A Night At Faith’s

A Night at Faith’s (Faith Hill, Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, Martie Seidel, Natalie Mains, Emily Robinson, Martina McBride, Jo Dee Messina, Jessica Andrews, Kassidy Osborn, Kelsi Osborn, Kristyn Osborn – FF, Ff, FFF+ Cons, NC>Cons, Oral, Fist, Bondage, first)

Warning: Don’t read unless you are over 18 and aren’t opposed to two or more women having sex with each other. Also, for this story it would help if you have some tolerance for sisterly incest. If you are under 18, stop now. If you are opposed to lesbians, you’re not only a bigot, but you’re missing out on some really hot images. If you have something against two
sisters getting it on, well, see my above statement on lesbians. This story isn’t meant to reflect honestly on Faith Hill, Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, any one of the Dixie Chicks (Natalie Mains, Martie Seidel, or Emily Robison), Martina McBride, Jo Dee Messina, Jessica Andrews, or any member of SheDaisy (Kassidy Osborn, Kelsi Osborn, or Kristyn Osborn) – in other words, I doubt any one of them is into lesbian sex (Or incestual lesbian sex, in the case of Martie and Emily, or Kristyn, Kelsi, and Kassidy), and if any of them are, the chances of them all going at it are slim – but hey, this is a fantasy, so just enjoy it.

A Night at Faith’s


Authors Note: This Story Takes Place about a year after my “Faith Hill’s Country Duets” trilogy, which would put it in autumn of 2002, around late October. It would help if you read my Faith Hill stories first, but you don’t have to do so in order to enjoy this one.


Shania Twain lay naked on her bed. She was covered in a sheen of sweat, her hair a tangled mess behind her head. The silk sheets were thrown about her, the pillows long lost from the bed. Her legs were spread eagle, and her eyes were shut as she felt the incredible pleasure at her crotch.

Glancing up, she noticed the tangle of blonde hair at her pussy, where her partner for the night was using her tongue and fingers to raise Shania to higher and higher heights of erotic ecstasy. Every lick sent a shiver down Shania’s spine. Every finger thrust made her pussy melt with desire. Combined they sent her scrambling towards orgasm like an out of control racecar, destined to explode in a fiery wreck.

Slender, female hands ran up and down Shania’s legs and waist, adding to the lust of the moment. A delicate, feminine tongue raided the depths of Shania’s twat, providing instant shocks of passionate lust. Every now and then, perfect eyes any woman would’ve killed for glanced up at Shania’s face, adding a personal touch to the lovemaking.

Shania Twain was in a Sapphic Heaven any lesbian would’ve given her life to reach.

Shania was not a lesbian – at least, not in theory. She was happily married, and had recently become the mother of her first child. She loved her husband – uber music producer Robert “Mutt” Lange – more than anything in the world, and wouldn’t trade her married life for anything.

Unfortunately, Mutt wasn’t the most attentive husband when it came to the bedroom. Like all good rock music “artists,” Mutt had joined an alternative religion shortly after marrying Shania. While Shania – with her own upbringing half based on a Native American belief system – didn’t mind some of the standard cult like musings of this new religion, she had a major bone to pick with their stance on sex.

Men weren’t allowed to have sex unless their goal was to get their wives pregnant. Which meant that since she’d married Mutt, Shania had made love to him exactly three times – the last time when she finally managed to get pregnant with their first child.

Shania was once the ultimate sex symbol in Country Music. Men worldwide lusted her after. She had never been shy about wanting – or even needing – sex. But Mutt wouldn’t give it to her.

So, one night, while she’d been on tour, Shania had invited one of her female fans backstage for a chat. That girl, a young woman no more than twenty years old, had confessed about having lesbian fantasies about Shania. Shania, being horny as she’d ever been in her life, had allowed the girl to seduce her. Ever since, she’d been sneaking away and having sex with her female fans whenever Mutt wasn’t around.

Shania didn’t consider herself a lesbian – at worst, she was bisexual. At best, she was a woman who enjoyed pleasure in many forms, and was willing to share it with other women. She figured as long as she wasn’t sleeping with another man, she wasn’t betraying her marriage vows. And besides, Mutt would never notice anyway – his religion had a full regimen of masturbation for him to “rid himself of the urge.” Shania wasn’t allowed to witness when Mutt did his masturbating – nor what he did it to. She secretly wondered just how “men only” these men-only meetings the little cult had were.

Not that Shania didn’t have secrets of her own.

Nor was the woman between Shania’s legs free from embarrassing homosexual tendencies.

Shania suddenly felt a new wave of pleasure streaking through her body, running from her tits straight down to her clit. Shania came almost instantly, her entire body shaking in a wash of orgasmic pleasure. This was why she slept with other women. The feeling of pure eroticness, combined with the irresistible feeling that she was doing something totally wrong hit Shania in the most pleasurable spots in the back of her mind.

She had a feeling her blonde-haired guest felt the same way.

A sweaty tangle of hair topped the blonde’s head as she eased herself up past Shania’s body to lie down next to her.

“That was wonderful,” Shania said. “Thank you so much.”

“Oh, like I could keep my hands off you anyway,” her guest said, resting her head at Shania’s shoulder and allowing her hand to rest atop one of Shania’s impressive tits.

Shania smiled down at Faith Hill’s naked body. She had first slept with Faith maybe a little over a year ago, both of them feeling warn out by their husband’s mutual lack of sexual attraction to their wives – wives any other red blooded male in the human race would’ve given their right arm to spend one night with. And while Faith had been in love with Tim McGraw seemingly forever, she found a real lust for female flesh since Shania had first seduced her. Faith had gone on to sleep not only with some of her female fans, but also a few other female celebrities – most notably LeAnn Rimes and all three members of the Dixie Chicks. Shania wondered which one of the two women now had more experience with lesbian sex these days.

“You can keep your hands on my body all you want, Faith,” Shania said, pulling the blonde’s head up to where she could give it a quick kiss on the lips. “My god, where did you learn to twist your tongue like that?”

Faith smiled and squeezed Shania’s nipple gently for a second. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out,” Faith teased.

“Oh, and how do I do that?” Shania asked.

Faith’s smile grew wider, and she shuffled her body so that she was now straddling Shania’s body around her waist.

“For starters,” Faith said, kissing Shania again on the lips, “You can agree to spend a night at my place in three weeks.”

“Will Tim and the girls be there?” Shania asked, allowing her hands to move up and take Faith’s breasts.

“Nope,” Faith said. “Tim’s off on a promotion run for his new album, and the girls will be spending the night with some friends of theirs across town.”

“Even the newborn?” Shania asked.

“Even the newborn,” Faith confirmed as she tweaked Shania’s nipple with one finger.

“Then I’ll be there,” Shania said. “Another night alone with you will be worth all the stress of dealing with MY new album.”

“Oh, we can deal with stress all you want,” Faith said, lying down now atop Shania’s tanned and toned body. “But we won’t be alone.”

“We won’t?” Shania asked as she felt Faith press her breasts into Shania’s.

“Nope,” Faith said. “I’ve got a few other guests coming over. We’re going to get all dressed up in our pajamas and have a sleepover.”

“Oh, what fun!” Shania said, her hands sliding down Faith’s back and cupping her partner’s perfectly shaped ass. “Just like in high school.”

“That’s the idea,” Faith said, kissing Shania quickly. “Oh, and don’t forget to wear something skimpy for sleepwear.”

“Skimpy?” Shania asked as she gripped Faith’s ass a little harder. “What kind of party is this?”

“The kind,” Faith said, licking Shania’s chin lightly as she spoke, “where all the guests get laid with each other.”

“And how many men will be there?” Shania asked as she started to push her body deeper into Faith’s.

“Not a one,” Faith said. “It’s an all girl party that I hope to turn into an all lesbian party.”

“An all lesbian party?” Shania asked, feeling Faith’s crotch starting to slowly grind into her own. “You can so count me in on that.”

“Good,” Faith said. “You’ll be the guest of honor.”

“Who else is coming?” Shania asked, sliding her fingers down into the crack of Faith’s ass.

“That’s a secret,” Faith said, swatting Shania’s arm playfully. “Now, do you want to know the other thing you need to do to get me to teach you that tongue trick?”

“Sure,” Shania said, slapping Faith’s ass just as playfully.

Faith smiled and leaned in close. “Get me off with those fingers of yours again,” she whispered into Shania’s ear.

Shania’s smile widened dramatically. “THAT, I can do for you,” she said, pushing Faith off and rolling over on top of her.

And very soon, she was.

* * *

“You look amazing,” Faith said, looking up and down Shania’s body three weeks later. “I’m tempted to jump your bones right here.”

Shania was clad entirely in black – a simple black teddy that hugged her impressive curves in all the right places. Over it, she wore a pair of simple black boxer briefs that still showed off her ass, but covered more than the teddy’s thong behind did. She did, after all, want to appear comfortable.

“You can have me if you want,” Shania said, seductively. “That is, if your guests don’t mind.”

“Some wouldn’t,” Faith admitted. “But others might be a little shocked – especially if we haven’t gotten them tipsy yet.”

Faith was clad in almost the exact opposite of Shania. A sexy pair of white panties hid underneath a long T-shirt with Tim McGraw’s image on it. From earlier explorations, Shania had discovered that Country Music’s favorite Mom didn’t wear a bra to bed, and the tips of Faith’s nipples were occasionally visible when the blonde stretched or moved quickly. Shania heartily approved.

“So, who ARE your guests?” Shania asked. “Have you slept with all of them?”

“Some I have,” Faith admitted. “LeAnn Rimes was my first celebrity after you.”

“Damn, you lucky girl. She’s grown up so much in the last few years.”

“Especially in the breast area. The girl must have natural C-cup tits on her,” Faith said shaking her head. “She was the first one to agree to this little slumber party. She’s also bringing a guest.”

“Oh yeah?” Shania asked, moving up behind Faith and taking the other woman in her arms. “Who?”

“Jessica Andrews, believe it or not,” Faith said, turning around to give Shania a quick kiss.

“Really? Have they slept together?”

“I don’t know, but I doubt it. LeAnn said something about getting a chance to get at Jessica’s panties again, so I think young Mrs. Rimes is going to be spending a lot of time with Miss Andrews. Even after getting married, LeAnn still loves a good lesbian lickdown.”

“Wow,” Shania said. “Who else is coming?”

“The Dixie Chicks are all showing up. They just barely got into town yesterday, promoting the new album and all, and were more than happy to spend some time here with me.”

“You’ve fucked them, too, haven’t you?” Shania asked.

“You bet – all at once, too!”

“Really?!” Shania asked, her eyes going wide. She always assumed that Faith had nabbed the Chicks one at a time at some point. All together was something far more erotic. “What was it like?”

“Like having three hot babes licking every inch of your body at once,” Faith said, smiling wickedly.

“I’ll have to see if they’d be interested in having a foursome with me tonight,” Shania mused as she looked at her makeup again.

“I wouldn’t count on it,” Faith said. “The chicks are bringing their own friends – whom I believe Natalie was very interested in getting into the sack.”

“Who?” Shania asked.


“SheDaisy?! Are you kidding me?” Shania asked.

“Honest,” Faith said, smiling. “I guess Natalie’s heard through the rumor vines that one of the girls, Kassidy, is VERY interested in ‘batting for the other team.'”

“Wow, who knew there were so many lesbians in Country Music?” Shania giggled.

“Well, when you think about it, it makes sense,” Faith said, checking her hair in the mirror. “I mean, the men in country music are always screwing up, sleeping around, and being general pains in the ass. Why shouldn’t there be more lesbians in country music?”

“Well, let’s hope for more and more, then,” Shania said. “That means more fun for us!”

Faith laughed. “Well, you can try seducing one or two more over yourself tonight. There are two more girls showing up for our little party.”

“Oh, and who would they be?”

“You know both of them, actually,” Faith said. “Martina McBride, and Jo Dee Messina.”

Shania blinked. “Isn’t Martina happily married?”

“Aren’t both you and I happily married?” Faith replied. “That’s beside the point. The last few times I’ve seen her, she’s seemed a little on edge. I think that if you were to, oh I don’t know, get her to cream herself a couple of times on your fingers, it might do her a world of good.”

“Always works for me,” Shania said with a smirk. “I don’t know, though. Martina might not take a lesbian seduction very well.”

“I’ve got plenty of red wine – her favorite. Just get her a little drunk, and you can have her all to yourself.”

“What about Jo Dee?”

A strange look came across Faith’s face for a second – so fast, Shania almost missed it. But then, just as quickly, it was replaced by that same wicked smile Faith had used earlier.

“Don’t worry about Jo Dee,” Faith said. “Tonight, she’s all mine.”

Shania shot Faith a confused look, but the blonde ignored her and went about getting ready for the slumber party.

* * *

Three hours, four minutes, six bottles of wine, a jug of kool-aide, and a showing of “Grease” later, the slumber party was well underway. Amid a mass of girl talk, drinking, and laughing, Shania began to feel more at home than she had in a long time. Hanging around with a group of women in such a relaxed way was doing quite a bit to calm her nerves about her forthcoming album.

Unfortunately, the sea of female flesh about her wasn’t helping her relax nearly as much. Both Shania and Faith had gone deliberately sexy, hoping to score later on that night, but they were far from the only ones walking about with skin showing.

LeAnn Rimes, newly married and all of twenty years old (she and Shania shared a birthday, though it was several years apart), had gone for the casual but utterly sexy look that only someone with the body of a teenager could pull off. LeAnn had her hair held back with a tie, wore a simple baby-blue tank top that ended well above her belly button, and a pair of bright blue panties that were barely more than a thong. Shania had felt her own attraction to LeAnn pounding between her legs each time the young singer bent over to grab something. LeAnn also had a tendency to run her fingers over her legs absent-mindedly when talking, and Shania had caught herself more than once hoping to replace those fingers with her tongue.

