something special.

Jelena broke the gaze by signalling the waiter over.

“Two Turkish Coffee’s please” she stated

Again my expression was questioning. “Why two?”

“Its my favourite drink. You’re going to enjoy it as well.”

Part of my character is that I never let anyone get to me, or try
and decide for me. Was letting Jelena in a sign of something. I
mean, I didn’t even try and tell her I don’t like coffee. Was I
beginning to fall for this girl? I snapped out of it. I was a
hardened cynic. I didn’t believe in love, at least not this quickly.
There was no doubt about it though, this girl had got to me.

I don’t know how I managed to drink the mud that was served to me,
but I forced it down and hastened to leave the restaurant before
they forced another cup on me. The traditional argument about the
bill followed, I eventually won by remonstrating with her that an
English gentleman always paid for the lady. £70 is virtually small
change to me anyway so its not like I lost out.

The light rain had now stopped, much to my relief, as I had no coat.
Feeling rather full I suggested that we go and sit in the Cathedral
Gardens, not really wanting our time together to end. Anyway, after
paying £5 to enter (they’ll charge you for anything these days,
bastards) we sat on a bench looking out across the surrounding
hills. I wasn’t quite sure how we should occupy the bench, until
Jelena solved the problem by leaning her head across my shoulder,
affording me another nice glimpse down her dress I might add. We sat
in comfortable silence for a few minutes; we were both happy with
each other and didn’t want to break the moment.

A rhetorical question for you. Have you ever experienced one of
those perfect kissing moments? I only mention it because one was
nicely developing here. A stunning rainbow flanked the afternoon
sun, Jewel’s “This Way” was playing on a nearby radio, and the
vicinity carried a peaceful aura. Gathering my courage I spoke her
name, and she lifted her head from my shoulder and turned to face

“Look, I want to try something. If you don’t like it I can….accept
that. This is something I want to do though” I stuttered, Hugh Grant-esq.

She looked at me quizzically, I think she guessed what I wanted

I brought my hands up to rest on her cheeks and slowly lowered my
face to hers. Our lips made contact for a brief moment and then I
moved back so that there was a short gap between our faces. I waited
for her to pull away, but instead she wrapped her arms around my
neck and pulled me onto her again. Our mouths met again, but this
time I didn’t pull back, and the kiss became longer. She opened her
mouth and the kiss deepened; I sucked gently on her lip. I don’t
know how long we stayed like that for, but I was in a dreamy state
and didn’t really care. Eventually I pulled away, but kept the close
gap between us. We shared a brief smile and she settled back into my
arms again, both us reflecting on the moment that had just passed.
Our time in the park had to end though, and we both rose from the
seat, and we held hands as we walked back to the entrance. I decided
to push my luck a touch further.

“How would you like to come back to my house for dinner and a
movie?” I asked, hoping that I didn’t sound to desperate.

I sensed the hesitation in her voice and thought she would decline,
but she pleasantly surprised me. “Yeah, that would be cool, thanks.
I didn’t bring a car though, do you have one?”

“Yeah, it’s parked a little way away.”

We lapsed back into silence as we walked along, enjoying the moment.
I couldn’t help but wonder about her hesitation. It bugged me but I
just couldn’t see the reason for it. “Pull yourself together Adam”,
my mind shouted. “Your not a fucking psychologist” Dismissing the
matter as a figment of my imagination I saw I had subconsciously
lead Jelena back to my car. Opening the door for her and then
running round to the drivers’ side she spoke as I was getting in.

“Can we have the roof down Adam? I’ve never been in a car like this

Only too happy to show off parts of my favourite toy I unhooked it
from the windscreen and pressed the button, enabling the roof to
slide easily behind the back seat. Activating CD 3 on the
autochanger I drove out of the car park and out along the country
lanes to my house. I had in fact forgotten what CD 3 was, but
Jewel’s “Standing Still” soon served as a wake up from the speakers.
I couldn’t help but think it added a nice symmetry to the day, for
the Alaskan singer had been our prelude to the kiss earlier.

During the short drive I tried to glance at Jelena without her
noticing. The fact that I was wearing sunglasses did help, and her
beauty again struck me down. Her short dress had ridden up slightly
revealing her thigh, which only served to send a rush of blood
exactly where I did not want it to go. I managed to stop my brain
before it went too far, instead returning my attention to the road
before I created a major pileup. I am positive I heard her murmur
“Down boy” at me though. Asking for clarification of her speech
would have only embarrassed me further though, so both of us
pretended nothing happened.

Driving through the front gate of my house I could tell she was
quite impressed, resigning myself to the fact that her feeling would
probably change once she was inside. Sure enough, once through the
door she was a little surprised to see the lack of furniture, the
makeshift coat rack in the hallway and the absence of carpets. Her
raised eyebrow pre-empted me to answer her silent question.

