A Nashville Treat

A Nashville Treat
By: J2Story

Celebs: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson

Codes: Toy, FF, FFF, FM, Anal, reluc, Submission, oral, nc/cons, spank

DISCLAIMER:  This is a work of fiction, obviously, no matter how bad we would love to see this; this has never happened and never will….except for the LA Club part, as there are proven photos of her with PB Bunnies and a naughty look on her face, so feel free to look them up.  Oh yea, the outfits are real outfits they have wore before at award shows or performance, if you give 2 shits about that.  Anyway, point is, the sexual conduct is false, and if you are offended by this, or you are not of age to view this, please leave now. To the rest of ya, enjoy. FEEDBACK IS WELCOME (jdb385@gmail.com)

Kelly Clarkson was driving down the road in Nashville, TN.  She loved her life right now.  She was engaged to a loving guy (Brandon Blackstock, Reba McEntire’s stepson), who accepted her as who she is. He knew about her fun side, but what’s Hollywood without the sexual bliss? In the end he’s the ONLY guy she’s sleeping with.  She could go out and get any girl she wanted and had a celebrity friend list of about 100.   Kelly was in town to get some inspiration for the last few songs to fill up her newest album.

But that wasn’t the only reason she was in Nashville.  After having an eventual night with Lauran Aliana in the Idol dressing room in LA, there was no denying she was a closet freak.  She recently went into an exotic dance club around LA, a couple weeks ago, she posed with dancers, bunny maids, and a boy toy she brought along.  How hot did it get in there, no one knows for sure, but if the photos of a naughty smirk and the stripper in the background are any indication, she didn’t just drink a coke and sign autographs.  But this is Kelly at her best, teasing her fans, but remaining in that “good girl” spot light.

There were certain singers she’d love to run into, but two inpartictuarly, Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift.  She thought that little Miss Swift was just too innocent and would love to put some naughty into her life.  But that was for another time, Carrie was her main focus.  She received some info from her agent, who she told she wanted to “work on a song” together with Carrie and needed her whereabouts. Of course, he fell for it, and Kelly was hot on the hunt for her.

Kelly fantasized about Carrie a lot.  She did seriously want to do song or two together but that was after the “fun” she wanted to get into, but seeing her fellow Idol star grow into the biggest name in country music today, and getting hotter by the month, made Kelly have the urge even more.  To think if Idol fans did see photos of them two together, even in a kiss would cause hell.  Idol’s 2 most successful performers now entwined in a lesbian lust? Could it be? Will It be?  Kelly giggled to herself at the thoughts running though her mind.

At about 3pm, she found where Carrie was.  She found her at the Grand Ole Opera where she was rehearsing for a show later that night.  Her voice was golden and music to Kelly’s ears.  Kelly knew she couldn’t just come onto her; she had to collect her thoughts and make her move at the right time.

“Kelly!? Kelly Clarkson?”  Carrie shouted as Kelly walked up front to greet the country singer.  “Hello Carrie.” Kelly said, still wearing her sunglasses to get a peak of Carrie’s body.  Carrie was in a red and white flowered sun dress, touching her knees.  Kelly thought she looked sexy.

“What brings you to Nashville? I haven’t seen you since the last American Idol season finale?”  Carrie leaned over to give her a friendly hug.

Kelly told her she was in town to record a couple songs for the upcoming album, and asked Carrie if she was able to do a track with her.

Carrie agreed to it, adding “I always wanted to do collaboration with you Kelly, I’m honored;” You have had it rough at times haven’t ya, in this business? With the controversy with the My December album and canceled tour?”

Kelly always wanted to forget that, her label was stubborn, and what was a solid more mature album, a big hit with the true fans, she hoped it would have sold better.

“Yes, that was a rough time for me, but hey I’m back on track and prove to this music industry, I’m an artist not no damn puppet!” Kelly angrily said.

“Whoa, didn’t mean to make ya mad Kelly.”

Kelly realized what she did, “Oh It’s ok, I’m passionate about my music, and you know how the first albums are when you win Idol, you have little room to do what you want, and now that I am past that, I want to give fans my best.”

“I agree Kelly, stand strong, you have a beautiful voice, no predubbed audio on your side, plus you look great! You lost a lot of weight since I seen ya last”

Kelly blushed, though she was on “the hunt,” she never expected Carrie to compliment her like that, especially on her looks.

