A Much Needed Vacation

Title: A Much Needed Vacation

Celeb: Shakira

Author: DCForever

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“Ms. Shakira, are you sure you want to do this? Do you think it is safe?”
Her security guard questioned.

“Mony, Mony, Mony…I’ll be okay. Look.” Waving her hand in the air from
left to right showing that the beach before them was deserted. “I don’t see
where any harm could come to me. I’ll be fine. I just want some time to
myself. Is that too much to ask?”

“No, ma’am! If you want to be left alone then that can be arranged.”

“Great to know. And please don’t think I’m trying to boss you around. I see
this as being a vacation for not only me, but you and the others as well.
Take a break. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the peace and quiet. I know I

“Sure thing, Ms. Shakira. The spa we passed earlier did look refreshing.”

“There you have it. Enjoy yourself at the record company’s expense. I am!
I’m going to hit the ocean now. Anything else?”

“Just have fun. And if you need any of us, just use the emergency pager I
placed in your bag.”

“Will do, Mony. This is going to be a great vacation.”

The tall, black security guard left the Colombian pop princess as she looked
out at the horizon beyond the ocean’s water. Minutes later, Shakira had
dumped her t-shirt, shorts, towel, bag, and beeper on the sandy shore and was
enjoying the crashing waves as they beat into her precious body. Her bikini
clad, petite body dived under and busted through wave after wave; as she had
when she was a child. She was enjoying a freedom that she hadn’t experienced
since she had left Colombia, South America.

Since Shakira had debuted her album in the US, she hasn’t had much time to
herself. That was why, a month ago, she approached her manager and the
record label about taking a vacation.


“Sorry, Sal! I really need a vacation. Music and fame was nothing like this
back home. Here in the US its chaotic and everybody and everything is rush,
rush, rush. I’m just having a hard time dealing with all the pressure. I
really need a break.”

“Shakira, sweetheart, you are reaching the top of your game in the pop
community. You don’t want to stop now. Now is the time you need to grit
your teeth and go with the flow. Look at the current pop stars of today.
They are everywhere, everyday. They are on MTV one moment, Howard Stern or
the Today Show the next. Their songs are constantly being played on the
radio, the net and their merchandising is booming. All that came from hard
work. You are new to the US pop music scene and already you are making
great strides to becoming one of the best pop artists in the world. Now is
definitely not the time for a vacation. Now is the time for an increase in
publicity photo shoots, interviews, talk shows, charity merchandising
auctions, and major PR.”

“I understand what you are saying, Sal, but if I don’t get a small break I
may not ever be the artist you think I can become. I know I have talent
and have created a huge fan base and I love it. I love the attention, the
letters, all my fans, and the music. I love it all, but right now I’m
running on fumes. I could careless if I did another interview or signed
another autograph. I’m completely worn down at the moment. I desperately
need a vacation. I need to relax and build my energy back up. I need to
get away from the crowds, the music, and all the chaos. I don’t see how
Britney does it. She’s more famous and well known than I am, but day in
and day out she carries on. Why do you think she can do everything she

“No idea!, doll!”

“She has a say in what she does or doesn’t do. She takes time off to relax
or to see her family and friends. When she was with Justin, she was always
finding a way to be near him. The web is loaded with pics of her from
beaches all over the world. The more I think about it…I’m not asking for
a break…I’m demanding it! So, set me up a time in the near future for
some time off and get me Britney Spears’ phone number. If anyone knows of
places to go and get away, she would.”

Now, Shakira is vacationing on a private island somewhere in the Pacific
Ocean. Only people on the island are the thousand or so natives that live
there and a few grand hotels that cater to the rich and famous. The pop
star and her entourage wanted to be isolated from the other hotels and people
as much as possible. Even if she had to see or deal with a thousand people
every minute of the day, she would consider herself in isolation compared to
the tens of thousands she faced at every outing on her current music tour.
Britney had surely hooked the young lady up.


As Shakira was thrashing through the waves and enjoying every moment, three
teenagers made their way into the water as well. The two boys and the girl
played by themselves off in the distance. The pop star noticed them, but
paid them no attention as she went back to her own relaxing, fun.

