A New Toy Boy

Title: A New Toy Boy

Author: Christine

Celebs: Madonna, Demi Moore, Heather Locklear, Elisabeth Hurley, Rachel Hunter, Halle Berry, Kim Bassinger, Susan Sarandon

Codes: Femdom, strap on, Milf, fights

Disclaimer: I am a women. This gets me off. It is not real. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.  I am not Madonna.


I first saw him at a party at Demi’s. He had his mouth wrapped around the shaft of Demi’s boyfriend, a blonde surfier type, from, I think,  her home town. Hot seeing guys get each other ready for an alpha female.

Demi had really come back into her prime; the parties with lots of young boys and their alpha women were great, and I loved how relaxed and dignified it all was . I love seeing hot young guys doing each other, warming up their fluids for a real woman.

I had bought all my dance team that night, and I can’t remember which one, I think the Venezuelan dude, or the Puerto Rican, whatever his name was, had known how to earn his salary. He had his tongue deep inside Halle Berry, and she was smiling as we gossiped the night away. “Fuck, Demi has really worked out how to wash Ashton out of her hair” she said.    “Okay that was relaxing, enough, stop boy” she said “as she pushed my guy away and smiled.

“Latin men” I observed” need a chain”, as I attached a dog collar around his neck and puckered up.

“Oh, they all do, Madonna “Halle responded. “Susie has a series of cock cages for these bulls and you can see why they need it – beautiful, just beautiful” she nodded at the 2 blond guys in a hot 69, cum dripping and spurting made out so we could watch. Halle grabbed 2 glasses of Verve as the waiter walked past and she reached out for the tushie of some young blond 18-year-old in a nice white shirt and jeans that looked Hemsworthy.

“I didn’t know you liked the white meat” I responded.

“Multi-racial America “she sniggered, I go for any boy that looks that hot. My ex Gabriel was a model, so I know what those male models are like -thick in the head, but thick in the head, if you know what I mean” .And we both laughed.

“Madge, as a black woman, look it’s also something about the white subservience. And with 18-year-old boys, I mean it’s the squealing and the thrusting. Demi says her guy pumps 5 shots an hour, for  7 hours. God I miss that. I mean how’s does that compare to your Puerto Rican stud? Girl you got to try something new, You’re getting bored with back up dancers Madge and man, it’s just screwing the help. Do what Demi is doing. Heidi Klum’s on the same wave. Launch a career for a new muse, do it on your terms. Since the Me-Too stuff we have all this beef cake. Ten years ago, Taylor Lautner did it with elderly faggots’ in Bryans pool. Now they lick executive female pussy. Its great”. And she grabbed a young passing Baldwin look alike by his cock and had a good feel. Lech. Still, I had to admit I loved Demi’s party. All this young talent.

Heather Locklear came over to say hi. Some tall surfer holding her hand, his black Velcro trunks showing she still had it. Heather was like wasted, offered us a joint but couldn’t keep her hands from his pants and eventually just took it out and vomited all over his cock. She sobered up fast and Halle and I shared some of Demi s South American fire water, telling her youngster to  beat one out in front of us. “Now that’s a fun sight”, I said looking at the boys as they came on Heathers shoes. “More fun upstairs” Heather said as she grabbed my hand and lead me to another part of the house. Susan Sarandon was swallowing some 18-year-old, his tanned ass convulsing as she stuck a finger up his butt when she needed the payload delivered to her tonsils.

“Hey Madge” she said, “you have to try this” and spun him around so I could see what the package was. I had to admit her nubile was nice, almost hairless and tanned. The pretty models have no tats or visible markings and the dicks do, I admit, look fresh.

“Can’t beat a Latin man for style though “I replied, “I’m not a fan of soft blondes. My men are hard, hard, hard and can whip white ass anytime”.

“Wanna bet 10 on that “Susie challenged me. “And I don’t beat my men off, they get me off. Feminism is the new dominance. So, money down, sister?

