A Night To Remember Part One

Title: A Night to Remember Part One

Author: zmoorez

Celeb: Blake Lively

Story codes: MF, cons, anal, oral, drugs

Disclaimer: This is fiction. It did not really happen.


Blake was awakened by the sun shining right into her eyes. She’d almost gotten used to it after all these years living in sunny California, but it was still a pain to have it happening almost on a daily basis.

As she took her first deep breath of the day, she noticed something strange. This place didn’t really smell like her own house at all. It smelled of sweat, partying and… sex. Blake slowly opened her eyes to have a look around.

The first thing she saw was her own body. She looked down to see herself lying entirely naked on top of a messy bed. Her body was just as perfect as always, even though she was a mother of two. The secret? A healthy mix of plastic surgery and working out. Her boobs were fake, and so was her nose.

To her right was a man sitting up in bed. The only problem was, Blake couldn’t recognize him either. But he was awake, so she might as well ask him.

“Where am I?” Blake groaned as she sat up. “And who are you?”

“Don’t you remember?” he asked with a surprised look on his face. “Can’t really blame you. We’d both had a fair bit to drink.”

“What is it that I don’t remember?”

“Last night. God, last night was fun. You’re certainly a wild one in bed.”

“In bed?” Blake asked, realizing what might have happened, considering she was still naked. “What the fuck!”

She had never even considered cheating on her husband, Ryan, who she loved above everyone else. But, she’d been a little more promiscuous in her youth, and those instincts sometimes came back and got the best of her. They mostly caught her at the worst possible times, usually once she’d had a couple of drinks.

“Guess I’d better introduce myself, then,” the man said, offering her his hand. “Name’s Chris.”

“Blake,” she responded with an insecure laugh.

“So, you really don’t remember anything from last night?”

“Let me think,” Blake replied, pulling the sheets up to cover her naked body as she thought about it.


Once she’d given it a minute, Blake could at least remember the beginning of last evening. She and Ryan had been invited to a friend’s 35th birthday party. She couldn’t remember just whose party it was – the hangover was still too bad.

Nevertheless, she remembered Ryan complimenting her looks as she was getting dressed. They’d been flirting on and off for the entire day and Blake was hoping to get a hole or two stuffed by him once they got home. The kids were staying with Ryan’s parents so they’d have the entire house to themselves.

Since this was quite an informal party, Blake had picked a dress that showed off her curves. She loved showing skin, but sometimes it just wasn’t appropriate. Tonight’s dress was more on the sexy side. She’d gotten it made specifically for her as a gift quite a few years ago – before she had her boob job or her kids, but it still fit her nicely. If anything, it made her look all the more curvy.

Blake’s requirements had been quite specific. She wanted a tight and sleeveless mini-dress, stopping no further down than halfway to her knee, with an open back and a fair bit of cleavage. The tailor had taken the liberty to add some details – he varied the thickness of the shoulder straps, and added a strap on the back that effectively split the open back in half while holding the dress together. Blake loved it just as much today as when it was new – if not even more. The boob job she’d gotten since showed off her boobs just enough to not look completely slutty. Her ass, which she’d worked out a lot to keep in shape after giving birth, looked even perkier and hotter in this dress than in any other she owned. She had no clue how they’d done such a good job making it.

“Lookin’ hot,” Ryan remarked while Blake was finishing her makeup, giving her ass a playful slap.

“Thanks babe,” she said, and quickly spun around.

She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close, before giving him a long kiss on the mouth. She’d just put her lip gloss on, and she knew how much Ryan got turned on by her wearing makeup.

“Let’s have some fun tonight,” Blake whispered while grinding her crotch against his. “The whole house is ours.”

“Got anything particular in mind?” Ryan asked with a wide grin across his face.

She knew he loved it when she played sexy.

“How about…” Blake replied, thinking about what she wanted to treat him to tonight. “A blowjob on our front porch?”

“The neighbors will see us, babe,” Ryan chuckled quietly.

“I know, honey. That’s the point.”

