A Mother’s Job is Never Done (Part 2)

Title: A Mother’s Job is Never Done (Part 2)

Author: Leader, TheBigLove126

Celebs: Ariel Winter

Codes: M+F, F+F, celeb, rape, oral, anal, tort, bond, beast, toys

Summary: Ariel’s mother sells her daughter off once again.

Disclaimer: The following story is in no way true. This is a rape story featuring an underage celebrity, so if this offends you then you should probably turn away now.

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – thebiglove126@yahoo.com or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online.

A Mother’s Job is Never Done – Part 2 The Breaking

Ariel’s mother walked into the kitchen and smiled at the sight before her. Ariel was trembling, still duct taped to the kitchen table; her aching, defiled body still completely covered in cum with the long, thick handle of the hairbrush was still forcing her ass open. Ariel quickly began struggling at her restraints as she saw her mother approach her.

“Aww does someone want their mommy to let them off the kitchen table?” Ariel’s mother asked in a mocking tone.

“MMPPHH!!!! MMMMPPHHH!!!!!!” Ariel tried to scream at the awful woman before her, but the tape covering her mouth allowed only muffled sounds to escape.

“Okay, I’ll release you but I want you to say something for me,” she said as she ripped the tape off of Ariel’s mouth, causing the girl to yelp in pain. “I want you to say ‘I’m a spoiled, little slut, and from now on I will do whatever my mother tells me to do’,” her mother said with a laugh.

Hearing this, Ariel lost it completely. “You sadistic bitch!!!!!! I’ll see you rot in jail for this!!!!!!”

“That was a big mistake you brat,” Ariel’s mother said as she slammed her daughter’s head into the table, knocking the girl out cold. “To think I may have actually spared you from what I have planned next.”

Ariel awoke a few hours later in the backseat of her mother’s car. Where her mother was taking her, she had no idea. She was still a bit groggy from the beating she had received but she slowly came to realize her arms were completely duct taped to her sides and her ankles were duct taped together as well. She was also surprised to find that she was now wearing the tight black cocktail dress and black heels. This was the same getup she had worn on her fifteenth birthday.

“Whats going on?! Where are you taking me?!” Ariel asked, indignant and frightened.

“Well I happened to meet a group of bikers down at that biker bar on highway 57 who said they were very interested in meeting you. I arranged a little playdate and sleepover for you,” Ariel’s mother said with a chuckle.

“You can’t do this!! Shanelle knows where I am!! She’ll call the police if I don’t come home!!” Ariel screamed

“Oh right your sister…I forgot to tell you, she texted you about an hour ago while you were napping so I responded for you,” Ariel’s mother said smiling. “I told her that you thought we were making good progress in our relationship and you wanted to stay for a few days to work things out!”

Hearing this, Ariel felt a sick feeling in her stomach. She knew now that she was at her mother’s mercy and to make matters worse, they had arrived at the bar. Her time was up.

Ariel quickly looked out the window to survey her surroundings. They were on what looked like an empty desert road with were no other cars or buildings in sight. In front of their car was an old dilapidated bar. Dozens of motorcycles were parked in front and walking towards the car were two large bikers.

“Were you the woman Murray was talking about? The one with the hot daughter?” the one biker asked.

“Yes she’s in the back seat. If you two wouldn’t mind unloading her for me, that would be great,” she responded.

Ariel couldn’t believe what she was hearing. That bitch was referring to her as if she were a pile of laundry or a bag of groceries. She quickly squirmed over to the other side of the car as the biker opened her car door. She tried to kick at him but he effortlessly grabbed her bound legs.

“Let me go!!! Let me go you bastards!!!!” Ariel screamed as the biker tossed her over his shoulder.

“Ha! Go ahead and scream princess, ain’t nobody around to hear ya!” the other biker said.

Both bikers walked across the parking lot with Ariel’s mom as Ariel remained on the one man’s shoulder. Ariel continued to scream and thrash furiously to try and escape, but to no avail.