“Thanks Carrie, I’ve worked hard with my trainer, and Brandon has helped encourage me a lot also.  I’m not doing it so the tabloids will shut up, I’m doing it for myself, and my fiancé I feel sexier than ever.”

Kelly was wearing tight black pants, and a Reba shirt, which flowed with her curves, and her converse shoes.  It was comfortable, yet still a casual sexy look for her.

“Well I am done rehearsing, want to go grab lunch, and talk more about this collaboration girl? I’m excited, and I know this nice quiet restaurant just a couple streets down we can go eat at.”  Kelly followed Carrie out and they hoped a cab and went to lunch.

At lunch, Kelly couldn’t help but stare at Carrie’s big flashy eyes.  Carrie felt Kelly staring at her.  She started getting bashful, she didn’t mind it surprisingly. “So Kelly,  I never would expect you to come here and ask me in person to do a song or two with ya, I’m flattered, figured if this where to happen our agents would talk and we’d get something set up.”  Kelly told her that she was itching for an excuse to go down to Nashville anyway, and wanted to make it personal, though Carrie was about to find out just how personal it’ll get.

The girls talked about song choices, and threw ideas around.

“Well I’m flattered, Kelly, this is a start of a great friendship,  only wish we had done this sooner, but at least I’m glad we are not doing it on or for American Idol, they have no part in this.”

“Agreed!,” Kelly said, still eyeing Carrie out, somehow she thought she looked sexy in the cowboy boots and sundress, fit her well she thought.

“So how’s life being married to a hockey player?” Kelly asked.

“It’s pretty good, I really gotten into the sport, and it’s awesome Mike is in Nashville now, we have a young team with great talent and make Nashville proud.  ”

Kelly got bold took a shot at the hockey comment, “Does he penalize you Carrie, and make you go to the penalty box? Watcha do? Roughing? LMAO!”   Kelly meant every bit of that as sexually as she could, as she pictured, Carrie and Mike in the penalty box in an empty arena.

“Ha Ha Kelly, Actually yes he does punish me, if I’m too rough, he spanks me,” Carrie said as she figured Kelly asked she’d tell.

Kelly had a surprised look on her face, like she couldn’t believe Carrie would of said that, but it only fed her fantasy, that Carrie has yet to discover.

“So Kelly, how’s life with Reba’s stepson?”  Carrie curiously asked

“Good, the love of my life, I couldn’t be happier, the sex is amazing, and the best part is that I can still have some fun on the side and he will be 100% ok with it”

Carrie seemed puzzled, “What do you mean?”
“What I mean is, from my girlfriends to my kellebrities, I can fuck any girl I want and it will be ok between us, and NO Reba doesn’t know a thing about that” Kelly stated

Carrie’s draw dropped.

“What? you asked, I told you, though I more or less to go out and have fun at a strip club when I’m feeling frisky, dance with a couple of the girls, CLOTHES on of course, for me anyway hehe.”

“You mean guys right?” Carrie curiously asked

“Carrie I’ll be blunt, I’m no goodie, I like to be frisky and fun a lot of times behind the media’s eye. I consider myself bisexual, and I love it, no slut but I like to have my fun with girls. all the while of having a steady relationship with Brandon, ever thought about that with Mike?”

Carrie was flabbergasted but this didn’t completely take her by surprise as she thought about something similar, though how far she wants to go is unsure of.  After collecting her thoughts, “Yes Kelly, I actually have thought about that, going out and having a night out of kinky fun, though doing something with a girl, I don’t know…”

“Tell ya what, after your show tonight Carrie, let’s go out and have a little fun what do ya say?” Kelly’s brain was really turning now, this was going to get interesting quick she thought, and she’s beyond prepared what WILL go down.

“Well…ok, what the hell, let’s go out and have some fun! But first, I want you to come to my concert tonight though” Carrie handed Kelly a VIP pass for backstage.

“Well cool! Well we best get going then shall we?  Lots to do tonight, lots of fun!”  Kelly said as they left the restaurant.

Yes indeed lots to do, Carrie was not aware of just how much fun she’ll get into, if she only knew Kelly’s thoughts at the moment.

The girls go back to their own hotel and meet back up later that night.

The girls are at the concert, as Kelly watched Carrie perform, damn that girl can sing she thought, as time passed and it was about 10pm.   Time for the fun to begin.

“Ok Kelly what are we going to do? We have to get changed because I am not going out in what I just performed in, lol” Carrie said, excited to have some girl fun tonight.

“Pick out something sexy, and I’ll do the same,” Kelly said. “I’ll use the other dressing room.”

