A Nerd’s payback: Christina Blackmailed – Part 2


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The following story contains very strong sexually explicit content. It is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18, nor by anyone who might be offended by such content (please see the story codes below for content themes before reading further). This story is entirely fictional and is NOT descriptive, or prescriptive of reality. If you don’t know what that means-I implore you to stop reading now. It’s written as parody and for my own enjoyment-a sort of solidification of my fantasy as it were-and I’m making it available to others in the event
that it might speak to others’ fantasies as well. In no way do I mean this to offend anyone, especially the celebrities depicted, who believe it or not, I hold in the highest respect. It has nothing to do with my needs and desires in real life.

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STORY BACKGROUND: Please read the first part of this story–“Christina Blackmailed – Nerd’s Payback Part 1”. The setting is a couple of years ago. The Christina depicted here is pre-“Stripped” if you get my gist.

“A Nerd’s Payback: Christina Blackmailed – Part 2”

By Torx –

Celebrities Featured – Christina Aguilera

Story Codes – FM, FMM, FDom, cons, nc, Humil, oral, Bond/bdsm, ws.

“You fucking perv! Is this what you want?” taunted the little bikini clad blonde, Christina Aguilera, as she stood fingering her wet pussy, inches from Johnnie’s face. Her blue bikini bottoms were stretched lewdly to the side, as her wet hole slurped in response to her slender, teenage fingers spreading her lips and flicking her young clit. Her hips were thrust forward, the knuckles on her fingers barely brushing the front of Johnnie’s chin as she teased him with her juicy cunt. “Yeah… you do, you know you do!” She laughed at him.

The smell of Christina’s sloppy slit penetrated Johnnie’s nose as her dripping fingers brushed her girl juice across Johnnie’s mouth, under his nose.

“Yeah!! You NERDS like little girls like me, don’t you!? Yeah, you just wish you could have me, don’t you?!” Christina teased him. Johnnie strained his head forward, trying to get closer to Christina’s shaved pussy, trying to taste it with his tongue. “Nuh—uh… uh… uh…” said Christina as she pulled her slit away from him. “Nerds don’t get to taste tight, young girls pussies!” Christina laughed at him. ” You little perv!!”

Christina had Johnnie right where she wanted him. She was dressed in nothing but a skimpy blue bikini, the bottoms forced to the side of her pussy lips so she could give Johnnie her “girl show”. Johnnie, on the other hand had allowed himself to be dressed up in the very same MTV dress that Christina had worn in the bathroom not 30 minutes ago. Of course, it had no hope of fitting him, but Christina made it stretch around him. The shiny sequined material stretched around his chest, covering his nipples, and showing his boyish naval. The rest of it, barely dangled over his crotch and butt area, leaving his bare legs unprotected down to his feet-which were cruelly forced to squeeze into Christina’s dainty high heel shoes. They didn’t fit either, naturally, but the tiny straps that wrapped around his calves helped keep them on his feet. To top it all off, Christina had made Johnnie put on her piss soaked panties that she had soiled while giving me a good throat fuck in the bathroom. They dripped with Christina’s urine and were so tiny they had to be forced into position, which Christina made Johnnie himself do. His dick was fully erect, as it sprang out of Christina’s panties, forcing them to take a detour down around his balls as they stretched their way around his waist. Johnnie’s hands were bound behind his back by the very same handcuffs that Christina wore as Johnnie mercilessly thrust his dong down Christina’s throat on the way to the cabin. He lay there on his stomach-prone on the bed in my bedroom as Christina’s 5’2″ frame towered over him as she teased him with her cunt fingering. It was a freakish display, and Christina deserved all the credit.

Johnnie must really have been a glutton for punishment. He ASKED for this!! When Johnnie told me that he wanted Christina to dominate him like a girl, I’m not sure that this is what he had in mind. He told me he wanted to get fucked with a strap on, but Christina was really playing into Johnnie’s insecurities here-the nerd angle. I didn’t know how far I should let her take it, but I watched with fascination. When I blackmailed Christina into coming down here with a videotape I knew would permanently tarnish her “pretty girl” image, I certainly didn’t expect her to be actively willing to do something like THIS. Christina was simply more than I bargained for, and she was putting on quite a show!

After our little pep-talk in the bathroom, Christina convinced me to give her a little time to prepare. She was really into the idea, despite her predicament, that if she was going to be treated like a throat reamed dick cushion, then she was going to seize the opportunity for payback. Johnnie assured me that he couldn’t wait to see what she did, and I allowed her to gather some toys and accessories. Gaffers tape, lube, the fanciest strap on I had (an old hold over from some girl on girl action that I’d helped “facilitate” in my younger days), an old pair of ankle shackles, a length of nylon rope, a butt plug, and a glass bowl from the kitchen that she gleefully grabbed all sat in a pile on the nightstand of the bedroom so they would be within easy reach. There were a few other items in the room that were specifically there to use on Christina when the time came, (a special steel collar with a chain leash, a leg spreader, some nipple clamps, and a few other fun toys), but she knew they were off limits.

“You fucking nerd! You’re disgusting!” Christina said playfully as she continued to finger her tight pussy inches from Johnnie’s face. “You nerds can’t have girls like me! No… I’m too good for you. You geeks couldn’t get laid by a thin, hot blonde like me if you paid her a thousand dollars!” Christina laughed, girlishly, as a drop of her pussy juice slinked its way down her knuckle and deposited itself onto the tip of Johnnie’s nose. “Oooooh yeah!! You hear that wet pussy, geek? Huh?! Oh god you fucking freak boy! You fucking FAG! Ohoh ohohoh….yeah.” she chided as she shuddered above him-clearly getting off on humiliating this man who previously humiliated her. “How about this!?” Christina suddenly turned around so that her tight pop-star ass was directly in front of Johnnie’s face.

“You fucking BITCH!” Johnnie blurted out with frightening nerdy nasality.

Christina stood upright and looked back at him. “Now I told my little nerd to be quiet!” She scolded him as she grabbed the roll of tape on the nightstand that I’d given to her earlier. She ripped a piece off.

“No… Dammit!!” Johnnie protested.

“Shut the fuck up you LOSER!!” Christina said as she wrapped the piece of tape around Johnnie’s mouth. I wasn’t sure whether I should stop it or not. I figured, he asked for it… and it’s just going to make his payback that much sweeter when Christina’s hour is up. I decided to let her be-short of really hurting him of course. I wasn’t completely without sympathy for Christina, she was going to be thoroughly fucked like a $2 hooker before tonight was over anyway, might as well let her have her kicks while she could get them.