“Alright, sure,” he laughed. “And then what?”

“I’ll bend over a kitchen counter, pull up my dress and let you fuck my ass.”

“Fuck that’s hot,” Ryan moaned. “You’re getting me horny already, baby!”

“I know,” Blake told him, and finally let him go, taking a step back. “Our taxi should be here soon. I’ve just got to get my shoes and purse, and I’ll be ready to go.”

Blake left their bedroom for her walk-in closet. This was where she kept all her clothes, makeup and shoes. Her collection was big and kept growing as the years went by. For today’s outfit, she decided on a pair of holden heel sandals.

To finish her outfit off, Blake started looking for a purse. She eventually decided on a silver one that would be big enough to stuff with everything she’d need for the night. She packed the usual essentials – with one extra addition.

Ryan loved when the two of them snuck out of parties, popped around a corner and got frisky. The risk of being discovered was part of the whole deal, and the wilder the sex the more exciting it was to both of them. Since she’d just teased Ryan with some anal later tonight, some lube might come in handy. Sure, her ass was stretched from half a lifetime of getting it stuffed with cocks of assorted sizes, but nowhere close to the point where she could comfortably take Ryan without some lube. A bottle of her usual lube would be a little too big to bring along, so a condom would be a safer bet. Blake’s kept a stash of her personal favorite brand in the drawer with her underwear (where she also kept anything bedroom-related like sexy lingerie and vibrators – just because the closet was sometimes the only place where she could moan without waking the kids up at night) and packed a couple for good measure.

“I’m ready, babe!” she yelled out to Ryan.

“Great,” he replied. “The taxi’s waiting outside, hurry up!”

The drive to the party wasn’t long, twenty minutes at most. Blake really appreciated that rich people tended to live close together here in LA, and whoever they were headed to now was almost absurdly rich. His house was huge; a big front lawn, a pool out back, and it looked like there were even a couple of hired waitresses serving drinks and snacks to whoever was mingling around.

“Welcome,” one of the waitresses greeted them as they stepped out of the taxi. “My name is Lindsay, and I’m one of the servers tonight. Would you like something to drink?”

“Of course,” Ryan answered with a smile across his face before Blake even got a chance to introduce them. “Could you get us a shot each?”

“Absolutely,” Lindsay replied before taking off.

“God,” Blake giggled. “You couldn’t keep yourself from the drinks any longer than that, huh?”

“You know me, babe,” Ryan laughed and gave Blake a kiss. “I’ll never say no to a shot or two.”

A minute or so later, Lindsay found them again, carrying a shot glass in each hand.

“Here you go,” she said, handing the shots to them. “Just let me know if you’d like anything else.”

“Thanks a lot,” Ryan said before turning to Blake. “Bottoms up!”

Blake laughed before clinking her glass against Ryan’s and drinking the entire shot in one go. She felt the alcohol burn as it ran down her throat.


“And…” Blake said after having retold what she could remember to Chris. “Don’t remember anything after that.”

Chris just laughed at her response. The story had been pretty innocent so far, but Blake guessed things would take a turn for the worse soon.

“That’s about when the fun started,” he told her. “Later that night, I spotted you across the living room while trying to find Ray.”


“Ray?” Blake asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“Ray. As in, Ray whose birthday we celebrated just yesterday.”

“Oh,” she said, finally remembering why she’d ended up at this house. “Right. Ray.”

“Anyway,” Chris continued. “I spotted you across the room and must’ve recognized you from a movie or two. Ryan was right next to you, and I obviously knew you were married, but I decided to give it a shot and maybe chat you up. I tend to get lucky with all kinds of women. And man, you looked hot in that dress.”

Blake giggled. She could see why she’d ended up in bed with him; he came off as a kind of witty and charming guy.

“So, yeah. We talked for awhile, but Ryan looked a little annoyed so I decided to give up. I think you’d both had a bit to drink. But, later that night, I saw the two of you fighting as you were about to get into a taxi, something about Ryan talking to a girl who was ‘too hot.’ So he stormed off into the taxi, and you rushed back up to the house. By this point, I guessed you’d sobered up a little, so I thought I’d try chatting you up once more.”