Kelly comes out about 10 minutes later, in heals, white hip hugging capris, complete with a white vest and a black blouse that hugs her new figure, topping off with a black fedora, so paparazzi don’t notice her.

Carrie comes out soon after and Kelly grins ear to ear from what she’s seeing in front of her eyes.  Carrie is dressed in black knee high stockings, a charcoal skirt that came to mid thigh, with a women’s blazer and a white blouse that has the top 3 buttons unbuttoned.  Perfect catholic school girl image

“Like it?” Carrie asks, Kelly replies with a HELL YEA

“Kelly, what’s with the hat? We going to see Al Capone?” Carrie teased

“No, silly, it goes with my outfit and plus the paparazzi won’t see me as well… ”

As the girls take off into the night, Kelly finds this strip club/exotic night club.  Kelly and Carrie go in and get some drinks.  “Just relax and have fun, let’s dance” Kelly told Carrie as she was kinda unsure what to think, but excited to “let loose” on the night, she followed Kelly on the dance floor.

Kelly started dancing very sexually up on Carrie, who took her double shot of Hennessey, and started dancing right up on Kelly.  Carrie felt good, it felt right, she could feel herself starting to lose self control and “let go.”

An exotic dancer came up on the small circle stage in front of the 2 Idol girls.  Carrie somehow felt turned on with the way the dancer moved her body.   The dancer bent down and Kelly inserted a 50 dollar bill, Carrie spanked the dancer’s ass, as she was practically shaking it right on top of them.  Carrie threw a $100 at her and next thing Kelly knows, Carrie is up on stage dancing.

Carrie grabs the pole and starts grinding on it, and getting on her knees dancing to the music, Kelly was in awe, the innocent Carrie exotic dancing in a sexy school girl outfit.  The crowds hoot and holler begging for something, so Kelly gets bold herself, goes on stage and goes behind Carrie, unbuttoning her blouse, she tosses the blazer away, leaving the unbuttoned blouse on, showing the crowd her white lace bra.

Kelly goes to the exotic dancer and dances with her, giving her a huge mouth to mouth kiss.

“Wow that’s hot Kelly!, You’re hot…”

Kelly grinned, “let’s go back in the VIP room, I reserved it earlier, it’ll be quiet back there.”

“Ok let’s go! “Carrie eagerly complied, as the fans cheer for the girls as they walk off stage.

In the VIP room Kelly had everything set up for her, toys, handcuffs, blindfold whatever the night may bring.

“Whoa, Kelly I can’t believe you kissed her! That was hot though!”

“Ahh I see you liked what you saw huh?” Kelly got up tossing the hat to Carrie

“It was sexy; wonder how people liked my dancing?”

Kelly came closer to Carrie, both girls slightly intoxicated.  How about we have our own girl come in here and put on a show for us? Itching towards Carrie, Kelly planted a small kiss on her lips.

“Um, whoa, Kelly…? Um, yea you know what bring her in.”

Kelly called front end and had a dancer come to the VIP room.  When the striper arrived, Kelly slipped her a nice sized tip, and after a kiss or 2, the redheadl came over to Carrie, wearing a sexy cop outfit, complete with baton and cuffs.   Kelly sat down on the chair across from them.

“I heard someone’s been naughty here tonight, have you Carrie?”

Carrie giggles “yes I have!”

The “cop” put on an eye pleasing performance for Carrie, giving her an eye full of her breasts as Carrie helped strip her top off. She kissed Carrie, teasing her slightly.  The dancer stripped off the rest of her clothes for Carrie.  Then she bent over and grinded her hips onto her lap, giving Carrie, her first lap dance. Carrie was now even more turned on, she gave the stripper a nice kiss and spanked her ass, as her personal show continued.

“That’s it give Carrie the ride of her life, show her why girls are so much better than guys!” Kelly said as she sat back enjoying the strip show, occasionally feeling herself through the clothing she was still, surprisingly, wearing.

After the 30 minute “peep show” ended, the stripper left.  Carrie was ecstatic, she didn’t know what to think, but she had a smile on her face.

“What do you think?”  Kelly asked

” I think I love women”, Carrie bluntly blurted out, being surprised of her own answer, “that was sexy, I’ve never been aroused like that before, but I shouldn’t feel this way…”

Kelly told Carrie that it was only natural, and to let the feeling go, she stood up walked over to Carrie and kneeled down between her legs.  Kelly leaned up gave her a kiss and started caressing her breasts.