“Unh this bitch sure is a feisty one,” the biker said as Ariel’s thrashing legs narrowly avoided his head.

“Yeah I’m sorry about that. I’m afraid she’s gonna need a lot of punishment, she’s awful stubborn,” Ariel’s mom said with a wink.

“Of course, that just makes what we got planned even more fun,” the other biker said with a laugh.

“Well that’s good because this little bitch is too privileged. I think it’s time she learned a lesson about pain,” Ariel’s mother said as she slapped her daughter across the face, causing her to go silent out of shock and fear.

The four of them entered the bar and were greeted with a large chorus of cheers and hollers. Ariel looked around the room and there had to have been at least fourteen guys, not one of them even vaguely attractive, and she noticed three sleazy looking women scattered throughout them.

“Man, take a look at her! She can’t be more than 15!!” shouted one man.

“I can’t wait to bust up that tight pussy!!” shouted another biker.

“I can’t wait to feel her tongue in my cunt!” shouted one of the women, horrifying Ariel even further.

A large man walked over to them. Ariel estimated he was around fifty years old and stood about 6’3”. He was overweight and sweaty with a large unkempt beard. The thought that she might end up having sex with him absolutely horrified her. She found him repulsive.

“So this is the sweet little pussy you promised us?” Murray asked, looking over Ariel’s tight body.

“Yep that’s her, and she’s all yours for the night,” her mother said with a smile.

“Well hot damn! This cunts better than I could’ve imagined!” Murray said with a look of sadistic glee on his face.

“Yep and I don’t want you to hold back on her at all! This bitch needs to learn just how bad life can get for her!” Ariel’s mother said, slapping Ariel on the ass and causing her to give a small yelp.

“Oh you don’t have to tell us that! We’ll make sure to put this little bitch in serious pain!” Murray said with a smile.

“Good! Well then I’ll leave you too it then. Goodbye honey, I’ll be back to pick you up tomorrow…if I remember, that is,” her mother cackled as she walked towards the exit.

“No please no!!! Don’t leave me with them!!! I’m sorry!!! Please Mommy come back!!!” Ariel shouted, terror stricken and crying, as her mother left the bar without looking back.

“Well sweetcheeks , it looks like your stuck with us,” Murray said, looking into the girls terrified face. “Mack, why don’t you set her down on the pool table!”

Without a word, the man carrying the bound girl obediently placed her on the pool table. She lay flat on her back, thrashing desperately like a fish out of water to get out of her bonds. The men obviously enjoyed seeing her squirm like this.

“Woo look at her go!!” one of the men hollered.

Ariel was terrified and humiliated, causing her to stop squirming. Ariel knew there was no point in asking these men to let her go.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked whimpering.

“Aww I’d hate to spoil the surprise,” Murray said, grinning at her.

“So how we gonna decide who gets first crack at her?” one of the bikers yelled.

Ariel’s mind was racing. She was sure she could never survive all of these men.

“Well I thought we would decide by a friendly game of darts,” Murray said as all of the men cheered upon hearing this.

Ariel was confused. She looked around but didn’t see any kind of dartboard. Suddenly, a few of the men gathered around Ariel in a menacing circle. They ripped the tape off of her and then they took a knife and cut the cocktail dress to shreds as she whimpered. Ariel tried to cover herself as she was wearing nothing but her black lacy bra and thong. Meanwhile all of the bikers just hooted and hollered at her. She could feel dozens of eyes leering at her almost naked body, even the few girls she noticed in the bar…everyone was staring at her with animalistic lust in their eyes.

Murray gave a small hand gesture causing the men to cut off her panties and bra as she screamed and kicked at the men. It wasn’t long before she once again found herself stripped of her clothing, her beautiful black cocktail dress laying in tatters on the pool table. One of the men grabbed her shoulders while the other man grabbed her ankles as they moved her over to the wall.