Christina resumed her bent over position in front of Johnnie’s now gagged face. “See that ass? Yeah, nobody fucks this ass! Especially not some freak, loser nerd who has to have their friends blackmail and lie to tight young girls in order to even get close to them.” Christina gyrated her tiny ass only millimeters from Johnnie’s face-making sure he got a good long whiff of her dripping pussy in the process. “God, you know what?!” Christina said as she stood up, as she let her silky thigh brush lightly against Johnnie’s jutting nose and chin. “I’m getting pretty horny! I wonder if there’s anyone around here I can FUCK!” she looked around mockingly.

Johnnie was clearly going insane. He attempted words but they were distorted and muffled by the tight tape around his lips. Here we were 10 minutes into Christina’s hour of playtime, and Johnnie was already desperate to fuck this girl. He bent his legs under him, trying to lift his weight on his knees as he continued to muffle out sounds of protest from behind his taped mouth.

“God… I really….” Christina’s wet pussy slurped as drips of cunt juice slinked down her inner thighs and her finger diddled her teenage clit. “I really need to get DICKED!” she said as she deliberately ignored a struggling Johnnie on the bed. Finally, as Johnnie had managed to get his legs underneath him, making ready to roll over on his back so he could stand up off the bed, Christina took notice.

“No…. no no… NO!” She pushed down on his sequined covered ass as she made him lay prone again. Johnnie reluctantly complied. “I don’t fuck wimp-nerds like you, silly!” Christina laughed! “I’ll tell you what!” She said as she grabbed the pair of shackles that I again had left for her on the nightstand. “I’m feeling generous today! I don’t know… you fucking nerd fags are too disgusting to have a nice juicy, tight pussy like mine, but I’ll give you a break.” She jumped up on the bed and sat down on his ass and his handcuffed wrists, forcing him to remain prone on the bed, as she snicked her shackles around his high-heeled strapped ankles. The shackles were adjustable, and she cinched them up so that his ankles and legs had no room for movement. “There we go!!” she exclaimed. When she was done, Johnnie had very little mobility. His wrists and ankles securely bound, he lay prone on the bed, his mouth taped, literally a toy for Christina’s pleasure.

“Now then… what was I saying?” she coyly teased as she stood in front of Johnnie’s head-her thin bikini clad hips only inches from his face. “Oh yeah! I’m horny… who is there to fuck around here!?” She suddenly looked over at me with a sly smile. I was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. Up to this point, I was just enjoying the scenery of a half naked Christina Aguilera taunting the biggest nerd I’d ever met. Granted, he WAS my friend, but he also asked for this. Now, though it seems I was going to get to fuck this girl sooner than I expected-and without the muss and fuss of a leg spreader and a pair of handcuffs!

Johnnie started thrashing around on the bed as Christina slinked her way over to me. I didn’t understand it, but even though I was blackmailing her to be here, she really didn’t act like she hated me. She certainly would rather not have to be here, but on the other hand, she seemed as gung ho as we were to play along with our little game-especially now that the little girl wasn’t hand cuffed and being gag fucked in the back seat of a car. Johnnie, however, clearly wanted to be free of his bonds. He thrashed on the bed, really expending some effort, but he just couldn’t get the leverage he needed to do anything useful.

“I need to fuck…..” Christina said to me with mock doey eyes. “I can’t fuck that loser nerd over there, but I guess you’ll do… will you fuck me?” She said as she raised her finger to her mouth and bit the tip of it as she stared innocently into my eyes.

“Oh fuck yes!” I said eagerly, playing along with her.

“Ok, but I promised the nerd-fag he could watch….” She said as she tilted her head to look at Johnnie, bound and struggling on the bed.

I looked at him too, and said, “Sorry dude… I can’t turn this down…” as I stood up.

“Wait…” Christina grabbed the chair I was sitting in and set it down on the floor, positioned in front of Johnnie’s prone face. “Here, she said, take your dick out and sit down here,” she told me.

There was no way I was about to put my dick in front of Johnnie’s face. “Whoa, Christina, what are you talking about?” I asked her.

“Just sit down-I’m going to ride your dick!” she said smiling. “What are you a FAG too!?” she laughed at me.

Just for some extra distance, I moved the chair a little farther away from Johnnie’s face-about a foot away from the edge of the bed. I had a feeling I knew what Christina was going for, but I didn’t like being that close to another man.

“Scaredy cat, FAG!” Christina chided as I sat down in the chair with my rock hard dick finally freed from the confines of my pants. No sooner did I sit down in the chair did Christina throw her thin leg across my lap and straddle my crotch reverse cowgirl. “I told you I need to FUCK!!” she said as she stretched her bikini bottom crotch to the side of her pussy lips again and quickly guided her nubile teenage body down on to my rock hard shaft. Her silky, dripping wet pussy slid confidently around my throbbing dick. Her slut hole was impossibly tight, but wet with ample pussy lube as the weight of her thin body forced my dick inside her twat. Christina’s legs were still on the floor as my cock buried into her cunt, and she said, “Come on…” She grabbed the underside of the chair and started to pull forward in lurches. “I …. Promised …. The nerd….” The chair, and her pussy inching closer and closer to Johnnie’s bound face, “he could…..watch!” With a final jerk on the chair, Christina’s perfect belly button slammed against Johnnie’s nose. “Good,” she said. “Now, watch your friend make me his slut, nerd!! This is as close as you’re ever going to get to real, tight teenage, pop-star pussy.” Christina leaned back, her arms reaching around and supporting her weight as her hands clamped down on my forearms hanging on to the chair. I could smell the obscene mixture of strawberry shampoo and dried sperm as her crusty, cum caked, blonde hair slapped against my face while she started thrusting up and down on my dick. The fact is, I didn’t care about anything at that moment except that Christina Aguilera, in long slow strokes was engulfing my cock with her young, blonde teenage pussy. I could feel her hot pussy juices dribbling down my shaft and pooling in the pubic hair in my balls as she pumped me.

Johnnie, laying prone on the bed with hands and legs tied, couldn’t help himself but to watch the horny pop star bang his friend-her soaked pussy only inches from his face.

“Are you watching, nerd?! Yeah. Watch me fuck this guy, you pathetic loser! You’ll never get a pussy like this. You’ll be lucky to be banging an old fat chick at the end of her rope when your 60, you pompous fag! Do you smell that pussy juice?” Christina started quickening the pace. Her tiny frame just impaling herself onto my fuck stick-my hairy, pussy soaked balls slurping against her ass cheeks. Her legs were spread wide open, and bent up, resting on the bed to either side of Johnnie’s anguished face giving him an unparalleled view of her tight, bald slit wrapped like a vice around my dick. The top of Christina’s shaved pussy lips rubbed repeatedly against the tip of Johnnie’s nose as she rode me like an insatiable little slut. “Yeah, is that good?!! Do you like that, geek?!” Christina thwapped me with her dirty, crunchy hair as she flicked her head around to face me. “I think the FAG wants me!” she smirked as she started thrusting even harder. Her frame suspending over my glistening dick, and then suddenly impaling herself balls deep. She did this repeatedly, and each time she thrust downward, little splashes of girl juice leaped onto Johnnie’s helpless face. “The nerd wants this little girl, huh?!” she chided as she skewered herself on my throbbing dick.