“Just let go Carrie, I’ll promise I’ll make you feel so good, that you’ll want to go explore girls every week, think of taking advantage of Taylor Swift, or Miranda or Katy Perry even…”

“Hmm.”  Carrie moaned, she had the image in her mind of what she could do to Taylor Swift. But she came back to the current state of affairs as Kelly started feeling her way around Carrie’s smoth stomach and chest.

“Kelly I promise I’ll get you that Taylor Swift, if you make me feel good, I don’t know what’s came over me but I love this, and I want you to show me what it feels like to be with a women.”

Kelly grinned and moved closer.  She then moved her tongue inside Carrie’s mouth as the two immediately picked up the intensity.

Kelly removed the blouse and popped the bra strap on Carrie’s bra, giving her easy access to them nice breasts of hers.  She left the tie alone as she had an idea for that later. Kelly loved Carrie’s skin, it was so soft and tan.   “Oh Kelly feel my breasts, ugh you are making so damn horny!”  Carrie was starting to be overwhelmed with pleasure and the fun just begun.

Kelly threw her jacket aside as the two girls were creasing each other all over, Carrie got her hands free and unbuttoned Kelly’s blouse. Finally free she groped her breasts, as Kelly started to explore south.  Kelly fumbled with the buttons on the skirt, as she yanked it off of Carrie like it was on fire.  Kelly wasted no time moving the material left in between her right hand and Carrie’s pussy.  As Carrie lifted up, she yanked the lacey panties off and Kelly immediately sent her mouth to Carrie’s awaiting pussy.

“Oh lick met Kelly! OMG that feels so good, oh get your tongue deeper!” words were flying out of Carrie as she was enjoying her first lick from a girl.  Kelly continued to lick away, giving Carrie sexual fits of pleasure.

Kelly reminded herself she had the handcuffs, an idea popped in her head that she could use them.   Luckily they were within a arm’s reach, as she showed them to Carrie.

“You’ve been bad Carrie, haven’t you?!” Kelly evilly grinned

Carrie replied by giving Kelly her arms to cuff.  “Yes I have, Cuff me Kelly, ma naughty girl, now punish me!”

Kelly shoved Carrie back on the couch, and was caressing her ass, while licking Carrie like she was peaches and cream.  Carrie got a thrill out of the cuffs, having this much pleasure and not being able to do anything drove her to her limits quick.  She truly felt naughty; she loved this new found passion of hers.

“Kelly put a finger in me, put your finger in me, I need to feel those fingers!”   Kelly didn’t hesitate and   stuck 2 fingers inside Carrie, with her tongue lapping away at her clit. Carrie was so close now she could feel the pleasure building.  Kelly was still 3/4 of the dressed, but she didn’t care, looking at how she has the innocent Carrie Underwood naked on this couch and cuffed just made it more thrilling. Damn shame she didn’t have her camera close, “oh well, no time to stop the fun” she thought.

Kelly was pumping her fingers in and out of Carrie, and decided to send her over the edge, Kelly took her 3rd finger and stuck it in Carrie’s ass, while the other two were thrusting her pussy. The infamous “Dr Shocker,” one of her ex boyfriends actually taught her that one night, and she loved it. She always loved to play with herself as much as others.

“Oh my KELLY! Pump me with your fingers; don’t stop, fill me up, deeper in my ass! I’ve never felt that before!”

Kelly stopped licking and sped her rythem up in Carrie’s pussy and ass.  Kelly wanted to taste Carrie’s creamy orgasm; no way she was going to miss that.

She bent down and engulfed Carrie’s pussy with her mouth, wanting to lap every last drop of wetness.

“Oh Kelly, My ass feels so good, Don’t stop, fucking damnit, don’t stop!,  O My, Oh, I’m cuming, I’m Cuming!

“Mhmmmm, you taste delicious Carrie!”   After making sure she licked all she could out of Carrie’s pussy, Kelly pulled out her fingers and sucked the juices off.  Carrie just laid there for a few minutes with a big exhausted smile on her face, recovering from her first orgasm from a girl.  “Wow! ” Carrie said.

She was spent, but not enough to repay Kelly for the naughty deeds she just done.

“Uncuff me Kelly, it’s my turn!”

Kelly handed her the key, and Carrie lunged forward at her.  Quickly disposing of Kelly’s black braw, she kissed Kelly from her jaw line down to her neck and shoulders.  “Ohh my, Carrie that gives me goose bumps.”   Carrie just smiled and continued on her mission. Her kisses slowly made it to her breasts as Carrie turned her passionate kisses to nibbles on Kelly’s nipples.

