A New Life Less Ordinary

A New Life Less Ordinary
By Mesmer Eyes

Cameron Diaz stood in front of the mirror pouting; for once she looked less
than her best. The party last night had dragged on well into the early morning,
finding her driving home as dawn was breaking. Cameron poked out her
tongue at the stranger in the mirror before her, knowing that the best she
could do now was shower, make up and change for the day ahead. All Cameron
faced was an endless round of interviews and meetings, all the things a girl
needed to keep the bank balance healthy and her name in the news. Thirty

minutes later Cameron was once again ready to face the world, she looked in
the mirror and gave herself a big Star quality smile, picked up her handbag and
headed for the door. As always the limo was waiting for her, the driver waiting
by the open door as she left the house. Cameron smiled, this was certainly a life
less ordinary.

She laughed at her own joke leaving the driver bewildered as he gently closed
the door. Cameron reached into the minibar and pulled out an Evian listening
to the quiet hum of the car as the driver expertly pulled it into the line of traffic.
Cameron picked up her magazine and began to read. Seconds later the phone
rang, she wanted to ignore it but sighed and picked it up anyway." "Hi, Miss
Diaz?" "Yes" "Max House, project development from the studio we need a
favour." "What sort of favour? I have a tight schedule as it is." "This’ll be a
breeze you can do it over the phone." "An interview?" "No all you have to
do is listen." "Listen?" "Yes. The studio needs to run a tape by you for the
new movie. Your agent says you won’t like it and we’d like to get your view
early so we can throw it back to the author." "This is for the song I sing
right?" "Got it in one. Are you up for it? Only runs for a couple of minutes."
"Sure go ahead." Cameron put on earphones for a little privacy and waited for
the music to start. Instead of music there was a high pitched screaming sound.

For a split second Cameron felt intense pain and then her body just relaxed and
she sat there staring at the back of the driver’s head. The screaming sound was
replaced by the voice of the man that had phoned her. He sounded a little
hesitant and unsure of himself as he began to speak. "Hello Cameron are you
still there?" Silence. "Cameron pick up the phone." Cameron picked up the
phone. "Cameron how are you feeling?" "Really weird. What happened?"
"Some sort of feedback loop on the phone." "I feel really strange sort of.
well …. relaxed." "That’s good are you ready to listen to the music Cameron."
"Sure whatever you want."

Max smiled inwardly everything was going according to plan. The sonic pulse
had disabled most of her higher brain functions and left her very susceptible to
outside suggestion. The subliminals on the tape he was about to play would
hypnotise her in short order. Max pressed the play button. Cameron smiled
as she listened to the music. She couldn’t understand how her agent could have
thought she wouldn’t like it. The sounds were beautiful and she wanted to listen
forever. The music told her everything she needed to know, everything was
becoming clear to her now. She smiled and closed her eyes letting the music become
a part of her. A thought crossed her mind, perhaps she was becoming part of the music.

Cameron knew that wonderful as the music was something was missing. Not something,
but someone. She smiled, her entranced state heightening her arousal. The music
stopped. Cameron held her breath waiting for what seemed like an eternity. Max began
to talk to her again. "Cameron are you sleeping?" "Yes" "But you can still hear me?"
"Yes" "Doesn’t that seem a little strange?" "I guess so." "It is strange Cameron, but
you do like hearing my voice while you sleep, don’t you?" "Oh yes." "In fact Cameron
the sound of my voice arouses you just like the music does. Doesn’t it?" "Oh yessss"
"Do you feel like you are part of my music Cameron?" "Yesssss!" "If you are a part of
MY music Cameron, then you must belong to me also?" "Belong to you?" "Yes Cameron.
MY music MY Cameron. You must see it’s true." "True" "Who do you belong to
Cameron?" "I belong to you." "That’s right Cameron and if you belong to me you
must do as I say." "Yes I must." "I think you should have that orgasm that has been
slowly building up inside Cameron. NOW!" Cameron’s whole body shuddered as she
pressed herself back into her seat, her juices exploding through the protection of her
skimpy panties to run unopposed over the leather upholstery.

