A Mother’s Job is Never Done

Title: A Mother’s Job is Never Done

Author: Leader, TheBigLove126

Celebs: Ariel Winter

Codes: M+F, rape, oral, anal, bond

Summary: Ariel confronts her mother, who shows her true colors.

Disclaimer: The following story is in no way true and involves and underage celebrity…not that it should matter her age. If you don’t like stories of underage girls getting ravished…first off, why not…it’s sexy as hell! Second, you have a back button on your browser, use that and leave now!

This story was written by Leader and edited by me. I was given permission to post it with myself listed as the co-author, as I did change slight things in the story. Any comments I get for the story will be forwarded to him as the story is the child of his brain and not mine.

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – thebiglove126@yahoo.com

It had been three weeks since Ariel Winter had been at her house. Recently she had been living under the care of her older sister Shanelle Gray in order to escape the physical and emotional abuse caused by her mother Crystal.

However recently, in an odd turn of events her mother contacted her with the intent of making a peace offering. She kept insisting how sorry she was and how she wanted try and mend their relationship…but Ariel knew the truth. Throughout her whole life, all her mother ever wanted was for her baby girl to make her the millionaire that she could not be herself.

In the end, Ariel decided she would go home and humor her mother by listening to the offer, knowing full well that she would not accept it. All Ariel would do was tell her mother to her face that she was a horrible mother and that she was going to do everything in her power to seek emancipation. Once her sister drove her to their mother’s house, she stood up out of the car glowing with confidence.

“Listen, I really think I should be with you for this. I just don’t trust that woman,” Shanelle said.

“I know you don’t but I can handle her. I’ll be fine sis, don’t worry,” Ariel replied as she stepped out of the car. “I want to keep this between me and her. I’ve already dragged you farther into this than you needed to be.”

“Alright then, if you insist then I will respect that,” Shanelle said as she drove off full of concern.

Ariel stood at the front door and looked up at the house where all her pain started. She reflected on all of the awful moments she had had in that house. It was time and she rushed into the house to confront the woman she hated so much. As she walked into the house, she found her mother waiting for her wearing a fake smile, vaguely reminiscent of the Cheshire cat.

“Oh Honey, I knew you’d come. I just knew you wanted to fix our…”

“Save it!” Ariel said sternly, cutting off her mother in mid-sentence. “I’m only here to tell you that our relationship is through. I’m through with you trying to control me and my career. And I’m through with you trying to steal the money that I work so hard for. I want you out of my life for good you conniving bitch!”

Ariel finished her speech with a feeling of pride. She had finally told her mother everything she had wanted to tell her after all these years…but that feeling of pride was soon replaced by a sick feeling of fear once her mother’s smile faded and turned into a cold icy glare. It was a vindictive look that Ariel recognized all too well.

“I knew you were nothing but an ungrateful little bitch,” her mother snarled.

“Ungrateful?!?! How dare you?? After everything I’ve done for you…” Ariel was quickly silenced as her mother backhanded her across the face, knocking her to the floor.

“That’s it!” Ariel said as she lay on the floor with tears in her eyes. “You just wait until the lawyers hear about this. I can’t wait until you actually have to support yourself instead of leeching off of your kids.” Ariel began getting up off the floor until her mother swiftly kicked her in the side, knocking her back down to the ground and taking all of the breath out of her lungs.

“You think I need your Hollywood money!” her mother screamed as Ariel lay flat on the floor, gasping for breath and not even able to cry. “I have other ways to get money from you. If you think this is bad, you just wait until you see what I have planned.”

With that, her mom grabbed the weakened girl by her hair, causing her to shriek in pain. She dragged her upstairs and tossed her in a closet, locking the door and trapping her inside.

“Let me out! You can’t hold me here this is kidnapping!” Ariel screamed.

“Oh shut up! You’ll be let out soon enough,” her mother said as she walked to the phone and dialed a number. “Hello, I hope you boys are ready because it’s time to move to plan B,” she said into the phone as a smirk emerged on her face. “You’ll find her locked up in the closet. Do what you want with her and I will get the money afterwards.”