“Hey Carla, you think that girl over there would want to play? The two of
us against the two of you. Ralphie could always go back for the volleyball
and the net.”

“Trae, I don’t think that particular girl would want anything to do with us.”

Ralphie spoke up. “Why not? You know her or something? Is she from
California as well?”

“You mean you guys really have no idea who she is? You live here on this
island that only caters to any and everyone that is famous. Hello?”

“Only met a few celebs! Most of them are snobs when you do meet them so we
tend to just stay away.” Turning his head to look back at the girl in the
distance. “She does look pretty sexy in that bikini. Okay, I’ll bite. Who
is she?”

“I’ll give you two a few hints. She debuted with the solo, “Underneath My
Clothes.” She’s from Colombia, South America. Just released her album,
“Clean Laundry.” Battling J-Lo for ‘Latin Artist of the Year Award.'”
Looking at the two natives in disbelief, “You still have no clue, do you?”

“None whatsoever! So who is she?”

“Shakira! The girl swimming all by her lonesome self, in your part of the
ocean, is the Colombian Pop singer, Shakira.”

“I’ve heard of her before, but that’s not her. I’ve downloaded a bunch of
pictures of her off the net. That is why that song title sounded so
familiar. But there is no way that girl is Shakira. Shakira is a blonde,
not a brunette.”

“Ralphie, you really need to pay more attention to picture details. Yes, in
most pictures these days she is blonde, but with dark, brunette roots. She
is a natural brunette and that is her. I bet you anything, that is Shakira.”

Trae wasn’t about to let his opportunity go by. “Anything?”

“I said anything, didn’t I? Yes, anything! You don’t think I came here just
for the sun and water do you? I came for a good time.”

“Oh I thought when you asked us to come to the beach with you for fun and
games you meant games; like volleyball, tag, or just hanging out.”

Trae backhands his friend across the arm, while smiling at the girl. “That’s
the kind of games I was hoping you meant. So, where would you like to

Pointing to the girl in the distance. “How about over there with her?”

“If she is who you say she is, do you think she is going to want to join in
on our fun and games?”

Turning her body 360 degrees and coming face-to-face with the boys again.
“I don’t see anyone around. So why don’t we just make her play with us.
Look…there’s three of us and just one of her. And I know two guys of your
stature wouldn’t have a problem with someone of her or even my petite size
body. What do you say?”

“So is this your anything?”

“Oh no, this is just a plan. My anything begins once we have her…”
Pointing her finger towards Shakira one last time. “…naked and playing
along with us.”

“So what are we waiting on?”

“Ralphie, that’s the first intelligent thing you’ve said today.”

“Well here’s another one. Do you think we should sneak up on her or just
approach her as friendlies?”

“Sneak approach always works in movies.”

“Geesh, boys and their masculine movies. Sneak approach it is!”

A couple minutes later, the Colombian was jumping through the ocean waves
when she felt like something was grabbing her beneath the water. Next thing
she knew, she was forcefully pulled under the water where suddenly she could
feel hands groping every part of her body. She tries to scream, but the
water mutes all attempts. She fights her attackers the best she can, but
one by one she feels her bikini bottoms and top being stripped from her body.
Her breasts are quickly covered by strong, rough hands. The girl soon
surfaces for air and once again retreats to the water as her assailants
surface; securely holding the pop star.

Once Shakira has gotten some air back in her lungs her fighting and
struggling increases. The boys grasp on tightly to her waist and breasts.
Sensing they may lose the battle, Trae releases his grip on her waist and
grabs for her nipples with his fingers. He pulls both nipples from beneath
Ralphie’s huge hands and twists with all his might. Shakira starts to shake
and wrench in agony. The more she struggled the more her delicate breasts
hurt. Once she decided to stop all movement, she felt a slight movement
between her legs. She thought there had been another set of hands on her
earlier. The singer was stunned by the other person’s actions. The boys
saw the non-movement as an advantage and maneuvered themselves into better
positions. Ralphie twisted both of her arms behind her back and locked in
an arm hold. His buddy, Trae, went straight for her gapping, open mouth,
shoving his tongue down her throat until his lips pressed into hers. He
grabbed a hold of her breasts for support.