“You tried chatting me up because you saw me fighting with my husband?” Blake asked, a little shocked at his kind of unscrupulous methods.

“Yeah, probably not the nicest thing I’ve ever done,” Chris explained. “But I was drunk too, and I’d never try talking you into something you wouldn’t want.”

Now she remembered! As Chris continued retelling the story, memory after memory of what happened last night flooded Blake’s mind.


“Hey,” Chris said, sitting down next to her. “You okay?”

Blake had gotten in a stupid fight with Ryan, just because he’d talked to some other girl who she thought had a hotter body than her own. She’d gotten jealous, and stormed off to the poolside, where she’d sat down on an empty sunbed.

“Not really,” she responded. “Got in a really stupid fight with Ryan.”

“That’s a shame. You two seemed like such a perfect couple!”

“Well, everything’s not always as perfect as it looks. Thanks for checking on me, Chris. You seem like a nice guy.”

“Thanks, Blake. So, where’s Ryan now? Don’t you think you should apologize?”

“He took a taxi home,” Blake replied, trying to keep herself from crying, in fear of ruining her gorgeous makeup.

“Damn, what an asshole! You know what? I’ll go check with Ray if you can spend the night here, until things cool down a bit with Ryan.”

“Thank you so much!” Blake exclaimed, and gave Chris a long hug. “You’re the best.”

As Chris walked off back toward the house, Blake couldn’t help herself from thinking about Ryan. Had he been in Chris’ shoes, he would have done exactly the same thing.

Just as she started thinking about how similar they were, another thing came to mind. Blake had promised Ryan he’d get laid tonight! She knew she really shouldn’t be thinking things like this; but Blake really wouldn’t mind treating Chris to what she’d planned for him instead. He seemed like a good guy.

“No!” Blake whispered to herself and slapped her cheek lightly, as if to get rid of the slutty instincts that were taking over her. “Never.”

Just as she’d gotten her mind off Chris naked body grinding against hers, he came back and sat down right by her. Their thighs were touching, and Blake almost let her mind slip again.

“He said you could stay if you want,” he told her. “Cheer up. If you wanna talk, I’m here for you.”

“You’re such a nice guy, Chris.” Blake thanked him. “You know, back in college, I used to hang around all these footballers.”

“Really?” Chris asked, just to keep her talking.

“Yeah. They were great in bed, but couldn’t take care of a girl when she needed it the most.”

Shit. She’d slipped back into it again. This wouldn’t have been so hard if only she were sober.

“Like, they’d gladly hammer any and every hole I’d let them – and they’d do it just the way  liked it – but they wouldn’t even buy me a box of chocolates if I had a bad day.”

“Sounds horrible.”

“Uh-huh,” Blake nodded. “You’re not like that, are you, Chris?”

“Depends on what you mean,” he replied, placing a hand on her knee.

Blake tried her best to snap out of it, but she just couldn’t manage. The alcohol and her horniness made his advance look like a golden opportunity.

“Would you buy me chocolates?” she asked.

Chris just nodded in response.

“Would you hammer every hole I asked you to, just the way I liked it?”

“I could show you,” Chris asked, leaning in in hopes of getting a kiss.

She’d blown her last chance to stop this. Blake knew she’d wake up feeling dirty the next morning, but that’s what she’d loved in her youth. She’d loved feeling like a slut; dressing like one, acting like one. If it felt so good then, why would it suddenly be a bad idea now?

“I’d love it,” she whispered and gave him a long kiss.

Their first, loving kiss lasted for what felt like an eternity. Blake pulled him closer before breaking it, and moving on to a more passionate kind of making out. They planted kiss after kiss on whatever part of the other person’s face they could reach, and then waited for them to respond.

“Let’s go somewhere private,” Chris eventually interrupted. “I know a place.”