This girl was fucking HOT. Her incessant teasing of Johnnie, and the athletic fuck job she was doing on my dick was about to make me explode, and I was ready for it. The chair below me creaked weakly with each of Christina’s pussy reaming thrusts.

I was about to lose it. “Oh… ahhh….. ahhhh…. God. FUCK!”

“OK… that’s enough.” Christina said as she lifted her cunt off my dick. I shuddered, out of control-just on the edge of one of the biggest orgasms of my life, but Christina denied me. “Oh my fucking GOD, you SLUT!”

She pulled me out of the chair and pushed it so that it toppled. “Fuck me from behind, stud…” she told me as she bent over-now face to face with Johnnie, her inviting ass in the air waiting for me to enter her from behind. Her curly, crusted blonde hair lay lazily down her upper back as she stared straight in to Johnnie’s face, and then turned to look at me. “And don’t you dare fucking cum!!” she ordered.

“Ooooo yeah, loser!” She said looking directly at Johnnie. “You know what he’s going to do?! Oooh, he’s going to fuck this tiny pop singer like a slut! Yeah, you want to fuck me too, but you can’t.” I eagerly entered Christina’s cunt. “Ooooh, yeah, just like that.” She reacted, facing Johnnie. Christina’s face thrust forward and backward as I rode her from behind. “This is how real men fuck me! Not nerd losers like you. Uh…. Uh…. Uh…. Uh….. Uh….” Christina’s grunted with each thrust, as her face taunted Johnnie’s. “You know what I’m going to do for, you baby!?” She whispered to Johnnie. “I’m going to fuck you like you want to fuck me right now.” She whispered. “Ooooooh YEAH! I’m going fuck you like a little girl!” she smiled, her beautiful teeth revealing her glee, as she clearly couldn’t wait to debase this pathetic freak in front of her. “Yeah…. I’m going to fuck you like a princess!!” Christina laughed as I pumped my dick in and out of her. God she was tight! I was so caught up in the moment of fucking the beautiful, dirty slut from behind that I almost forgot my “orders” not cum. I so wanted to fill her pussy up with my sloppy sperm that I almost didn’t realize that I was slowly losing control of the situation. Christina had gone beyond just following the blackmailer’s orders… hell she’d gone beyond being “into it”-she had turned into an insatiable sex demon on a fucking mission. I couldn’t believe that a girl this fresh and young was even capable of being such a slut! I couldn’t think of anything else as my stiff rod rammed into her tight twat-my hips slapping against her tight ass cheeks as I fucked her small frame hard and fast.

“Yeah, freak… I think your friend likes me.” Christina whispered to Johnnie as her head snapped back and forth with each of my powerful thrusts. “He likes little, blonde cock teasers like me! He likes to fuck little girl sluts. Do you like me too, nerd? Huh?” My knees were starting to buckle as I slammed the entire weight of my hips into Christina-burying my dick deep into her teenage pussy, my balls slapping against her shaved clit. Christina continued taunting Johnnie, as she whispered, “Well, you can’t fuck me you naughty freak! But that’s ok. I’ll take care of you baby.” I was about to lose it. I reared back and slammed into her in long deliberate strokes. “I’ll….. take…. care of you….. baby! Ohhhh… fffuck!” she said as her head snapped around to look at me.

“Oh my god…. Oh my god” I said. I couldn’t help myself. I was just about to explode.

“Nah…. No no no…. ” Just before I lost it, Christina stood up again and my cock slipped out of her juicy hole.

“JEEEEZZUSS…. baby!” I exclaimed in spite of myself. I was out of breath, my dick was twitching on the edge of orgasm-begging for one last thrust into that sloppy young slit. “Oh my GOD….” I managed to utter as my legs struggled to support me. The thin slut turned around to face me.

She regarded me as she looked up into my face while she caught her breath. “Sit down, baby…” Christina breathily ordered with a confident smile on her face as if she owned the place-and me. I was still trying to get my balance back from being so near, yet so far from orgasm. “What are you gonna cum?” She spoke to me like a child. “Are you gonna cum, little Jimmy?! You can’t handle me? Is that it? Not man enough to FUCK me like a slut?!” she teased as my knees finally gave out and I collapsed butt first on the floor-my cock painfully hard, but still not having released its contents.

“Uhhhgggfff….” I said as I hit the floor. God did I want to cum.

Christina stood laughing at me with her girlish giggle as her thin frame towered over me-her well-fucked pussy leaking drips of pussy juice down her soft thighs only a few inches from my face. “You fuckin’ pathetic loser!” she giggled. “Sit down, and take your shirt off… you’ll have to wait. Unless you want to jerk yourself off, you nerd boy. Is that what you do when you watch your porn. Jerk your cock off and watch girls you can’t have as you cum all over yourself?! So fucking pathetic! A real man would be able to wait for me. Can you wait for me, baby? Ooooohhh…” she stuffed two of her slender fingers up her soppy pussy and scooped out some of her slippery pussy juice. She turned to Johnnie and with her other hand, ripped the tape off his face, while at the same time stuffing her glistening fingers into his mouth. “Yeah… you want to taste girl juice, nerd!?”

I sat looking up at her from the floor. My immediate urge to grab my cock and jerk it off had subsided, and as much as I wanted to just grab this bitch and fuck the shit out of her, I remembered why we were here in the first place. As if Christina had read my mind, she replaced the tape on Johnnie’s mouth, snapped her head back toward me and said, “I’m gonna ASS-FUCK this GEEK!” Her playful eyes were now turning to a look of revenge for his back seat car shenanigans. Clearly she’d been looking forward to this, and the look she gave me just DARED me to stop her.

I considered it as I looked at Johnnie. He looked at me as best he could, and I could tell that despite her hurtful “nerd” talk, he was enjoying this-if for no other reason than because he knew he’d be hers to do with what he willed in another 20 minutes. I looked back at Christina who had grabbed the central piece of sexual equipment in this scenario-a large black rubber strap on dildo complete with a rubber bulb and a delivery system for fake cum-and started to climb into it.

“I don’t know, Christina….” I hesitated, considering taking back control of the situation and getting this night back on track.

“You promised, Jim! Come on! You said he asked for this! I’m gonna stove pipe this loser, nerd egg head like a little girl slut!” she was determined, as she tightened the strap on around her wafer thin waste.

