A Model’s Vacation

A Models Vacation

By: Anonymous

Note: This entire story takes place from the third person point of


Scene 1. A sexy model named Gisele Bundchen is seen leaving her room
at a ritzy motel to go excercise at the gym the motel has.

Scene 2. Gisele is wearing her tight excercise outfit with socks and
sneakers. Her sexy long, red hair is tucked under a baseball cap and
she has shades on to help disquise herself.

Scene 3. An obsessed fan jimmies her door and gets inside Gisele’s
suite while she’s out.

Scene 4. The obsessed
fan is consumed with smelling Gisele’s
underwear and socks recently worn in the days before.

Scene 5. Gisele does a rigorous cardio workout and sweats out alot
of calories.

Scene 6. Giseles takes a shower and gets dressed in a sexy long
black dress with matching black heels. A black bra and panties hide beneath her

Scene 7. Gisele gets back to her sweet and enters, totally unaware
that she’s not alone.

Scene 8. Gisele places a DO NOT DISTURB sign on her doorknob and
closes the door.

Scene 9. The perverted and obsessed fan drops Gisele’s used Lingerie
and prepares for the real thing to make her entrance.

Scene 10. The obsessed fan pulls out a siringe filled with sodium
penathol that he has plans to stick Gisele with once he renders her

Scene 11. The obsessed fan pulls out a blackjack and waits, hiding
inside a closet next to the bed with the door slightly ajar so he can see
when to make his move.

Scene 12. Gisele enters the bedroom and turns on the radio.

Scene 13. Gisele begins to dance rather provocatively to a song by
Christina Aguilera.

Scene 14. Gisele’s dance is seen and enjoyed by the obsessed fan
hiding in the closet and just as she starts dancing his manhood gets an
instant hard on.

Scene 15. While Gisele is pre-occupied with dancing around her
bedroom rather provocatively, the obsessed fan seizes the opportunity and surprises

Scene 16. Gisele is bashed in the back of the head with the crazed
fan’s blackjack and the gorgeous model crumbles foward onto her stomach,
across the bed.

Scene 17. The obsessed fan sticks his siringe into Gisele’s left ass
cheek and injects her with all of it’s doseage.

Scene 18. After the siringe is empty our crazed fan pulls it out and
licks the tip in a very sensual way while staring down at Gisele’s gifted

By know you’ve obviously gotten wood.

Scene 19. Our crazed fan reaches inside closet and pulls out a video
camera and set’s it up.

Scene 20. Gisele just lie’s on her stomach out cold from the blow to
the head and also from the anestisia our crazed, perverted fan administered.

Scene 21. Our perverted fan returns to his prize and pulls up
Gisele’s black dress while running his hands up her thighs and exposes her perfect

Scene 22. Our perverted fan dives in and begins to inhale Gisele’s
sweet scented ass through her sexy black designer panties.

Scene 23. Gisele is powerless to stop his pervertedness and his
camera is recording all of this!

Scene 24. Our obsessed fan becomes drunk off her deliciously scented
ass and then pulls her panties down to her ankles revealing her horney white
well shavened ass!

Scene 25. Our crazed and perverted fan pulls Gisele’s limp body onto
the bed (for proper humping offcourse).

Scene 26. Our crazed and horney stalker strips off his clothes in
record time and he stands there almost about to climax before he has her but

Scene 27. Our stalker crawls overtop of Gisele’s slumbering figure
and positions himself.

Scene 28. Now he is ready. Our horney stalker mounts the slumbering

Scene 29. Gisele slowly straddles the bed as he enters her.

Scene 30. Our horney stalker begins to rape Gisele while she lies
lifeless beneath him!

Scene 31. Gisele lifelessly straddles the bed as our stalker rapes

Scene 32. Our crazed stalker lets out a load moan of satisfaction as
his climax drives him over the edge of sanity.

Scene 33. Our stalker has turned into a rapist now, but who will
ever know if he can keep the lovely model all to himself!

Scene 34. Our newly born rapist get dressed and wraps Gisele up in
her sheets along with all her clothes and belongings, then grabs the camera
containing some very enjoyable footage.

Scene 35. Our perverted rapist goes down to the laundry room and
grabs a big laundry basket used by the cleaning service.

Scene 36. our stalker gets dressed up like the cleaning service and
goes back to Giseles room.

Scene 37. Gisele Bundchon’s wrapped body and belonging are thrown
inside big laundry basket and wheeled through hotel and down to the laundry

Scene 38. Gisele while still hidden away inside the laundry basket
is carted down to the parking garage beneath the hotel.

Scene 39. Our crazed fan was not stupid though and parked right next
to the elevator, beneath the camera’s in the garage.

Scene 40. Our crazed but smart fan loads up his van with Gisele and
her belongings as well as his video camera and drives off into the

Scene 41. Gisele shakes back and forth lifelessly as our crazed and
perverted fan/rapist/kidnapper drives off with his most prized posession!

Scene 42. Endless ideas of pervertidness swim around our stalkers
head as he drives off un-noticed and un-detected.

Scene 43. Van is seen from behind dissapearing into the blackened

Gisele belongs to her captor now and is kept drugged up all the time
so he can take her when-ever, wherever and however he wishes.

Gisele Bundchon is never seen again and her crazed stalker fan lives
out all his fantasies as many times as he can………

The End

Story by Anonymous

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