A New Show

Sara Evans

A New Show

Written By: Spyder

Sexy Sara Evans has been on the road touring for most of the year, by this date she was getting tired of the same old concert. In an effort to add some pizzazz to her future shows, she has decided to do something that would she the country music foundation to the core. One night in her tour bus, Sara devised a new addition to her shows that would change it to an adult style concert for the rest of the year. In doing such a show, she would react to all criticism or praise for going in this direction.

Friday night, the crowd slowly pours in the huge
arena in mid Texas. Sara is nervous about the direction she has decided to go, of course her band members are all for the changes and await the outcome from the audience. The opening act covers much material in a one-hour show, leaving the crowd appreciative of what’s to follow. Sara warms up back stage, dresses in loose fitting clothes and a pair of patent leather boots. Her manager wishes her much luck in this type of show. Now the audience was pre-warned about what is to take place on the radio and television ads. It basically said that no one under the age of 18 would be permitted for this very special concert.

The house lights are dimmed, except for the stage, the local radio disc jockey announces to the crowd that the special show will begin in a few moments. He steps up to the mike for the second time and says; Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce country music’s sexy sweetheart Miss Sara Evans. The crowd cheers as Sara walks to her spot in stage and begins to belt out her first song. Once she is into her third song, Sara feels that the people are ready to see the newest feature to her live shows. Now into her fourth song, she steps away from the front of the stage and slowly undoes the buttons to her shirt. The men in the audience show their approval by cheering wildly. As she continues to sing, Sara removes her bra, unzips and takes off her boots. Behind her the band whistle under their breath at the sight before them. They thought she was joking about stripping while her performance is happening. One third of the way into her concert Sara lowers her jeans to the floor, followed by a pair of white panties and steps out of them.

Now fully nude, she continues to parade around the stage, singing and enjoying the freedom of being naked in front of her fans. Sitting down on a black leather couch, Sara spreads her legs as wide as she can get them and proceeds to masturbate. A now stunned crowd is lapping up the scene on stage as Miss Evans takes a stick microphone and jams it into her open pussy. Rapidly Sara pushes and pulls the mike from her almost dripping pussy. In the midst of her song she moans, letting the people know that she has cum. Between songs she gets up to walk about, while she selects a man in the audience to join her.

Once she has made her selection, the lucky male steps on the stage and is ushered to the couch. Sara tells him to undress and await new instructions. The nervous man does so and soon is sitting down, but he doesn’t await words to guide him. While she stands near him, Jack kneels down. Places his face between her legs and eats her hot pussy. Tasting the sticky sweet cum of the country sweetheart, Jack plunges his hand in her cunt while he licks her asshole. Sara explodes on his hand, she never realized that her pussy could take a fist. After she has cum once more, Jack stands up as Sara takes hold of a different mike. He moans in gleeful ecstasy as Sara licks up and down the shaft, singing another one of her hits. Sucking hard and fast, Sara brings Jack home by cumming in her mouth, which she swallows.

By this time, Jack wants to fuck her hard in front of the crowd. His nerves now settled; he turns Sara around and plunges his seven-inch cock into her ass. Jack is amazed at hoe easily his thick wand enters her ass, pounding her as hard as she can accept is, he fucks her ass unloading inside it until she has done her next hit. Jack pulls back long enough to enter her pussy from behind. Again he fucks the lady so hard she screams aloud in the middle of another song. He cums once again, but all over her back, she wants him to unload in her pussy while he is atop of her playmate like body.

Returning to the couch, the audience watches as the spectacle continues. Sara lies down, begins a new song and awaits a frontal attack on her burning box. Jack lies atop of her and dips his still hard cock in slightly, then he pulls out slowly and with once connecting blow fills her cunt with his stiff manhood. Back stage her husband makes an appearance in town and is in shock at the wanton way his wife has changed her show. He walks out while Jack and his wife fuck the life from each other’s genitals. Back and forth Jack dips his dick, hearing the moans in between verses he cums inside the ladies hot passion lump.

The audience is happy and perplexed that a country star would turn her concert into a porno show, but to sell more tickets than Shania Twain, they could see the reasoning. An encore follows, as Sara sings gives Jack one last blowjob. Two songs later, he once again squirts his load into her throat, while she swallows a stagehand leads her lover off stage to shower and dress. Sara is pleased with the outcome of her show, the audience filled out a form to have her continue or drop the addition. In an overwhelming show of support everyone in attendance, 20,000 plus, told her to keep it in her concert, but only once a week. The people head home and Sara smiles happily, while heading to her bus to head to the next city; she ponders if she can add anything more to the show. Deciding that there is nothing she could add, Sara dozes off to sleep while the bus rolls on.

To be continued…

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