Also dressed for casual, but erotic comfort was Kelsi Osborn, the redhead, who with her two sisters made up the band SheDaisy. Kelsi was clad in a simple white T-shirt and a pair of pink panties that covered more than LeAnn’s did, but still left enough leg showing to be quite attractive. Her two sisters, blonde-haired Kristyn and newly darker-haired Kassidy also wore T-shirts that clung to their ample chests, though Kristyn wore plaid boxers, while Kassidy wore a pair of what seemed to be stretch running shorts that ended just above the knee. Shania wasn’t sure how comfortable anything like that would be, but she loved the way they showed off Kassidy’s ass.

Complete comfort was the rule for two other guests. Shania’s good friend, Martina McBride, wore a white fleece robe over silk pajamas – a look that Shania felt was mildly reminiscent of the look Martina wore in her latest video, “Where Would You Be?” Martina’s red hair simply hung on her head, barely combed but looking highly stylish none-the-less. Shania KNEW she wanted Martina’s body, and she was going to try hard to get at it before the night was over.

Comfort was the order of the day for another guest, but in her case, that was entirely understandable. Dixie Chick Emily Robinson was about eight months pregnant, and certainly LOOKED the part. Clad in only a giant Atlanta Braves T-shirt that looked like it dated back to when the Braves were in Boston, and a pair of baggy sweat pants that still seemed to be tight around the middle, the newly raven haired girl seemed to both require sympathy and at the same time adoration due to her pregnancy. Shania knew full well that at that stage, the rampant self-sufficiency most women tried to live up to while pregnant was rapidly dwindling, and Emily had been asking small favors of her two band mates all night long. Still, Emily had a rather radiant glow about her, and earlier in the party, Shania had seen a promo pic the Chicks had taken that featured them dressed up all sexy-like. Emily had been wearing a fishnet shirt over a black bra, showing off her enlarged middle section. Shania thought the Chick looked hotter than hell, even if she was pregnant.

Her two band mates – sister Martie Seidel, and lead singer Natalie Mains – seemed to have spent more time readjusting pillows or fetching drinks of water for Emily than actually hanging out with the others, but from the looks on their faces, they were having fun. Martie, the eldest of the Dixie Chicks, wore her now longer blonde hair in a slight ponytail in an effort to keep it out of her face. She wore a night shirt that ended just above her knees, and Shania had snuck more than one peek underneath it when she’d bent over, learning quickly that Martie either wore skimpy thongs to bed, or went commando, despite being in the company of some of the most powerful women in music today.

Natalie Mains, on the other hand, had gone completely the opposite way to be comfy in her dress – clad in a gray sports bra and boxer-briefs, Shania wasn’t sure if Natalie was getting ready for bed, or a 10k run. The youngest Dixie Chick had been up dancing to some of the music in “Grease” earlier, and Shania both marveled at her fluid moves, and lusted after her shapely body. For someone who’d been pregnant just recently herself, Shania marveled at the complete lack of any fat on Natalie, who had a toddler at home herself.

The last two guests at the party didn’t really fit into either a comfy or a sexy mode with their dress, though Shania would’ve happily licked her way into either girl’s pussy.

Jo Dee Messina was an old friend of both Faith and her husband, Tim McGraw, and Shania wasn’t surprised at all that she was on the guest list for the day. What did surprise Shania was what Jo Dee had worn to the party – a large, dark blue robe that covered her body from head to toe. Underneath, though, she wore a skin-tight bright red shirt and a pair of boxers with hearts on them. Shania thought everything but the shirt would’ve been comfy, but the shirt looked as if it were a bit tighter than it needed to be. It was hard to tell with the robe around the redhead’s body.

Jessica Andrews also wore a pair of boxer shorts, though she also wore a big green nightshirt over it, and Shania had seen bra straps appearing at the corners of Jessica’s collar the whole night. Shania also noticed that Jessica was never more than a few feet away from LeAnn the whole night long. In fact, the youngest girl there was frequently either lying up against LeAnn, holding the other girl’s hand, or sometimes even resting her head in LeAnn’s lap. Shania began to wonder just how close LeAnn and Jessica were. And she also wondered if she could get either one away from the other long enough to get them into the sack.

Altogether, it was quite the scene. Shania wasn’t exactly sure how Faith had gotten all these girls together, but she was glad she had.

The party went on for another hour before Shania noticed LeAnn and Jessica disappear into the room they would be sharing whenever anyone got around to sleeping.

* * *

LeAnn closed the door behind her and breathed a sigh of relief. “I thought we’d be stuck out there forever,” she said, turning towards Jessica.

“It wasn’t so bad out there,” Jessica said, absentmindedly playing with her hair with one finger, looking around the guest room where she and LeAnn would be spending the night – or rather, morning, with the way this slumber party was going. It was already past 1 am, and outside of Martina and the very pregnant Emily, no one seemed to be slowing down at all.

“No, it wasn’t,” LeAnn admitted taking a few steps closer to Jessica. “But then, knowing the whole time that this was the night we finally get to finish what we started in Atlanta was driving me nuts.”

“Me too,” The 17-year-old said. “But, can we still, you know, do it?” Jess asked.

LeAnn laughed quickly. “Why couldn’t we? Have you suddenly become a nun?”

“No, no,” Jess said quickly, her voice a bit hushed. “I mean, it’s just that you’ve gotten married since then – wouldn’t what we’re about to do be-”

“Okay, hold it right there,” LeAnn said, standing right in front of the younger girl and taking her arms in her hands. “My husband is important to me, yes. My marriage is important to me. But so are you, Jessica. No matter what else is going on in my life, my friendship with you – and all the levels we want to explore within it – will always be important.”

Jessica smiled slyly. “Why, LeAnn, it sounds like you just might be in love with me.”

LeAnn giggled. “Oh, no, Jess. I only want you for your body.”

With that, the two girls kissed, their lips slowly coming into contact with each other, their arms wrapping around their backs, their eyes closed as they embraced all that they were, and all they were about to become.

It hard started more than two years ago, when 18 year-old LeAnn had met a 15 year-old Jessica after a concert. They had become instant friends, and despite all the different paths their lives had taken, had remained close – and even managed to get closer. Through all of LeAnn’s troubles with her label, her father, her future husband, and life in general, Jessica had been there.

Then, one night, a mere four months ago in Atlanta, when LeAnn had finally broken down in her fight with her label, Jessica had come to her hotel room, and over ice cream and some wine coolers one of LeAnn’s bodyguards had gotten for her, they had first kissed.

They had kissed, embraced, and even stripped down to their underwear before they were interrupted by one of LeAnn’s aides. The female helper – who an already lesbian-experienced LeAnn had seduced months prior – had walked in on the two girls just as LeAnn was about to remove Jessica’s bra and ruined everything.

It had been ages since the two had been able to get together in any kind of situation that might let them be alone, and when Faith’s invitation hit LeAnn’s hands, she knew it was time for her to finally make love to Jessica.

Now, as they embraced in a passionate kiss, the two young women prepared to give their everything to each other.

“We don’t have a lot of time,” Jessica said, breaking the kiss and looking into LeAnn’s eyes.

“What do you mean? All anyone back there will think is that we’ve gone to bed,” LeAnn said. “Do you want to wait?” she asked Jess, looking at the younger girl, unsure herself how she felt about another delay.

Jessica looked down at LeAnn’s sexy little outfit. The blue tank top and light blue panties complimented the older girl’s body in ways that would make grown men drool at the sight.

“Maybe,” Jess said, tentatively running a finger down LeAnn’s bare arm. “Maybe we could just fool around a little bit – you know, warming up for what’s to come.”

LeAnn smiled, then her face brightened even more. “I’ve got an idea,” she said, moving towards her carryall bag at the foot of the bed. Rummaging through it quickly, she pulled out a carry case for CDs. Turning towards the small stereo off to the side; she slid a CD in and fiddled with the track selection.

“This is my new album,” LeAnn said over her shoulder as Jessica approached. “I’ve got a song on here that keeps reminding me of what I want to do with you.”

“Really?” Jessica asked. “What’s it like?”

LeAnn pressed the play button and stood up, turning to face Jessica head on. “It’s really sexy.”

“What’s it called?” Jess asked as the music started to play in the background.

“Tic Toc,” LeAnn said with a smile.

“I remind you of a clock?” Jess asked with a sly smile.

“Just listen to the song, sexy,” LeAnn said, giving Jess a quick kiss. The lyrics were just starting up, as LeAnn ran her hands down Jess’ arms, treasuring the feel of the younger girl’s skin.

“Come inside my walls of ecstasy, within me

Close the door and throw away the key”

“Whoa, SEXY,” Jessica said, giggling at the lyrics.

“Just shut up and listen,” LeAnn said, kissing Jessica hard on the lips. The other girl melted into LeAnn’s lips, and soon the song overtook them both.

“That’s the way you can start by moving in nice and slow

Taking your time to move down low

Cuz everything you do is everything I need

Lights are low, so here we go, let’s get busy”

LeAnn reached down and tugged at the bottom of Jessica’s shirt, pulling it up over the younger singer’s head. Jess quickly returned her lips to LeAnn’s, her own hands reaching down to cup the older singer’s panty-covered ass, making LeAnn moan in response just as the chorus started.

“Tic Toc, Hands on the clock

Time to make my body rock

Move with me, you get me

So hot that I can’t stop

Tic Toc, You got the spot

Here I come ready or not

Move with me, you get me

So hot that I can’t stop

Tic Toc

Tic Toc baby

Tic Toc

Tic Toc baby”

LeAnn had managed to get her hands around to the back of Jessica’s pink bra, and after a second of fumbling, managed to unsnap the offending garment. Pulling back from her friend, Jessica allowed the bra to drop off her chest and arms, landing on the floor.

For a second, LeAnn stared in appreciation as Jessica’s ample tits came into view. LeAnn loved breasts – had ever since Faith Hill had taught her how to enjoy sex with women. Jessica’s were perfectly shaped, perky tits that defied gravity and ended with erect, pink nipples that begged to be sucked on.

And so, LeAnn bent down and began to suck.

“You opened up my world to paradise, so nice

Feels so good my body liquefies

When you touch me I lose control and start to shake

Your love is so good I ain’t gotta fake

Cuz everything you do is everything I like

The plot thickens, time’s tick’n, you’re my toy tonight”

Jessica moaned as LeAnn released her lips from the younger woman’s breasts long enough to remove her small tank top, releasing her own ample breasts. Leaning back in for a kiss, LeAnn reveled in the feeling of Jessica’s tits meshed up against her own. For her part, Jessica seemed to be getting hotter, her body squirming in pleasure beneath LeAnn as the two young singers made out.

“Tic Toc Hands on the clock

Time to make my body rock

Move with me, you get me

So hot that I can’t stop

Tic Toc You got the spot

Here I come ready or not

Move with me, you get me

So hot that I can’t stop

Tic Toc

Tic Toc baby

Tic Toc

Tic Toc baby”

LeAnn slipped her fingers down and into Jessica’s boxers, gently tugging at them as the other girl lifted her ass off the bed. The shorts were instantly off Jessica’s legs, exposing her neatly trimmed bush to her friend for the first time.

LeAnn instantly dropped her head down between Jessica’s legs, running her tongue along the opening to Jessica’s slit.

“Tic Toc the clock keeps on tick’n

Hurry up before it gets too late

Tic Toc the clock keeps on tick’n

Hurry up before it gets too late”

LeAnn’s tongue entered Jessica’s snatch, instantly coating itself with young Miss Andrew’s juices. LeAnn felt Jess tremble in pleasure as her virginity was teased by LeAnn’s hungry tongue. Feeling the tip of her tongue hit Jess’ hymen, LeAnn looked up.

“Don’t stop!” Jessica commanded before LeAnn could ask. “Take me, LeAnn! Use your fingers! TAKE ME!”

“A little to the left

A little to the right

A little bit longer

All the way tonight”

Jessica cried out in pleasure as LeAnn’s fingers entered her slit, sliding down towards her hymen. As she approached the small piece of flesh marking Jess’ virginity, LeAnn bent down and gently started sucking on the younger girl’s clit. As Jessica moaned in response, LeAnn pushed her fingers in further, snapping the offending hymen, and making a woman of Jessica Andrews.

For her part, Jessica shouted out in pain and pleasure, enjoying everything that was happening to her.

“I close my eyes, my body tenses

Boy your touch hits all my senses

Don’t stop Come on

I’m almost there”

“Harder!” Jessica cried out as LeAnn furiously pounded her two fingers in and out of her new lover’s snatch. She continued sucking and lapping at Jess’ clit, arousing the small bud into its greater glory. LeAnn could tell Jessica wasn’t far from an orgasm, and she wanted to give it to her NOW.

“In the middle of the night

Reality stops

And I’m suspended

In your arms

As I melt from your touch”

Suddenly, Jessica’s entire body lurched. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and her legs shook uncontrollably. LeAnn glanced up to see Jess’ jaw drop and her neck go limp as the younger singer orgasmed. A fresh coat of cum flooded across LeAnn’s fingers as the twenty-year-old pressed harder into Jessica’s cunt. The smaller girl arched her back and let out a silent scream as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her entire body.

“Tic Toc

Hands on the clock

Time to make my body rock

Move with me, you get me

So hot that I can’t stop”

“Wow,” Jessica said was she caught her breath. Her entire body was still flush with post-orgasmic sweat and passion. “That was amazing.”

“Sush,” LeAnn said, rubbing Jess’ clit with her fingers again. She was FAR from done with her new little plaything. “Let’s see how fast you can reach number 2!”

“Tic Toc

You got the spot

Here I come ready or not

Move with me, you get me

So hot that I can’t stop

Tic Toc

Tic Toc baby

Tic Toc

Tic Toc baby”

Jessica started humping at LeAnn’s hands, her arousal back full force. LeAnn thrusted her fingers back into Jessica’s cunt, ramming them in tempo with the song. Every thrust made Jessica gasp, and every gasp was followed by her thrusting harder against LeAnn’s fingers.

