A Meet and Greet with Miranda

Story Title: A Meet and Greet with Miranda

Author’s Name: JJGARCES1980

Content Codes: MF, cons, preg

Celebrity: Miranda Lambert

Disclaimer: “This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.”

Miranda Lambert is one of the biggest names in all of music, and so I considered myself fortunate that I even won the chance to meet her in person in the first place.

What I was most looking forward to as I waited in the meet and greet line after her show, of course, was the chance I would have to be close enough to her to try and work my way into some alone time with her.

“Hey Miranda…my name’s John…I’m one of your biggest fans,” I said to her as I introduced myself to her and tried not to get lost in her sparkling baby blue eyes as they stared back at me, Miranda signing my picture of her as I checked her out in her tight black pair of pants and tight little grey tank top.

“Here you go John…nice to meet you,” she told me, trying to avert her eyes from the noticeable bulge I had in my pants, brushing the hair out of her face as she shyly smiled at me and motioned toward her bus, “and if you want to prove how big of a fan of mine you are, go wait over there, baby.”

“Ms. Lambert would like to invite you onto her bus,” a security guy told me as he led me in and locked the door behind him, telling me Miranda would be returning shortly.

“Oh good John, you made it,” Miranda told me as she arrived at her bus and closed and locked the door behind her, smiling flirtatiously at me as she walked over to me, “I always like to give some of my biggest male fans a cheap thrill by spending some time alone with them. And the minute I saw you, I knew you were going to be the one I brought back here to have some fun with tonight.”

‘I’m probably stupid for asking this Miranda, but why do you do it? Isn’t your marriage to Blake a happy one?” I asked her as she led me by the hand to the bed in the back of her bus, sitting down on the edge of it as she answered me.

“Let’s just say that sometimes the tabloids are right,” she whispers to me as she grabs me by the arm and locks her eyes on me, piercing me with her baby blues as she pulls me down on the bed with her.
“That’s a shame Miranda,” I told her as I looked her deep in the eyes and placed a hand on her thigh as I moved in for a kiss, “because if I was with someone like you, I would treat you like the queen you are every day of your life.”

“UH,” she moaned softy in my ear as I took the hand that was on her thigh and let it wander between her legs, pushing her gently down onto the bed as I pulled her shirt up over her head.

“I can stop any time you want me to Miranda baby,” I whispered to her as I tugged at her pants and felt her lifting her hips to help me get them off of her, kissing the side of her neck as she pulled my shirt up over my head and struggled to free my dick.

“I don’t usually let guys go all the way with me when I do this, but rumor is Blake’s fucking my best friend behind my back,” she whispered to me as I unhooked her bra and pulled her panties down as I kissed her neck again and then started to work my way lower down her body.

“Then maybe you should let me help you get even with him,” I softly whispered to her as I started to suck on her tits, her back arching as she shut her gorgeous baby blues and let me start having my way with her.

“Tell me when to stop or I’m going to fuck you tonight Miranda,” I whispered to her, knowing I would be unable to control myself the further that she let things go as I started to suck on her tits as she placed her hands on the back of my head to hold me there.

“FUCK…suck on my tits…OHGOD…” she moans as she throws her head back and arches her back, her hips starting to thrust into mine in a clear sign she wanted me to go lower.

“Lick…my pussy…” she managed to moan as I worked over her tits, giving her a long, deep kiss as I parted her legs and teased her by running my tongue along her smooth pussy slit before sliding it into her and starting to eat her out.

“SHIT…so tight Miranda…I bet my dick will feel good inside of you later…” I softly said to her as I placed my hands on her thighs to hold them apart as I darted my tongue in and out of her hungry cunt, her juices starting to coat it after a few minutes of me licking away at her insides.

“OHGOD…YES…CUMMING…” she purred as she shot her cream out all over my tongue as I held it inside of her and lapped away at her cunt walls as she squeezed her legs around my head and rode out her orgasm.

Seeing my chance to go all the way with her, I finished drinking down her sweet nectar and backed my tongue out of her, only to quickly slide my rock-hard dick into her and start fucking her tight pussy with it.