“What are you doing?!” Ariel cried

“What do you think were doing? Can’t play darts without a dartboard. String her up boys!” Murray said with a cold smile on his face.

Ariel screamed as the men brought her over to the wall. They grabbed some rope and bound her wrists together as she struggled. Then, using her bound wrists, they hung her from a hook on the wall. Then the men grabbed each leg and pulled them up so that they were next to her arms. Ariel Screamed in pain as her flexibility was pushed to its limit. They then used ropes to connect her legs to her wrists so that her legs were now next to her ears. Ariel didn’t know what was worse, the excruciating pain from having her ankles directly next to her ears, or the fact that her tight teen pussy and ass were now completely exposed to everyone in the room. However, she knew that the worst was yet to come.

“Please don’t do this!!!” Ariel begged while hanging from the wall.

Murray approached Ariel with a giant black ballgag. “Here doll, this is so that you have something to bite down on when the game starts,” Murray said with a laugh as he stuffed the giant ball in her mouth.

It took a few tries as Murray realized it may have been a size to big for the teen girl, but eventually he managed to fit the whole thing in her mouth and connected the straps behind her head.

“MMMMMMPPPHHHHH!!” Ariel screamed as her mouth was completely filled, stretching her tiny jaw to its limit.

“Alright boys let the game begin!” Murray said as the rest of the bikers cheered.

“NNNUUUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!!!! NNNNNNNNNNNNUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Ariel screamed, shaking her head from side to side and desperately trying to move her arms and legs.

“Alright boys, here’s how it goes: 1 point for the body, 5 points for her tits and ass cheeks, and hitting her pussy is the bull’s eye. Mack, we know you’re not the best shot so we’ll let you go first.”

The man named Mack stood about seven feet from Ariel with six darts in hand. She quivered as he raised the first dart. She clenched her body in preparation for the pain she knew was coming. He tossed the dart and she closed her eyes tight. She heard something hit the wall next to her and looked down to see the dart impaled in the wall right next to her stomach.

“Ohhh zero points for that one! Come on Mack you can do better than that!” said Murray, egging Mack on.

Mack raised his next dart, and again Ariel closed her eyes tight in anticipation.

“AAAAAAAAAAUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Ariel screamed as she felt an intense pain in the lower part of her stomach.

She looked down to see the dart impaled in her stomach. It felt like a giant needle right next to her belly button. The dart wasn’t in enough to cause any serious damage but it went in just enough to cause her serious pain.

The men were cheering and hollering as Mack threw another dart causing Ariel to scream again. This time the dart hit her in her right shoulder. She tried to plead but her mouth was completely stuffed full with the gag. Mack threw another dart that hit the wall. Unlike the first dart, this one was no relief as Ariel cried from the pain in her stomach and shoulder. The next two shots though are when Mack really got lucky

As Mack raised his fourth dart he planned his throw. He knew he had to step up his game as he gazed upon the beautiful, tight, nubile teenager in front of him. So far he had only gotten two points and knew he needed some serious points on these final two shots. Mack took a breath before throwing the next dart. Ariel saw it whizz threw the air before hitting her straight and true on her left breast. The pain she felt was indescribable; it was the worst pain she had ever felt in her life…until the next dart hit straight in the bull’s eye.

“BULLSEYE!!!!” Murray shouted as all of the men cheered.

Ariel was in too much pain to even scream. All she could do was make animalistic grunts through the ball gag.

“Alright Mack, that’s 17 points! Those were some great shots at the end!” Murray said, patting Mack on the back as Ariel shook and screamed in pain.

“Alright next up!” Murray said as the next biker pulled the darts out of Ariel, causing even more pain before finally giving her some relief.

The relief was short lived however as the man threw his five throws. He was a much better shot than Mack, getting two in her left butt cheek, one in her pussy and one right above her nipple.