“Yes, I know it’s sparse, but it’s the way I like it. I don’t really
care what other people think.”

“Its cool, different. I don’t get to see much of my home, so I
haven’t done much with it. I’m just not used to places like this.”
She said.

“I do have one conventional room though, just through there.” I
said, pointing to the archway.

The lounge is my favourite room in the house. The centrepiece is the
huge marble fireplace, but to one side sits a large entertainment

“Put the TV or a CD or something on while I just go and change. I’ve
got to check my messages as well; I’ll only be a few minutes. Are
you OK with going to the pub for some food?”

“Yeah that’s fine, as long as it’s healthy. I don’t eat much in the
evenings though.” She said.

“The bar’s normally quiet at this time, it won’t take us long to
eat, then we’ll come back here for that film I promised. Any

“I’ll think about it.”

With that I left her and departed upstairs, slipping my jacket off
as I went. Idly thinking about disappearing into the bathroom for a
few minutes to jerk off over mental images of Jelena in her dress I
turned to my wardrobe and selected some black slacks and a grey
sweater. Dismissing the idea of a wank in the hope that I might get
some of her tonight, I quickly changed and emerged from my room to
return downstairs, a glance at the machine told me that there were
no messages. I found Jelena still in the lounge, listening to one of
my favourite CD’s, having helped herself to a banana from the fruit
bowl. She looked up as I entered.

“You’ve really got a thing for Jewel’s music haven’t you?”

“She’s one of my favourites. Her lyrics are amazing.” I responded.
“Come on, let’s go find some food.”

Holding the door open for Jelena we exited into the early evening
sunshine and quickly covered the distance to the pub. Taking our
seats we were approached by the waitress, a girl I recognised as
Rebecca. It is worth mentioning this because I used to have a huge
crush on her, unfortunately for me she broke my heart by telling me
she was a lesbian. She still teases me about it even now, usually
after she beaten me in our so-called friendly tennis matches that
were always anything but. I knew she followed the sport when it was
on TV, and I wondered how long it would take her to recognise my
companion. As I asked for menus I thought I saw a flash of amazement
in her eyes, but she departed without asking any questions. She
returned to take our drinks orders, and when Jelena ordered her
mineral water her distinctive accent gave her away. Rebecca couldn’t

“This is going to sound so stupid, are you Jelena Dokic, the tennis

Jelena gave a shy smile. “Yes, I am. Are you a fan?”

“Yeah, I’ve learned loads for watching you on TV, you are so my
favourite player.”

“Thank you”. I think Jelena was embarrassed slightly.

“I’m sorry,” Rebecca stuttered. “You’re here to eat, let me know
when you are ready to order.”

Rebecca walked away mumbling that she couldn’t believe it. I turned
to Jelena.

“Still not used to fame? I thought you had been a big player for a
while now?”

“Some people like it, some don’t. I prefer to remain anonymous.”

I didn’t press the subject any further, and the evening continued in
much the same way as lunch had.


After finishing the meal we made our way back to my house, taking
the riverside route. Walking slowly hand in hand I sensed she was
nervous. I was sure of it this time so I asked her.

“Jelena, is something up”

“Em, I need to say something before we get back to your place.” She

“Sure, what is it?” Truth was, I had no idea what she wanted to say.
She took a deep breath and continued. “Adam, if you’re expecting
something more to happen between us tonight, don’t be.”

There was no point playing the innocent card, I knew exactly what
she was talking about, so I silently prodded her to continue.

“I’ve. I’ve never been with a man before. I want to wait until I’m
ready. I think you might be the one, but I need to be sure though.
If you’ve got a problem with that I’m sorry, but that’s the way it
is.” Sensing her need to be reassured I quickly spoke.

“Of course I’m OK with that. I wasn’t expecting anything from you.”
I am a good liar, I hope.

“Liar. You were hoping to get some. This doesn’t change things
between us does it?”

I smiled. We had known each other for a few days and she seemed to
be able to read me.

“It changes nothing. I really like you, I’m not going to push you
into anything.”

“Good”, she responded.

We continued in silence to the house, both considering what the
other had said. The hesitation in her reply this afternoon when I
invited her back to the house suddenly made sense, it was good to
prove to myself that I hadn’t overreacted to it.

Reaching the oak door I inserted the key and we crossed the
threshold into the building. Inviting Jelena to choose a film from
my collection I deposited my keys on the table and then joined her
in the lounge. I groaned inwardly at the DVD she was holding.
Someone had bought it for me as a present, I watched it once and
hated it. I should have destroyed the damn thing.

“This OK, I’ve never seen it before is all” she grinned at me.