LeAnn, for her part, continued to lick and suck at Jessica’s clit, trying hard to bring her friend off before the song ended. At the same time, she was trying hard to not slam her fingers into her own cunt, as she was getting hotter and hotter every second.

“Tic Toc

Hands on the clock

Time to make my body rock

Move with me, you get me

So hot that I can’t stop”

Once again, Jessica’s body suddenly began to shake and convulse. This time, LeAnn leaned in, removing her fingers and replacing them with her tongue, lapping up the orgasmic juices of her friend. If Jessica even noticed, she didn’t let on, as her body was completely out of her control. For a second, LeAnn worried that Jess would pass out from two such intense orgasms within seconds of each other, but the younger girl kept moaning in pleasure.

LeAnn licked a little harder, hoping to draw out this second climax.

“Tic Toc

You got the spot

Here I come ready or not

Move with me, you get me

So hot that I can’t stop

Tic Toc

Tic Toc baby

Tic Toc

Tic Toc baby”

Jessica’s body collapsed motionless to the bed just as the song ended, and LeAnn lay down next to her, favoring her new lover with a kiss.

“I think,” Jessica said.

“You think what?” LeAnn asked, playing gently with Jessica’s nipple.

Jessica smiled and kissed LeAnn on the lips. “I think that was the sexiest song I’ve ever heard.” She kissed LeAnn again, this time rolling the older girl on to her back and straddling her waist.

LeAnn looked up at Jessica’s face. “Wanna listen to it again?” LeAnn asked.

“Lets rewind that clock,” Jessica said, leaning in to suck on LeAnn’s nipple.

* * *

While the two youngest women in the house were getting all hot and sweaty, several of the older women were getting drunk. REALLY drunk. Shania, who had never been much of a drinker, watched Martina McBride down her fourth wine cooler in the past half hour. The redheaded singer was rapidly becoming a bit confused, and even a bit touchy-feely. She seemed to be hanging off of Faith Hill every other minute or so, and Shania had spotted Faith taking advantage of the situation by feeling up Martina’s breasts more than once.

Shania knew that Faith had set Martina up in the same bedroom that Shania would be using for the night. Martina looked like she was getting close to passing out – which meant that Shania would miss out on her chance to seduce her redheaded friend.

Shania waited until Martina had downed one more wine cooler, than stood up.

“Come on, Martina, I think you’ve had enough?”

“What?” Martina said, her voice slightly blurry. “No, I’m fine. I can stay.” With that, she tripped over her own toes and landed on the couch with a light thud. “Ouch,” she muttered.

“She’s had enough,” Jo Dee Messina said. Kelsi Osborn snickered off to one side as Shania and Faith helped Martina back up to her feet.

“I’ll get her to bed,” Shania offered. “You girls have fun while we’re gone.”

“Guaranteed,” Kassidy Osborn said, her eyes flicking towards her two sisters.

Taking Martina by the arm and leading her down the hall, Shania wondered just how far she could get with a nearly mindless sex partner. She’d done drunken fans before, but never ones who she’d see the next day. She’d not only see Martina in the morning, but would know her for the rest of her life.

Still, Martina was VERY attractive. Her all-white outfit complimented her simple red hair, and her B-cup breasts strained at their confinement underneath her robe. As they rounded a corner, Martina slipped again, forcing Shania to hold tighter to keep her friend from falling.

“You’ve got such soft hands,” Martina muttered as Shania helped her back to her feet.

“Thanks,” Shania said with a grunt, hoping that her hands might get some kind of reward for their hard work tonight.

“Ugh, it’s hot in here,” Martina mumbled as the two women entered the bedroom. Shania thought it was just about right – but then again, she was wearing considerably less than Martina was.

“Here,” Shania said, reaching down to the sash to Martina’s robe. “Let’s take this off and get you a little more comfortable.” Shania undid the simple knot and dropped the sash to Martina’s sides. Reaching up, she gently pushed the robe off Martina’s shoulders, and allowed it to drop to the ground at her feet.

Martina’s pajamas were comprised of a pair of silk pants and a silk tank top, all in white, and all VERY clingy. Shania looked her friend up and down. At 36, Martina had the body of a 26 year-old. Her breasts, while not large, were firm and full – Shania knew for a fact that pregnancy often added to the general appeal of breasts, and Martina’s hadn’t suffered at all for her kids. Standing no more than five foot, four inches tall, Martina was a compact, but highly sexy woman. Shania couldn’t help but lick her lips at the site of Martina’s body.

“Oh, my back is so sore,” Martina muttered as she landed face first on the nearest bed. Her silk pants hugged her ass, giving Shania just one more reason to lust after her friend.

“I could give you a back rub,” Shania said. “Take your top off.” Shania didn’t think seducing Martina would be this easy, but every once in a while, a girl got lucky.

Unfortunately, tonight Shania wasn’t getting lucky quite yet. Martina lifted her head from the pillow, then dropped it down again. “I can’t move,” she muttered through the pillow. “Just rub my shoulders until I pass out.”

Sighing under her breath, Shania reached down and started kneading Martina’s shoulders, feeling the warmth of her friend’s skin against her fingers. For several long seconds, Shania just rubbed, not daring to go any further.

“mmm,” Martina moaned. “That’s so nice.”

“You like that, huh?” Shania asked, pressing a bit harder. “Get up and I’ll really give you a back rub.”

This time, Martina got up, just enough to pull her top over her head and toss it to the floor before falling back down to the pillows. A simple white bra was now all that stood between Shania and Martina’s well-formed breasts. Not wasting any time, Shania reached down and unsnapped the back of the bra, allowing it to fall to either side of Martina’s prone form.

Quickly moving before Martina could protest, Shania began to massage her friend’s back. Instantly, Martina moaned in comfort as Shania’s fingers worked out all the tough knots that being a celebrity mom brought about. Shania had given hundreds of massages before in her life – mostly to female fans she was hoping to seduce. It was a tried and true trick that more often than not worked. After all, once you had a woman naked, she was usually willing to do most anything.

Shania slowly worked her way down Martina’s back, rubbing and stroking the redhead’s skin until it practically melted at her touch. As she reached the small of Martina’s back, Shania slowly sank her fingers beneath the lip of Martina’s pajama pants and gave them a light tug.

“Lift up a bit, Martina,” Shania whispered into her friend’s ear. “I’ll do your legs while I’m here.”

Martina’s only response was the lift herself enough off the bed enough for Shania to pull her pants down. Shania giggled lightly as she saw that the ever-so-proper Martina McBride wore a white thong underneath her pajamas. Gently running her fingers over Martina’s legs, Shania knew she wouldn’t be able to hold out long. She needed her friend, and she needed her soon.

Martina’s moans increased as Shania deftly worked her hands up the redhead’s legs, kneading and rubbing the flesh until it was hot to the touch. Shania felt Martina shift a bit as her fingers worked their way towards the thong-covered ass. Shania didn’t hesitate. She kept right on moving until her hands were massaging Martina’s shapely buttocks.

“Shania?” Martina asked, her voice still slurred and muffled by drinks and the pillow.

“Sush,” Shania said, working her fingers over the firm mounds of Martina’s ass. “I know what I’m doing.”


“I’m working on your Butt,” Shania smirked, her fingers digging into Martina’s rear end like silken knives. Martina moaned as Shania soothed some unknown stiffness in the redhead’s ass. Martina shifted again, this time lifting her ass into Shania’s fingers, as if seeking more of the almost forbidden comfort.

Shania was ready to move on. “Time to get rid of this,” she said, reaching down and pulling Martina’s thong over her ass folds and halfway down the other woman’s calves.

“Wait-” Martina said, lifting herself up a bit, but a firm hand on the small of her back pushed her back down and silenced her protest.

“I said I know what I’m doing,” Shania said, a bit more firmly than before. She had Martina almost naked now, her bare ass exposed for Shania to savor. She wasn’t going to miss this opportunity for anything.

Shania started massaging Martina’s ass with more vigor, sending shocks through the other woman’s rear end that were both painful and pleasurable. Every press of Shania’s fingers seemed to make Martina moan more passionately. Shania felt herself getting more and more turned on by her friend’s involuntary reactions to the massage – and she knew Martina would be getting turned on, too.

Shania worked her fingers inwards, towards the crack of Martina’s ass, kneading and pulling the flesh around her target like a fine baker working with dough. Martina seemed to sense where Shania was moving, and that the masseuse wasn’t going to stop before reaching her ass crack. At first, the redheaded singer tried shifting, but Shania held her in place with her legs. The Martina tried to clench her muscles. Shania gently swatted her ass to get her to loosen up.

Finally, Martina spoke. “Shania, wait a sec-”

“Sush,” Shania said, moving her fingers into Martina’s ass crack. “You’ll enjoy this.”



Shania slid her fingers down Martina’s ass crack, crossing over her rear entrance and teasing the bottom of her slit.

“Shania-” Martina said, her voice a little more urgent, but Shania cut her off again.

“Roll over,” Shania commanded.


“Roll over!” Shania said, reaching up and pulling Martina’s shoulder until the other woman rolled over onto her back. Martina’s bra remained on the bed, leaving her completely naked before Shania’s eager eyes.

“What are you doing?” Martina asked as Shania’s hands found their way to Martina’s legs again. Her eyes riveted on Martina’s snatch, Shania worked her fingers over the front end of her friend’s legs, massaging them as she had the other side before.

“No one ever massages the front of your body,” Shania said, trying to act casual as she felt her own sex grow moist. “These muscles need it as much as the back ones do.”

Martina seemed to think about that a moment, and Shania could tell from the slightly glazed look in her eyes that she was still a bit drunk. “Can’t we use a towel or something?” Martina asked, her voice becoming shaky.

Shania could see why – Martina’s pussy lips were quietly becoming coated in her juices. Apparently, Martina was becoming aroused.

“No reason to cover up,” Shania said, leaning in closer to Martina. “I mean, we’re all girls here, right?”

Martina hesitated, but Shania simply worked her fingers a little further up her legs, running towards the upper thigh.

“Shania, I don’t know about this,” Martina whispered.

“Why?” Shania asked, her fingers reaching the inner thighs. “What’s wrong?”

“This feels…” Martina trailed off as Shania’s fingers moved off her thighs and onto the area above her slit. A small patch of neatly trimmed red hair was her new playground, though it was becoming slightly damp.

“Feels good?” Shania asked, her finger running dangerously low upon Martina’s crotch. “Does this feel good to you, Martina.”

“Yes,” Martina whispered. Shania smiled, and worked her finger a little lower, until it was hovering right above Martina’s clit.

“What about this?” Shania asked, her voice a hoarse whisper, barely audible over the thundering of her heart.

“Yes,” Martina whispered.

“Do you want me to…” Shania trailed off as she gently applied pressure to Martina’s rapidly expanding clit. Martina gasped instantly, her back arching in surprise and pleasure.

“YES!” Martina hissed as Shania stopped and stood up. “Please, do that again.”

“I’ll do that, and more,” Shania said, sliding her boxers down over her long, perfectly shaped legs. She stood before Martina in only her black teddy now, her ass hanging out the thong in the back. Her nipples were rock hard, and a slight damp patch could just barely be made out at her crotch.

Shania got back on the bed and straddled Martina, this time letting her face come up near Martina’s. She spent several second looking at her friend’s perky tits before moving in towards her mouth.

“Wait,” Martina said, lifting a hand directly to Shania’s chest. It landed on one of Shania’s ample tits, causing the other singer to moan. “I don’t know if I’m ready for this.”

Shania looked down at Martina’s hand on her breast. “Looks like you’ve got the right idea so far, babe,” Shania said, raising one of her own hands to Martina’s other boob and squeezing it playfully.

“No, please, Shania,” Martina pleaded. “I’m not a lesbian.”

“Neither am I,” Shania said, inching closer to Martina’s face with her own. “But there’s nothing wrong with two straight women enjoying each other’s bodies for a night, is there?”

“I don’t know,” Martina said. Shania gave her another squeeze, and got a pleasurable moan in response. She knew Martina wouldn’t last long now.

“Trust me,” Shania said, leaning in enough to lock lips with her friend at last. The kiss seemed to stretch for several minutes, though in reality it was perhaps two or three seconds. Shania felt Martina melt beneath her, and the redhead’s hand fell limply to the bed. She had given up, and was allowing Shania to do whatever she wanted.

Breaking the kiss, Shania smiled as she worked her hands down from Martina’s chest and over her snatch. She had been craving this for too long now. She was going to take Martina for all she was worth.

Shania’s finger slid over Martina’s clit again, tweaking it in a way that made Martina gasp for air instantly. “You like this, don’t you?” Shania asked as she gently rubbed Martina’s little love button. “You like me playing with your clit.”

She saw Martina’s eyes widen at the word clit, but the other woman said nothing. She was too engrossed in her own pleasure. Shania knew right then and there that Martina desperately needed to be taught a lesson in lesbian loving. And she was just the woman to do so.

Pressing harder into Martina’s snatch, Shania allowed on finger to slip in past Martina’s lips, penetrating her friend for the first time.

It was more than enough to give Martina McBride the fastest orgasm of her life. Her body shook and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Back arched, she gasped for breath as Shania applied more pressure to her clit. Shania didn’t move the finger she’d inserted. Instead, she just left it there, allowing Martina to stroke herself with her own orgasmic spasms.

And spasm Martina did. Her climactic gymnastics lasted more than a minute, her arms flopping about uncontrollably. A sheen of sweat coated her flawless skin, and her toes curled hard, grasping the sheets as they did so.

Shania stared down at Martina’s body as the other woman slowly came down from her orgasmic high. All the stress that had been in Martina’s muscles had bled away now, her body more relaxed. Her eyes, when they finally pried themselves open, looked as though they were slightly glazed over – though that might have been from the booze. For all intensive purposes, Martina McBride was as content and relaxed as she could get.