“For what” I asked.

“Fight Club, your boyfriend against mine”. No brainer.

“I’m in for 50” yelled a widowed billionairess her hand down a young puppies 501s. “But David, Demi’s bull against Jesus”. The girls started to shriek, and yeah, like the idea was a good one. Gwyn knew the rules, so she set up the fight downstairs. I called for the crew to get Jesus. He was a pretty boy, but I was getting bored with him now. He was getting too close to Lourdes and I only wanted him for his girth, not his brain power.

“First rule is you don’t talk about fight club”, Gwyn intoned doing great impersonation of her ex-boyfriend. “And the second rule” intoned Demi is that your alphas wants to see the package. So, let’s see just how fit the boyfriends are. NOW !! Show your sugar moms what they have come to see. David show the girls  ”. She fingered his bum and he went solid straight away.

Liz Hurley squealed with delight and started clapping slowly when Jesus dropped his y fronts. His gorgeous abs and his 8-inch Latin love tool fully erect without a finger. His Madonna tattoos obvious as he flexed his muscles.  “Yummy, yummy, yummy “intoned Liz, her mouth going around her sons cock with excitement.

“You bought your son along”? I asked.

“Oh no “said Liz” it’s some young guy I met modelling a few years back. Told him I would give him a Black Amex if he got butt implants and a bit of plastic filler so he reminded me of my boy. It brings back such pleasurable memories”.

I was stunned, Maybe that’s the mistake I had made with Rocco. I missed him so much. God I had made an awful mistake cheating on Guy with those 4 Puerto Ricans. I have regrets all the time. “Where did you get him sculptured “I inquired.

“A London clinic” Liz advised,” just down from Portobello Road. Its very discreet. Lots of young boys are being sculpted and re sculptured to keep their alpha girlfriends interested. I mean it’s not the conversation about Fort Minor you keep these boys around for is it” she sighed.” Its bum, bum, bum, cute bum, chest and cute bum. Looking like the one you love is a sign of adoration, really. “She tapped him, and he pulled out and came on her Manolos, which he then dutifully cleaned up with his tongue. “Feet” she said” it’s an English thing”.

I was getting very moist. Where the fuck is my team of Venezuelans? Passed out on Rachel Hunters chest it turns out. Just hopeless. What is it about that women? Stacey’s Mom, notches for Robbie Williams and all the young bulls are all over her and her cute accent.

Liz and I watched the fight. Surfie Boy and Jesus stripped down. One punch then another. Teeth, blood, teeth, a broken nose, I came when Jesus had his jaw broken. Teach him a lesson.

Liz asked two of the young blondes to lie down as we watched behind the glass upstairs. The boy I had seen across the room when I came in had such a beautiful bum, and the lube was right there. Why not, I thought, and he gazed up as I lay on top of him. With models the build is good and the bum always enticing. His ass was up propped up on the pillow and Liz had sparkled white party powder on his back. I pumped right in grinding into his tight ass.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck”, I moaned. I hadn’t strapped for quite some time because Latin boys want to pump and that’s always okay with me.

Jesus was, meanwhile, getting the crap beaten out of him, an eye socket missing, his rib cage purple. And my new blonde fuck buddy was thanking me for decimating his boy pussy. I rammed him just as Jesus fell to the floor, three teeth coming out and blood gushing everywhere.  Great, I love vengeance. Jesus beaten and battered.  Fucking all my anger at him out of my system. And a boy under me telling me how much he enjoyed a powerful woman. But Jesus, Jesus came back for more. He was desperate to get my attention, whereas all I wanted was vengeance.

Liz had her man whore crying already, his lithe back arching as she rode him from one orgasm to another. She must have come 5 times in 40 minutes, the boy had squirted a few times as well I guess. Who cared?