“Sure.” I said, keeping the grimace off of my face. Was 2 more hours
with Jelena worth watching Bridget Jones’ Diary for? Choosing not to
make a protest I inserted the disc in the player and turned on the
TV and surround sound. Gathering the remote in one hand I pulled the
two footstalls closer to the sofa with the other. Settling myself
into the sofa for a mind numbingly boring film I wondered just how I
was going to appear interested. Jelena solved the problem for me by
laying her head on my chest and stretching out across the sofa. I
propped my feet on the stool and lay back with my eyes closed,
trying to think normal thoughts, but as you might guess that’s not
so easy when all I had to do was open my eyes and glace down and I
would be presented with another view down that amazing dress. Jelena
herself didn’t help the moment by resting her hand on the inside of
my thigh, so all I could do was stare at the screen, trying to
prevent my second embarrassing erection in one day.

After what seemed like forever the ending credits finally rolled,
and a glance at my Omega wristwatch told me it was 22:03. I licked
my dry lips and spoke.

“I suppose I better drop you back at your hotel.”

“I’ve got a better idea,” she said. She raised herself up and turned
to look at me. “How bout I stay the night here?” Seeing my surprised
look she quickly retraced her steps. “Don’t get any ideas though”
she emphasised

“I wouldn’t dream of it. If you want to stay that’s fine. Take my
room and I’ll sleep on the sofa.” I said.

“We could do that,” she said, with a glint in her eye. “I’d much
rather we both shared your bed though. To sleep, I mean.”

“Sure. Do you need to call anyone, or anything?” I questioned

“No. My father is in London already, so he doesn’t need to know
where I am.”

“Would he approve if he did?” I mused

“Probably not, but he won’t know and anyway, I’m 19, I can do what I
want.” She reflected.

“I didn’t think you were older than me” I said. Realising she didn’t
know my age, I volunteered that I was 18, born in Nov 1983.

“I was born in the April that year, so I’m not much older,” she
said. She continued “I need to train at 7am tomorrow. Could you drop
me back at the hotel by then?”

“Of course,” I responded. “I kind of forgot you’ve got the biggest
tournament of the year next week. I’ll get some stuff in town after
I’ve dropped you off.”

“Listen, I finish training at noon, how about I come over here in
the afternoon?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’d like that. Tomorrow is our town cricket match though.
You’d have to come and watch me for a few hours, meet some of my
mates and all that. I don’t know how much you know about cricket
but……” I tailed off. She looked at me, half smiling.

“I spent some of my childhood in Australia. Their quite good at the
game over there you know. You haven’t managed to beat them in a
while”, she added.

“Oh, so you know about cricket,” I challenged. “Care to explain the
LBW law?”

“I’d much rather do it in bed.” She smiled. “I’m going to need to
borrow a shirt or something from you. I can hardly sleep in this”
she said, indicating her dress.

“Fine, see what you can find in the second draw of the chest in my
room. Go up there now, I’ll join you in a bit.”

With that she disappeared up the stairs. I had to take a moment to
compose myself at the thought of Jelena Dokic sleeping next to me. I
then locked the doors, shut the windows and headed upstairs. I had
only been about 3 minutes downstairs, but she was already in my bed,
her eyes shut and just the table lamp on. Slightly pissed off that
she had chosen my best Yves Saint Laurent t-shirt to sleep in I sat
on the chair to remove my socks. My heart skipped a beat when I saw
her dress and underwear draped over the side of the clothes stand,
and the sudden thought of Jelena in my bed naked under that thin
shirt was enough to send a rush of blood straight to my dick.

Preying that she kept her eyes closed I turned to grab a t-shirt off
the pile after stripping to my boxers. When I turned my glance back
to Jelena her eyes were still closed, and I quickly slipped under
the covers after pulling the t-shirt over my head. Turning the light
out I settled down when she murmured.

“You find me very attractive don’t you Adam?” Unable to lie I
answered, “Yes”

“Maybe I can do something to relieve your discomfort,” were her next

I couldn’t think of a response, so I laid in silence until I felt
something. Her hand had snaked across the bed and made its way down
my shorts and was now stroking my rock hard cock. She ran her
fingers gently down the base, all the while she was sliding near to
me in the bed. Eventually she settled. I could feel her breasts
poking into my back; she was laying gentle kisses on my neckline
whispering in between them.

“How bout I give you some relief huh? You’ve wanted me all day” All
I could do was nod in the darkness. My brain was focused on what her
fingers were doing to me. Throwing back the covers on the bed she
continued to run her hand down my length. It seemed like forever
until she grew tired of the teasing, she finally gripped my shaft
and started to jerk on it slowly. I was desperate for release,
moaning her name into the pillow. She alternated her speed, just
when I though she would bring me off she slowed down again,
punishing me for some unknown crime I had committed.