So Shania started working her over again.

Her finger still resting inside Martina’s slit, Shania gently started teasing her friend’s clit with a thumb, working the already swollen flesh as if it were a tiny joystick. At the same time, she ran her other hand down Martina’s legs, gently caressing the hot flesh as she had earlier.

“Wha?” Martina mumbled. “Again?”

“That’s right,” Shania whispered as she leaned in close to her friend’s face. “Again!” With that, she kissed Martina passionately, allowing her own frustrations and desires to melt into the kiss. Martina, too exhausted to fight back, submitted totally to Shania with that one kiss.

Breaking away several seconds later, Shania began to slide her finger in and out of Martina’s pussy. Martina tensed at once, but a gentle massage along her bare breasts calmed her down.

“There, there,” Shania said, using the voice she did when calming her newborn child. “Just lay back and let Shania show you everything that can be done with your pussy.”

Martina did as instructed, allowing Shania to manipulate her most sensitive of regions like a seasoned pro. Having never experienced lesbian sex before, Martina was scared. Despite her orgasm, she still felt waves of fear crossing over her. She had never even dreamed of engaging in this kind of activity with another woman.

And yet, that last orgasm had been more powerful than any she’d had in her entire life. And Shania was rapidly working Martina’s body towards a second one. Martina had climaxed during sex before – in fact, the night before she’d flown into town, her husband had awoken her in the middle of the night and made love to her for more than an hour. Her orgasm that night had been more than satisfying.

But what Shania was doing was intoxicating. Every stroke brought out new sensations. Every lick sent shockwaves across every nerve. Martina was having a hard time thinking about anything EXCEPT what Shania was doing with her fingers. She knew it was wrong. She knew that it went against everything she believed in. She wasn’t a lesbian. She wasn’t attracted to women. She shouldn’t want Shania to do this to her.

But Martina WANTED it. She wanted Shania to stroke her clitoris. She wanted Shania to suck on her nipples. She wanted to climax upon Shania’s body, and then do the same for her friend.

Lust was awoken inside Martina McBride, and Shania Twain was the target of that lust.

As Shania moved her lips down across Martina’s belly, she suddenly felt the other woman move. As hesitant as she had been earlier, Martina was suddenly VERY interested in participating in this Sapphic experiment. Her hands wrapped around Shania’s back and pulled the taller woman to her. They kissed, their tongues’ intermingling with each other. To Shania’s delight, Martina ran one hand down to stroke her new lover’s crotch.

With Martina’s newfound participation, what was borderline rape suddenly became a very erotic case of fully realized lesbian love.

Before long, Shania found her leg pressed into Martina’s crotch, who began humping that leg at once. Shania’s own pussy rested just above Martina’s knee, and in synch with Martina’s efforts, Shania began to thrust her self down upon Martina’s leg.

“Oh, god, Shania,” Martina whispered, her voice strained in pleasure and need.

“Let go, Martina,” Shania whispered into her friend’s ear as they humped each other. “Just let go.”

Martina let go, and with a gasp that Shania was sure could be heard down the hall, Martina came for the second time. Shania was humping her own loins against Martina’s rigid knee, feeling her own climax on rapid approach, knowing that not long from now, she too would be crying out like Martina had.

And suddenly, the knee dropped out from beneath Shania, as Martina’s body collapsed beneath her. Shania fell on top of her redheaded friend, their sweat mixing as they lay there.

“Sorry,” Martina whispered.

“Not as sorry as I am,” Shania whispered back, kissing Martina gently on the chin.

“Can I help you somehow?” Martina asked.

“You’ve got fingers,” Shania said. “I’m high enough right now, almost anything’ll get me off.”

“Roll over,” Martina said. Shania rolled over on the bed until she was lying on her back, her legs spread wide. Martina slid down towards the lower end, and just looked at Shania’s crotch for a bit.

“C’mon, Martina,” Shania chided. “I need it bad.”

“Uh, right,” Martina said, looking confused. She reached out towards Shania’s pussy, then stopped. “Uh, how do you want me to – ah, you know….”

“Just finger me like you do yourself,” Shania said, humping the air in front of her. Her juices were pouring out of her like a small river, and every fiber in her body was screaming out for an orgasm.

“Uh, I don’t really do that-”

Shania didn’t wait for the rest of the excuse. She grabbed Martina’s hand and thrust it at her pussy. “STROKE IT!” Shania gasped aloud. “Just get me off!”

Tentatively, Martina stuck out her finger and inserted it into Shania’s folds. Shania moaned at once, and held Martina’s hand tighter.

Martina rarely ever masturbated. After having her first child, her sex drive had dwindled somewhat, and while she still got turned on, rarely did she feel the need to get off before she saw her husband again. Now, though, with the pleasures Shania had shown her, she wondered if she’d ever get enough sex.

With Shania’s expert help, though, she moved her fingers in a way that rapidly brought out her friend’s already erect clitoris like a missile shooting out of a fleshy silo. Shania writhed on the bed, her body reacting to Martina’s fingers just as Martina’s had to Shania’s knee moments earlier.

Martina’s eyes suddenly found focus on Shania’s breasts, and she watched as her fellow singer’s chest heaved with every breath. Shania’s breasts were perfect. Easily D-cups, they were utterly flawless, the areolas pink and round, the nipples small and rock hard. Neither breast had the slightest flaw, and they bounced effortlessly as Shania rocked with pleasure.

Suddenly, Shania went rigid, and Martina pressed harder into her friend’s clit, trying to make the orgasm Shania was obviously having more pleasurable.

It worked.

Shania’s entire world became nothing but pleasure as wave after wave of it ransacked through her body, destroying every ounce of stress and worry she’d ever had. Somehow, Martina’s Sapphic-virgin fingers had elicited the most powerful climax Shania had been blessed with since she started loving other women.

Shania didn’t remember quite what happened next, but before she knew it, she and Martina were lying atop each other, gently exchanging kisses and caresses in the afterglow of sex.

“I never knew,” Martina whispered.

“It took me a while to learn,” Shania said, her lips brushing against Martina’s skin. “I swear, only another woman can bring the kind of pleasures we’ve felt here tonight.”

Martina smiled. “Then I hope this isn’t the last time you and I get pleasurable with each other.”

Shania kissed her deeply, and tweaked one of her nipples before replying. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure we get together again soon.”

* * *

Kristyn Osborn wondered some days if she wasn’t the only blonde in her family. Her two sisters, Redheaded Kelsi and Brunette Kassidy had disappeared into the kitchen more than twenty minutes ago, leaving her with Faith Hill, Jo Dee Messina, and the three Dixie Chicks, none of whom seemed too interested in what happened to Kristyn’s missing siblings. It wasn’t so much that they weren’t in the room that bothered Kristyn so much as it was the fact that she hadn’t liked the look on Kassidy’s face as she dragged Kelsi out of the common room where the rest of the party was.

Kristyn entered the kitchen and nearly gasp aloud, her hand slapping across her mouth the only thing stopping her from doing so. Just as she expected, Kassidy and Kelsi were in a “compromising” position, and if anyone else entered the room, the big secret behind SheDaisy would be all out in the open.

She really had no one to blame but herself, Kristyn knew. After all, it had been her, as a ravenously horny 17-year-old who had taken her two younger sisters upstairs, convinced them (with the help of some spiked coca-cola) to strip down to their nothings, and systematically seduced, fucked, and converted her two sisters into lesbians.

Of course, she hadn’t meant to make them lesbians – in fact, she was really just experimenting, testing the limits of her own body with the only available partners around at the time. She hadn’t meant it to stick.

But, over the course of several years, all three girls had not only slept with each other, continuing their incestuous love affair, but they had each also bedded other women. At first, as young women, they’d barely kept their wits about them as they’d pick up girls in bars or dance clubs. Now, as emerging superstars, it was considerably easier to convince young women (and the younger they were, the easier it became) to engage in Sapphic love of the most carnal kind.

But Kristyn had grown out of it. By the time she was 20, she had begun sleeping with boys, and now, more than a decade later at 32, she was over all things lesbian, and had even forced herself to stop sleeping with her sisters, knowing that it was all too easy to slip back into old habits.

Redheaded Kelsi had also toned down her female-loving antics, though she was more than willing to share her shapely body with her sisters, as she had since she was a teenager. At 27, she was (mostly) happily married to a man who treated her well and put up with her being off on tour constantly, frequently absent from his home and his bed. Kristyn suspected he may have been seeing other women, but since Kelsi WAS seeing other women – her own sisters at that – she didn’t think it was her place to say anything.

But brunette Kassidy was as lesbian lovemaking machine. At 25, she had slept with more women than either of her other two sisters combined, and secretly claimed she would never sleep with another man unless there was a woman in the bed as well. Kristyn knew that Kassidy had even seduced the sister’s youngest sibling, Karli, who was just now 18, years ago, and whenever the youngest Osborn sister was in town, she spent the night naked in Kassidy’s bed. Every time that happened, Kristyn worried about just how young Karli would turn out, as she got older.

Especially with role models like Kassidy and Kelsi.

Right there, in the middle of Faith Hill’s kitchen, with five other country music stars just outside the door, Kristyn’s two sisters were making love. Kelsi was sitting in a chair, her white T-shirt pulled up over her amble breasts, while Kassidy pulled aside her pink panties to reveal Kelsi’s sopping wet snatch.

Kassidy had shed her stretch pants down to her ankles, and her finger was furiously pounding away at her own privates as she happily ate away at Kelsi’s pussy. With her bare ass angling up towards Kristyn, the eldest Osborn sister was suddenly aroused enough to consider, just briefly, getting between the sheets one more time with her sister.

“What the hell are you two doing?” Kristyn hissed. “Are you mad?! Do you realize who’s out there?”

Kassidy looked up at Kristyn and smiled a wicked little smile. “Yeah, I know who’s out there – Only some of the hottest women in music! It was all I could do not to jump Shania’s bones the instant I saw that outfit she was wearing.”

“And if I had caught Faith Hill alone, you can bet we’d be in bed right now,” redheaded Kelsi admitted as she shifted about enough to cover her crotch with her panties – though there was ample stain on the front almost as soon as she did so.

Kristyn rolled her eyes, but inside, she had to admit that many of the other guests had been dressed to please the eye. She’d caught herself staring at LeAnn Rimes’ ample chest more than once through the night, and was sure her sisters had been ogling the other guests far more often than she had.

“Are you insane,” she said, reaching forward and grabbing Kassidy’s stretch pants from around her ankles and started pulling them up her sister’s legs. “If any of them caught you coming on to them, your ‘extra-curricular’ activities would be all over the tabloids by this time tomorrow!”

“Calm down, sis,” Kelsi said. “No one’s going to come in and see us. Half of them have already gone to bed.”

“Besides,” Kassidy said, “I’m REALLY horny.”

Kristyn felt her jaw drop as Kassidy lifted up her shirt and threw it off over her head. Allowing her pants to drop to her ankles again, she stood facing her older sister completely exposed.

“Stop that!” Kristyn hissed, glancing back over her shoulder towards the door. She leapt for Kassidy’s shirt, and then pressed it to the brunette’s bare chest, barely covering her ample breasts.

Suddenly, Kassidy reached up and grabbed Kristyn by the back of the head, pulling her into her arms, the youngest SheDaisy kissed her sister – hard.

Instantly, Kristyn was taken back to all the wonderful sexual encounters she and Kassidy had enjoyed over the years – frequently with Kelsi involved as well. Her body reacted at once, her nipples becoming rock hard and her juices starting to flow. She was becoming aroused, and there was no stopping-.

Except when she thought about what would happen if they were caught.

Kristyn pushed her darker-haired sister back, drawing in a deep breath. “Stop, please,” she said.

“Ah, you’re no fun, sis,” Kelsi muttered as she stood up, her panties stained with her wetness and her nipples poking through the barely pulled down T-shirt.

Kristyn knew they couldn’t risk this, and that even if just her two sisters were exposed as lesbians, it would all be over. She had to get them to stop, and she could only think of one way to do that.

“All right,” the blonde Osborn sighed. “Listen, if you two stop this right now, and promise to keep your hands off each other for the rest of the night, I’ll give you what you want.”

“And what is it that we want?” Kassidy asked.

Kristyn took a deep breath, held it for a second, then let it out again. She looked each sister in the eye for a second before dropping her eyes to the floor.

“If you two stop fooling around with each other tonight, I’ll sleep with both of you tomorrow night.”

“You will?” Kelsi asked, pulling her shirt down a little more.

“You promise?” Kassidy asked, looking unconvinced.

“I promise,” Kristyn said slowly. “And I’ll even let you do whatever you want to me.”

The other two sisters looked at each other for a second, then smiled.

“Deal,” Kassidy said.

Kristyn felt her heart both sink and swell. She was glad she’d gotten her two sisters to lay off each other, but she knew that the instant she let either one fuck her again, she’d start spiraling back into that lesbian world, and it would be a lot harder to get out again.

Suddenly, the door flopped open, and a very pregnant Emily Robinson of the Dixie Chicks literally waddled in. The Osborn sisters all froze, Kelsi and Kassidy still half exposed as the pregnant Dixie Chick paused for a breath, allowing the door to swing shut behind her.

“Oh, hello,” the raven-haired beauty said, flashing them a tired smile. “We all thought you’d gone to bed.”

None of the SheDaisy members said a word. Kristyn literally felt her whole world ready to collapse around her.

“I just came in to get a glass of water. I told Martie and Natalie that I was sick of them doing everything for me.” Emily asked as she moved slowly towards the sink. She glanced back over at the trio, her eyes turning to slits as she caught site of the bare skin Kassidy and Kelsi were showing.

“Uh, you guys know you’re half naked, right?” she asked.

“Uh…” Kelsi said.