The next hour was one big blur of immense pain for Ariel.  Twelve more men had thrown and there was not an inch of Ariel’s lower body that had not been hit by a dart. She must have gotten hit in her pussy and ass fifteen times and twenty times on her breasts.

Then the final man stepped up. He was a large muscular man like Mack and he had two large scars on his face. He stepped back and tossed his five darts. He was an excellent shot getting three darts hanging off her beautiful pussy, one hitting her ass cheeks and one was impaled in her left nipple. Ariel screamed and cried. Her whole body was on fire, the worst pain being focused on her pussy and breasts. Her wrists were on fire from the strain of how she was hung. Her calves were stretched to their limit and her jaw was numb from being stretched by the ball gag.

“We have a winner!!” Murray shouted, patting the man on the back. “She’s all yours Zack, don’t be gentle,” Murray said to the man. “Oh hey Vic, grab the camera! I say we record this for future prosperity.”

Ariel screamed when she heard this and saw a man go to the back room. She screamed and struggled as the large man approached her. She was in so much pain and she could not bear the thought of being raped in front of all these men, let alone a camera.

The young girl shook and cried as Zack unbuckled his pants. He positioned his dick at the entrance of her pussy. Zack took a moment and looked into her eyes. Ariel looked back at him with pleading eyes. Zack smiled at her and then brutally thrust into her abused pussy as she screamed.

“UNNHHH UNNNHHHH UUNNHHH UNNHHHH!” she grunted with each thrust.

Finally, the man pushed against Ariel as he came into her. The men cheered as he pulled out of her, cum dripping out of her pussy.

“Hey boys, grab a bucket or something! I don’t want to have to clean this stuff off the floor,” he yelled out.

“I found Rex’s bowl, we could use that,” one of the men said bringing over a doggy bowl.

“Alright we’ll just have to make sure we clean it good afterwards,” Murray said as they placed it on the floor underneath Ariel, catching the cum dripping from her pussy.

“Alright boys, who’s next?” Murray shouted.

Another biker ran up and stood in front of Ariel. He was much more well-endowed than the first one. She could feel herself being stretched from the short sharp thrusts of the man. The sound of his skin slapping against her thighs was heard throughout the room until the man finally came in Ariel’s pussy. He pulled out as more cum dripped into the dog bowl below her.

Ariel was humiliated as man after man raped her senselessly. She went into a form of autopilot until she heard the next man approaching her.

“I can’t wait to shove my dick in this bitch’s sweet ass,” he said as he walked towards her.

Ariel screamed in her gag and shook her head but it was useless as the man spread her cheeks and positioned his dick at the entrance. He began to enter in with slow, agonizing thrusts. Each thrust bringing a grunt from the girl hanging on the wall.

Once the biker was all the way in, he pulled all the way out and then brutally thrust back in. Ariel screamed in pain feeling as if a red-hot iron rod was being shoved inside her. The man continued thrusting like this, each thrust moving her up and down the wall by about an inch.

After ten minutes of being brutally sodomized, Ariel felt the man’s seed shoot deep into her bowels. She shuddered and hung her head low as the rest of the men hooped and hollered. Her stretched thighs were burning at this point and her wrists ached from the strain. Cum dripped from her asshole and finished filling the dog bowl to the top.

Murray looked at the girl hanging on the wall. Her head hung low as she sobbed, her hair covering her face and tiny dart marks were scattered throughout her lower body. It was a good start, but she was nowhere near where he wanted her.

“Alright boys take her down, she’s going to clean out Rex’s doggie bowl for us,” he commanded as Ariel’s face immediately went pale. “Get her up on the bar so we can all watch!”

The pretty, dark-haired girl was hoisted onto the long bar that stretched along one side of the room. She was forced onto her hands and knees as one of the bikers removed the ball gag. Ariel began to move her jaw in relief from having it no longer stretched to its limit. The relief was short lived though as Murray plopped the metal dog bowl in front of her.