“You think I didn’t see you while you were changing? In the car as
well? I saw what I did to you, I wanted to do something about it”
she murmured into my ear, before giving the lobe a sharp nip with
her teeth. It hurt me that I could see nothing of Jelena while she
did this to me. Eventually she took pity on me, and the movement of
her hand became faster and faster on my dick. I felt like my balls
were going to explode as I felt my orgasm approaching, rising up
from inside me. Eventually I came, cum spraying everywhere into the
dark room. My body movements stopped, and Jelena removed her hand. I
rolled onto my front, and she climbed onto my back. She eventually
broke the silence.

“That’s a little taster of what might happen between us. You like??”

“Uh huh, very much.”

“Glad you enjoyed it” With that she rolled onto her side of the bed
and appeared to go to sleep. I lay there for a while, trying to take
it what had just happened to me before drifting off.


I awoke by myself in the morning, my first thought was of what
transpired the night before and I had a stupid grin on my face at
the remembrance. A quick glance at the Omega told me it was 5:51,
giving me 10 minutes to lie there and reflect before waking Jelena
and preparing for the day. Replaying last night in my mind left me
with an instant hard on, which I only mangled to dispel by wondering
if my cum had stained the hand woven Axminster on the floor.
Deciding that a handjob from Jelena Dokic was worth the price of a
new carpet I leaned over to wake her, placing a soft kiss on her
lips. She smiled, tried to open her eyes and instantly raised a hand
to her face to block the early morning sun out.

“It’s 6, we need to get up if you want to be at the hotel by 7.” The
groan I got in return was hardly a dignified response so I decided
to get up and make some coffee for her, hoping it would bring her to
her senses. Picking up my discarded boxers off the carpet I slipped
them on and made my way downstairs. Luckily I had some left over
coffee from when people had stayed at the house, and 5 minutes later
it had boiled from the machine and I was on my way back up the
ascent, doing my best not to spill any in the process. I heard the
shower going in the en suite, and reaching the obvious conclusion I
put the coffee on the dresser. Just as I was about to call out I
realised Jelena had begun to sing, not aware of my presence nearby.
3 lines of Britney Spears’ “Crazy” were all I could take before I
left the room. I wouldn’t claim to be the best singer around, but I
knew she was murdering the song with her efforts. Suppressing a
smile I grabbed some trousers and a shirt and went downstairs to
find out the events in the world today.

I could only have been watching the news for a short time when she
breezed into the room, immediately lighting it with her presence.
She munched on the grapes she had taken from the bowl in the hall.
Bending over to kiss me she smiled.

“Bet I know what your thinking about” she challenged.

“What might that be?” I played along.

“You’re wondering if last night was a dream, aren’t you?”

“Oh no, I’m sure it was real Miss “don’t get any ideas”. I

“I wanted to surprise you. It worked as well,” she explained.

“You could say that.”

She reached a more serious note. “We need to be going. I must
practise on time in the mornings.”

I stood up, grabbed the car keys and my wallet and beckoned her to
follow me out to the driveway. Wearing her simple white dress from
the day before she emerged into the sunshine and we climbed into the
Z3, heading off in the direction of the city.

As I dropped her at the hotel she called out to me to meet her back
here at noon. Acknowledging her with a wave of the hand I drove out
of the car park and along the road, sad to be leaving her, but
knowing I would see her again soon


“Are you sure you want to be here?” I asked as we walked onto the
cricket field. The other men and their various partners were in the
centre talking.

“I’m with you. That’s enough. Besides, I can see you make a fool of
yourself.” She said, tugging playfully on my arm.

Not bothering to respond I simply smiled and shook my head, waiting
for the onslaught from the middle. Sure enough,

“Whey hey, got yourself a woman at last Adam” came from Gareth

“How much did you pay?” was John’s taunt.

“Shut it guys” I responded. “This is my girl…” I paused briefly and
looked at Jelena, who gave the smallest of nods. I continued, “My
girlfriend Jelena. Some of you might know her.”

The looks of recognition coupled with amazement were worth thousands
of pounds. I saw Andrew make his way to the front of the group,
offering his hand.

“Nice to meet you Jelena. I must say, I’m a big fan of your sport.”
I don’t think the leering stare did him any favours.

She looked at him sceptically. “Uh huh. Watch many of Anna’s matches
do you?”

The quiet laughter from the group showed that she had been accepted
by them. I was surprised, humour was not something I had seen much
of from Jelena but more of that and I would like grow further
attracted to her.

After that the conversation became quiet and relaxed again. We
sorted out the teams and the equipment, and my team was to field
first. Just before I left her side I whispered.