“20 minutes more, Christina and… I’m going to give you to him, baby. You truly are going to be his birthday present, and you know… what goes around comes around.” I warned her. “You might consider being nice…”

“FUCK that. Did you see how much of his disgusting, fucking nerd sperm he sprayed all over my pinned down face in your fucking car?! I HATE it when you fucking men decide to squirt your disgusting prick snot on girls’ faces. It’s fucking GROSS! It’s all over my fucking hair!” I was starting to understand why Christina was so angry with Johnnie …

“Christina,” I started.

“I know, I know… that was only the beginning. You fuckin’ sick freak! If I’m going to have to get more cum on my face, the least you could let me do is give this freak what he ASKED for! No fuckin’ way… this loser is getting the ass fucking of his life.”

I looked at Johnnie. “Are you sure, man?” He struggled to nod at me as if to say, ‘bring it on’. “Alright man…” I said. Besides… I was horny like a fucking toad by this point. Impaired judgment or not, if she was going to voluntarily fuck ME some more, I was more than willing to let her have her way for a few minutes. I got up and followed Christina’s instructions. I took my shirt off so I was totally naked, and then picked up the chair that Christina had kicked over. I sat down and made ready to watch this…. freak show. I wasn’t sure Christina COULD surprise me anymore, but on the other hand….


Christina was “all strapped in” as it were and I sat there watching this tiny girl-still not believing she was going to do this. I had been fairly sure I was going to need to give her some extra motivation, but that was far from the case. She was not only up for it; she was totally on a mission of payback. Her young pussy might have been wet by the end of her backseat ordeal, but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

“Your dream is to fuck a cute, young girl, huh?” Christina stood in front of Johnnie’s prone, tape covered face. She had a large, black rubber strap on where her bikini bottoms used to be, while her blue top daintily clung to her waifish frame. “Yeah, I’m your teen dream, aren’t I nerd?” she said as she walked around to the other side of the bed where Johnnie’s shackled ankles dangled. “Oooooh, sugar, I’ll take care of you baby!” With all her strength, she pulled his ankles over so he lay prone diagonally on the bed. She grabbed yet another one of her requested accessories, a rope, and wrapped it between and inside his shackled ankles and started tying his ankles to the bed frame so he had even less mobility. Johnnie was stranded there, handcuffed, and shackled, his feet tied to the bed as Christina walked around to his head. “That’s better baby… can’t have you going anywhere!” She stood there, her cock in front of Johnnie’s face as she stroked it as if she was maintaining her erection. “Ooooh,” she smiled down at him. “I’ll fuck the nerd!”

Once again she ripped the tape off his mouth. Johnnie grunted in pain as the tape separated from his lips. Knowing what she was going to do, he kept his mouth tightly closed.

“Come, on geek… suck me off so I can get horny enough to dick you!” Christina slapped her rubber dong against Johnnie’s face. “Come, on baby, I’ll take care of you. You wanna get fucked right, nerd?” She took one hand and grabbed Johnnie’s nose, pinching it shut. “Come on baby… my dick is hard for you. I just want a little blowjob!” Christina taunted him as she smiled. She let a stringer of her spit drip down from her mouth, landing on the top of her black dick, and then slinking down and rubbing off on Johnnie’s cheek. “Come on…” encouraged him like a child, not letting Johnnie breath through his nose. The head of her black rubber dick dangled only inches from his tightly shut mouth-a small dimpled hole at its tip where fake cum would escape if she had any in the rubber bulb at her hip.

Finally, Johnnie opened his mouth to take a breath and Christina thrust her hips forward and stuffed her black dick in Johnnie’s mouth. “Ooooh good nerd!!” she said as she pinched his nose at the same time she forced her large strap on past Johnnie’s teeth and down his throat. “Yeah, I’m going to teach you how to fuck a girl, nerd!” She finally let go of Johnnie’s nose, her knees slightly bent and her bare toes straining against the carpet below, as she had to put all of her weight into thrusting her strap on dick down Johnnie’s throat. Johnnie coughed and gagged as Christina’s monster rod penetrated past the back of his mouth and poked down into his throat. I sat in my little corner, watching-fascinated.

“YEAH… good nerd! GAG on my dick, geek! This is how girls get fucked. You know what this is called? Ooooh, this is what men call ‘foreplay’ baby!” Christina held her hands firm against Johnnie’s, black greasy, slicked hair as she deliberately throat reamed him as he struggled against his handcuffs, shackles and her delicate hands to try to get away from her fuck stick to take a breath. No no no… baby. This is what you watch in your porn videos isn’t it? Yeah, come on, deep throat me, you FAG!”

“Gaaackckk…. Gguuurrrrggle… CCCHhhhhhchka…” gagged Johnnie as Christina mercilessly throat fucked him with her disproportional rubber dildo. Stringers of drool were escaping the sides of Johnnie’s mouth as they flowed down his cheeks and dripped onto the carpet below-his head hanging off the edge of the bed as Christina “made him her bitch”. Christina lifted one of her spindly legs onto the bed next to Johnnie’s face so she could get a little better leverage to penetrate his reamed throat even deeper.

“Come on GEEK!” she thrust deep into his throat, as he gagged on her dick. “Get throat fucked like a little girl!” she pumped him as she continued to talk. “Yeah, that’s a real pretty dress you’ve got on you nerd-slut.” She moved her leg again, this time resting her foot on Johnnie’s upper back as he hacked and gagged, struggling to extricate her dick from his mouth. “Did you wear that for me, baby?! Ohh…. Did you wear to it get my dick hard!? OOOoOOOoooooohhhh…” Christina thrust forward until her rubber balls slapped against Johnnie’s chin. She shuddered there for several moments as Johnnie gagged on her dick, streams of drool running down Christina’s rubber balls as they practically vibrated against his chin. The little blonde was clearly enjoying this. Her fake dick lodged deep in his throat, Christina’s tight, soft naval was pressed firmly against Johnnie’s nose and her girlish foot rested firmly on his back as he struggled against his steel constraints underneath her. Christina’s little cunt was dripping her juices down her silky thigh as her body literally shuddered in excitement drilling the nerd’s throat with her plastic, black donkey schlong. “Ooooohhhh FFFFuuccckkk!!” she said as Johnnie hacked and gagged around Christina’s monster member. Finally, she ever so slowly began extricating her dick from Johnnie’s throat-inch by inch, Johnnie continued to gag on her and struggle violently on the bed against his bonds as streams of his drool violently escaped his mouth. Christina’s shiny, drool covered dick slowly slid out from out of his throat. “Yyyyyyyeeaaaahhh, baby!! That’s fuckin’ niiiiice, little girl!” Christina laughed down at him as the last of her long shaft finally pulled it’s way out of Johnnie’s mouth. Johnnie coughed and gagged, desperate to rid his mouth of all that drool and catch his breath. Christina didn’t give him a break.