Meanwhile, beneath the water, a tongue pierced Shakira’s inner being. The
girl was overwhelmed by the mixed flavors she was experiencing. The ocean’s
salty taste did nothing to take away from the other girl’s taste. The
Californian retracted from the watery depths to recapture air before once
again diving back under the water. Within seconds of re-entering the water,
both boys felt hands moving over their bathing suit covered penises right
before their suits were removed from the confines of their bodies.

Shakira could immediately feel the boys’ members against her flesh. Once the
suits had been removed, the girl took a hold of Trae’s member and guided it
towards the pop star’s hot spot. The young boy relished the moment his
member started being engulfing by the singer’s inner flesh. The more the
girl pushed his rod into the captor, the tighter her flesh enclosed on him.
The moment had past and it was time for some major fucking.

Once Trae’s member was lodged into the hilt, he took the initiative and
plunged into her inner depths as hard and as deep as he could manage.
Shakira tried to let out a disapproving scream, but the boy’s tongue and
lips were still plugging up her mouth.

The girl stood back as she was having a blast watching her two new friends
take full advantage of the Latin pop star. She wades further back from the
trio and watches the girl’s struggling body; focusing on her eyes. She could
see the moment the agony started to become that of pleasure. She wasn’t the
only one that noticed the change. Trae knew she had abandoned her struggles
and was shocked when she started running her own tongue over and under his
own. The two young bodies were now locked in a deep, consensual full kiss.

The bystander immediately instructed Ralphie to release Shakira’s hands.
Once released, he quickly occupied them again; a bountiful globe in each
hand. Shakira noticed the second boy’s new position and took the opportunity
to acquaint her hand to his hard cock. She reached behind her and grabbed a
hold of his hardened member and started jacking him off as the other boy was
quickly making his way towards home. Thrust after hard much needed thrust,
his balls slapped against the singer’s inner thighs. He and Shakira knew the
inevitable was near and removed himself from within, quickly surging out of
the water as his timing was perfect. Cum burst out of his elongated cock
with targeted precision, landing on Shakira unexpected face. The boy’s
sudden attack along with the force of the surrounding, crashing waves was
enough to knock all three off balance and into the water.

The pop star realized the boy had remarkable aim as his body landed on hers,
lodging his cock down her throat. Whether it was great perfection or just
plain luck, it didn’t matter to either participants. The young boy had
accomplished his feat. Shakira was being forced further under the water’s
surface by the boy’s body weight. Desperately needing air, she quickly tried
to suck the boy toy off with every ounce of energy in her body. Within a few
seconds, she had drained the young boy dry.

While Shakira fought for air above, Ralphie was struggling to remove his body
from beneath the two entangled bodies. The girl quickly made her way back to
the trio and pulled all three back up for air.

“Jesus Christ! You three scared me! Humans do need air. And look at poor
Ralphie.” She and the other two looked at the gasping younger boy. While
Trae’s attention was drawn toward his friend, Carla unraveled the tight knit
bodies and locked lips with Shakira. Shakira was hesitant at first; having
never kissed another girl before. The moment of hesitation passed as she let
herself go and started enjoying the unusual sensations that the other girl’s
tongue was giving her.

While the two girls were busy, Ralphie moved up and again, pressed his body
against Shakira’s back. Ralphie and Carla had the pop singer sandwiched, but
she didn’t show any signs of not liking her given situation. The boy moved
his hands down towards her ass and slowly pride open her cheeks. With some
slippery movements he was able to forcefully punch his cock up her ass. The
sudden and definitely not expected rear entrance caused pain for both
parties, but more so for Shakira. With only the lubrication of the ocean’s
water, the young island boy lodged his hardened member in her backside.