“You know, Rebecca’s over there. I’m sure you would make her very
happy if you went and talked to her for a bit, maybe offered her
some tips.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that. Go on, go and give me something to cheer

Taking the field we managed to bowl the opposition out for 146, a
reasonable effort I thought. I bowled 7 overs of my left arm spin,
taking two wickets. It pleased me to see Jelena applauding loudly
after my successes.

Seriously showing off now, I’ll mention that I scored 51 in our
innings; we won the match and headed off to the pub for the
celebration. Arm in arm with Jelena we ambled down the road. She
tugged on my sweater and put her lips to my ear.

“Can we just go back to your place? We need to talk quickly.”

“Sure, just let me tell the lads we won’t be joining them”

Walking back the short distance to my house we went straight into
the front room, I didn’t bother to go and change because I could
guess what this was about and I sensed she wanted to get it over
with quickly. Without any delay she turned to me.

“You know I have to go to London tonight.” It was a statement, not a

I could only nod. I knew this moment was coming.

“I want you to know that I’ve loved these past two days. We’ve got
to know each other, and I think something has started between us.
I’d love it if you would join me next week at Wimbledon. You could
come to my matches, I’d be glad of the support. You could even meet
my father.”

“All 7 matches hopefully”, I grinned. She returned my expression.

“Don’t tempt fate Adam. I’ve got a chance, I know that. I have to
play the best I have ever done though.”

“I’ll be there cheering for you.”

“Great, I was hoping you’d agree. Come to the Savoy hotel on Monday
morning. I don’t play until Tuesday so you can help me with my
preparation.” She added a wink to that sentence to make sure I
caught her meaning. I thought she wanted to leave as quickly as
possible, so I offered to drive her back to the hotel now.

“No, got and celebrate with your friends. Brag about your new
girlfriend to them or something. I’ll call a cab.” She said

“I think I’ll do that. Look, don’t call a cab, take one of my cars,
I’ll pick it up from the hotel later.” I offered.

“My drivers license isn’t valid in Britain.” She protested.

“Don’t have a crash then.” I responded, before throwing the keys to
the Z3 at her, which she deftly caught. “You know the way back to
the hotel don’t you?”

Seeing her nod I ran over to her, gave her a goodbye kiss on the
lips and headed off to the pub. The horn on the Z3 blasted loudly as
she drove past me and nailed the corner at the end of the lane.
Wondering if my favourite car would survive the journey with driving
like that, I entered the bar, my head filled with anticipation of
the next time I would see her. One question stood out though, was I
falling in love with a woman I had met only a few days ago?


Monday morning dawned bright and clear, good news for the organisers
of Wimbledon. I went through my usual routine, shower, shave, clean
teeth, dress, breakfast, all the while my thoughts occupied by
Jelena. Completing my preparation in record time I left the house
and walked round to the garages, pondering whether to take the Z3 or
the saloon. I briefly considered riding the Ducati 998 I own up to
London to beat the city traffic, but dismissed it as impractical
with a suitcase. Realising that the Z3 probably wouldn’t want to see
Jelena again in a hurry (she had somehow managed to destroy the rear
tyres in a 3 mile drive) I jumped into the saloon after stowing the
case in the boot, and headed out onto the motorway.

I completed the trip to the outskirts of London in 50 minutes,
fairly good time. However, I still had the fun and games of the city
traffic to contend with. Several times I slowed to a crawl, and had
to enjoy extended looks at some of the worse parts of London. Any of
you who haven’t been here will have only seen the nice areas on TV,
Canary Wharf, Kensington etc. It’s not all like that, and my journey
proved the fact.

Relying on the GPS to guide me to the Savoy Hotel I found valet
parking outside, something I had never experienced, and it badly
showed. Apart from trusting some young porter with my car, I had to
slip him £5 for his services, which he gently pre-empted with a
cough as I hesitated to reach for my wallet.

Making my way into the lobby I approached the front desk, casually
leaning on it to address the receptionist.

“I’m here to see Ms Jelena Dokic” I stated.

“We’ve had a lot of people in here today asking for her, Sir. It
appears that someone has leaked her location to the press, and she
has instructed me not to let anyone approach her room. I am sorry,
but you will have to leave.”

“I must explain” I started. “Ms Dokic is expecting me”. The
receptionist regarded me with a sceptical look. “Mr Adam Carter” I

“Ah Mr Carter, she did mention you, Sir. I shall telephone ahead to
announce your arrival. It’s the Heath Suite, 9th floor. The lifts
are over in the corner.” She indicated with an expansive wave of the

I left the desk, and rather than pay another hefty tip for the
privilege of travelling in a lift operated by a teenager I chose to
take the stairs. Now, I am fairly fit, but even nine flights had me
pausing for breath at the top. I ambled along the hallway, my
curiosity piqued by the lack of doors leading off the corridor.
Eventually finding the Heath Suite I gently tapped on the solid oak
barrier, wondering how to great Jelena.