“Ah…” Kristyn trailed off, looking at her sisters for help.

Suddenly Emily’s eyes went wide. “Were you guys having sex with each other?”

Kristyn instantly felt faint. That was it. The career of SheDaisy was over. Once it was out that they were into lesbian incest, no one would ever come see another concert. None of the albums would ever sell another copy. The only work they’d ever get again would be in porno movies, and only with each other.

“‘Cause that’s so cool if you were,” Emily said, turning back towards the sink.

The three sisters looked at each other, their faces instantly blank with confusion.

“What did you say?” Kassidy asked.

“It’s cool if you guys were having sex,” Emily said over her shoulder. “Me and the other ‘Chicks’ do it all the time.”

“You do?” Kristyn asked, not believing it for a second.

“But you and Martie are sisters!” Kelsi said, a little too loudly for Kristyn’s sake.

“And you three aren’t?” Emily asked. She turned around and smiled at them. “Listen, I don’t know too many girls who haven’t experimented with their sisters when they were teens. I mean, all my friends from high school practiced kissing with their sisters before big dates, and I knew more than one who’d gone considerably further.”

“That’s true,” Redheaded Kelsi said from where she stood, covering her crotch with one hand.

“There’s nothing wrong with lesbian sex. Hell, both Natalie and I are happily married women, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take time out to give each other pleasure. And my big sis Martie’s been known to bring more than her fair share of boys back to her dressing room, but I watched her eat out Natalie just last night.”

Kristyn’s eyes went impossibly wider at the thought. Lithe and lean Martie Siedel, on her knees between Natalie Mains’ wide-open legs was more than erotic enough to get her going. The faint twinge of erotic sensation that had been filtering around her pussy earlier with her sisters returned now, and there was no denying it. Kristyn was on fire.

“You guys really are lesbians?” Kassidy asked, dropping her shirt and exposing her breasts to Emily. The Dixie Chick gave them a very appreciative look before turning her eyes up towards Kassidy’s face.

“Well, we like to think of ourselves as bisexual, and not just lesbians, but we do have sex with women a lot more than men.” Suddenly, Emily groaned a bit and reached for a chair. Pulling it out from the table, she sat down directly across from the three other singers, her T-shirt pulling around her breasts quite pleasantly, Kristyn thought.

“Oh, being pregnant is not fun,” Emily said as she leaned back as far as she could while stretching her legs out in front of her – neither of which was very far. Her brown hair was tangled about around her face like a natural halo that drew anyone who looked at her directly in towards her face. Kristyn admired that face for a moment, before allowing her thoughts to dip lower into her head and become slightly more basic. Soon she was thinking about Emily’s lips, and how nice it would be feeling them on her own lips.

Suddenly, Kassidy broke the spell that Emily was unconsciously casting on Kristyn. “So, Emily, have you done any women since you got pregnant?” the young brunette asked carefully as she allowed the Dixie Chick to continue to catch glimpses of her bare breasts.

“Well,” Emily said, looking over at the damn stain just visible on Kelsi’s panties, “Martie, Natalie, and I were still doing it for about two months before I realized I was pregnant. After that, we kept going at it pretty regularly until I hit the third trimester, at which point some of the stuff we like to do was risking a bit much.”

“What do you mean by ‘stuff you like to do?'” Kassidy asked.

Emily smiled a wicked little smile. “Fun stuff,” she replied looking up at Kristyn. “How come you aren’t showing anything when your sisters are?”

“Huh?” Kristyn said before remembering that she, unlike her sisters, was still fully dressed. “I, uh, just got here,” she mumbled silently.

“Well, don’t you think it’s about time you joined the party then?” Emily asked, still smiling.

“Yeah, Kris,” Kassidy said. “Your turn to show your goodies.”

“What-?” Kristyn started, but was stopped as Kelsi stood up next to her.

“Since Emily’s being so nice to us,” the redhead said, moving around Kristyn, “I think we should let her decide what our older sister shows off first.”

“You’re too kind,” Emily said, leaning back a bit more.

“Wait a second-” Kristyn said before Kassidy pressed a finger to her lips. The last time her sister had done that, the two of them were making love one room over from where their parents were having a quiet conversation about what to get the girls for Christmas last year. A flood of erotic memories came back to Kristyn at once, just from that simple touch, and she knew she was in danger of giving it all up right then and there.

Emily looked Kristyn’s body up and down, clearly admiring the firm body the blonde haired beauty kept in shape for their public appearances. With a slight wave of one finger, she motioned the other two members of SheDaisy to turn their sister around to face the other wall. Kassidy and Kelsi gently pushed Kristyn around 180 degrees, showing her backside completely to the Dixie Chick for examination.

“Mmm,” Emily said, licking her lips. “Let me see her ass first.”

“Wait!” Kristyn called out, but it was too late. Kassidy – always the most eager to get her sisters undressed – reached down and looped her fingers into Kassidy’s plaid boxers and with one solid tug, forced the shorts to the ground. Cool air hit Kristyn’s moist pussy and she suddenly realized just how horny she was.

“Very nice,” Emily said approvingly from her seat. “Do you work out a lot, Kristyn?”

“A little,” Kristyn admitted, then realized how absurd this all sounded – after all, here she was, her bare ass to a pregnant singing superstar, and they were discussing working out like they were chatting over coffee at some restaurant.

Kassidy placed one finger on Kristyn’s ass, sliding it down the curve of her buttocks seductively. “Yeah, big sis here’s always had a great rear end,” the brunette smiled.

“It certainly looks that way,” Emily agreed. Then, as if forgetting Kristyn all together, she turned towards the redheaded Kelsi, who while fully clothed, had a massive stain on the front of her panties where her juices were flowing.

“Now, Kelsi, let’s see your breasts,” Emily said, matter-of-factly. Kelsi shrugged once, and then lifted her top up over her head and tossing it to the floor. Kristyn blinked a couple of times as she gazed at her sister’s breasts from the side. They were the same as they had been the last time Kristyn had suckled on them a few months ago, but she had forgotten just how perky and round they were. Perfectly natural tits like that didn’t come around too often, the blonde thought, and her whole family had them.

“My god, those are nice,” Emily said, leaning forward a bit. “Kassidy, go stand next to your sister and let me compare them.”

“Sure,” the brunette Osborne said, quickly jumping over to where Kelsi stood. The breasts were about the same size, shape, and looked equally flawless, in that way that only sisters could be. And just as Kristyn realized this, all three other women looked directly at her.

“Your turn,” Emily said simply.

For half a second, Kristyn fought against the urge to pull her shorts up and just leave. She knew she should. She knew she should get as far away from this situation as she could if she was to ever overcome her lesbian addictions. This was a test of her will to avoid the most basic desires of her body.

And the instant she turned around and saw Emily Robinson gently kneading one swollen nipple through the thin fabric of her t-shirt, Kristyn failed the test.

“All right,” she muttered quietly, moving over to stand beside Kassidy. As she walked, she stepped out of her boxers, leaving them on the floor, exposing her pussy to her sisters and the Dixie Chick. Once she faced Emily again, she took a deep breath, reached down, and yanked her own shirt up over her head. And just like that, she stood naked with her sisters, showing off her body for another woman, knowing full well that she would be making love to one, if not all, of the women in this room before the night was over.

“Beautiful,” Emily said, smiling wickedly.

* * *

“Beautiful is right,” Natalie Mains whispered from where she and Martie Siedel stood hidden behind the door, peeking into the kitchen through the small crack between the door and the frame. From where she stood, Natalie could see all three naked Osborn sisters, and it was a beautiful sight to behold.

“Look at Kelsi’s tits,” Martie whispered. “Those things look like they’re hard enough to cut diamonds.”

“Notice how Kassidy’s shaved down below?” Natalie asked. “Man, I’d like to get my lips into that snatch.”

“Emily’s doing a pretty good job getting them going,” Martie said as the two Dixie Chicks watched their third member coach the SheDaisy singers into kissing each other. They had known for a while that the Osborn sisters had a thing for women, but none of them had been sure how deep it ran. In fact, the only way they’d known at all that the stood a good chance of getting the other threesome into bed was that Martie had recently fucked one of their female fans who claimed to have done Kassidy one night after FanFair. Martie had pressured the girl (and pleasured her) for the better part of six hours, getting all the detail she could. From there, it was just a matter of pressing the right buttons to find out just how far Kassidy might be willing to go.

So, the Chicks had hired a private eye – a female one – who’d been willing to try and get close to Kassidy, and sure enough, not three weeks after she went out, that private eye had not only gotten into Kassidy’s bed, but Kelsi’s as well, and during one intense threesome, that lucky girl got paid to learn that all three members of SheDaisy had slept with each other for several years.

Faith’s invitation to come for a sleepover with some guests was the perfect opportunity for the Chicks to attempt to bed the SheDaisy’s without any unnecessary people around to watch. So now, Emily was inside with all three Osborn sisters, getting them to strip, kiss, and hopefully fuck.

Faith, of course, knew about the plan, and had agreed to allow the Chicks to try it out – as long as they didn’t expose HER lesbian antics until AFTER the girls of SheDaisy had been fucked – and thus less likely to go to the press.

From the way Emily was working them inside, Natalie guessed it wouldn’t be long at all before Faith could just waltz right in and start lapping Kristyn Osborn’s tits without raising an eyebrow. As they watched, Emily had Kelsi and Kristyn sucking on each other’s nipples, while Kassidy helped Emily out of her shorts.

“I’m going in,” Martie whispered.

“No, wait!” Natalie said, holding the eldest Dixie Chick back. “We’ve got to wait until she’s got them all going. Then we can walk right in, strip off our clothes, and choose who we want. Give Emily a bit more time, and you’d be able to walk a camera crew in there and they wouldn’t care.”

“I don’t know if I can wait that long,” Martie whispered.

Natalie smirked and drew her friend closer with one hand. Just as Martie was about to say something, Natalie kissed her, feeling underneath Martie’s nightshirt for her very erect nipples waiting there. Martie accepted the kiss – it was far from the first they’d ever shared – and pulled Natalie a bit closer to her own body, grasping at the straps of Natalie’s sport bra and pulling the youngest Chick closer in order to feel her body pressed against her.

“You two getting an early start, or are the Osborn sisters too much for you?” A voice suddenly said from behind the two kissing Chicks. With a bolt, Natalie and Martie looked up to see Faith Hill sauntering towards them. Her Tim McGraw T-shirt was now tied up in the front, exposing a belly that certainly didn’t look like it had carried three children at any time. The skin was smooth and flawless, and not one speck of fat could be found there. Through the now heavily wrinkled shirt, Faith’s nipples could be seen, clearly erect and ready to rumble.

“Hey Faith,” Natalie said quietly. “Where’s Jo Dee?”

“Just about unconscious,” Faith said, lowering her voice. “Just like Martina, she drank a bit too much.”

“Emily’s just about got the Daisy’s ready to go – you want in?” Martie asked, running a finger down Faith’s exposed stomach.

“Ooh, tempting, but Jo Dee and I have some unfinished business in my bedroom. But when I’m done, maybe I’ll pop my head in to see what you’re up to.”

“Cool,” Natalie said, watching as Faith walked off towards the master bedroom. There was no way either Chick could pry their eyes off Faith’s ass as it swung from side to side before she turned a corner and disappeared.

Glancing back into the kitchen, Natalie saw that Kassidy and Kelsi had removed all of Emily’s clothes now, leaving the pregnant Dixie Chick bare to all three members of SheDaisy to view. Even pregnant, there was no mistaking the sexual aura of Emily Robinson. Usually thin with an ample chest, pregnancy had done nothing but make her chest swell even more. Having recently died her hair a dark brown, she set herself apart from the other Chicks’ blonde locks and added just a bit of spice to the group’s look.

Now, Emily was beckoning Kristyn over with a crooked finger, and the blonde SheDaisy member was following, clearly entranced by Emily’s erotic spell. Martie gripped Natalie’s shoulder, and they both leaned closer to the door as Emily drew the naked Kristyn to her and kissed her hard on the mouth. At first, Kristyn just seemed to stand there, but then she raised a hand to Emily’s chest, and the deal was done – Kristyn Osborn was Emily Robinson’s first lay of the night, and from the way Emily was kneading the ‘Daisy’s breasts, it was going to be a good lay all around.

“Now,” Natalie said, reaching up and starting to unbutton Martie’s nightshirt, “we get ready to go in.”

* * *

Kassidy Osborn was in heaven. As lesbian as lesbian’s came, she had been craving some female attention all night long. Kelsi, her usual sparring partner, had been willing, but when Kristyn had walked in on them, Kassidy figured it was over. When Emily entered, she feared the worst. After all, she’d been practically naked, her breasts open to view, and Kelsi had barely been more covered than that.

But now, knowing that Emily Robinson of the Dixie Chicks not only didn’t care about her lesbian tendencies, but also shared the same lusts she did, Kassidy felt a huge weight lifted from her shoulders.

She watched as Kristyn, clearly the most hesitant of the Osborn sisters, continued to kiss Emily, falling back into the bisexual feelings she’d had for years. Kristyn’s decision to turn her back on making love to her two sisters had always hurt Kassidy on a level she couldn’t quite describe, but now, seeing her eldest sister returning to the fold, she felt her spirit fly free. As she watched, she felt as if she could do any woman, any time, any way, and not care at all what they thought of her. She loved having sex with women, and right now, that act was all that mattered.

Suddenly, there were hands on her shoulders, pulling her away from the site of Emily and Kristyn getting more physical. As she turned around, the site of a very naked Natalie Mains greeted her. The youngest of the Dixie Chicks smiled once at the youngest SheDaisy and gently kissed her once on the lips.

For half a heartbeat, Kassidy’s entire world froze. Then, as Natalie started to pull away from the kiss, Kassidy surrendered to her lusts, and pulled the blonde to her, ferociously kissing her back.