She hung up the phone and walked over to the closet.

“Well Sweetie, I’m gonna head out for a while but don’t worry, I’ve arranged for some people to come over and take care of you while I’m gone,” she said mockingly “You be good for them… or don’t…I don’t care, I get paid either way,” she said with a laugh.

Ariel sat in the darkness and cried as she heard the front door slam shut. She could only imagine what horrible things her evil mother had planned for her. She was soon shocked back to reality as the front door opened. She sat in terror as she heard multiple steps getting closer and closer to the closet. As the door opened her eyes began to adjust to the light, only to see a large black man looming over her with two other men behind him; one being Mexican and the other being white.

“Who… who are you?” Ariel whimpered, choking back fear.

“We’re your worst nightmare, you little cock-tease,” the man growled.

Before Ariel could move, all three men were around her. She screamed as they began to savagely rip off every article of clothing she had on. Within seconds, her t-shirt, jeans, bra, panties and sneakers flew from her body in several different directions. The men grabbed her by her arms and legs and carried her into the kitchen, placing her face down on the kitchen table. One of the men then pulled out a roll of duct tape as the other two held the struggling girl down. It wasn’t long before she found both her arms and legs each taped to one of the legs of the table. She was terrified and humiliated…never had she felt so exposed. She could feel her legs parting slightly, exposing her underage pussy to the three horny men.

“Please don’t do this,” she managed to beg between sobs. ”You don’t have to do this.”

“Ha, fat chance!” the black man said. “You belong to us now.”

“What are you going to do to me?” Ariel whimpered.

“I think you already know,” the white guy said as he leered down at the helpless naked girl before them. “Alright boys, let’s begin”

Ariel began to scream as she felt a hand brush against her butt cheek. She could feel it slowly moving down until she felt a finger pressing at her virgin pussy. She started to lose it when she felt the finger slide inside.

“Please stop!” Ariel cried but her words went unheeded as the man behind her began to finger her faster and faster.

“Man this bitch feels good,” he said as his hand slammed against her. “I can’t wait any longer, I want to get inside this little slut.”

Ariel’s eyes grew in terror as she saw the man drop his pants in front of her face, exposing his ten inch cock to the girl.

“So you ever been face fucked bitch?” the black man asked.

“No! Please don’t!” she begged before her pleas were cut off by the black man cock shoved in her mouth.

Ariel began to gag as she felt the dick enter her throat. It was a quarter of the way down as her face was mashed into the man’s foul-smelling pubic hair. She began to retch and gag as he the man held his member down her throat. She soon felt herself beginning to lose consciousness until finally the man pulled out of her throat, giving her a chance to breathe again. She wanted to beg for mercy, but was cut off before a word exited her mouth as the black man thrust his dick back in. He grasped onto the sides of her head and violently fucked her face. With each thrust he would pull all the way out and then quickly thrust all the way down her throat.

“guhhh guhhh guhhh guuhhh,” was all she could squeak out.

Each time Ariel gagged, the man could feel his dick being massaged deeper. It was at this moment that she began to feel her body betraying her as the other man continued to finger fuck her. He had escalated to three fingers and she could feel her vagina stretching to its limits from the invasion.  As her emotions went wild, she felt the third man begin to tongue her exposed asshole and cause more humiliation in the 14-year-old girl’s body.

“Hah this bitch is getting wet,” the white man laughed. “I think it’s time to make her a woman.”

Ariel wanted to scream when she heard him say this, hoping to beg him not to take her virginity. She had always imagined her first time would be with someone special on a special night in a special place…but instead she was going to lose it to three strangers, in the middle of the day, against her will and bound to a table. She started struggling ruthlessly in her bonds as she felt the man’s dick rub against her inexperienced clit.

“Alright bitch, get ready,” the white man said as he prepared to thrust in.

