A New Beginning

Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of a homosexual nature between two members of Girls Aloud, do not read if offended. It in no way depicts their real sexuality

‘I need the loo’ Kimberley banged on the door

‘It’s unlocked’ Nadine shouted from the other side.

Kim opened the door immediately fixing her eyes on her band mate, who was in the bath, her body hidden under a cloud of bubbles

Opening her flies, she headed for the toilet, perching on the seat

She chatted to Nadine whilst doing her business.

This act seemed bizarre, although not uncommon,
as they had seen each other naked several times in dressing rooms and in the bedroom they once shared in the house during their Popstars days

‘Can u do me a favour’ Nadine asked her friend ‘Can u wash my back for me?’

A little taken aback, Kim shrugged and replied

‘Yeah sure’

She wiped herself and washed her hands in the sink, before taking the soap from Nadine’s delicate hand

Working up a lather, she rubbed the soap over Nadine’s back, surprised how soft her skin felt

Running her fingers over her flesh, she suddenly felt a tingling in her groin and squeezed her legs shut, trying to push aside the dirty thoughts that slowly crept in her mind

But as she caressed the soft flesh, the thoughts returned and she found herself unable to think of anything else.

‘Mmmmmm’ Nadine groaned a deep throaty groan, making the situation even worse for Kim ‘that’s really good’ her thick Irish accent was mellow and it sounded almost seductive

Kim was hooked, her hormones were raging and her body was out of her control

She rubbed her shoulders, deliberately working her fingers slowly over the blades, making her friend groan even more

‘Oh Kim, that’s so good’ Nadine sighed, as if she hadn’t been touched for years

This encouraged Kim even more and she caressed the back of her neck, slowly moving in circles, eliciting more moaning from Nadine

Nadine took Kim’s hands and moved them down the front of her body, stopping just above her breasts, as if waiting for consent

Kim didn’t stir, she so continued her movements, her hands landing squarely on her bosoms

She gave them a little squeeze, feeling the nipples harden under her touch, surprised that she was the one causing this

She ran her fingers over the hardening buds, gently pinching them, making them stand out even more

She had to admit, the feel of her friends’ breasts in her hands was amazing.

They were slightly bigger than her own, the nipples were longer and she wished she could suck on them

Kim stopped her movements, moving round to face Nadine.

She took her top off, revealing a pair of medium sized breasts, the nipples already hard with arousal

She unzipped her flies, pushing her trousers and panties down to over her legs

Tossing them aside, she climbed in the bath, snuggling up close to Nadine

Nadine’s hands immediately went to Kim’s breasts, stroking them softly, kneading the soft flesh between her fingers. It was Kim’s turn to groan

She flicked a digit over the hard buds, gently teasing them, making Kim shudder with delight

Kim closed her eyes, revelling in the feel of her friends’ hands over her.

The sensation was unlike anything she had ever felt before and she desperately wanted her to continue

As if reading her thoughts, Nadine moved across her chest and neck, gently caressing the soft skin, before making her way up to her face, stroking her cheeks

Kim opened her eyes in time to see Nadine pull in close, her face just inches away

She kissed Kim’s soft lips, parting them with her tongue

Kim automatically opened them allowing Nadine to enter her.

Nadine’s warm tongue probed her mouth and she flicked her own tongue over it, matching her friends’ movements

The kiss never seemed to end as they embraced in a passion neither of them had ever felt before

Breaking it off with a loud smack, Nadine gazed at her friend, searching her face, she could see the lust in her eyes, and knew she wanted more

She kissed her again, the fiery passion welling up inside her, the inhibitions forgotten.

There was no mistaking, she wanted her friend, more than ever, and was sure Kim felt the same

Their hands searched each other frantically as they embraced, fingers delicately probing one another, their bodies succumbing to the whims of passion

‘I want you’ Nadine whispered in Kim’s ear, the urgency to make love to her friend overwhelming

‘Take me’ Kim’s own words rang in here ears

Nadine moved her body over Kim’s, a thrill ran through her as their bodies collided

She slowly rocked on top of her, their bodies melting into one

She ground her groin into Kim’s their throbbing pussies connecting in a way neither of them had expected

They moved to a melodious rhythm, as if dancing to an endless song, their bodies uniting as one.

Kim slipped a hand over Nadine’s pussy, searching for her rosebud.

Finding it almost immediately, she lightly fingered it, Nadine’s body writhed on top of her

The little bud came to life, growing under her fingertips, the small bumpy surface hardening with each stroke

Nadine moaned in her mouth, lightening bolts pulsating through her body

She cupped Kim’s breast, squeezing the tit in her hand, her fingers moulding into the flesh

Nadine’s hand cupped Kim’s pussy and she fingered it, exploring the folds of the crack, looking for the centre of her treasure.

Kim closed her eyes, relishing in her friends’ touch, emotions stirring inside her that she never knew existed

Kim’s hand moved further down to Nadine’s love hole and she slipped a finger inside

She moved around inside her, her fingers gently caressed the walls of her cervix, as it had done so many times with her own

Nadine bucked her hips to Kim’s movements, grinding her body in a wild frenzy

‘Oh God, I’m gonna come, Nadine groaned, an urgency in her voice

The waves came crashing around her as she climaxed hard, her body writhed uncontrollably, the passion inside her finally released

She slowly came back down to earth, the orgasm ebbed away, leaving her feeling exhausted, but content

She had never experienced anything so intense, so real. Her best friend had satisfied her in a way no other person had before, and she found herself wanting more

She wondered how Kim felt, whether she felt the same fiery passion inside of her

Kim soon succumbed to orgasm, letting it engulf her, taking her to new heights of pleasure

Her body ached as it reached the point of no return, it’s mighty force seemed to swallow her completely and she lost herself in total bliss

She finally sat back exhausted, totally spent

Nadine stood up, her body dripping, her pussy throbbing with satisfaction

She got out of the bath, motioning for Kim to join her

She took her hand, following her to the bedroom, the desire within them both was compelling.

There, they made womanly love, pleasuring each other in ways only women would understand

Their bodies connecting , taking them to a higher level

The friendship had taken a new, unexpected turn and they both knew it was never gonna be the same again….


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