Across the room, a similar scene was going on between Kelsi and Martie, who had already progressed to the act of caressing each other’s breasts and skin. Redheaded Kelsi dropped to one knee and gently started kissing Martie’s stomach, working her way slowly down to the Chick’s neatly trimmed bush. The blonde gently held Kelsi’s head as she worked her way down, and soon the Daisy tasted the nectar of the eldest Dixie Chick.

Kassidy, on the other hand, was already drawing Natalie to the floor, working her fingers gently over the crotch of her new lover, savoring the kisses they traded as they hit the cool kitchen floor with nothing between them but their own skins. Not wanting to wait a second longer, Natalie rolled Kassidy on to her back, and the started running her fingers over the dark haired beauty’s pussy. Natalie started around the rim, briefly flashing over the clit, before sliding inside Kassidy’s extremely wet slit.

“Oh, god, yes!” Kassidy moaned as she felt Natalie enter her. Her voice was cracked and dry, as she hadn’t been able to speak for several minutes now – first from watching Emily command her and her sisters to strip, and now from Natalie’s shocking arrival and the instant sex the two had slipped into. Everything was going so fast, but Kassidy wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Natalie’s lips were suddenly on Kassidy’s breasts, her tongue darting around the raven-haired singer’s nipples like lightning, striking and touching only briefly, and vanishing just as fast as it arrived, but leaving quite the impact in it’s wake. Kassidy reached up a hand to pull Natalie closer, but was batted off by Natalie’s free hand before the blonde started working her mouth further and further down Kassidy’s body.

Every sense in Kassidy’s body was running on high. She could feel every millimeter of Natalie’s lips and tongue as they worked down towards her snatch. She could taste the remains of the kisses they’d swapped earlier. Natalie’s smell filled Kassidy’s nose with intoxicating eroticness that wouldn’t leave. Her eyes, shut tight in pleasure, could still see colored blotches on the inside of her lids that seemed to form the most erotic of images.

But most of all, she could HEAR. Her own heart pounded in her chest. The moist movements on Natalie’s fingers in her crotch rebounded in her ears. Natalie’s breath haunted her brain, and the smack of the Dixie Chick’s lips as she imparted kisses on Kassidy’s skin roared like sonic shockwaves. And above all that, she could hear quite clearly the cries of passion from her two sisters and their partners.

Kristyn was moaning in that quiet way she did when she was lapping at someone’s clitoris. Kelsi was gasping for breath just as she had the last time Kassidy has penetrated her ass with her fingers. She could hear Emily’s groans getting more and more frantic, and Martie was actually squealing from time to time. Kassidy didn’t dare look over at her two sisters to see what they were doing – she feared doing so would rocket her to climax far faster than she wanted, and right now was far too pleasurable to waste away so quickly like that.

Suddenly, Natalie withdrew her fingers from Kassidy’s snatch, leaving behind an extremely empty feeling. But before Kassidy could complain, a pair of lips hit her clit, and a whole new erotic sensation flooded across her body. Natalie’s hands returned to Kassidy’s skin as her lips and tongue worked over her clit, eliciting the kind of responses the raven-haired Daisy had only felt with her sisters before.

“Oh God! Oh God! Yes! YES! YESSSSSS!” Emily cried out over the noise of the three different sex sessions, but Kassidy still didn’t open her eyes. She knew that Kristyn must have gotten the pregnant Chick off, but didn’t dare look up. Not yet.

Natalie’s tongue slid down off Kassidy’s clit and moved into her slit, returning some pressure to the empty space Nat’s fingers had vacated moments earlier. Those same fingers ran down to make sure that the SheDaisy’s clit wasn’t left unappreciated. The fingers, along side the plunging tongue Natalie inserted into Kassidy’s slit, brought her to the very breaking edge. She held on, holding her orgasm back be sheer force of will, determined to keep this up as long as possible.

Across the room, there was a thud and a resounding gasp. Kelsi let out a bit of a yelp, and Martie followed with one of her own. “Don’t Stop!” Martie’s voice demanded, and there was a muffled reply as Kelsi tried to respond. Kassidy didn’t know what happened, but whatever it was, she had to ignore it. She had to make Natalie’s ministrations last longer. The pleasure radiating out of her crotch thanks to the Dixie Chick’s efforts was too good to let go, even for the greater pleasure of an orgasm.

And then, suddenly, a finger brushed Kassidy’s anal opening.

And that was all it took.

Kassidy Osborn screamed aloud, her voice rebounding off the walls. Every nerve in her body reacted at once, compressing and expanding in her mind, each of the trillions of little spikes desperately crying out for attention. Her back arched. Her hands clenched. Her eyeballs rolled impossibly far into the back of her head. Her toes curled. Her knees buckled. Her arms flung about uselessly. Any ounce of control she’d ever had on her body was lost as the waves of pleasure crashed about her body for almost a full minute.

When it was done, she glanced up to see a very surprised Natalie looking at her. Off to the side, Kristyn and Emily were standing there, looking at her. Off to the side of those two, Martie looked over from where she straddled Kelsi’s face, her knee pushed back a bit to allow the redhead to peer on as well.

“Wow,” Kassidy muttered to the group. “That was great.”

* * *

Kassidy’s cries of passionate release could be heard through out the house. In one of the guest bedrooms, LeAnn Rimes and Jessica Andrews looked up from their impassioned kissing at the noise, but went back to their activities when LeAnn placed a finger on Jessica’s still wet slit. Moments later, the cry was forgotten.

Across the hall, Shania Twain and Martina McBride were barely recovering from their own sexual ordeals, and the cry got them curious. Shania was about to go investigate when Martina gave her a quick kiss. One kiss lead to another, and the two mothers were soon back on the bed, their hands roaming around their still nude bodies.

That same cry was what finally awoke Jo Dee Messina, whom had passed out several long minutes ago out in the common room. She had, at the time, been wearing a large, dark blue robe that covered a skin-tight bright red shirt and a pair of boxers with hearts on them. Now, though, the redheaded singer awoke to find herself clad in just her shirt, her boxers and robe long gone.

She also wasn’t in the common room anymore.

She was in the master bedroom where Faith Hill and Tim McGraw slept when they were home. Jo Dee had been friends with Tim for ages, and as such, had gotten to know Faith as well. She liked faith, but her jealousy over the blonde who married Tim was a bit too great to allow them to be really close friends.

That fact made the site of a very angry Faith Hill staring down at Jo Dee made the singer very nervous. What the blonde superstar said next scared her shitless.

“So, do you enjoy Tim’s cock, Jo Dee, or is it all just to get back at me for getting him in the first place?”

“W-what?” Jo Dee clamored, trying to rise from the bed. That’s when she discovered her arms were tied to the posts by brightly colored cloth. “Faith, what are you doing?”

“What am I doing?” Faith asked calmly. She still wore what she’d been wearing at the party – The Tim McGraw T-shirt and white panties. The shirt was wrinkled, but showed Tim’s image again, having been untied from the position it had been in earlier. Jo Dee had no idea how much time she’d been out, but she now feverishly wished she hadn’t drank so much.

“Faith, you’re scaring me,” Jo Dee said, her voice pleading.

“You should be scared, home wrecker,” Faith said calmly as she walked over to her closet. “I know all about you and Tim. I even know when it started.”

Jo Dee’s spine went cold. Faith Hill knew. She knew, somehow, that Jo Dee Messina had seduced her husband, Tim McGraw, and had been fucking him ever since.

“That video for ‘Bring on the Rain’ was a little too sexy for you, Jo Dee,” Faith said, rummaging through some boxes at the bottom of the closet.

“I’m sorry, Faith!” Jo Dee pleaded.

“Like hell you are, Jo Dee,” Faith said calmly. “If you had been, you would’ve dressed a little more conservatively for that ‘Dare to Dream’ video. I mean, hot pants aren’t really your style, Jo Dee.”

Jo Dee whimpered. Faith knew too much about things to be guessing. Jo Dee had seduced Tim after showing him the video for “Bring on the Rain,” a song the two had collaborated on. It was a first for the pair, despite the fact that Tim had been Jo Dee’s biggest champion since she broke into the business. Tim had produced songs on all of Jo Dee’s albums, but that had been the first time the two had sung together. It turned into the first time they had slept together.

The affair had been going on ever since. Tim had suggested the hot pants idea to Jo Dee, commenting on how Faith herself had turned down the idea for one of her videos earlier. Jo Dee had jumped at the chance to fuck up Tim’s perception of Faith by doing something Faith wouldn’t. After showing Tim the sex and racing charged video, Jo Dee had let Tim do something else Faith wouldn’t – fuck her ass until he came. Jo Dee’s rear end had been sore for a week, but it had been worth it.

Until now, that is.

“There, now, that’s about right,” Faith said, more to herself than to Jo Dee.

“What are you doing?” Jo Dee asked, wondering if any of the other guests would come running if she called out for help.

“Turnabout’s fair play, Jo Dee,” Faith said, fiddling with something at her waist. “You fucked my husband. So now, it’s my turn.”

“What?” Jo Dee asked. Faith turned around, and Jo Dee felt her jaw drop. She now knew why she was tied to the bed. She should have screamed. She should’ve called for help. She should’ve kicked so hard that Faith wouldn’t be able to get close.

But all she could do was stare. Faith Hill had removed her panties, though her Tim McGraw T-shirt remained, its white fabric in sharp contrast to the bright red item now straddling Faith’s crotch.

“This is the exact same size as Tim’s,” Faith said moving towards the bedside table off to Jo Dee’s left. “Of course, his isn’t this red, and this one can go all night, but then again, would you really want to fuck Tim all night long.”

Jo Dee still couldn’t speak. Her eyes were riveted to Faith’s crotch, where a seven-inch red-plastic dildo stood at ridged attention. Faith spread some lubricant on the phallic monster as Jo Dee watched in horror.

“Like I said,” Faith said, looking Jo Dee directly in the eyes. “Turnabout’s fair play. You fucked my husband. Now I’ll fuck you.”

Jo Dee’s mouth fell impossibly further open, and yet no sound emerged. She was too shocked as she watched Faith move around her until she was standing between her legs at the end of the bed.

“You know, Jo Dee, you’ve actually got quite the body there. You’ve been working out for a while now, haven’t you? Trying to get Tim’s attention?”

“Please…” Jo Dee begged, her voice so quiet she wasn’t sure she heard it herself. Faith certainly seemed to ignore it if she heard it at all.

“And I’ve always enjoyed redheads,” Faith said, climbing up on the bed between Jo Dee’s knees. “Have you ever made love to another woman before, Jo Dee?”

“N-no,” Jo Dee whispered. “Please, Faith, don’t hurt me.”

“No?” Faith asked, ignoring Jo Dee’s plea. “So you’re willing to steal a man away from a mostly happy marriage with three little girls and yet you won’t make love to another woman?”

“Faith-” Jo Dee pleaded again, but this time, the blonde superstar cut her off.

“Well, Jo Dee, I’m about to change you forever. When I’m done with you tonight, you’re going to be gay. Well, bisexual at least. You’ll love it, trust me. It’ll make you feel all dirty inside, but wonderful at the same time.” The dildo tapped the edges of Jo Dee’s pussy lips.

“No,” Jo Dee moaned. “Faith, please!”

“Please what, Jo Dee?” Faith asked, holding the plastic penis to Jo Dee’s slit, but not yet entering.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Jo Dee whispered, a tear streaming down her cheek.

“I’m not going to hurt you, Jo Dee,” Faith said, leaning closer. The tip of the dildo started to penetrate Jo Dee’s folds. “I’m going to FUCK you.” Faith pressed a little harder.

“NO!” Jo Dee cried. “Stop!”

“Stop what?” Faith shot back. “Stop what, Jo Dee?”

“Please don’t fuck me,” Jo Dee whispered.

“Please don’t fuck my husband,” Faith said back, her voice calm and eerily collected. The dildo didn’t move.

“I’m sorry,” Jo Dee said.

“You’re sorry you got caught,” Faith said, pressing the head of the dildo in a little more. Jo Dee’s lips split to allow access. The way was wet already – Jo Dee Messina was aroused, despite her fear.

Or because of it.

“You’re turned on,” Faith said.

“Please don’t,” Jo Dee said.

“You’ve never had sex with another woman?”


“Have you thought about it?”

“Not until now,” Jo Dee said. “Please, stop this Faith. I’m sorry.”

“Shut up,” Faith said, pushing another millimeter further into her former friend’s snatch. “Does thinking about having sex with other women turn you on?”

“No,” Jo Dee said, another tear rolling down the side of her face.

“Tell the truth,” Faith said, pushing a little further in. The head suddenly slipped all the way inside Jo Dee, causing the trapped woman to gasp in shock. The dildo really was about Tim’s size, Jo Dee realized – even down to the size of the head. “Does the thought of fucking other women turn you on?” Faith asked again.

“No,” Jo Dee moaned. The plastic penis slid a little further in. Jo Dee gasped at the intrusion, but also the brief shot of pleasure that sparked through her body. She had known it would come, but had hopped it wouldn’t happen this soon.

“TELL THE TRUTH!” Faith cried out. Jo Dee thought for sure someone would hear the sexy songstress screaming, but no help came. “Does it turn you on to think about having sex with women?!”

“No!” Jo Dee screamed. Faith moved to push the dildo further into her captive, but Jo Dee spoke again. “But the though of fucking YOU does.”

That stopped Faith cold. The blonde didn’t move, giving Jo Dee’s crotch time to react to the intrusion of the strap on inside her.

“What?” Faith whispered.

“I get turn on thinking about sleeping with you,” Jo Dee whispered quietly. It was true. Jo Dee had been in love with Tim McGraw for years, but she hadn’t wanted to replace Faith in his life. She had wanted to BE Faith. Faith Hill, the most popular woman in country music these days. Perfectly thin. Beautifully Blonde. Mother of Three. Married to the most popular man in Country Music. Desired by millions of men around the world. Admired by millions more women. The object of lust, love, worship, and celebration around the globe. Who wouldn’t want to be Faith Hill? Who wouldn’t give anything to be that perfect woman? And, barring that, who wouldn’t want to be loved by that same woman?

