A Night to Remember

Title: A Night to Remember

Author: Toxic Overlord

Celebs: Nathalie Emmanuel

Codes: MF, cons, anal, oral, first

Disclaimer: This is fiction. It did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


Nathalie Emmanuel was laying on her hotel bed, completely naked. She was throwing a bachelorette party for her friend, and of course had invited about 5 other close friends. They were in Vegas and went to some clubs, and afterward went back to the hotel they were staying at. As expected, they were all a little tipsy. There, they had a game. They would draw straws, and whoever drew the shortest straw would have to go to their room, give the other girls her key, take their clothes off, and lay on the bed. Then, all the other girls would go talk to some random guys on the streets, pick out one, and then send them to the “lucky” girl’s room with the key and enjoy a full night of non-stop pleasure(on the condition that they bring in no weapons of any kind, like guns, knives, etc.). As you, the reader, might have guessed, Nathalie drew the shortest straw.

“God, at least make him cute,” Nathalie thought, looking up at the ceiling “and not a creep.” While she was definitely not a virgin, Nathalie had never in her life thought of doing a one night stand. At least, not with a total nobody. She had definitely done her fair share of blowjobs and what not to high-up film producers to get parts. One of them being Neal H. Moritz, the producer of all the Fast and Furious movies. Feet were his thing, so she also gave footjobs to him. And anal, Neal loved Anal. Again none of that bothered her. She actually liked the attention. And with looks like hers, who wouldn’t want take the bait? Whenever she had to see a producer, she happily let them do whatever they wanted.

As she was laying down, thinking to herself, she heard the door unlock. She quickly sat up on the bed to greet whoever it was, breasts exposed, with her right leg over her left, not to hide her cunt, but to show off her thigh. She did want to make a good impression, after all.

As the mystery man opened the door, she got a good look at him, and could instantly read him: Skinny, caucasian, red hair, about 6”, probably in his early 20’s, and a super nervous look on his face. “Christ, a virgin” she thought, laughing internally. When he opened the door, she greeted him with a smile and a “Hello, stranger”.

“H-hi” he said. She noticed he was still standing in the doorway, with the door wide open.

“Perhaps you shouldn’t leave the door open too long. Wouldn’t want an audience now, would we?” She said in her sexy English voice.

“Oh, uh, y-yeah, right” he said as he turned around to close the door.

He turned back around to face her.

“Walk toward me, darling, until I tell you to stop” she said.

He walked towards her, slowly but surely.

“Stop” she said when he was about three feet in front of her. “Now I want you to strip. But leave your pants on. I like taking those off myself” she said with a naughty grin.

“O-ok” the guy said.

“Y-you have great, uh…uh” he staggered as he was taking his shirt off.

“Great what? It’s alright, darling, say what you want to say.”

“Great tits. I-I really like looking at them”

“Why, thank you. And you’ll get to do more than just look at them” she said, again with a devilish grin.

A look of complete glee ran across this guys name. He had finished with his shirt, and now he had removed his socks and shoes. He stopped, remembering to save his pants for Nathalie.

“Alright, darling, know come to me” she beckoned with her finger. He walked toward her until his crouch was inches from her face.

“What is your name, darling?”

“Uh, M-Martin”

“Martin. Lovely” She then very slowly started to undo his belt.

“So, Martin, have you fucked before?”

“Uh, no-no, Nathalie. Oh, um, c-can I call you Nathalie?”

“You may.” By now she had completely undone his pants, and dropped them to the ground. When she saw the outline of his cock beneath his underwear, she grew very happy, with a visible smile on her face. “Well, this will DEFINITELY be a fun night.”

“My, my, Martin, you are a very big boy” she smiled.

“Th-thank you” he said with a smile.

Nathalie than dropped his underwear, and was not disappointed. He was about 9” in length, and 5” in girth. He was already rock hard, so when she took off his underwear, it slapped her in the face.

“Oh, I-I’m sorry, I-“ he said, as if he did something wrong.

