A New Phase

Melanie met her lover through one of those services that provided a means for men and women to meet on-line, and, potentially arrange intimate encounters in real time.

Her love life had long lost it’s zest and her body and mind ached for intimacy.

Over the course of a month she chatted with a number of men, but none had seemed quite right.

Either they were only interested in sex, or they were dull and uninspiring. Mel was picky.

She didn’t want to hook up with just any guy just to scratch her sexual itch.

She wanted someone smart and funny, someone that she could talk to before
and afterwards.

Despite great trepidation, she finally agreed to meet a man just a little younger than herself.

Over coffee she decided that he might be the right guy.

Single, and in a similar situation, her soon-to-be lover could make her laugh, and when his hand touched hers in their first conversation, she knew that he was what she was she had in mind from the beginning.

Because this was her first affair, she was very nervous. Nervous, yet excited.

Only some kissing and hand-holding occurred during that first encounter as her lover was very careful not to rush Melanie into something she wasn’t ready for.

Each meeting progressed a little farther until ultimately she found herself lying naked in bed, moaning in ecstasy as her lover’s tongue explored the depth of her pussy.

It had been so long since a man had done that to her that she nearly fainted as the pleasure washed over her. And that was just the beginning.

Each meeting brought new pleasures to Mel.

Her innate shyness was slowly being overwhelmed by the new sense of erotic adventure she was feeling.

Desires hidden deep inside started bubbling up to the surface: how she wanted to make love under the stars or how she wanted to experience the touch of another woman, any number of exciting new experiences.

One day her lover arrived to meet her with a surprise.

As she looked over his shoulder to his car, she saw a woman sitting in the passenger seat, a younger woman, very comely, with dark hair.

Seeing her inquisitive look, her lover explained that this was Cheryl, and asked if it would be okay if she joined them for coffee.

Mel was a little upset that her lover hadn’t asked her about this before bringing along another woman, but as she looked past him to the woman sitting there, she couldn’t help but be attracted to the idea.

She gave her lover a little punch in the arm but agreed to coffee with Cheryl.

As they sat and chatted in the coffee shop, Mel couldn’t take her eyes off this new woman.

She knew that her lover had other woman, but she never really expected to meet one.

Cheryl sat on the opposite side of the table from them and Mel marvelled at how vibrant and alive and confident she seemed.

Her lover and Cheryl did most of the chatting. Mel mostly sat there observing and trying to curb the growing excitement she was feeling inside herself.

She was most definitely attracted to this sexy brunette.

After coffee, Cheryl invited them both back to her apartment, which was only a short distance away. “Oh my god,” Mel thought to herself, “she lives so close. Why haven’t I seen her around before?”

Cheryl had a nice apartment, perfect for a single woman.

Once inside, Cheryl asked Mel’s lover where the wine was. Cursing under his breath, her lover admitted his forgetfulness and left to go buy a bottle.

Directing Mel to the sofa, Cheryl sat down beside her, so close that Mel’s heart began beating, beating so hard that she was sure that Cheryl could hear it pounding.

Suddenly, Cheryl touched Mel’s leg lightly, causing her to nearly swoon with pleasure.

She quickly tried to compose herself again, but Cheryl simply smiled and touched her cheek.

Frozen to her spot on the sofa, Mel watched Cheryl lean forward and felt her lips press against her own. Moaning audibly, Mel fell back against the sofa, and Cheryl tumbled along with her, kissing her more passionately.

Pulling back, Cheryl looked into Mel’s eyes. After a moment Cheryl started giggling as she began unbuttoning the buttons on Mel’s blouse.

Her nipples stiff with excitement, Mel lay back and let Cheryl undress her.

Soon she was naked on the sofa and Cheryl was kissing her full breasts, taking each nipple in her mouth and sucking it gently before switching to the other.

As she continued kissing between Mel’s breasts and down to her navel, her hands exploring her lower regions, delighting in the discovery that her pussy was completely wet.

Laughing softly, Cheryl leaned back and then stood up and began undressing, slowly and seductively, torturing Mel as she revealed first her breasts and then the rest of her body.

Mel reached up to touch Cheryl, but she quickly pushed her away. Cheryl dropped to her knees and gently pushed Mel’s thighs apart.

Her heart pounding, Mel gasped for air as she felt the electric shock of Cheryl’s tongue as it swirled around her clit.