“Dinner is served, bitch! You lick that bowl clean, ya hear? Rex don’t like a dirty bowl and if I find even a drop of spunk left in there, I’m gonna let Rex plow that tight cunt of yours!” he yelled.

Ariel’s mind raced with terror at hearing that. Being raped by a dog?! These men were absolutely evil if they did that to her. Ariel decided she better do whatever these pigs wanted to prevent something like that from happening.

She looked down at the bowl of foul, slimy liquid. The scent filled her nostrils and that was almost enough to make her retch. She had never actually tasted cum before. The first time she was raped, the men had shot their loads right down her throat and she hadn’t really tasted it.

Slowly, she leaned down and began to lap at it with her tongue. She gagged as it slid along her tongue and down her gullet. It was the most horrid-tasting stuff she’d ever encountered. Ariel did her best to suppress her gag reflex and tried to concentrate on something else to take her mind off the taste of the cum.

“YEAH! DRINK THAT CUM!” one of the men yelled out.

“CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!” the men and women in the room all began to chant.

“Come on, honey,” yelled one of the women. “Ya better git used to the taste of that stuff. There’s gonna be a lot goin’ down yer throat!”

Ariel’s stomach was churning as she lapped up more of the slimy splooge. It coated her tongue and chin and each swallow was a struggle. She was about three quarters of the way done when Murray grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back.

Another biker picked up the dog bowl and as Murray held Ariel by the hair, they tipped up the bowl and poured the rest into her mouth.

“That’s it!” growled Murray. “Guzzle that cum, ya little whore! All you high class Hollywood bitches are good fer nothin’ but drinkin’ cum anyway!”

Ariel’s eyes grew big as the bowl of cum was dumped in her mouth and she tried to swallow it all at once. She coughed and sputtered as it slid down into her stomach. She tried with all her might to keep from vomiting.

Then they made her lick the bowl completely clean with her cute little tongue. One of the men, wielding a whip, struck her multiple times while her face was buried in the bowl. There was a couple dribbles on the bar and they made her lick that up too. Ariel was finally done and she glanced at herself in a large mirror behind the bar.

She was a mess. Cum was smeared all over her mouth and cheeks and there were large globs hanging down from her chin and nose. Some of it had even dripped onto her tits while she was chugging with little globs hanging of her pert nipples.

“Look at the little cumfaced whore!” yelled a biker in the bar.

“That’s a pretty good look,” replied another biker. “I like all my women to look like that!”

Murray looked down at the dog bowl. “Yeah, ya did a good job there, little Ariel. Rex’ll be happy, for now!”

“What’re we gonna do next?” asked Zack.

“It’s our turn,” yelled one of the women.

She was a tall, skinny woman named Myrna. Ariel could tell she was probably a very pretty woman at one time but her body and looks had been slightly ravaged over the years by the biker lifestyle. Too much drinking, drugs and smoking cigarettes…as the saying went, she had been rode hard and put away wet!

“Yeah, I want that little cutie’s tongue up my twat!” another slightly curvier blonde yelled out after her.

Ariel screamed out in horror as she saw the women approach her. This was turning into a nightmare from hell. She tried to get off the pool table but before she could make a move the men had her on her back. One of the men grabbed her wrist and tied it down to the corner of the pool table. He then did the same with her other wrist. Meanwhile the other man did the same process to her legs. Then both men pulled the ropes tight, stretching Ariel out to her limit once more.

She thrashed around desperately, but all she succeeded to do was turn the men on more. Finally realizing it’s futility, she stopped thrashing.

“Haven’t you bastards done enough to me?” Ariel asked with a tear stained, yet defiant look on her face

The bikers hooted and hollered at her little act of defiance while Murray simply walked over and slapped her hard across the face.

“Missy we’ve only just begun with you! You haven’t even serviced the women yet!”

“Yeah, we’ve been getting fucked all night while the guys watch you and someone’s got to clean all that cum out of our holes,” the skinnier woman said looking down at the horrified teen.