“Yeah, you want some more foreplay, baby?! Yeah, come on BITCH, you know you like it!” Dangling stringers of Johnnie’s drool blazed the path from Christina’s dick to Johnnie’s lips as she wiped her dick off on the tip of his nose. “Come on baby, you wanna lick my clit? You wanna lick a your dream girl’s wet pussy slit? Huh?”

Johnnie coughed, trying to catch his breath from Christina’s onslaught. “You ….. you fucking BITCH!” he said in his most annoying nerd voice.

“Ohhh… come on, baby. You want a taste of my pussy? Yeah… you do… All nerds want to taste my juicy slit!” She laughed at him again with her amazing smile. “I’ll tell you what I’ll do, you nerd slut! All you have to do, baby, is take my big dick deep down your throat and stick your tongue out. Maybe you can reach past my plastic balls and get a little taste of my … juicy….” She started whispering to him as she looked down on him with contempt. “… wet….” Her smile had all but drained away and turned into serious intensity. “… CUNT.” With that, she adjusted her feet, and her leg over his shoulder and once again thrust forward-her big black dick penetrating Johnnie’s raw throat all the way down without pause as her balls once again slapped against Johnnie’s chin. “Ohhhh YEAH–FAG!” she screamed as Johnnie’s throat convulsed around it’s plastic oppressor, sending gobs of his drool out the sides of his mouth and dripping of Christina’s rubber balls.

“Come on baby… lick my slit!” Christina taunted him as she pressed all her weight against Johnnie’s mouth, burying her strap on even further down his throat so that the fa├žade of her balls pressed against his lips. “Come on, open your mouth, stick your little tongue out for me and lick my slit!” Christina’s dick was buried so far into Johnnie’s throat that he couldn’t breath, but amazingly, his tongue inched out from under her shaft and slinked under her rubber balls. There was no way he would be able to reach Christina’s dripping cunt, but he didn’t know that, and he tried just the same. “YEAH baby!! Lick daddy’s balls while I THROAT REAM you!!” Christina taunted him some more. “You fucking FAG, I hate getting cum on my face, you GEEK!” With that, she relented a bit allowed Johnnie the breath, but not for long, as she started thrusting and force fucking his throat like it was a well fucked pussy.

“Oooh baby. Yeah. You like getting your throat fucked don’t you!? Yeah, you little nerd. You little BITCH. Come on, this is what your good for….” Christina pumped her black dick in and out of Johnnie’s throat-forcing it past his teeth and lips without regard for his pleasure. “Good, come on… I like throat fucking you baby. You make me really hard, sugar!” Johnnie struggled in vain against his handcuffs and shackles. It may have been more than he bargained for. Here he was, completely at the mercy of this crazed, beautiful girl with a dick that he was desperate to dislodge from his throat. I couldn’t imagine what Christina would be in for if I let Johnnie completely have his way with her after this.

As for me, I still sat there, silently amazed by what I was watching. Christina was far more than I had bargained for, and to hell with Johnnie’s payback, Christina clearly had the baggage of ALL the sex crazed, horny, cum squirting creeps in her young teenage life that she was going to relieve herself of right here and now-and Johnnie was the unfortunate target. Pussy juice was literally flowing down Christina’s thigh as she throat reamed Johnnie.

I decided that I’d better stop her… “Christina….” I said and she immediately got he message. She was ready to get down to some real business anyway.

Christina pulled out of Johnnie’s ravaged throat, and once again covered his mouth with a new strip of tape. “Yeah… Oh yeah, bitch.” Christina muttered as she glanced at me with her cum caked hair and eyes of pure intensity. She immediately made her way behind Johnnie, sitting on his calves. She pulled his torso toward her, resulting in his sequined dress covered ass sticking up in the air, as his face remained firmly planted in the bed sheets. I could immediately see that despite Christina’s outrageously rough treatment, Johnnie’s dick was a full mast, jutting stiffly out of his girl panties that Christina has made him wear.

“Oh yeah, baby. You’re going to get fucked by the little blonde girl that you like!” Christina said to him as she pulled up on his flashy dress material and flipped it over on his back, revealing his ass and the obscenely tight, piss-soaked girly panties he wore underneath. “Oh… BITCH. These are nice sexy panties. They turn me on, baby!” Christina stroked her rubber dick as she forcibly pulled down on Johnnie’s panties, forcing them down tightly around his hairy thighs as his huge cock sprung free underneath. Christina grabbed the lube off the table and began lathering up her rubber dick. “Yeah, come on!” She stood up with her knees bent as she steadied her dick with one hand, and spread Johnnie’s ass with the other. “Take it baby, you know you want it!” She bent her knees further and guided her dick to Johnnie’s ass.

Johnnie started making noise and struggling under Christina. He had nowhere to go, though. His voice muffled from behind the tape and the crumpled bed covers as Christina said, “Ooooh, are you good nerd? Come on, baby… all little sluts like big hung girls like me!” She started to lay all her weight onto Johnnie’s puckered asshole trying to force her lubricated rubber dick inside him. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Mmmm…mmmmfffffhhh!!!” Johnnie cried underneath little Christina as the head of her dick penetrated his tight asshole.

“Shut up slut!” Christina laughed as she slowly buried her strap on deep into Johnnie’s ass. She reached up and grabbed his greasy hair, forcing his head upward as he cried in pain behind his taped mouth. This 5′-2″ pop-slut dominated my nerd friend as she turned her attention to me. “You like this? You like watching me FUCK the FAG!? Oooh, here, here’s something to look at!” With that Christina reached back and pulled on her bikini string, letting it fall off her gorgeous tight breasts and onto Johnnie’s back. “Oooh, you like to watch little pop star’s fuck your friend?! Aaaah, yeah!” She started pumping her dick into Johnnie’s ass hole, slowly in and out.

“Mmmmhh… MMMFffffff… GGghhhmmmmmffffk” Johnnie screamed from behind his taped mouth while Christina ass-pumped him like a cheap whore while her tiny fist pulled his hair back and forced his gagged face upward. He struggled underneath her, but with his hands cuffed, and his ankles tied to the bedpost, he had no choice but to take Christina’s dick.

“Oh, come on you fucking NERD. Take my dick. Come on!” Christina fucked her dick in and out of Johnnie’s helpless ass–his own rock hard dick swinging underneath him. “Yeah, Christina reached down underneath Johnnie’s stomach and grabbed his dick with her nubile fingers. “Oooh the fag likes it, huh!? The dork likes to get fucked in the ass by a girl!” She pumped him hard as she stroked his cock.

I was getting anxious to see this freak-show end, besides, I was still hoping for a little action with this little girl-dom before I gave her over to Johnnie. “Christina, times almost up, baby…” I said.