A wave of orgasm seared through Mel, and she cried out in pleasure, the pleasure of a fantasy come true. Cheryl kept her mouth on Mel’s pussy, probing her and there with a finger, licking deeply, fast then slow, lightly then harder until Mel erupted a second time.

Getting up and sitting in the opposite corner, Cheryl reached for Mel’s arm and pulled her up, spreading her legs to give Mel a good view of her wet pussy, Cheryl’s eyes said everything. It was now Mel’s turn.

Again, Mel’s heart raced. Cheryl’s pussy looked so inviting, she couldn’t resist.

Leaning forward, Mel pushed out her tongue in to Cheryl’s clit, closing her eyes in the process.

At this, Cheryl moaned loudly, driving Mel wild. She grabbed on to Cheryl’s hips and began licking for all she was worth. Her frenzied licking soon had Cheryl cumming wildly, pulling Mel in closer.

“Well, I see you two are getting acquainted,” laughed Max, Mel’s lover, upon entering the room.

Putting down the wine bottle, he began to undress, seeing that his plan was working to perfection, and not being able to wait to join in on the fun.

He moved behind Mel’s raised ass, totally taken over by lust.

As Mel continued to lick Cheryl’s swollen clit, she felt her lover’s hands on her ass.

A shiver of excitement coursed through her body as she felt his hot tongue on her own clit, crying out as his tongue plunged deep inside her soaking pussy. Mel had to stop licking for a moment, the pleasure was so great.

As her lover’s tongue moved through her pussy and up to her ass, she recovered enough to again devote her attention to Cheryl, who was moaning on the couch before her.

As she felt 2 probing fingers in her pussy, Mel again gasped from pleasure.

Her lover’s deft fingers curled downward toward her g-spot and wiggled just right, making her cum hard and deep.

At this precise moment, Cheryl again began climaxing, the wetness of her pussy engulfing Mel’s mouth just as her own juices bathed her lover’s fingers.

The sight and sounds of the 2 women cumming was too much for the man to bear.

Pulling himself up behind Mel, Max grabbed her hips and pressed his hard cock into her willing pussy. Mel’s body stiffened when she felt the hardness pushing against her and she cried out as she felt her lover slip deep inside her.

As he began pumping into her, Cheryl pulled Mel’s head down once again, and wrapped her bare feet around her shoulders, bringing Mel’s attention back to her still aching pussy.

Mel was in heaven. She loved the feel of a hard cock plunging into her.

Each stroke satisfied her sexual desire, but at the same time made her want more.

She loved the fragrance of Cheryl’s pussy, the feeling of the wetness there and the pungent taste.

It was all she had ever imagined it would be.

The pleasure deep inside Mel began to grow with each stroke of her lover’s cock.

Cheryl’s moans excited her beyond belief. As her climax approached, Mel thought she would lose consciousness, so much was her pleasure.

Finally, she felt her lover plunge in deeply and his body and cock stiffened as he began to cum.

This final pressure sent Mel over the edge, and she too, erupted in orgasm, her juices mixing with her lover’s cum.

The next several hours were spent in all the various permutations and combinations of love-making.

Mel watched as her lover fucked her new friend.

She lay back, letting Cheryl please her orally, while her lover straddled her breasts and offered his cock for her to suck.

The feeling of being eaten by a sexy woman and sucking a man’s cock at the same time gave Mel some very intense orgasms.

All these combinations were so very hot and sexy, but Mel’s favourite, the one that gave her the longest, most consuming orgasms, was when Cheryl and her lover took turns eating her pussy.

First feeling one tongue in her and then quickly followed by another, sent shudders through her body. Over and over again she came as the 2 of them licked and fingered her, almost fighting over her.

She liked it when she felt them kissing between her legs, one breaking off the kiss and then giving her a deep lick of her pussy, then kissing again and then the other doing the same.

Mel’s legs were spread far apart, as her 2 lovers licked her at the same time, one sucking her clit, the other probing her lower pussy with their tongue, or pulling on her pussy lips with their teeth.

Finally, after several hours of ecstasy, they kissed Cheryl goodbye and her lover took her home.

He kissed her in the car before she got out and went into her house.

Opening the door to her house, she re-entered her real life, but her mind was still in the sexy fantasy life she had just discovered.

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