Jo Dee wasn’t a lesbian. She was sexually aroused by men. But Faith took her breath away, making her body loose control every now and then. Jo Dee loved everything about Faith, and had been fascinated by her since the day Tim introduced her as his wife. This woman was intoxicating enough to steal the heart of Jo Dee’s favorite man. And very soon, she had stolen Jo Dee’s heart as well.

“I want you, Faith,” Jo Dee whispered.

“Shut up!” Faith said, slamming the dildo all the way into Jo Dee. The redhead gasped in pain, then did so again as Faith pulled all the way out and slammed the red strap on in again.

“Damn you!” Faith cried as she started fucking Jo Dee. “You fuck up my marriage, and then you claim you want ME!” Faith pushed the plastic object in and out as hard as she could, causing Jo Dee to cry out and moan. The problem was, some of the moans and cries were moans and cries of pleasure, not pain.

“Damn you!” Faith screamed again, reaching down and yanking on Jo Dee’s skin-tight shirt. She had left it on simply because this wasn’t supposed to be a pleasure fuck. She didn’t want to look at Jo Dee’s impressive tits. She didn’t want to see her skin displayed before her. She wasn’t interested in Jo Dee sexually. This was all about revenge. Revenge for her seducing Faith’s husband and quite possibly ruining their marriage forever.

And yet, in the back of Faith’s mind, she knew that wasn’t true. Faith cheated on Tim all the time -with other women no less. She had fucked Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, and all three Dixie Chicks. When she was done with Jo Dee, she wanted to try and get a piece of all three members of SheDaisy. She might even try to get with Jessica Andrews or Martina McBride before the night was over. She fucked a female fan or two after every concert Tim wasn’t at.

So, really, could she blame him for going after an attractive female friend? After all, it had been Shania who had drawn Faith away from her husband in search of sexual release. Was what Tim had done so bad?

“Oh, god, stop!” Jo Dee moaned, her nipples becoming erect. Faith continued to pound the strap on in and out of her friend, not letting up. Jo Dee’s head rocked from side to side, and still Faith did not stop.

“Stop,” Jo Dee moaned again. What was wrong here? Faith had arranged all of this – the lesbian sleepover, the chance to get Jo Dee drunk and alone, the rape of the woman who was out to ruin her life. Everything had gone exactly as planned.

“Stop,” Jo Dee whispered. And yet, here she was, burying a dildo all the way inside the treacherous pussy that had seduced her husband away from her, and she didn’t feel any better. And now, deep within her own loins, Faith felt something stirring – an all too familiar feeling.


“Stop,” Jo Dee whispered again, her voice so low Faith could barely make out over the noise she herself was making in the exertion of fucking her foe. Faith glanced down at the newly nude Jo Dee Messina. Her breasts stood out perfectly against her flushed skin. They were full and perfectly symmetrical – something Faith wouldn’t have expected from the less sexually presented Messina. Her pussy was wet and tight, as evidenced by the slight pull on the dildo as Faith pulled out and pushed in. Her red hair was coated to her forehead by a fresh sheen of sweat, and her breath came fast and ragged as she continued to be raped by a woman whom once claimed to be a friend.

Jo Dee moaned again, but Faith ignored it. Her eyes were riveted to Jo Dee’s lips. Lipstick red and unmarred, those same lips had tempted Faith’s husband away. Those lips had gone down on Tim’s manhood. Those lips looked desperately in need of a kiss.

And before she knew what she was doing, Faith leaned down and kissed Jo Dee, her dildo suddenly stopped dead center inside the other woman’s pussy. Their lips met and Jo Dee didn’t turn away. Faith didn’t pressure, didn’t force them upon her captive. She simply kissed Jo Dee, as she would LeAnn or Natalie Mains. She used the same pressure she’d used when kissing Shania earlier, and hoped to use of Martina McBride later.

The kiss seemed to last forever, and yet pass far too fast for Faith. Soon enough, she broke it, and what she heard next changed her life.

“Don’t stop,” Jo Dee whispered, her voice so low that Faith almost didn’t catch it.

“What?” Faith gasped, her own voice cracking.

“Don’t stop,” Jo Dee repeated, a little louder this time.

“Don’t stop what?” Faith asked, still not catching on.

“Don’t stop making love to me,” Jo Dee replied.

And that was when Faith realized that she was grinding the dildo into Jo Dee again. This time, though, she was doing it softer, and was using her hands to manipulate the redhead’s breasts.

“Are you sure?” Faith asked.

Jo Dee looked Faith right in the eye. And just like that, Faith knew that the kiss the two women had just shared had changed everything. She wasn’t raping the woman who stole her husband anymore. She was making love to the woman who was her friend.

“I’m sure,” Jo Dee said, bending her neck forward just enough to kiss Faith on the bottom of the blonde’s chin, the only place she could reach while tied to the bed.

Faith bent down and started kissing one of Jo Dee’s impressive breasts. And just like that, the two women started to make love.

* * *

LeAnn Rimes had known that half the women in the house were into lesbian sex. She also knew that it was fast approaching 4 am, and that most everyone else in the house must be close to asleep if not there already. And she knew that there was no one but women in the house anyway.

So she felt no shame as she left her new lover, Jessica Andrews, asleep on their bed, and made her way down to the kitchen for a glass of water. She felt no shame at leaving the door open, where anyone walking buy could see Jessica clad in only the thong panties LeAnn had worn earlier. And she felt no shame at all at being completely naked herself as she walked through Faith Hill’s home.

Until she bumped into Shania Twain leaving her own room clad in only a T-shirt that ended well above her ass.

“LeAnn!” Shania gasped, shocked at the younger woman’s nude state.

“Shania,” LeAnn whispered, putting a finger to her lips in order to hush the older woman. “What are you doing up?”

“I was heading towards the kitchen for something to drink,” Shania whispered. “What are you doing up – without any clothes on?”

“You aren’t exactly all clothed yourself,” LeAnn put in, looking down at Shania’s bare crotch.

“You didn’t answer my question,” Shania said.

“Nope, I didn’t,” LeAnn said. Suddenly, she was feeling more at ease. She knew that Faith Hill had slept with Shania more than once, and now that she thought about it, she could certainly see why. Even wearing a T-shirt, Shania’s impressive tits jutted out perfectly. There was no sign of sagging, despite Shania’s age. Oh, Shania wasn’t old, but she wasn’t twenty like LeAnn was. In fact, LeAnn wondered if Shania’s breasts perhaps stood out a bit more than her own did. “I’m going down to get a drink,” LeAnn allowed at last. “That is, I was until I met you.”

“You and Jess left kind of early,” Shania said, motioning down the hallway towards the kitchen. If she was upset by LeAnn’s nudity beyond the initial questioning, she made no comment about it.

“We made love,” LeAnn said, looking over at Shania. “Does that surprise you?”

Shania shot her a look. “There are a dozen women here in Faith Hill’s house with no men, no children, and plenty of booze.” Shania’s smile grew a little wolfish. “The fact that you didn’t do Jess right down on the couch in front of us is the only part of that little statement that surprises me.”

LeAnn blinked a bit at that. She had expected Shania to at least pause at that. Instead, the older singer took it in stride. LeAnn knew that Shania was perhaps the most experienced lesbian of the Country Music scene – after all, she’d seduced Faith, who’d gone on to be LeAnn’s first EVER sexual experience. Still, LeAnn had thought that the blatant way she’d announced her newly sexual relation with Jessica would be a bit more surprising.

Then she noticed how wet Shania’s crotch was.

“So, who’d you sleep with tonight? Faith?”

“Martina,” Shania answered, stopping suddenly and looking down at LeAnn’s body. “What’s your game, LeAnn? You’re kind of stand-offish all of a sudden.”

“Maybe this is just my round about way of seducing you,” LeAnn said, turning back towards Shania. “I mean, I’m standing here in the middle of the hallway, completely naked, and you haven’t even tried to make a move on me.”

Shania smirked. “And Faith said you were such a shy little girl.”

LeAnn sauntered up to Shania and ran a finger down the front of the Canadian’s shirt, pausing towards the bottom. “I’ve grown up since then.”

Shania reached up and ran a hand through LeAnn’s hair. “Yes, yes you have.”

LeAnn gently lifted the T-shirt up and over Shania’s head. Shania’s perfect breasts came into view, and LeAnn instantly pressed a hand against one of them. “God, these are so perfect.”

“Thank you,” Shania said, closing her eyes and savoring the feeling of LeAnn’s fingers running across her skin. “Do we want to find a room?”

“Screw the room,” LeAnn said, dropping to her knees and sliding her hand down to Shania’s crotch. “I want you right here.”

“But what if-”

“What if what?” LeAnn shot back, pressing a finger along the edges of Shania’s pussy lips. “What if someone comes along? Shania, you were walking around with no pants on. I was naked. Who cares?”

LeAnn pressed a finger into Shania’s slit, and the darker haired woman succumbed to the younger singer’s charms.

* * *

Kelsi Osborne had never made love to a pregnant woman before. It wasn’t as difficult as she thought it would be, nor was it that different from normal sex with another woman. The redheaded SheDaisy member had swapped Martie Siedel for Emily Robinson of the Dixie Chicks, allowing her two sisters to fight over Martie and Natalie Mains for their next partners.

Emily, of course, was a good eight months pregnant, and had a very swollen belly. That fact didn’t detract from her sex appeal one bit, however, and Kelsi found herself drawn to making love to the Dixie Chick, and not just fucking her.

“Oh yeah, right there,” Emily said as Kelsi pressed her finger a little harder against the brunette’s clit. This would be the second orgasm of the night for Emily, who had gone without much attention since entering her third trimester. Of course, she’d still gotten plenty of loving caresses and gently kneading of her clit from her bandmates, but her husband had ignored her completely in bed, and even Martie was reluctant to get too nasty.

Now the Osborn sisters were allowing Emily to release some tension. They weren’t doing anything more than Martie or Natalie did, but they were doing it one right after another, desperately trying to bring the pregnant woman to climax before moving on to the rest of the “Chicks.”

For her part, Emily wasn’t doing too much aside from caressing breasts or kissing lips. Kelsi didn’t mind, she knew she’d have her chance to explode soon enough. Right now it was time to reward the woman who brought Kristyn back into the lesbian fold.

And as she saw Emily’s body begin to go more and more ridged, she knew just the way to do it.

“OH. MY. GOD!” Emily cried aloud as the middle finger of Kelsi’s left hand gently worked its way up into her ass. Since her third trimester began, there’d been no penetration of any kind for the brunette Dixie Chick. Now, after a couple of months without, the very presence of Kelsi’s rather thin finger inside any part of her was more than enough to make her orgasm come crashing down upon her.

It was the most intense orgasm Emily had had since becoming pregnant, the rawness and unexpected surprise of the anal pressure bringing about the ultimate goal Kelsi had desired. Emily’s back arched as much as it could, and her entire body, baby and all, shook as if she was experiencing her own personal earthquake. Her eyes squeezed tight as all the stress of a mother-to-be washed out of her body in sexual bliss for the second time that night.

Kelsi smiled and watched as Emily slowly pried open her eyes, her face alight with pleasure and thanks.

“Come here,” Emily whispered. Kelsi moved closer, and was not surprised when Emily’s hand found it’s way to her breast. Emily had been sleeping with her bandmates long enough that she knew just the proper way to manipulate breasts so as to bring about maximum pleasure for a woman. Kelsi was no different than Natalie, in that her ample breasts reacted well to pressure on the areolas and gentle passes over the nipples. Emily worked in this manner for several seconds until Kelsi moved her own hands to Emily’s chest, mimicking the Dixie Chick’s effort.

That’s when Emily pulled a surprise of her own.

The finger from her other hand slipped up inside Kelsi like a knife through butter, the SheDaisy member already hot and wet. Kelsi tensed, but Emily held her firmly, both with the hand half embedded inside her walls and the one around her breast.

“Don’t Move,” Emily said,

“What?” Kelsi whispered, her nipple suddenly alight with heat.

“Don’t move,” Emily said again, rubbing her thumb over Kelsi’s clit. Moving herself forward a bit, Emily stared working her finger in and out of Kelsi’s snatch. The redhead stood still, using her own hands to play with Emily’s swollen breasts.

Suddenly, a second finger entered Kelsi, making the middle Osborn sister jump with surprise.

“I said don’t move,” Emily said. “How many?”

“Huh?” Kelsi asked.

“How many?” Emily said again, applying more pressure to the Daisy’s clit. “How many fingers have you ever had inside you at once?”

The Osborn sisters had done a lot of kinky things sexually with each other. Kassidy had once taken Kelsi underneath a busy pier and fucked her with a strap-on dildo while standing up, as literally hundreds of people walked above them, not knowing what was going on below. Kelsi had once licked Kristyn’s pussy behind the curtain on a busy stage just before they were scheduled to go out and perform. The audience was literally a sheet of fabric away from learning the biggest secret.

And yet, through all of that, Kelsi had never had more than three fingers inside her pussy at once.

“Three,” she whispered. Instantly a third finger filled her up, and she suddenly realized WHY she’d never had more than three fingers inside her. The pressure inside her shot up like a rocket, and her approaching orgasm was suddenly mere seconds away.

“It’s about time you had a few more,” Emily said, smiling wickedly, her dark hair plastered to her head through sweat.

And just like that, a fourth finger entered Kelsi’s box.

Kelsi came at once, the feeling of four fingers sliding in and out of her folds more than she could take. Her body collapsed to the floor, but Emily managed to follow her down, her hand never leaving Kelsi’s body.