“Oooh… the slut needs to cum yet… and I need to cum too!” She said as she abruptly pulled her dick out of Johnnie’s ass. And stood up on the bed behind him.

“Mmmmmm…MMMMMHHGGGGFFFFKK!!” came the muffled screams of Johnnie underneath her as the head of her fabricated member popped out of his ravaged bunghole.

Christina grabbed her last two toys off the nightstand-a medium sized, glass kitchen bowl, and a fairly large butt plug.

“Yeah the nerd-geek is going to cum now!” Christina said as she quickly stuffed the butt plug into Johnnie’s ass, giving rise to more muffled screams of pain. “Oh don’t be such a fuckin’ cry-baby, BITCH!” Christina smiled at him as she smacked his butt-plugged ass. She placed the bowl underneath his dick and said, “Now, nerd… can you cum for me, baby?! Huh?” She asked coyly as her young slender fingers wrapped around his thick monster, donkey-dick. “Come on, you nerds like it when little girls stroke your dicks, don’t you!” she said as her hand started rubbing up and down on his dangling dick. “Oh yeah,” she spanked his ass with her other hand. “Nerd gonna cum for me, huh? Is the Nerd gonna cum?” She taunted as her hand flew up and down on Johnnie’s dick as he struggled against his bonds. He was moaning loudly now and clearly stimulated by Christina’s humiliation of him. “You like it when little, young, teenage, girl pop stars stroke your FAG stick!? Come on, nerd.” Christina held the bowl up so that it would catch his cum as she stroked him. “Come on, nerd! Are you gonna cum, baby?” Her young, firm breasts were glowing with her perspiration, and her heavy breathing made them jiggle slightly as she continued jacking his cock with her small hands. “Oooh… Little girl make the nerd cum?” she taunted him. With that Johnnie moaned loudly from the crumpled bed sheets under his mouth. Thick white ropes of man sperm erupted from his dick and splashing against the clear glass bowl underneath. “Oh yeah, you fuckin’ freak!” she said. Johnnie’s dick continued spurting out thick globs of white nerd semen as it collected in the bowl. “Come on, squirt your sperm for me, geek.” Christina’s hand squeezed Johnnie’s cock as she literally milked the spunk out of it. She reached up with her other hand and grabbed the butt plug in his ass. She twisted it roughly, and as she did so another thick powerful spurt of nerd jizz pumped out of his cock and into the bowl. “Good boy!” Christina patronized him. Inspired, she grabbed the butt plug roughly and pulled it out of his ass, only to plunge it backing again as Johnnie writhed against his handcuffs and shackles. Johnnie’s dick spurted another load of white semen into the glass bowl as Christina milked him with one hand, and thrust the bulbous butt plug into his ass with the other. “Yeah, you spunk machine. Squirt for me you sperm factory freak!” Christina pulled and pushed Johnnie’s butt plug in and out of his tight lubed butt hole as she seemingly pumped the sperm out of Johnnie’s freakishly long and hard donkey-cock. Squirt after squirt of his white cum flowed out of his pee hole into the bowl as Christina’s hands kneaded his dick, and worked his clear plastic butt plug like a push pump at the same time.

“MMmmmm…. Gghhhhhmmmmmfffk!!” Johnnie screamed in simultaneous pain and pleasure-his celebrity blonde girl-dom literally pumping the sperm out of him as she thrust a butt plug into his prostate and squeezed the sperm out of his cock like milk at the same time. As the remainder of his cum dripped out of his dick, thanks to Christina’s forcible kneading of his cock meat, Christina laughed at him again: “Good boy! Now it’s my turn to cum, baby!”

Christina grabbed the glass bowl from under him and, wasting no time, she grabbed the rubber “cum-bulb” attached to her waist. She opened it up and poured the contents of Johnnie’s cum-bowl into the strap-on’s bulb. “Yeah, baby, it’s my turn!” When Christina had managed to get the entire, gooey contents of the bowl to barely fit into the bulb she stood back up and waived her black, ass-juice soaked dick in front of Johnnie’s face.

“Come on baby… suck me off like a good little whore!” She ripped the tape off his mouth again, and before he could speak she thrust her dick straight down his throat. Johnnie gagged violently, Christina’s rubber dong once again forcibly lodged into his throat. “Oh, I’m having an orgasm now!!!” Christina mocked her former oppressor as she gave the cum bulb at her waist a hard squeeze. “GOOD BOOOOY! Ooooh, you little bitch.” Christina’s rubber balls slapped against Johnnie’s chin as she pumped his own spunk straight down his throat into his stomach. “Take that ‘reproductive sperm’ down your THROAT like a good slut!” Christina giggled girlishly. Johnnie gagged and hacked on Christina’s cum spurting rubber dong. With that she pulled out and really started working her cum bulb in her hands. “Yeah, baby… take that spunk on your slut, fag face!” Christina laughed down at him as ropes of his own cum erupted out of Christina’s strap on and coated Johnnie’s forehead, nose and cheeks. “Oh you fuckin’ skank! Skanks like you like it in the fucking FACE, don’t you, baby?!” Christina continued squirting Johnnie’s cum onto his own face as he protested with only grunts-trying to squirm away from Christina’s spurting dick as she chased his squirming face around the bed. “Oh no… you take it all, slut!” She grabbed the back of his hair as she forced him to stay still, much as he did with her in the car, as the last of Johnnie’s cum came pumping out of Christina’s rubber dick and landed all over his face-dripping down his nose and cheeks, leaving a stubborn glob hanging lewdly off his chin. Thick ropes of his own sperm absolutely coated his face, running in thick globs down his forehead, down his nose and oozing over his lips.

“God you’re a fucking gooey girl, aren’t you!?” Christina taunted him as she shook a few remaining drops onto his nose and finally let go of his hair. She immediately started un-strapping herself from her rubber dick, and looked at me intensely, her breath shaky and uneven from pure adrenaline. “Lay on the floor… I’m going to ride the shit out of your cock!” I didn’t care about Johnnie at this point, I couldn’t fucking wait to fuck this girl’s pussy. I got off my chair and lay back on the floor next to the bed.

Christina turned back to Johnnie and started strapping the rubber dick to his head. “Here you go baby. I need to take care of your friend!” White cum oozed out from under the plastic harness as Christina cinched up the strap on tightly around his gooey face. His mouth now had a dick in its place. A naked, beautiful, blonde, visibly horny Christina then finally turned all her attentions to me.