She herself opened the door, and solved my dilemma by throwing her
arms around my neck and kissing me hard on the lips.

“Adam, you have no idea how much I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too. Having fun in London?”

“Defiantly. Wait till you see the room I’ve got.” She said
excitedly, beckoning me inside. I followed, commenting on the
problem at the desk.

“The receptionist said you’d had a lot of fans bothering you.” I

“Not exactly”, she responded. “Someone told the press where I was
staying. My father thinks it was you.”

“Ah, you told him about us then.” I mused.

“Yeah, he didn’t say much about it. Said I should be concentrating
on Wimbledon. Anyway, he’s through here, come and meet him” she

Following her through the suite she opened the final door in the
complex and addressed her father.

“Dad, there is someone here I’d like you to meet.” She said, with
her best diplomatic voice. Waving me forward she continued. “Dad,
this is Mr Adam Carter, my boyfriend. Adam, Damir Dokic, my father.”

I stepped forward, offering my hand. Damir took it and gave it a
light shake, regarding me coolly. We exchanged pleasantries, and
then he asked the inevitable question.

“We have been overwhelmed by fans wanting to see Jelena. She said
that you knew where she was staying this week. Did you tell anyone?”

I allowed the hard edge to creep into my voice, and my expression

“I can assure you Mr Dokic, I have told no-one. Jelena and I are
very close, I have no intention of hurting her with any actions of
that kind.”

He half smiled. “Jelena said as much about you. I had to ask for
myself though. I’m sure you understand.”

I didn’t, but I saw no reason to press the issue. At my silence
Damir continued. “I must go. Jelena darling, practise at noon.”

His daughter acknowledged with a small nod, then he departed.
Glancing at the Omega, I saw we had only 15 minutes together. I
decided to ask the question that had been bugging me.

“What’s up with the room? Its massive, surely you don’t need all
this space?” I intoned. She smiled. “It’s paid for by my sponsors,
just because it’s the biggest tournament of the year they’ve gone
the whole distance. Limousines to and from the courts, its
fantastic.” He smiled widened. “Wait till you see the bathroom.”

She took my hand a dragged me to the en suite, where I was presented
with a beautiful sight. A huge whirlpool was the centrepiece, with
candles stuck around it. A champagne chiller rack nestled in the

“Wow, that’s, that’s quite impressive.” I said, while thinking that
this might even be beyond my budget.

“Yes, it is. I’m looking forward to using it.” She ran her fingers
up the inside of my thigh. “With you, of course.” She said,
accompanied by a sexy smile. I tried to return the gesture. “I’ll be
ready for you”, I said, before sweeping her into my arms and kissing
her properly. She parted her lips so our tongues could meet, and we
spent a few pleasant moments becoming reacquainted with each other’s

Jelena was the first to break our embrace. “I must go,” she said.
“Make yourself comfortable here, I’ll be back later.” One final kiss
and she departed, leaving me free to explore at my leisure. Finally
settling back in the sofa I began to read the latest Maxim that
someone had thoughtfully left on the coffee table. Just before I
turned to the magazine I noticed the mini bar. Well, mini is a
contradiction in terms, it was like the size of a wardrobe.
Remembering who was paying for the room I helped myself to a beer,
mildly surprised that such a hotel would even consider serving the
beverage. I sat back down and returned my attention to the
publication in front of me, featuring, appropriately enough, Anna
Kournikova. Making a mental note to ask Jelena if she had been
approached by them I relaxed and read forth.


When Jelena returned, she began a schedule that didn’t change much
for the next week. Dinner at 7 every evening, sleep (together of
course). Wake up, help Jelena prepare, go to Wimbledon, watch her
defeat Tatarkova, Detchy et al, and then return to the hotel to eat.
During this time Jelena became detached, concentrating solely on her
tennis. I could accept that, I knew the sport was her life. All I
could do was stand back and offer support, all the while learning
how to give it properly. I left her mainly to her father during that
time, and took the chance to visit some relatives in London, as well
as visiting some of my favourite clothes shops. We continued like
this until the Saturday, day 6 of the Championships. Jelena was
scheduled to play Daniela Hantuchova in the 4th round. I was at
Centre Court 10 minutes before the start. Unable to sit in the
player’s boxes because my tickets weren’t approved early enough, I
had to make do with the next best thing, front row seats opposite
the competitors. A standing ovation greeted the two women as they
arrived on court, and I tried to flash Jelena an encouraging smile
when she looked my way. Something in her face told me she had seen
my gesture, and I settled back, expecting her to win, albeit with a
tough game ahead of her.