“Oh, no, no, darling, don’t be sorry at all. You should be proud of your cock. Oh, and feel free to unload it all in my mouth” She said with a smile. She then took his cock and put it in her mouth.

“O-o-o-o-ohhh my god” said Martin.

She sucked on his fat cock, giving it the right care it deserves. She deepthroated him as far as she could take him. He went all the way to the back of her throat, and yet still didn’t go all in because of his length. She took it slow at first, going faster and faster every 30 seconds. She had been laying naked on her bed for around 2 hours, so his warm cock was a good heater, of sorts.

Nathalie took Martin’s hand and placed it on the back of her head. He got the idea, and started bobbing her head on his cock. She continued sucking for a good 5 minutes.

“I-I’m gonna, you know, um……” said Martin

Nathalie nodded as best she could with his Cock in her mouth.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my GOD!”

Martin came in buckets in Nathalie’s mouth, and she happily swallowed every single drop. She had never a cock that big in person, so she considered it an honor to swallow it in.

“There we go” she said “That feel awesome or what?”

“Yeah, yeah, awesome, oh fuck yeah” said Martin

Nathalie couldn’t help but giggle. She had never been with a virgin before, and now she had seen what she had been missing out on. She noticed that he wasn’t going flat, like all the men she’d been with before. “Well that’s new” she thought. Not that she was complaining.

“Well, we’re far from done, my darling. Now I should introduce you to a good friend of mine” she lay down on the bed and uncrossed her legs, spreading them as far as she could see Martin could take it.

“This is my pretty cunt. I have a feeling your cock and my cunt are going to get along very well” she said, sporting that naughty grin again. Martin looked like he was the happiest man on earth, which he probably was seeing that he was going to lose his V-card to Nathalie Emmanuel. He quickly jumped on top of her. He took his cock and put it at the entrance of Nathalie’s cunt. Suddenly, though, he stopped and looked at Nathalie.

“I-I didn’t bring any condoms. W-what if I accidentally-?”

“You don’t need to worry about that, darling” she said as she put her hand to his cheek. “I’m on the pill. Now, are you ready?”

He nodded with a smile. Very slowly, he fit his giant cock inside of Nathalie.

“Holy FUCK!” They both acclaimed at the same time.

“So, uh, what do I do now?” Asked the innocent Martin.

“Now, darling, you start thrusting. Slow at first, then start gaining momentum.”

“O-ok” Said Martin.

He did as he was told. He started to slowly trust in and out of Nathalie.

“Oh, yes. Oh, Martin, darling. Now fondle me breasts.”

Again, Martin did as instructed. He took her voluptuous tits in both hands. At this point, he was at medium speed. Nathalie had already cum twice.

“Ah, god, fuck me, fuck me right in my cunt” she moaned.

Martin kept going faster and faster until he was going as fast as he could. Nathalie had cum twice, again. He kept trusting his 9” long cock right into Nathalie’s cunt. Martin never knew this type of pleasure existed.


Both Nathalie and Martin, both cumming at the same time, came like express trains. The sex had lasted about 10 minutes.

When he was done, he flopped down on the bed next to Nathalie. By now, both were covered in sweat. Martin had also become soft by now.

“WHEW, I think we both needed that. You more than I” said Nathalie, at this point gasping.

Martin was speechless for a bit. Both were, really. Martin, never having done this before, was in a state of complete bliss. Nathalie’s last fuck was with a producer of the Fast & Furious franchise whom she promised sex in return for keeping her part in the franchise. Nothing to it, just business. The producer was a middle-aged man, big belly, with a regular, 6” cock. Not bad, but Nathalie had seen and done better.

“Well, you ready for the grand finale, big boy?” said Nathalie after both she and Martin had catched their breaths. Martin happily nodded, but then looked down at his cock, and saw that it was flat.

“Oh, well, I, uh……..”

Natalie, seeing the problem, knew immediately what to do.