Demi’s blond fighter had taken a few knocks as well. Jesus had kicked him twice in the balls and Liz was loving it, forcing her new boyfriend to eat her while she watched and fingered herself senseless. I’ve got to say I love a good ball kicking myself so flipped my guy around and mounted his erection slapping his face harder and harder as Jesus was hit, punched, belted, whooped and the kicks to his groin got more and more powerful. Liz and I shared a joint as I came again.

This fuck toy just ejaculated all over the carpet as I ground him down. Demi was right- the quality of sperm is so much thicker the younger your bull. And these twink types can sure shoot in volume and in quality so what’s not to like.   I held his head up. I’m Madonna Ciccone” I said, “nice to meet you…And you are ..??”

“I’m Guy” he said, his chest all sweaty.

“Easy name to remember” I laughed but I had to admire the body.

And the Scandinavian models had beaten the Latinos. And I needed a new look. And Latinos now bore me shitless.

“ I’m in the market for a new, um, um, err, in the market for a dancer Guy” I said.

“Well” he replied “I’m not a dancer, I’m a deal doer, really “.

I slapped his face and tweaked his nipple. “what sort of dealer are you”?

“Oh, not that kind, I mean, I’m looking for an alpha girlfriend.  My friend David has hooked up with Ms Moore and I’m looking for the same sort of deal. I don’t want to live with you, I just want to be a friend with benefits like he is. No meeting your kids, no commitments from you, just a cuddle when you want, and …”. He giggled.

“I can work with that, I like that” I said and had a good feel of his man meat.  Nice, hairless, always erect when I am around. What’s not to like. I’ve still got it.


In the next few months Guy came on tour with me as my new road husband. Hotels, tongue warm ups before concerts, fuck downs to relax me after a night on the stage, with all these hot guys screaming at me, pining and contorting for me, Madonna- the great feminist icon, the sex symbol they all wanted a piece of. Britney fucks her fans and she tells me she gets such a buzz out of the young bulls. I can now see why.

New Guy talked to Liz Hurleys boyfriend and was happy to get surgery. I had thought originally about recreating my ex-husband, Guy One. But new Guy came home as Rocco, the boy I miss so much. Fucking custody courts. Fucking shit divorce lawyers. But at least I could blow a 19 year that reminded me of what I really wanted. Such a good compliant boyfriend. And so innovative. I bought new Guy a Porsche. Its 3 only days earnings.

My friend Kylie helped with the names of some dykes she knows who taught him to lick. As she and I agreed men our age just become dull and set in their ways. Young guys wear bright clothes, cock cages and have no problem being naked when your friends drop by for coffee. New Guy loves it when I dress in raunchy gear around my apartment. In return I help him out with roles as a DJ, doing an Italian commercial and I kept him safe when Harvey Weinstein came around for dinner. I’m not mixing microbes with that old sleaze bag.  I don’t want an equal partner in her life because no one is my equal. I am women hear me roar with titties too big to ignore. I want a boy who makes me feel young and attractive again. One day when I came home I reviewed the secret camera and saw new Guy beating off to me on Letterman. I love that worship. God knows I deserve it.

When I get angry new Guy gets out the ball gags and the riding crops. One weekend I broke 4 on him and not a word. It’s a perfect match, menopausal women who are always angry and teenage bulls who have the anger of youth. There is no such thing as domestic violence, only domestic subservience. We fuck the anger into and out of each other until relaxation of both is assured.

Demi came over with her cock hound to Australia for one of my concerts and we had a weekend of such fun, the boyfriends putting on quite a good show for us. I taught her what fun some great S and M can be.

Demi told me her guy tongues all the stress out of he every night which a good idea is. I dumped all the South Americans. New Guy is so dumb, he is just perfect. He dances to all my music suggesting new ways they can be mixed into new dance tracks. Last weekend he organized to bring Slovenian blonde 19-year-old twins home for a weekend when I was bored. What a great idea. Not so good with the tipping the velvet as Jenny Shimizu for a weekend in Cincinnati but the Slovenian sisters did the trick. Also, young, also fresh, and also innocent. Breast each, my boyfriend in and out of me for 8 hours, my hits playing on the Bose, interposed with Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hyde, and some nice Gallagher stuff. I came 20 times. Sure 2 working girls cost him 20 k for each of them for the weekend – I guess that buys a house in Ljubljana. But while the 3 of them worshiped this feminist icon he looked at me all the time. New Guy is in a league of his own.