The Carla realized the pain Ralphie was causing the star and immediately
started playing with Shakira’s pussy in order to take her mind off the pain.
But as it had happened earlier, the pain slowly turned into pleasure. The
girl gave Ralphie a sign to continue and continue he did. Slowly he started
backing out of her rear entrance and just as he had previously done…he once
again thrust his 6″ erect member into her backside until his pelvis bone
bumped her ass.

The event slowly played out as Trae watched from the sidelines. Shakira was
enjoying the smooth, erotic female touch in front along with the rough, manly
approach from her rear. The star had never thought in a million years that
she would be in her current position…between two, naked individuals
ravishing her and bringing all her deep-dark fantasies to life.

Trae felt he had been inactive enough and deeply wanted to fuck. Seeing his
opening, without relent ness, he reached between Carla’s legs and quickly
lifted her out of the water. As he lowered her again, he impaled her pussy
on his stiff cock. The girl was caught off guard. The three of them were
supposed to attack Shakira…not her. She started to strain as the boy
lifted her up and set her back down, time and time again. Carla’s now had
her own pain to worry about.

Trae’s actions had broken Shakira’s kiss with the other girl, but as the
scene unfolded before her…seeing Trae force his cock up her tight pussy
turned the singer on. The harder he fucked her the more turned on Shakira
became … the more she pushed back into the impaled cock residing in her
ass. Shakira felt it was time to finally give back. She leaned her head
over and took one of Carla’s breasts between her lips. The boys let the
girls have their fun while they continued fucking their pussy and ass.

Trae suddenly had a wild idea and thrust his member into Carla’s loosening
folds. He shoved his meat as deep into the girl as possible forcing her to
fall against Shakira’s own perspiring body. The girls’ breasts were smashed
against the others, thus not allowing for the breast sucking to continue.
Ralphie quickly caught on to his friend’s idea and working together, they
forced the two females to touch pelvis-to-pelvis, breast-to-breast, and
lips-to-lips. As the girls started to enjoy the pelvis grinds and the
renewed kissing action, the boys found it in themselves to fuck them both
harder than they previously were capable.

Fifteen minutes passed during their heated battle. All four teenagers were
exhausted, completely drained of all energy and fluids. As bad as they
didn’t want to, the boys told the girls that they needed to get back to their
parent’s hotel. As a parting gift, the Latin star found each of the boy’s
member and one-by-one sucked them off. Carla soon joined in. Between the
two girls they treated the island boys to a star treatment.

The two girls watched as the boys ascended the sand dunes; struggling to fix
heir swimming trunks. Shakira didn’t know what to think of her little
adventure, but whatever she was thinking…brought a bright glow to her face.
Both girls stayed in the water for a short time longer…enjoying each
other’s company. Tongues battled, hands fought to capture the other’s flesh,
and moans were traded for moans. Before retreating to the beach, they hugged
and basked in each other’s sexual glow. A light mutual kiss upon the lips
turned to what was thought to be a goodbye heavenly frenching. As they soon
left the water, Carla struggled with her bikini while a still naked Shakira
made her way towards her belongings. Her attackers hadn’t thought to return
her bikini top or bottoms.

She reached her beach towl and quickly pulled her previously discarded
t-shirt over her soaking wet hair and began pulling her shorts up her equally
wet long legs when her movement was stopped by Carla’s hand. Shakira allowed
the other girl’s hand to glide across her glistening lower lips.

“Does this feel good? Do you think just maybe you would like some more…say
up in my room?”

Shakira’s eyes were glazed over and could only bring herself to smile before
screaming out an earth shattering moan of approval. Her orgasm had made her
go weak in the knees. Carla grabbed the other girl before she fell to the
sandy beach and supported her as she started for the hotel.

“Oh, by the way. I was told to give you a message.” Shakira looked at the
girl with a quizzical look. “Britney sends her regards.”

Suddenly feeling energy returning to her body, “She does? Who would have
guessed? Well you be sure to tell her thank you and that it was too bad that
she wasn’t here to enjoy the entertainment along side me.”

Shakira grabbed the girl by the back of her head and forced their lips
together for a small, quick, but passion filled kiss. Leaving their
belongings behind, the girls started running towards their isolated hotel,
holding each other’s hand.

The End

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