“Oh, that’s an easy fix” she said, and immediately went to work stroking his cock. Martin let out a sigh of ecstasy, and put his hands behind his head.

“So, Martin, what do you think of me, so far?”

“I think that you are probably the best woman I’ve have met.”

Nathalie laughed out loud. She’d expected a compliment, but that was just too much.

“Well I’m certainly glad I made you a happy man.”

“Absolutely. And, um, Nathalie?”

“Yes, love?”

“Um, since we’re…..well, at where we’re at, I should probably mention that I haven’t even kissed a girl.”

“What?” Nathalie was genuinely shocked. She believed he was a virgin, but she assumed that he at least KISSED a girl. “Never kissed a girl? Really?”

“Yeah, I’m kinda awkward around girls.”

“Well, with all that we’ve done, I think that it would be criminal to have you walk out of here unkissed.” With that, she lay her lips upon his as she continued to stroke his fat cock.

They lay there for few minutes, making out as Nathalie was stroking Martin’s cock. Martin was the one who broke the kiss.

“I’m, uh, ready to go now” said Martin.

Nathalie looked down and saw his stiff cock standing straight up.

“So you are” she said with a smile. Nathalie than moved to the center of the bed, were she was on her hands and knees.

“How would you feel about fucking my ass, daddy? I have been a VERY naughty little girl. And don’t you worry, I cleaned it all out before you got here” she said as she looked at him, eager to get it on. Martin immediately got behind her, spread her cheeks, and positioned his cock at her anus. Very slowly, he eased himself into her tight anus.


“Oh, I-I’m sorry, I just-“

“Oh no, darling, don’t be sorry. I just never had someone has big as you enter my asshole before. It’s alright, keep it up!”

Martin very slowly eased in and out of Nathalie’s anus, his giant cock in her asshole. She hadn’t had anal in a very long time, since it was about two years since she last saw Neal, so her anus was nice and tight. It was nice after all this time, albeit somewhat painful, but she wouldn’t dare tell Martin to stop.

“Yes, Daddy, ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yes, fuck me like the bad girl I am.”

Martin then started to speed up, which was even better.

“Oh my GOD! Oh daddy, YES! Fuck me right in my rear end! Holy SHIT!”

Martin was no going faster, his giant cock opening Nathalie’s anus bigger than she would’ve ever dreamed of.

“YES, oh my fucking god YES! Mar-I mean daddy you’re a fucking GOD SEND!

Martin was now going as fast as he possibly could. Both he and Nathalie were have the best time of their lives.


Both Martin and Nathalie had come harder than they ever had before. Now they were both in a full layer of sweat. Both now laying beside each other, in utter exhaustion.

“I think that’s going to be it for me, darling” said Nathalie. “God, I won’t be able to straight for weeks. I’m all puckered out now, but you want to fuck me again, you happy to do so.”

“Nah, I think I’m done for as well. I should probably get going once I’ve catched my breath.”

Once he said that, Nathalie immediately realized how fond of him she’d grown of. It wasn’t just his cock (although that was certainly a factor), but she just enjoyed his company overall.

“Oh, darling, why don’t you spend the night? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to cuddle next to?”

Martin smiled. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt. I’m off tomorrow”

She cuddled up next to him, and he in return put his arm around. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. They talked about the jobs, her being an actress, and him being a custodian at the MGM hotel, where she and her friends just so happened to be staying at. As she was drifting off to sleep, Nathalie said that if he wanted to, he could fuck her even when she was sleeping. He took her up on that offer, as she woke up to him midorgasim in her cunt at 7:30 am.

“Well, good morning to you, too” she said with a smile. He smiled back, and the two shared a long kiss.


As she was packed up and ready to go to her flight (and she couldn’t wait to tell her friends about the night, although they probably heard a great deal of it already), she kissed him and slipped something down his pants.

“In case I’m in the area again. See you later, darling.” She gave him a wink, and left the room. Martin reached down to see what she put there. It was a piece of paper, with her number, Snapchat, Twitter and such all on it.

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