The redhead nearly went unconscious as wave after wave of pleasure screamed through her body, echoing off her skin and reverberating back into her heart. Her legs flapped about, uncontrollable, and her arms clenched around Emily’s shoulders, holding the pregnant woman tight, lest she break the crucial contact down below.

But the contact didn’t break, Emily’s fingers kept sliding in and out, and just as Kelsi calmed down from her climax, Emily pressed her thumb inside the SheDaisy member.

Instantly, the pleasurable buildup of sexual charge was back coursing through Kelsi’s body. Never before had she recovered so quickly from an orgasm, and as Emily pushed her small fist inside Kelsi’s crotch, she felt a second one racing in at her again.

“OH. MY! GOD!” Kelsi shouted aloud as Emily began pushing her fist in and out of Kelsi’s snatch. She was stretched as far as she could go, that much was obvious, and there was some pain involved, but the sensations radiating out of her pussy were so great that Kelsi barely acknowledged the pain at all, and instead allowed her body to collapse in a heap as Emily pushed a littler faster in and out.

Suddenly, Kelsi’s second orgasm hit her. Just as powerful as the one before, her body clenched up so tight that Emily’s hand was suddenly trapped inside at the wrist. Kelsi didn’t even notice as she humped her crotch as she came, her entire body almost shutting down in pleasure.

Kelsi knew that she was going to push to have more than three fingers inside her again real soon.

* * *

The plastic dildo was still flying in and out of Jo Dee, the singer’s body floundering about on the bed as Faith Hill continued to fuck her. Jo Dee had given up on pleading no, had accepted what was happening. She’d also accepted the fact that she actually had wanted this on some deep, subconscious level. And as soon as she did so, she felt her body reacting more positively to the intrusion.

Faith had lost the t-shirt with her husband on it – she’d torn it off while fucking away, desperate to feel the cool air on her breasts. Now, All Jo Dee could do was stare at those breasts as they rocked back and forth in time with Faith’s fucking. Jo Dee had admired those breasts for ages, it seemed. They weren’t the biggest around, but in their smaller size, they were perfect. Jo Dee’s own tits were perhaps a cup size larger, and while pleasant to look at, there was just something MORE about Faith’s chest that was lacking in Jo Dee’s chest.

Jo Dee desperately wanted to place her tongue on those nipples. She’d never thought that way before in her life, never even dreamed about it, but deep inside, she’d been lusting after Faith since they’d met.

And now Faith Hill was raping her, simply because Jo Dee hadn’t been able to keep her hands off Faith’s husband.

She supposed it was poetic justice, of a sort, but it certainly wasn’t punishment for Jo Dee, not anymore. Not since she realized that it wasn’t Tim she’d been after all along, but his blonde beauty of a wife.

Suddenly, something slipped inside Jo Dee’s crotch, and the dildo hit her just right. The redheaded singer began breathing faster and faster, her body reacting to all the sexual stimuli.

“NO!” Faith cried out, seeing Jo Dee’s body reacting to the forthcoming orgasm. “No, it’s not fair!”

“Oh god,” Jo Dee moaned. There was no stopping it. Even if Faith pulled right out and left her alone, Jo Dee doubted she’d be able to fight off this climax.

“BITCH!” Faith Screamed, using language she generally avoided for her own sensitivities. She reached up and pulled on one of Jo Dee’s nipples, yanking hard in one last defiant bit of pain before her husband’s mistress came.

And that last little pinch was all it took to drive Jo Dee Messina over the edge. Not just the edge of pleasure, though she flew over that edge at speeds mimicking those of the racecars she’d strutted about on in her latest video. This time, she also raced past the boundaries of love and lust she’d erected around her own heart. As her orgasm claimed her body, she cried out one last time.

“FUCK ME FAITH!” She screamed, before collapsing to the bed.

Faith Hill withdrew her strap on and looked down at Jo Dee. The redhead had collapsed and actually gone unconscious, though the way her chest was heaving, it was clear that she’d enjoyed the trip.

And as she stared down at Jo Dee’s helpless, still tied body, Faith realized that she wasn’t actually mad anymore. She hadn’t forgiven Jo Dee for what she’d done – nor Tim for that matter. But she could see where Jo Dee was coming from. And now, she knew she could make the other woman pay for what she’d done any time she wanted. Let Jo Dee be in love with her all she wanted, Faith didn’t care. Jo Dee Messina was her newest fuck toy, and in the days and weeks to come, Faith was certainly going to have a lot of fun with her.

Suddenly, Faith remembered that the Dixie Chicks had been in the process of seducing SheDaisy in the kitchen. Idly, she wondered if they were still there. And if they were, would they be interested in one more for the party?

Looking down at the dildo strapped to her waist, Faith smiled. She was sure that if she brought a party favor, she’d be more than welcome.

* * *

Shania Twain was buck naked in the hallway, her shirt torn to shreds in order to reveal her glorious boobs to her newest lover. Shania was spread eagle on the floor, her hands and feet pressing into the walls on either side as her body sought to stretch away from the intense pleasure at her clit.

There, LeAnn Rimes was demonstrating just how well she could work her mouth as she sucked and licked at Shania’s engorged clitoris. It was a position LeAnn had wanted to be in for well more than a year. Ever since she had first heard of how Shania had seduced Faith Hill into lesbianism, LeAnn had wanted to try Shania’s body for herself. The fact that Faith had taken LeAnn’s lesbian virginity made this moment even more special for LeAnn – in a round about way, if it hadn’t been for Shania, LeAnn would never have discovered the joys of Sapphic sex.

LeAnn felt she owed something to Shania, and if it was a huge orgasm, than so be it. Truthfully, LeAnn had secretly planned on slipping into Shania’s bed once Jessica had gone to sleep. LeAnn’s newest lover, Jessica, had no idea just how many women LeAnn slept with – nor did LeAnn’s husband, who foolishly believed she was a complete virgin on her wedding night.

Suddenly, Shania twisted her legs and rolled LeAnn onto her back. Straddling her waist, Shania looked down at her trapped friend.

“God, you’ve got a hot tongue,” Shania said.

“I had a good teacher,” LeAnn whispered, raising her hands up to clasp Shania’s breasts. The darker haired woman cooed in delight as LeAnn started kneading the flesh, and quickly moved her own hands to return the favor.

“You’ve grown up so much,” Shania moaned.

“And you look like you haven’t aged a day since your first video,” LeAnn replied, humping her crotch up towards Shania’s. The older singer took the hint, and scissored her legs between LeAnn, so that their crotches lay directly atop each other. With one leg above and another below, Shania started grinding her pussy into LeAnn’s, with very favorable results.

“Oh god,” LeAnn moaned as she started to grind in the opposite direction. This was so different from the sex she’d had earlier, with Jessica. With Jessica, whom LeAnn had almost romantic feelings for, the sex had been softer, more loving. Now, with Shania, it was based upon mutual lust and need – and that seemed to make it even hotter.

LeAnn’s hands encircled Shania’s breasts, kneading the impressive globes with her fingers. The firm flesh filled her palms and erect nipples jabbed into LeAnn’s skin, rubbing hard and adding new sensations to Shania’s body. As LeAnn’s hands worked, Shania ground harder against the younger girl, their juices forming an intoxicating cocktail of femininity, the smell of which wafted up around the two women.

The pressure inside LeAnn grew as she and Shania literally screwed onto each other, and the young blonde knew it wouldn’t be long before she reached her limit. This was when she felt the best – not during her orgasms, which were great but never lasted long enough. Only as they built up inside her did LeAnn truly feel her most aroused and most appreciated. The longer that kept up, the better off she felt.

Suddenly, Shania stood up, breaking the contact and startling LeAnn.

“What?” LeAnn asked, propping herself up on one elbow.

“Did you hear something?” Shania asked.

“Only the sounds of us getting wetter,” LeAnn said with a wry smile.

“No, I thought I heard someone say something,” Shania said.

“I didn’t hear anything,” LeAnn said, admiring Shania’s long and powerful legs. Shania wasn’t a dancer like most pop stars these days, but she WORKED on stage, moving about and running from one side of the stage to another. As such, her legs were in great shape, and LeAnn absent-mindedly ran a finger up and down the nearest one.

“It sounded like it was coming from the Kitchen,” Shania said.

“Who cares?” LeAnn said. “I want to fuck you.” She reached up and grabbed Shania’s hand, attempting to pull the other woman back down to the floor. “I want to taste your cum on my lips, Shania.”

“It sounded like someone was having an orgasm,” Shania said.

“Say what?” LeAnn said, stopping instantly. Was someone else in the house getting it on at this late an hour? LeAnn thought she heard Faith leading Jo Dee back to her room a while ago, and both she and Shania knew that Martina and Jessica were still in their rooms. So that only left either the Dixie Chicks or the girls from SheDaisy. Faith had mentioned that she’d done the Dixie Chicks, but LeAnn knew nothing about SheDaisy – she’d only met them once before tonight, and that had been more than a year ago. Could the Osborn sisters be lesbians too?

“Do you want to go check?” Shania asked.

“Well, we were heading towards the kitchen anyway,” LeAnn said, her own curiosity getting the best of her.

“Who do you think it is?” Shania asked. “Faith and Jo Dee?”

“No, they went to Faith’s room hours ago,” LeAnn said as she stood up. Glancing over at Shania’s naked form, she realized that if whoever it was in the kitchen didn’t know about the sexualities of the rest of the women in the house, they were in for a rude surprise. But, then again, if there were any two women making love in the kitchen, LeAnn couldn’t imagine them being upset by a very naked and very horny Shania Twain and LeAnn Rimes joining the party.

* * *

The party was well underway by the time LeAnn and Shania reached the half-closed door to the Kitchen. Inside, Martie Siedel was going to town on Kristyn Osborn, using her tongue to bring the other blonde to higher and higher states of ecstasy. It had been Kristyn’s voice that Shania had heard earlier, as she reached the upper end of her vocal talents as Martie pinched one of her nipples while sucking on her clit.

To say that Shania and LeAnn were welcome to the party would be an understatement. All three members of each band had just finished fucking each member of the other group, and the two new arrivals were quickly and eagerly brought into the growing orgy of lesbian flesh. Soon Shania was getting her slit lapped by Natalie Mains while LeAnn went to town on Kassidy Osborn. The other girls quickly went back to work on each other, creating new pairs and trying new things.

It was LeAnn who first noticed when Faith Hill arrived, though the blonde hostess snuck in and announced her presence by inserting her still-wet strap-on into LeAnn’s pussy while the youngest woman there waved her ass in the air unexpectedly.

No one in the kitchen got any sleep that night, for the place became a mass of naked flesh and orgasmic cries. Every woman tried every other one, and no one found any reason not to go back for seconds. Faith’s dildo found its way into every pussy and even into Shania’s ass. LeAnn fisted Kelsi while the redhead went down on her sister Kassidy. Emily watched from her chair, fingering her pussy when she was too tired to get down and join the fun.

Dawn broke over the best and brightest of the Country Music World, and of those in the house, only two got any rest at all.

Martina McBride slept the sleep of the just, her newly awakened lesbian urges propelling her to dream of Shania Twain in ways she never had before. Jo Dee Messina slept a dreamless deep sleep, her body and mind battered and worn down by both the sex she’d had with Faith Hill, and the realization that she actually LOVED Faith.

Faith Hill, Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, the Dixie Chicks, and the girls from SheDaisy fucked until light spilled in through the windows of the kitchen, and their bodies began to give out. Most of them were headed back towards hotel rooms or their own Nashville homes, and needed to get moving. Faith had to clean up and get ready for her three children to return early that afternoon. They all busied about – not an ounce of hot water was left after all the showers were done, the need to wash any signs of sex off their bodies mandating long periods under water. Soon everyone would leave, many promising to return again at some future date.

The Dixie Chicks would go on to celebrate the critical and financial success of their third album, Home, as well as the birth of Emily’s child, little more than a week or two after the marathon sex session at Faith’s house. As soon as they were back on tour, Martie and Natalie treated Emily to a full night of fun with vibrators.

SheDaisy had it’s own reasons to celebrate. The connection of their hit “Mine All Mine” with the movie “Sweet Home Alabama,” did boost sales of their second album, “Knock on the Sky,” but it wasn’t quite the hit they had hoped it would be. However, the fact that Kristyn had given in and returned to the incestuous arms of her sisters more than made up for that fact.

Martina McBride wasn’t ready to experiment sexually with her fans yet, but she was more than eager to meet up with Shania in a month for two nights of naked fun.

Shania, for her part, returned to her rightful place as the biggest woman in country music, her “Up!” album more than meeting expectations in terms of sales and hits. With a vigorous new tour schedule, frequent meetings with Martina, and her infant son in tow, Shania was quite happy indeed.

Faith Hill wasn’t so lucky – though she now could use Jo Dee Messina any time she wanted for her own lesbian pleasures, the fact that the redheaded woman had seduced her husband, Tim McGraw, still caused some pain. She kept fucking, Jo Dee, though, in hopes that perhaps she might get over it, eventually.

LeAnn Rimes returned to her new husband, and quickly found herself in a less-than-loving relationship. With album sales of her latest effort down, and her husband almost ignoring her except for the most basic of sex, LeAnn turned to the one person she thought might still love her.

But young Jessica Andrews, like almost everyone else in the house that night, had not slept while the orgy in the kitchen was going on. For after awakening to find LeAnn gone, she had ventured down to the kitchen for a glass of water. She got no further than the half-closed door. The same half closed door from which Natalie Mains and Martie Siedel had watched Emily seduce SheDaisy. The same half closed door a very naked Shania Twain, and a dildo-wearing Faith Hill had passed through to join the growing sex party. And the same half closed door the LeAnn Rimes’ had at her back when she’d been riding Kassidy Osborn’s tongue while Jessica had watched from the shadows.

Jessica would feel the betrayal of what she felt was her first love in her heart for months before LeAnn would find out. But that’s a story for another day…

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