“OHGOD…UH…fuck…me…” she hissed as I started to thrust into her, showing no signs that she wanted me to stop as I drilled her tight, hot pussy and occasionally sucked on her tits.

“SHIT…you feel so damn good Miranda…” I whispered to her as I pounded away on her tight box, her walls wrapping tightly around my cock as I slammed it into the deepest walls of her cunt.

“OHGOD…OHGODYES…there…gonna cum…” she hissed when she felt my dick sliding into her g-spot, her back arching high in the air and her eyes rolling back in her head as I started to hammer into her at that spot inside of her, feeling her cumming all over my dick in response.

“GOD…cum for Miranda…gonna cum soon…” I warned her as I started to pick up the pace of my movements inside of her, fully expecting her to not give me the honor of spewing my load inside of her.

“Miranda…gonna…cum…” I whispered through clenched teeth as I gave her a few more thrusts and shot my load deep into her pussy, unable to hold out anymore as my seed started to flood into her womb.

“OHGOD…YES…fucking cum inside me John…I need it so bad…” she hissed when she felt my seed shooting into her, pushing her hips into mine as I finished cumming in her and slowly pulled out of her as we began to make out on the bed.

“You’re definitely putting that thing back inside me tonight…but I want to suck on it before you do…” she purred in my ear as she wrapped her hands around my dick and lead it to her mouth, licking her lips as she started to suck my dick.

“OH FUCK…suck it Miranda…I can’t wait to stick it in your pussy again later baby…” I told her as I placed my hands on the back of her head and guided her a little further down onto my cock as she bobbed her head back and forth on it, her eyes closing as she started to play with my balls.

“MMM…so hot…” she hissed from around my dick as she sucked down on it, her nails dragging along my balls and causing me to jerk my head back as I pushed my dick to the back of her throat.

“Come on Miranda baby…make me cum…” I whispered to her as she ran her tongue along the tip of my dick and slurped away on it as I started to cum down her throat.

“MMM…you taste good baby…” she teased me as she held my dick in place and swallowed down my load, her hands sliding up and down my shaft a few times as she let me guide it away from her mouth.

“Ride me Miranda…just like I’ve always fantasized about baby…” I told her as she climbed on top of me and kissed me as she lowered her dripping pussy down onto my dick as I grabbed her hips and started to show her the rhythm I wanted her to go at.

“FUCK…tear me up John…pound my pussy baby…” Miranda moaned as I started to drive my dick up into her, her walls starting to cling tightly to it as I pushed it up against her cervix and bottomed out inside of her.

“OHGOD…so tight Miranda…I hope you’re on the pill…cause I’m gonna cum in you again baby…” I whispered to her as I felt her tight cunt walls starting to put the squeeze on my dick as I thrust balls-deep into her as she came for me again.

“SHIT…OHGOD…fuck me…cum inside me John…” she purred as I grabbed her by the hips and erupted deep into her pussy, her walls clinging to my dick as she bounced happily up and down on my dick, her head thrown back as her eyes rolled back in her head.

“UH…YES…give me your cum…” she moaned as I shot a few final thick, sticky strands of my cum into her and slowly pulled my dick out of her as we once again started to make out on the bed in her bus.

“You never did tell me if you’re on birth control…” I teased her as we made out some more before she got up and unlocked the door to the bus, signaling that we were done for the night.

“Why don’t you let me worry about that John?” she softly told me as she kissed me one last time and watched me leave her bus, “it’s not like we’re ever going to see each other again after tonight, anyway.”

And that was the last I thought of the night that I spent with Miranda on her bus, rat least until she announced her pregnancy, and though the rest of the world assumed it belonged to Blake, I was pretty sure it was mine.

And when I mysteriously received a gift in the mail that turned out to be an all-expenses paid trip to Miranda’s next show, I knew it was mine, especially since she took the time to leave me a note that said as much:

“Dear John, thank you for the night that we spent together on my bus, and as I’m sure you know by now, I’m pregnant with your baby. Please come to the show so we can discuss our future in private. Love, Miranda.”

To be continued…

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