“Yeah, lay back. I want you to lick my wet slit. I’m gonna sit on your face!” Christina ordered-not even thinking about anything but what she wanted right then and there. I laid back, almost as eager to see her pussy up close and personal as she was to show it to me. The naked pop star stepped over me, and I could see the drips of girl juice oozing down her visibly quivering thighs. Before I could react, she immediately, almost desperately sat on my face-smearing my mouth and cheeks with gobs of wet Christina juice. “Ohhhhh, fuckin’ YEAH!” She pressed her pussy hard against my face as she rubbed it like it was her own personal Sybian machine. “Oooh FUCK!! Yeah, I need my pussy rubbed!” That was an understatement as Christina pressed all her weight on me, without regard for my participation-she rubbed her soaked pussy hard against my face, the folds of her outer lips opening around my nose and mouth, depositing a thick film of her wet girl-spunk all over my face. Her thin, spindly legs straddled my head, and her thighs literally shuddered with her sexual desperation against my ears and cheeks. “Good, fuckin’ boy…” Christina shakily whispered as she continued to roughly wipe her soaked pussy off on my face. Between Christina’s clamped legs, and her wet pussy, I couldn’t hear or see much of anything. I heard muffled sounds from Johnnie in the background as Christina moaned on top of me, but I wasn’t prepared for what Christina was about to do. I had forgotten that one of the toys I had stashed to use on her later was sitting in easy access, underneath the bedside table.

Suddenly her wet pussy lifted off my face, and I could hear Johnnie trying to say something and some thrashing on the bed. Before I could figure out what was going on, Christina bent over me, reached around my head and snicked a metal collar around my neck. It was the collar I’d gotten for her-very handcuff like in its operation in that it snicked together and needed a key to open. It also had a chain leash attached to it. I couldn’t believe I had been so caught up in the moment not to notice her grab it without me knowing about it, but all of a sudden, there it was, around my neck-and she had snicked it on so tight that it pinched my throat, and I could barely breath. After it was on me, Christina stepped immediately away as Johnnie continued screaming from behind his cock mask and thrashing on the bed. I tried to sit up, but found that the leash had already been attached to the bed post, and I just ended up choking myself. Besides, it was so tight on me that I had to concentrate just to get enough air. I had really underestimated Christina Aguilera.

“Christina… ” I managed to utter weakly… “I can’t…. I can’t breath! Get this off of me!” I ordered her.

Christina was ignoring me. She had walked down to my feet and pulled my body down so that the collar was strained against the leash. “Come on… I need to FUCK!” Christina had not lost site of her mission. My face was soaked with her girl juice, I was choking on a collar that was too small for me, and this little girl that I was blackmailing had now managed to take full control of the situation. “Just relax, Jimmy… you can breathe fine. I still need to get fucked!” Christina told me as she stood up and put her back to me as she was doing something to Johnnie that I couldn’t see. “You fuckin’ NERD… shut the fuck up!!” Christina ordered him as she manipulated her arms and hands, sometimes violently as I could hear Johnnie’s protestations, and then his strong gags and hacks, and then silence. “That’s better, you fucking FREAK!” Christina laughed at him and then turned back to me. “Ok… enough … I’m gonna FUCK now!” She walked away from Johnnie and toward my dick. As I struggled to breath, and to forcibly rip my collar from my neck (with no success), I could now see that Christina had reversed Johnnie’s strap-on mask so that it actually strapped around his face, only the schlong was stuffed into his throat! It was a very effective gag. The cum bulb was dangling off the edge of the bed. Meanwhile, my girl-dom wasn’t fucking around anymore. She immediately stood over my dick, facing me, squatted down and stuffed my hard cock into her soaked girl-twat. I choked and gagged on my collar as I tried to lift my legs to get Christina off of me. “No… no, I’m going to FUCK now!” She responded by slamming her full weight down on my member and forcing my butt to the ground again. I could hardly breath, but Christina’s warm moist slit felt fucking fantastic. It was a dichotomy of feeling that was completely humiliating. “Yeah, come on freak.” Christina started pumping up and down on my dick. Her small titties bounced in front of me, as one of her hands rested on my hip for balance as the other one roughly pinched and tweaked one of my nipples. I could feel her seemingly endless supply of pussy juice dripping down my balls as her she allowed her body’s full weight to slam down repeatedly onto my dick. “God, yes… oh my fucking god….” Christina didn’t give a shit about me, or my choke collar at this point. I was simply a dick tool to stuff into her girl cunt.

“Come on baby…. Ohhhh… come on!” Christina, in total control of both of us, was completely lost in her own dominant pleasure. She shuddered over top of my dick as she slammed down on me.

“Christina….” I hacked-the collar was being pulled down against my Adams apple, the leash stretched taught against the bedpost it was attached too. I could hardly breath, and yet, I was about to cum.

Christina rode me like a bitch in heat. “Yeah… Oh yeah… Oh you fuckin’ boy… you fuckin’ boy… I’m going to use you as my fucking DICK MEAT!” Christina was working herself into a desperate frenzy, her shuddering legs almost giving out on her as she desperately slid her pussy lips deep around my iron hard boner. She finally released, “Oh.. yeah… OHHHH FUCK!! FUUUUCKKK!!! YEAH YOU FUCKING BOY-SLAVE. FILL MY NASTY SLIT UP WITH YOUR NERD DICK!!” OOooooohhhhHHH FFFfffffuuuuuuuuuuckk!!!” Christina shuddered in orgasm over top of me, my dick deeply buried in her warm pussy. Her thighs quivered as her weight forced my dick as deep into her as possible. Despite my inability to breath, her tight, pulsating pussy squeezed and pulled at my long cock meat, and I couldn’t help but cum inside her as well. My dick erupted my thick white sperm deep into her girlish cunt as the desperately horny girl impaled herself onto my rod. “Ooohhhhhh… fffffuck…” she whispered as the tension finally left her body. As for me, I was just about to pass out. Christina’s naked, glistening body toppled on top of me, exhausted from her monster orgasm. Her Johnnie-cum caked hair whipped against my pussy juice soaked face. The rest of what followed happened in haze, as I was just on the edge of consciousness. “Oh my god…. yes…..” Christina whispered into my chest as I struggled to remain conscious. Her thin body grinded against my softening dick as her wet cunt enjoyed a post orgasm sensitivity. “God, you naughty fuck-boys….” I barely heard her whisper softly as her soft, thin, sweaty body rubbed slowly against mine. Her perky, young breasts brushed lightly against my nipples. Her soaking wet cunt slipped and slid around my now flaccid cock. “Oooh my God….” she lightly whispered again, looking up at me, with what I could only interpret as a genuine smile of gratitude. I could barely breathe with this collar tightly sprung around my neck-I was barely conscious because of her antics, but I couldn’t help but appreciate being draped by this beautiful girl, who in this moment was enjoying my body as much as I was hers. The moment abruptly ended as soon as it came, though. Christina eventually lifted her lithe, thin body off of my dick and removed the bulb from the end of the strap on’s hose. She quickly maneuvered her body so that she was squatting over my face again, and steadied the bulb over my mouth when one hand, as she rested her other hand just over her bare clit so she could see what she was doing.