“Oh Carrie! Damn you sure know what you’re doing, keep on girl, this feels so good!”

Carrie began to caress Kelly’s small but firm breasts.  Kelly didn’t have large breasts, maybe B average, but she’s known for her luscious ass anyway, which she loves and has no problem flaunting.

“Stand Up Kelly, we need to get you undressed, I want to see that luscious ass of yours that all your fans talk about.”

Carrie helped Kelly unbutton her white Capri pants. They hugged her hips and ass like they were paint, perfect for showing off her best feature.  “You know Kelly, as I was walking behind you earlier I couldn’t help but think how sexy you looked in this outfit, the way the pants hug your ass, and the heals, I was having naughty thoughts before I even thought about or knew about this sexual adventure”

“Well don’t stop now, take off my pants, can’t stay dressed forever” Kelly teased, she responded by throwing her tongue in Kelly’s mouth, leaving both girls in a long passionate kiss.  Carrie broke the kiss, and kneeled down, and pulled Kelly’s pants down, exposing what she wanted to get at the most, Kelly’s ass.

As Kelly stepped out of her pants, Carrie gave her ass a hard slap, which only aroused Kelly more.

“Oh spank my ass Carrie, spank it hard!”

Carrie gave Kelly’s ass a hard spanking, followed by her caressing her ass.  She told Kelly to get on the floor and on all fours, as she shoved Kelly’s head down on the floor; Carrie had an amazing view from Kelly’s ass sticking up in the air, waiting to be played with.

“Kelly, why didn’t I run into you sooner? my god, I never want to be with a man again, especially If I can get to play with you more!”

That was music to her ears, as Kelly complied and told her she was a mere phone call away.

Carrie grabbed Kelly’s ass, and started kissing away, eventually getting to the center as she spit in her pussy as she slapped her ass again.

“Spit in my ass Carrie baby!”  Kelly cooed

Carrie, feeling frisky and bold, with no sign of shyness in her first lesbian experience, spit onto Kelly’s awaiting asshole. Carrie then put a finger in her ass and moved the other hand under her pussy.  Kelly LOVED IT.

“Holly shit! Fuck me with that finger baby! I love anal sex!”  Kelly started to throw fits at the pleasure she was getting from Carrie.  Carrie removed her hand from Kelly’s wet pussy and spanked her.

“Rub that pussy for me Kelly, while I spank you! Dirty little slut!” Carrie started hissing out sexual derogatives.  She felt power and in control, a sexual control that came over her, this was an awesome thrill for her.

“Yes Carrie, keep spanking me! Keep that finger in my ass! it feels so good! Spit in my ass again!”

Carrie slapped Kelly hard. She then spit in her ass adding lubrication as she prepared to send Kelly over the edge.

“You like my finger in my ass don’t you, Kelly? You little Anal Slut, what would the judges give us now? Huh? Seeing their most successful, precious, innocent stars in this room going at it?”

“They’ll give us a 10 baby, I’d love to see their faces, as little miss innocent Carrie is fucking Miss Innocent Kelly, if they only knew how many times that Justin guy fucked me. Now you, their jaws would drop!

“Give me more Carrie, don’t stop!”  Kelly loved Carrie being in control; it was a thrill that was starting to send her over the edge.

Carrie slapped Kelly’s ass hard, “Owe! Fuck you!” Kelly yelled as that slap was kinda painful, but at the same time, another turn on.

Carrie then stuck a second finger in Kelly’s ass and grabbed a handful of hair. “You’re my anal slut now stop your crying and beg me to fuck you.”

Kelly just giggled at the sound of Carrie being this sexually aggressive so soon, but easily played along as she felt her orgasm coming close.

“Oh my gawd Carrie! Fuck my ass with your pretty little fingers, please! ”

Carrie loved this thrill, as she pulled back Kelly’s hair more, she sped up her rhythm.

“Oh yes! Carrie sweetie! Fuck, I’m cuming, don’t stop, and don’t stop!”   Kelly squaled as she was overcome with her massive orgasm, sending a spin tingling chill through her body.  Carrie bent down and licked away at her pussy, cleaning up the juices.  She shoved 3 fingers in Kelly and pulled them out for Kelly to taste.