Ariel tried to shake her head ‘no’ but the member halfway down her throat prevented her from doing so. All at once, the man thrust in as hard as he could and shredded the barrier that kept her an innocent woman. She let out a blood-curdling scream as she felt him violate her in the worst way. The pain she was feeling was insurmountable; she didn’t believe that anything could have possibly hurt this much.

“Damn this jailbait pussy is tight!” the white man exclaimed. “It feels like a fucking vise.”

The man continued to thrust in and out as Ariel sobbed through the pain and degradation. The table rocked back and forth as she was fucked from both ends. Finally the black man felt his balls begin to tighten.

“Ah shit cunt, I hope you like the taste of cum because you about to taste it.”

Ariel began to cry even harder as she felt the disgustingly foul liquid hit the roof of her mouth and flow down her throat. She had never tasted anything so disgusting before in her life. As the black man pulled out of her mouth, Ariel hung her head down and cried. However it wasn’t long before the Mexican man left her ass and walked in front of her.

“Alright now, it’s my turn to show this little bitch what her mouth is really good for.”

With that he grabbed a fist-full of the girls beautiful brown hair and used it to stabilize her head while he shoved his dick down her already worn out throat.

Ariel was in hell as the men kept fucking her. She was sure that the pain she was feeling could not possibly get worse. This would quickly change.

“Alright, I think I’m ready for a go again,” the black man said. “And I think I’m gonna go ahead and bust another cherry.”

Ariel screamed when she heard this. She could not imagine anything so unnatural and she doubted that he could even be able fit it in without killing her. Even though the black man’s dick was still covered in Ariel’s saliva, it was still a struggle to fit it inside her airtight opening. Small grunts slipped out of her as the cock slid farther and farther inside. He found that he was only able to get eight inches in but knew that it was more than enough.

Once all eight inches were in, the man withdrew it all out before slamming it back in. With the hard thrust, he was able to get inch number nine inside the poor girl. The sounds she was making were almost inhuman. She had all of her holes filled and was nothing more than a fuck doll for these men. She began to panic as she felt the man fucking her vagina begin to spasm, knowing he was going to cum soon. She tried to scream and beg him  not to fill her with his seed when suddenly he pulled out.

“Don’t worry slut, your momma says she doesn’t want you getting pregnant so this cum is gonna be going somewhere else.”

The white man walked around to the front of the table and had the Mexican man step aside for a second. With the other man’s dick now out of her sore throat, Ariel took the moment to beg the men for some semblance of mercy.

“Please *cough* *cough* please stop, I’m begging you. This all hurts so much.”

Ariel’s sad cries fell on deaf ears as the white man stood in front of her and unleashed a huge torrent of cum all over her young face. She had never been as disgusted and humiliated as she was now. She felt glob after glob of his sticky cream land on her innocent face.

“Alright man, she’s all yours now,” the white man said to the Mexican man, stepping out of the way.

“No, please no, stop…. guhhh guhh guhh guhhh.”

Within moments, the Mexican man had resumed his brutal face fuck of the young girl. It was only a few moments before she felt the black man’s dick begin to spasm in her ass.

“Ah shit, I’m gonna cum,” he said as he grasped on to her hips.

“Ha, me too,” said the Mexican man.

Ariel shuddered and cringed as she felt loads of the warm liquid flowing simultaneously deep into the depths of her bowels and throat. Finally, after she had swallowed the last of the disgustingly salty tasting mixture, the Mexican man pulled out of her throat.

Ariel had nothing left in her; never had she felt so humiliated and degraded. She simply hung her head down and cried. The white man looked down at the sobbing girl and smiled as he got one more idea.

“You don’t think were done with you yet do you?” the white man laughed as he picked up her head by her chin.

“Please… There’s nothing more you can do to me,” Ariel said while sobbing.

“Ha, how naïve you young bitches are,” the white man said with a chuckle as he turned around, putting his butt inches from her face. “You’re gonna give me a rim job, bitch.”