"Was that good for you Cameron?" "Yes." "Yes what?" "Yes…….MASTER" Cameron
almost screamed the word down the phone pleased that she had known the right word
and hoping that it would please him also. The driver kept his eyes on the road. Shaking
his head at the weirdness of these Hollywood types. "Still" he thought. At least they
paid well. "Cameron. Under your seat you will find a piece of paper with an address
written on it. Please instruct your driver to go there. When you have done that contact
your agent and cancel all of your engagements for the rest of the day. Just say that
you are unwell." "Yes Master." Cameron did as she was told, leaving her agent to
placate all of the various people she was supposed to see. Ten minutes later they were
pulling into a long drive. Cameron thought the house beautiful. She leapt from the car
almost before it had stopped and ran to the door, stopping only to dismiss the driver
for the rest of the day. The door opened and she walked in and stood before him,
knowing even before he spoke that this was the man she should call Master. "Welcome
Cameron to your new home." "Thank you master. How may I serve you?" "Follow me."
Cameron followed behind him, across the hallway and up the wide central staircase into
a large sumptuously furnished bedroom. He motioned for her to stand at the edge of the bed.

Max sat down in a comfortable armchair facing the entranced star. "I want an erotic
striptease Cameron, something to make my blood boil." "I am at your service Master."
Cameron began to sway her hips in time with some imagined melody; her hands gently
caressed her own body starting at her thighs and moving slowly up her body until she
began to play seductively with her ample breasts. Playfully she walked towards him
unbuttoning the buttons on the skimpy blouse she had chosen to wear. Max caught a
glimpse of the treasures awaiting him as the blouse dropped away to reveal the exciting
shadow that lay between her tits. Cameron kicked first one shoe and then the other
into the corner of the room. She placed one of her stockinged feet between his legs
and playfully fondled his cock with her toes. Max shuddered as he became mesmerised
by the movement of the stocking as Cameron slowly revealed one leg an then the other.

Cameron leaned over giving Max the opportunity to examine her cleavage close up but
before he could react she pulled away and continued with the most exotic dance he had
ever witnessed. Next Cameron’s skirt went skyward landing on one of the bedside lamps
leaving only a skimpy square of silk between Max and his ultimate destination. Max
swallowed hard and tried to contain his excitement as her blouse left one shoulder and
then the other, slowly dropping to the floor around her feet. The sight of Cameron
stood before him in nothing more than bra and panties put a huge strain on Max’s
underwear and he knew it was time for a little relief. "Cameron, release my cock and
give me a blow job." Cameron sank to her knees with a knowing smile on her face.
Max looked straight ahead as he felt his zip move earthwards, a look of relief on his
face as his cock was released from it’s imprisonment. Max tensed his whole body.

He felt Cameron’s tongue begin to move slowly around his manhood, he closed his
eyes as she began to caress it with her lips. But before she could go farther all Max’s
pent up desires exploded from him drenching Cameron’s face with a flood of his juices.
Cameron stood up the liquid dripping from her chin. As she continued her dance her
tongue collected all of the liquid that had settled around her mouth. Then with an
artistic flourish she released her bra and dropped it in his lap eliciting a gasp of
approval that held nothing back. Cameron thrust her hips as close as she could to
her private audience and then without warning ripped her panties away leaving
her masters face inches away from her furry mound. Max could clearly see that
Cameron’s own juices were also flowing freely and he knew the time had come
to consummate this odd and wonderful relationship. "Cameron lie on the bed
whilst I undress." "Yes Master" Max never took his eyes off her while he quickly
removed his clothes.

As he removed his boxers it was Cameron’s turn to gasp as for the first time she
saw his cock fully unleashed. It was large hard and heading straight for her. A few
hours and many positions later Max laid there looking at his sleeping slave. She
was very beautiful and as sexy as hell and more to the point she belonged to him,
just like the rich widow that owned this house. He had a taste for this now and
knew that Cameron Diaz was only his first conquest in Hollywood. He shook
Cameron’s shoulder. "Cameron I need you to make a phone call for me."

"Who shall I ring Master." "You are friendly with Alicia Silverstone?"
"Yes Master." "Good I would like her to hear my music too." Cameron
smiled and picked up the phone. Cameron dialled the number. "Hello."
"Hi Alicia it’s Cameron." "Hi how are you?" "Great I need you to listen
to some music for me" "Make it quick Cameron I’m Kind of busy"

Max started the tape and for a split second Alicia felt intense pain.

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