The next hour proved to be a trying one for all concerned with
Jelena’s progress. Fair enough, she didn’t play as badly as the
first time I saw her in Eastbourne, but she got taken to school by
Hantuchova, and was lucky to only loose 6-4, 7-5.

Throwing a glance at Damir, I wasn’t impressed to see him with his
head in hands, exuding disgust at the performance. While not as
clearly demonstrated as that, I was disappointed, and considered how
my reaction had changed since the last time I saw her loose. Maybe I
was starting to care for her or something???

I tried to catch Jelena’s eye with a commiserating smile as she left
court, but she avoided direct contact with me. I did notice she was
fighting to contain tears though, and my heart went out to the poor

Not having access to the player’s area I decided to return to the
hotel, my appetite for tennis suddenly quashed. The 6 mile journey
took an hour and a half by the time I got back to the car and
negotiated the traffic. I slowly ascended to Jelena’s room,
wondering whether to enter, or to leave her alone for a while.
Making my way down the hallway I saw her door open and Damir exit,
turning the opposite way to me and not spotting me in the darkness
of the corridor. Running forward I managed to catch the door before
it hit the latch, and slipped inside silently. Hearing sobs from
inside I made my way to the living area, my heart touched by the
sight of Jelena crying into a cushion. Striding across the floor I
offered my embrace, which she gratefully reached to accept. I think
I may have fallen in love with her then. Her tears showed that she
was not afraid to show her vulnerability to me, she trusted me
completely. Knowing now was not the time to inform her of my
epiphany I closed the distance between us and pulled her close to
me. I waited until her crying had subsided and then asked her what
went wrong. She began to speak, slowly, as if struggling to choose
her words.

“My head wasn’t all there on court. I was, thinking. I was
distracted today, I was thinking about what I wanted. Now I know.”

“Oh, and what is it you want.” I prodded

She lowered her voice to a sexy whisper “You. I want you.”

I knew instantly what she meant, and I was surprised at the timing
of her revelation. Nonetheless, I turned to face her and began a
silent kiss, pulling her from the sofa and leading her gently
towards the bedroom. I had to ask the question, hoping the answer
remained the same.

“Are you sure?” I preyed she was.

“Yes. Make love to me Adam.”

We stopped, and began to kiss more passionately. Gently I began to
remove Jelena’s top. While I was doing this she was pulling at the
buttons on my shirt. Her hands were shaking, she was nervous, we
both were. “Do this right,” I screamed at myself in my head.

We shuffled over to the bed, not breaking the kiss for an instant. I
allowed her to lie on top of me. She began to kiss round my neck and
face, gaining in confidence with every second that went by. Briefly
breaking contact she pushed my shirt off of my shoulders, revealing
my tanned chest. She then lifted her arms so I could pull her top
over her head, in doing so revealing her tits encased in a bra. I
gently slid my hands round her back and undid the clasp, easing the
garment down her muscular arms. Glancing at her exposed chest
properly for the first time my breath caught. Sure, she wasn’t
large, but her tits were so perfect. The soft skin was warm to my
touch, and her small nipples began to grow hard. Sensing her
discomfort at my staring I quickly moved back to kissing her mouth,
anxious not to frighten her in any way.

I gently began to slide my hands down her back, reaching her pert
ass and tracing the outline with my finger. She shifted slightly on
top of me to undo my belt, and finishing the task she tried to pull
my trousers down. I lifted off the bed to help her, and soon they
were around my ankles. Jelena began to stroke my cock through my
shorts, and I remembered the first time I felt her loving touch. I
grew harder than I had ever been, desperate to be inside of her.

Making my first aggressive move I grabbed her trousers at the
waistband and tugged them down, taking her panties with them,
revealing her glorious snatch. Covered in soft blonde hair she
looked very tight, and very aroused. Running my finger down the
length of her opening she stiffened and moaned into my ear. “I want
it now.”

Knowing better than to argue I rolled her over so I was on top, and
forced my boxers down my leg, kicking them off. I then positioned
myself right above Jelena’s cunt. Her eyes were closed, desperate
for the first moment of pleasure she tried to buck her hips and draw
me in. Remembering how she teased me when she jerked me off I
decided to repay her by running the head of my cock along her
opening a few times, feeling the wetness collecting on her lips. She
whimpered at me to enter her and so I gently moved down, inserting
my cock into her first few inches of tunnel before I hit the
obstruction. Looking up I saw the fear appear in her eyes once
again. I had to reassure her.

“It will be over soon. Think warm thoughts.”

With that I lowered my head to her breast and gently sucked, trying
to distract her from the inevitable pain. Her skin was warm and
salty wherever I put my tongue. Pushing my hips forward I felt the
tear and quickly looked up to see Jelena’s eyes clenched shut. “It’s
over baby,” I whispered.