The confused girl just stared at the butt in front of her. “What’s a rim job?” she asked nervously with tears in her eyes.

“Well basically you’re going to stick your tongue in my asshole and clean it out while I recharge my stamina.”

The other men laughed as they saw the look of terror on the girl’s face.

“No! I won’t do it!” she said using her last ounce of defiance.

“Oh you’ll do it alright or I’ll take one of these kitchen knives and hack off your perky little tits!”

With that, Ariel went silent and just cried as the man held his ass against her young face, He let out a groan as he felt the young girl’s cautious tongue exploring the depths of his ass. She was more disgusted by this than having semen squirted directly into her stomach. She had never tasted anything so foul in her life. The only thing her mind could think of was how low she was feeling. She could not believe that her tongue was cleaning a strange man’s asshole. The thought made her want to vomit, but fearing what the men would do to her if she did vomit, she retained her composure and kept licking around the rancid asshole of her rapist.

After about ten minutes of having Ariel Winter’s tongue in his ass, not only had the white man regained his stamina but he was also at full mast again. Noticing that both the other men were fully erect as well, he decided to monopolize on this moment and give Ariel one final degradation.

“Hey guys, you think you’re ready for one more go,” the white guy said as Ariel continued being forced to lick ass. She was too disgusted and defiled to even wonder what these men were planning on doing to her.

“I think this bitch still looks a little dry…maybe we should give her a little bit more moisturizing,” the white man said with a laugh.

“I like the way you think,” the black man said.

With that, the white man pulled his ass away from Ariel’s face, causing her to gasp for air due to the limited amount of oxygen she had been getting for the past ten minutes. The white man turned around and began furiously jerking off to her tear and cum stained face. She tried to turn away but the man grabbed a handful of her hair to keep her face in place. At the same moment, the black man was jerking over her spread pussy and ass while the Mexican was jerking over her lower back and butt cheeks.

All at once the men began to spray their loads and completely covered the helpless girl. When they were finished they took a step back and admired their work. There on the kitchen table lay 14 year old television star Ariel Winter; her arms and legs tied to each of the table legs keeping her completely spread and immobile. Her face was a complete fluid stained mess. It was almost completely white from all of the cum that covered it. Her mouth hung open filled with some extra ropes of semen dripping from the corners. A long string of cum stretched from her chin down to the floor below. Her lower back had multiple huge globs of cum pooling on her perfect skin. Her butt cheeks had giant puddles that ran down the crack of her ass down to her beaten pussy. She was a complete mess and she simply sobbed as the men high fived over her.

The three men began walking out of the room when the black man ripped a small piece of duct tape off the roll and placed it over the girls cum filled mouth.

“I want to make sure you swallow everything, bitch,” the black man said.

“Good idea!” The Mexican man said high fiving him

It was then that the Mexican man noticed a hairbrush with a thick handle lying on the kitchen counter.

“Before I go I’m gonna make sure you stay loosened up.” Said the Mexican.

With that, he picked up the hair brush and shoved the thick wooden end up the girls sore, defiled asshole; causing her to elicit a blood curdling scream. The three men walked out of the house slamming the door behind them while Ariel just lay there on the table…bound, covered in cum, helpless, humiliated, defiled and in excruciating pain. She knew she could do nothing else but wait for her awful mother to come in and see her in all her shame. She could hear her voice outside the house, talking to the men.

“So let’s see, that’s $3,000 from the three of you…and it was a pleasure doing business with you boys,” her mother said with a smile as she counted the money. “I have to know, did you make the ungrateful little bitch suffer?”

“We sure did ma’am, I don’t think that little cunt will be able to walk straight for a week after the fucking we gave her.” The Mexican said with a laugh.

“Perfect!” her mother said with a vicious smile on her face. “And if she thinks this is bad, she hasn’t seen nothing yet,” she said with a laugh. “I have plenty of clients lined up to fuck that little tart. Momma’s finally getting a decent pay day off that stupid whore.”

To be continued…

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