Christina was back in full fledged girl-dom mode. “Oooh.. yeah… you little freak…” She smiled her amazing smile down at me as a thick mixture of my white hot cum, and her slithery girl juice oozed out of her pussy and into the rubber bulb over my lips. I was only barely on the edge of consciousness as I watched Christina laugh at me as her cunt continued to expel the cum juices-sometimes missing the bulb and landing on my cheeks and nose. She continued calling me names and taunted me to “take the spunk, little boy!” as the rest of the sperm trickled out of her thoroughly fucked vagina and into the cum bulb. She then turned around completely and sat her wet cunt on my forehead facing the rest of my body and a helpless cock-gagged Johnnie, as she re-attached the bulb to the strap on. She stuck the bulb in my hand-the hose dangling up to the rubber dick that was squarely lodged in Johnnie’s throat.

In a kind of surreal haze, I heard Christina tell me. “Come on now you fag…. Squeeze the bulb, and feed your spunk to your friend, and I’ll let you breathe.” I tried to catch my breath, but to no avail. I was about to slip into unconsciousness. Christina straddled my forehead as we both had a view of Johnnie’s dick lodged face. “Come on, nerd. Squeeze the bulb and feed your friend…. And I’ll take off your little nerd collar!” I could feel something slimy and wet hit my face-I could only assume it was Christina’s spit. Christina’s voice was echoed and distant. “Squeeze, baby… squeeze….” I finally squeezed-barely able to make conscious decisions anymore. I could see Johnnie thrashing on the bed as the combination of Jim-spunk and Christina juice flooded its way down his throat. “Yeah…. You like that fag!?” I could hear her girlish laughter as if in the distance as I knew she was taunting Johnnie even more. “Squeeze again….” She ordered. Half delirious with lack of air, I did as I was instructed repeatedly as my spunk juice was forced down Johnnie’s raw throat-sometimes he managed to expel a little out of the corners of his mouth, leaving it oozing over the edge of the bed onto the floor, but most of it, I knew, was deposited directly into is stomach.

“Good boy… good boy… Now, one last thing before I go!” Christina said distantly, the darkness was closing in on me. I couldn’t breath, and tunnel vision was taking over. I could feel something warm, wet and acrid smelling splashing onto my face. I looked up with the last of my remaining visual capacity and could see the naked, little blonde squatting in front of me, her thighs wide open, and her glistening cunt squarely in front of my face. Christina was releasing a stream of her yellow piss all over my face. “Good boy…. Good, piss boy!” Christina laughed as her girl urine dripped down my cheeks and over my lips. “You know you like it you pathetic, loser, piss-nerd….” was the last thing I heard as her girl pee continued to splash all over my forehead, lips and already pussy-juice matted hair. I finally passed out.


When I finally awoke, my collar had indeed been loosened. Thank God, I could breath. I had a headache, I was still leashed to the bed, and my face and the floor around me was positively soaked with Christina’s cold piss. My head was resting in a carpet soaked puddle of it-my hair matted with yellow urine. I was still naked, my dick now completely limp, and Johnnie was still on the bed-his ass still stuffed with a large butt-plug, and with a strap on dildo lodged down his throat-desperately breathing through his nose, waiting for me to come to. Christina was nowhere to be found, and definitely FAR more than I bargained for.

It took a little time to get ourselves out of the predicament we were in. Johnnie couldn’t go anywhere, and I had very limited mobility with a short leash that was anchored to the bedpost. I finally maneuvered myself so that I could untie Johnnie’s feet. I then found the keys for Johnnie’s shackles and handcuffs. He removed his throat gag and butt plug, and then had to search the house for the key to my collar-which Christina had poetically thrown into the hallway bathroom toilet.

“That fucking BITCH!” was all Johnnie could think to say, as we found that she had taken the keys to my car and absconded from the premises. Before she did that, though, she found one of my digital cameras and left it on the living room coffee table for us. There were no pictures of us, and Johnnie assured me that he was awake the whole time after I passed out and didn’t see her take any pictures, but there was a short video left for us…

Christina sat on the couch in a T-shirt and a pair of oversized (for her) jeans she’d stole from my closet. She looked all cleaned up and showered…. I must have been out for a while. Despite my livid anger, I couldn’t help but think how fucking cute she looked in my clothes.

“Hi guys!” Christina started on the video. “I just wanted to say that I had fun with you freak-nerds and that this was the last time you’ll have a chance with me in your fucking life times. I guess you screwed it up, although Jimmy got a little lucky with an asphyxiation fuck!” Christina giggled and winked. “I liked playing with you fag boys, though… Johnnie, did you get enough man sperm, baby? Oh, and Jimmy, how’d you like my little piss present, honey? I just thought I’d show you guys what it’s like to get fucked and used like the girls in your porn videos! Anyway, Jimmy, you go ahead and release that fuckin’ lame tape you’ve got. I’ve decided to change my image anyway.”

“I better go, now, but I’ll leave my virgin-baby Johnnie with this thought. I’m going to do some photo-shoots that you only wished I had done before. I’m going to dress up like a slut, fuck the shit out of lots of guys, and tease the shit out of people with the release of my new album, but I wanted you to know that every photo shoot I do is for you, baby. It’s me telling you that you’ll never have this little, wet, hot slut again…. Hee hee hee…” she giggled at us with her amazing smile. “That’s all. Why don’t you fags suck each other off for breakfast! You know you want to! Jimmy, force feed Johnnie some of your spunk for me, baby! Ok?! Bye!” Christina waved innocently.

“That FUCKING bitch!” said Johnnie again. Neither of us could think of anything more to say. I had no recourse. I could release the tape, but what would be the use. Christina was way ahead of me, and it might just end up helping her career anyway. Johnnie was not nearly as forgiving as I was though.

“I’m …. Oh… man, Jim, we need to get her back. I don’t know how we’re going to do it, but we need to get her back. That fucking whore…” Johnnie was transformed. Over the days and months ahead, he was obsessed with payback. He wanted her BAD, and was prepared to do anything to get her. True to her word, Christina did eventually change her image, and every time Johnnie saw a photo of her in her sexy, barely there outfits smiling at the camera, he was positive that she was teasing only him as if to say, “You, little nerd, will never have my sweet slit!” It would be three years before Johnnie and I would finally get our chance with Christina again. And this time-somewhat to my dismay, Johnnie’s payback would be complete, and unrelenting…

To be continued…

Author’s Note: Thanks for reading my silly story. Constructive feedback would be most welcome. Please email me at torx73@comcast.net

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