“No wait please don’t make me do that!! It’s disgusting!!!”

“Says the girl who’s covered in cum” she said mockingly.

Ariel could see the woman approaching and didn’t know what to do. With no other options, she clamped her mouth shut tight.

“Alright if that’s the way you want to do it. Would one of you guys grab that large spider gag we got?!” the woman yelled out.

Ariel’s mind was in a whirl as she heard this, she had no idea what a spider gag was but she knew it didn’t sound good. She then saw the man approach with what looked like a metal ring but on each side were two hook-like structures and both were attached to one end of a strap.

Ariel began to understand the purpose of the spider gag but knew that there was nothing they could do as long as she kept her mouth shut…that is until one of the men took out his lit cigarette and pressed it into her left areola. She could not help herself, the pain was excruciating. She could feel the nerves screaming in one of her most tender areas. Without even thinking she let out an ear-piercing scream which was all the opportunity the men needed to force the ring into her mouth, stretching it wide open.

“That’s a good girl,” the woman said mockingly. “Now you just wiggle that little tongue in my pussy and do a good job or else we’ll sear that other tit of yours, okay? Oh and make sure to get all that leftover cum out while you’re at it!”

Ariel tried to get out a few more garbled pleas passed the gag but it was soon muffled as the disgusting woman sat right on top of her face. She began to shiver as she felt the young girls inexperienced tongue poking inside her twat.

Ariel wanted to vomit as she tasted the left over cum that dripped onto her tongue as she licked the inside of the biker’s cunt. She continued licking until she heard the woman begin to moan.

“Oh yeah that’s it sweetheart, right there,” the woman said as she began to rub herself in response to Ariel’s licking.

It wasn’t long before the Ariel felt the woman tense up and then let out loud moan as a wave of feminine cum overflowed the young girls mouth. Ariel could feel it going down both tubes as she tried to swallow the foul liquid.

“Oh my god I have cum like that in years!!” the biker chick said as she sat up from Ariel’s mouth, leaving the teen to cough profusely with her face covered in cum from both genders.

“Laney, you gotta try this bitch. I’m telling you she’s excellent,” the biker chick said.

“Alright but I’ve been doing anal sex all night and I think my ass is gonna need a good tongue cleaning,” the fat woman known as Laney said as she began to get up on the pool table. “Lets see how good this bitch is with a rim job!”

“NUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHH!!!!!” Ariel screamed as Laney sat down with her face positioned right between her ass cheeks.

This was the second rim job Ariel had given today and it hadn’t gotten any easier. The cum dripping into her mouth from this woman’s ass again made her want to vomit but again she continued to probe her tongue inside the woman praying for the degradation to be over.

“Wow this bitch is good, but you know what would make it even better Tawnie?” Laney asked.

“What?” Tawnie replied with a smirk.

“If you grabbed that pool cue over there and made her scream a little bit, I love feeling a girl scream inside me!” Laney said with a sadistic smile.

Knowing exactly what Laney meant, Tawnie grabbed the pool cue and shoved the thick end inside of Ariel’s pussy. She elicited a muffled scream of pain under the overweight woman, causing her to shiver in pleasure.

Though Ariel’s pussy had been stretched slightly from all of the brutal rapes, it was nowhere near the amount it had to be to accommodate the pool cube as Tawnie bottomed it out inside the poor girl. Ariel felt her pussy being stretched to its limit and she could feel tiny splinters lodging inside of her, but she decided to focus on the rim job hoping that when she finished, the pain would end.

It took about five more minutes of the brutal pool cue rape before Ariel felt the woman shudder on top of her just as Tawnie had done. Laney began furiously rubbing herself until she squirted all over the defeated girl’s chest.

Ariel took a deep breath in and then just laid there as the woman got off of her face. Between the excruciating pains that flared all over and the mass amounts of both male and female cum that both covered and filled her, she was feeling truly broken.