When I did a weekend concert in Argentina he dressed us both as Peronists. Eva strapping the plebeians. It was awesome. When I get angry he cuddles me and fucks me to sleep calling me Madonna Ritchie, goddess, which I am. I love that and offered him a Malawian servant, but he politely asked I could invest in acting classes. No problems, and then Nicole and Reese offered him a part in some project they are making about males causing all the domestic violence in the world. Men are so mean and manipulative, so I agreed to part fund the girls if they took him on. I was so happy for New Guy when it was a success that as a present I bought his brother a London pub. It cost me 4 days earnings, but so much cheaper than the London pub the Family Division of the UK courts made me pay so that Old Guy could sing “England’s coming home” with his football loosing limey mates. Soft cocks. Old cocks. Losers.

God I miss Guy One. But fucking New Guy, pulling his hair, scratching his chest and slapping him around makes up for it. I was going crazy for a while as I paused, but now all the white sperm is calming me down. Last weekend I got a three-hour rimming and that seemed to do the job. I’m up $ 167 million this year and very relaxed.

And to keep me happy when I lost the custody battle new Guy had 2 buddies also dressed as Rocco come over for a weekend and all of them fuck me senseless. What a great boyfriend. If you must lose a custody battle you may as well do it in style. If life hands you lemons get your boyfriend to give you a lemon bath I say. Yes, I love being a man eater. I leave my toy boys a trail of dollar bills every time they head south to eat the best muffin they will ever see. These male models are desperate for fame.  It isn’t easy to date men your own age and I can’t tolerate the fragility of thinking a man roughly my own age sticks around. I love New Guys high sex drive and as a post-menopausal woman just doing what every rich man has been doing for a very long long time. They get their career opportunities in return. It’s not as if I’m Weinstein.

I have no trouble getting any 28-year-old, but a teen boy, now that’s fun. New Guy worked for Dolce & Gabbana modelling menswear. I got him a locked into a 14-month contract. He drives me to bigram yoga and come in in tight skins, so all the other women see what I own. He’d even volunteered for Kabbala induction if I wanted it. But I like to keep church and cock separate.

Never a comment on my Botox, just cock, cock, cock, cock, cock whenever I want it. It makes me feel young and attractive again. And sure, he must put up with my menopausal moments. When I found a new bull called Brahmi there was no anger or tears. He just offered a three-way. That only lasted a while and I was tapping New Guy whenever I wanted. He’s never needy which is just weakness and he puts up with all my complaints, day after day after day. It’s just liked a good Kate Spade hand bag or a good assistant. Time is moving on though, it’s even 2 years now and my lawyers were getting nervous.

I asked Demi about a boyfriend swap, but she was not interested – “my guy is 21 Madge, so I think I will look for a new 18-year-old, tight ass, and speedos. You should do the same”.  So, one night when I got into one of my dark, moody places I told New Guy it was time to move out.

He was happy, gave me a last ass licking and moved on at 7 am. Not an idiot who makes a fatal mistake by becoming too involved and too invested. It was then that I saw him in the paparazzi shot with Kim Bassinger. Good on her. I called the sly old dog- 64 with a 20-year-old. Kim thanked me for breaking the Bull. “Louise” she said, as she calls me, “thanks. These young boys need to know their place. They are fuck toys for successful women. Just idiots.”

“Yes”, I told Kim. “when you’re done get rid of him. There lots of nice Venezuelans you can buy by the hour, tight asses and fully obedient and house trained”. I’m glad to see that yet gain I could help the sisterhood..



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