Pushing my cock further in to her I revelled in her tightness, the
warmth encasing my dick. I knew there was no way in hell I was going
to last long inside her so I moved slowly, trying to make her first
time memorable. I tried to vary my pace and angle, sometimes upward,
sometimes down. She loved the surprise and became vocal about it.
Jelena’s soft moans only served to excite me even more, and I loved
having full control over her body. I pulled out, wanting to tease,
wanting her to beg for me to be inside her. She whimpered at me
again “Please”. I moved into her, but only for one thrust until I
moved out again. She grew tired of the teasing, trying to force her
way into control again.

Her move surprised me, and I had no way to combat her aggression.
She flipped me over as if I weighed as much as a feather and began
to ride me, having grown bored of my slow pace. She tossed her head
and threw her long hair back over her shoulders. Pressing down on my
chest with her hands I was treated to an amazing view of her tits
swaying above me. Her womanly hips bucking on to me made her cunt
feel incredible, and I tried to savour every moment. By this time I
was struggling to control myself, and when Jelena leaned down and
started biting my neck the animalistic passion sent me over the
edge. I felt the cum explode from my dick, filling her insides. She
raked her fingernails down my chest, loving the sensation. I fired
again and again into her, and she finally collapsed on my chest,
both of us breathless. I pulled her up and began to kiss her again,
trying to bring her down from the high.

She refused to cooperate until I slid a finger into her snatch,
trying to bring her the orgasm she craved. At that point she
screamed. “Oh, please Adam”.

She was well lubricated from our fucking, and I had no problem
inserting two fingers into her hot cunt. She quickly drenched my
fingers, and the smell of her sex drifted into the air. I used my
other hand to pull her head up, locking her eyes on mine, enjoying
the look of pure desire in her eyes, no doubt reciprocated by me.

I pushed my fingers into her again and again, enjoying her aroused
state. She tried to buck her hips and meet my hand on the way up,
and I let her control the pace as she tried to build herself to
orgasm. Deciding now was the time for the final present I used my
thumb to pivot and stroke her clit, trying to get her off. She
ground her face into my shoulder, biting the soft flesh. Eventually
it proved enough. She came, soaking my hand with her juices and she
moaned, exhausted from our fucking.

We lay in silence for a while, and I gently stroked her hair.
Eventually she raised her head from my chest to make eye contact.
Deciding now was the time to speak, I screwed up my reserves of
courage and opened my mouth, only for her to beat me to it.

“I love you. It’s OK if you don’t feel the same, but you should know

She searched into my eyes for the reply she wanted. Sure enough, she
got it. I was so happy she felt the same way and pulling myself
together I spoke, reassuring her.

“No, no. It’s OK, I love you to, I want to be with you for ever.” I

The relief in her eyes was tangible, and we shared a smile and a
brief kiss before I pulled her out of bed and towards the bathroom.

“You said you wanted a go in the whirlpool with me didn’t you. Well,
you’re going to get your wish.” She ran in front of me, and I gave
her ass a playful slap.

She leaned on the doorframe, completely naked and wanting more.

“You want my body again Adam, do you?” The answer was obvious by
looking at my cock.

She continued “Come and get it then”

The spa couldn’t fill fast enough as we sat on the edge, sucking on
each other’s mouths like we couldn’t get enough. The water finally
reached the top, and I stepped in, offering my hand as support.
“Always the gentleman” I said. She smiled, accepting my arm. For
once I mislead her, tugging on it sharply and sending her tumbling
into the water, which splashed everywhere. She emerged, soaking wet
and an evil smile on her face.

“You are so going to pay for that” she challenged me, the only woman
I have ever let do so.

I smirked back “How are you going to do that?”

She swam up to me, pinning me against the side of the basin. “You
aren’t going to get to cum,” she whispered into my ear, “until I let


We stayed in the spa for hours, exploring every inch of each other’s
bodies. True to her word she carried out her threat, teasing me
until she took pity and letting me jerk off over her tits.
Eventually we retired to the bed, falling asleep in each other’s


That brings us to my opening paragraph.

Jelena stirs in my arms, and raises herself to look at my eyes.
Brushing my hair away from my forehead she looks deep into my eyes.
I trace the scar on her stomach with my little finger. She speaks.

“We are going to make this work”, she states simply.

I use the words that were my first sentence to her.

“I have a question, well, two questions to ask you if I may.” She
smiles, recognising the irony. She nods, and I continue.

“Firstly, how long to we have to make it work for? And second, when
can I make love to you again?”

She places small kisses on my collarbone, and then pauses to reply.

“Forever, and now”

Rolling her over, I slipped my hand down to her snatch, her soft
moans music to my ears.

The End


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