“Alright boys, get her up” Morris said, looking down at the semi defeated girl tied down to the pool table.

“What are we gonna do now Morris??” one of the men asked excitedly.

“Well we’ve done a good job of breaking her but now its time we showed her just exactly what her place is in life. Boys, bring out Rex!” the men and women all cheered as one of the men went into the backroom.

Hearing this brought new fight to the girl. She began thrashing and kicking the men carrying her. She was screaming through the ring gag doing everything in her power to prevent this next extreme violation. The men positioned her between two woodblocks that were nailed to the floor.  The wood was just wide enough for the men to tie Ariel down doggy style between them. They tied her wrists down to the block in front of her, and then tied her ankles onto either side of the wood block behind her, keeping her uncomfortably bent and spread between them. The men then brought out a large black Doberman as Ariel screamed.

“Pllllllesssss nuuuhhhh aaaaattttttttttt,” was all she could say through the gag and she repeated it over and over as she heard the dog get closer.

One of the men placed a large mirror in front of her so that Ariel could fully see what was about to happen. What she saw looked so foreign to her, there was a young girl almost unrecognizable from all of the sticky liquid that covered her face and glossed over her body. This young girl was naked and tied on all fours to the floor. Most horrifying of all in the image was the large Doberman preparing to mount her from behind. Ariel almost would have believe that it wasn’t her until she began to feel his nails digging into her back as he steadied his position. Then she felt the Doberman’s cock fill her abused pussy, and from there she screamed until her voice was hoarse.

The dog began humping her with reckless abandonment as the bikers cheered around her. She could only release pained grunts as the dog had its way with her. She looked into the mirror and saw her body rocking quickly to the rhythm of the thrusts. It wasn’t long before Rex’s knot had swelled to the size of a baseball and was now stuck inside the girl until he finished. At this point Ariel couldn’t even scream anymore. Ariel could only stare in horror in the mirror in front of her. She saw the pained expression in her face, her gaped open mouth, and her large teen tits swinging back and forth with each thrust.  The pain she felt was immense but it was nowhere near the amount of shame and humiliation that filled her. She had been reduced to fucking a dog. It was the only thing that went through her head until the dog mercifully finished and filled the defeated girls pussy with canine cum.

Ariel’s mind was half gone at this point. She barely noticed as they brought the dog around to the front for her to clean off with her forced open mouth. She simply took in the large cock in front of her and sucked, She didn’t even fight it when the dog got a second wind and blew another load down her throat. She was broken and she knew it. The privileged star that once existed was no more, now she was just a slut to be fucked in all three holes by whatever gender or species that chose too.

Ariel’s mom arrived the next day to pick up her daughter and she was pleased with what she saw. As she paid the men there due, she saw her daughter completely shackled to a wall in the corner with men forming a line to use her mouth for a urinal. Ariel’s mouth wasn’t even forced open at this point, she was willingly taking each mans dick into her mouth and drinking down the piss as if it was water (something her mother felt the bikers probably did not provide much of to her spoiled daughter).

When she had finished paying the men, they unshackled Ariel from the wall and removed her gag but still the girl didn’t say a word. She was naked except for a spiked collar around her neck and the men led her over to her mother with a leash. She crawled to her mother on all fours and never took her eyes off the floor. Her mother took a closer look at her daughter and noticed the tiny dart pricks, whip marks, and dried cum that covered her tight nubile body. She lifted Ariels head with her hand and looked at it, noticing even more dried cum that covering it. Even while face to face with her mother Ariel was too broken to even make eye contact, continually keeping her eyes on the floor.

It was now that Ariel’s mother knew that her daughter would never dare defy her again. As she led her daughter with her leash to the car, Ariel’s devious mother thought of all the other ways she could make money off her newly broken daughter. She even thought about having Ariel try and draft her hot costar Sarah into the mix, but whatever would happen in the future, she knew that Ariel was finally all hers to command.

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