“Mhmm, I taste delicious! Carrie that was awesome, you are a fucking pro!.”  Kelly felt so much passion with Carrie.  This was the best fuck she ever had with ANYONE, and this was Carrie’s first time too. She was truly amazed at her fellow Idol’s performance.

As Carrie was caressing herself, it was obvious she still had some “sexual energy” left in her to be expended.  Kelly had just the idea to finish the night off.

“Wanna go again Carrie baby?” Kelly asked before reaching over and picking up a 10 inch long red ribbed strap on.

Carrie paused and was in aww of the red plastic that Kelly was holding.  But a wicked smile came across her face as she wanted Kelly to plunge that thing into her.  “Fuck me with it, Kelly. I want you to FUCK me hard, make me cum again!”

“Lie down, shut up and hang on.” Kelly said as she laid Carrie on the couch, spreading her legs opened.  She didn’t have to worry about no lub as Carrie was already playing with her pussy, warming it up for Kelly.

Kelly stuck it right in Carrie’s awaiting pussy.  She thrust back and forth as Carrie moaned in pleasure.  “Now who’s the little slut huh? It’s my turn now sweetie!”  Kelly barked as she wanted to be full in control of time, and Carrie would comply.

“Yes, Kelly, fuck me! I need you to make me come! I’m so fucking horney still. Fuck my pretty little pussy!”  Carrie groaned.

Kelly loved to hear that country twang speak such naughty words.  She took Carrie by the only peice of clothing she was wearing, the tie, and used it as levered to speed up her speed.  She lifted one of Carrie’s legs over her shoulder so she could thrust deeper.

Carrie looked so hot right now, being plowed by Kelly’s strap on with her sexy toned legs up in the air.  Kelly loved it, which easily had to be Carrie’s best feature, her legs.  Long, toned, and very smooth like baby’s skin.

“Oh my god Kelly, keep fucking me, don’t stop, deeper! Fill me up! I want that 10 inches in my pussy!”  Carrie was begging Kelly, as she felt the orgasm start to build and gain steam.

“You want your fucking 10inches, here you go!”  Kelly said as she spread Carrie’s legs apart and held them as high as she could, bottoming out in Carrie’s wet pussy.

“HOLLY SHIT! FUCK DON’T STOP! FUCKING POUND ME ! I’m your whore Kelly! Fuck my pussy til it’s numb! Jesus it feels SO GOOD!”  Carrie was spitting out any word that came to mind, she was so close she can feel it now.

Kelly pounded Carrie, using her legs as leverage, she pounded her pussy with as much power as she could, as she kept bottoming out, the toy started to rub against Kelly too.

“I think I’m going to cum soon Carrie, you ready baby!? You gonna cum for your Kelly?”

“Yes keep fucking me!”  “Pound my pussy!” Carrie screamed, her orgasm was coming and it was gonna be big.

Kelly was about to cum too, both girls thrusting back and forth, with exploding pleasure running through their entire body.

“I’m cuming Kelly! Holly shit! Feels so good!”  The ribbed red toy was doing it’s job as Kelly continued pounding Carrie’s pussy, both girls exploded at the same time.

“Me too! Carrie, Ugh Fuck!” Kelly’s pussy exploded as she collapsed onto Carrie.

“Fucking awesome, Kelly! I love you! You are so damn good!”  Carrie said, collecting her breath, and strength as she it was time to head out.

“Glad you liked it sweetie!”  Kelly said exhausted from the overwhelming pleasure that happened in the last few hours.  “Now that’s real music, and hope you got lots of pleasure, helping me out!”  Kelly teased.

Carrie replied: “I’ll help out any time Kelly, just as long as I get to see that sexy ass of yours, no wonder your fans are crazy over it, they should be jealous of me, not only have I saw it, I fucked it! HAHA!”  Carrie laughed; Kelly smiled and agreed completely,

Both girls got up, though both exhausted they had to get dressed and leave. Carrie had a house in Nashville, so Kelly agreed to just crash at her place, as she didn’t feel like paying to a room at a hotel.

The girls gathered their things, got dressed and went out hand and hand back through the club and through the door.

As they waited to catch the cab, Kelly leaned over and gave Carrie her last few kisses of the night.  Carrie loved it, she loved this new found passion with Kelly, and things can only be better.  It was dark and no one saw it, or so the girls thought.

As the girls rode off in the cab, someone just happened to be coming out of the club next to the exotic bar/dance club the Idol duo just came out of, and the person was shocked as America’s most innocent music stars rode away hand in hand.

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