He took Blake’s hand and led her back inside the house. They walked up a floor, and walked into a toilet right by the staircase. Even the bathrooms were luxurious in this house; marble flooring, a huge tub, and a beautifully shaped little window facing the back yard.

Chris quickly shut the door behind them, and pushed Blake up against a wall. They continued making out while Blake unbuckled Chris’ suit pants and pulled them to the floor. He quickly tugged his boxers off too, leaving his hard cock pushing right against her pussy.

As soon as his clothes were off, Blake knelt down. Chris kicked his pants off, and she pulled them toward her to rest her knees on. She didn’t waste a moment and wrapped her lips around his dick right away. Chris was a bit on the bigger side – somewhere around seven inches.

She noticed how sloppy her blowjob became, thanks to the numerous shots she’d downed throughout the night. Saliva was flying all over the place, and she could clearly hear the slurping sounds her throat made as his cock pushed against it’s entrance. Blake didn’t bother giving him a super-good time right away, she just wanted to get him wet and hard, which took just a couple of minutes.

Blake stood up and threw her long, blonde hair over her shoulders. She gave Chris a quick kiss on the mouth before walking over to the toilet seat.

“Come fuck me, Chris,” she teased, as she got on her knees on top of the toilet seat. “Stick your cock inside me.”

Blake pulled her dress up to just above her hips, revealing her ass which she knew was surprisingly perky for a mother of two. She pulled her burgundy lace string panties off and tossed them to the side as she felt Chris’ hands on her ass. She looked him in the eyes over her shoulder as he spread her pussy and slid inside.

“Fuuuuck!” Blake moaned as Chris slowly worked himself further inside.

She really was a moaner. Ryan loved that he had to cover her mouth to keep her quiet when they fucked with the kids home. But now, with loud music drowning them out, she was free to moan just as much as she wanted.

Chris eventually worked himself up to a steady rhythm. He fucked her just the way she loved it – hard but not too fast, almost as if he was stabbing his cock into her. His dick was unusually thick as well, and it sometimes felt like he was about to tear Blake’s pussy apart because he spread it so much.

“God, you’re hot!” Chris shouted, giving her ass a slap.

Blake smirked, knowing he’d be watching it shake after his slap. Not to her surprise, she felt another slap not long after.

“Feel my tits, baby,” Blake begged.

It felt strange calling someone other than Ryan “baby”, but then again, what did Ryan matter now?

Chris wrapped his arms around her, cupping a boob with each hand through her dress. Blake felt him giving them a long, hard squeeze. She’d gotten implants a few years ago, and they became even bigger when she was breastfeeding, making them pretty large by this point. A 32C bra was barely enough to keep them in place.

Suddenly, the bathroom door swung open. Blake looked over and let out a high-pitched scream as she saw a drunk guy watching them. She barely had time to react any further before he’d slammed the door shut again.

“Sorry!” she heard from the other side of the door. “Props to you for getting inside her, man. Just don’t forget to lock the door next time!”

Blake could hear just from his voice that he was absolutely plastered. He didn’t seem to care much, but he’d proved his point. Chris must have forgotten to lock the door in all of their horny, drunken haste.

She would have loved for them to just continue where they’d left off, but Chris seemed to have something else in mind. To Blake’s disappointment, he pulled out of her and took a step back. She looked at him over her shoulder as an invitation for him to come back.

“Let’s find a bedroom,” Chris said, putting his pants and boxers back on. “We could have even more fun there!”

“Let’s go,” Blake giggled before stepping off the toilet seat.

It took her a moment to regain her balance, for a couple of reasons. For one, she was still pretty drunk, and her four-inch stiletto heels weren’t helping the least. But the biggest, and arguably best, reason was the absence of Chris’ cock. She was still a bit shaky from his hot fucking, and couldn’t wait to get stuffed again.

Blake pulled down her dress to cover her ass, but didn’t bother putting on her panties. Once Chris was dressed, she took his hand and walked out. He lead the way and Blake tried her best to keep kissing him as they walked. She couldn’t help but notice the weird looks people were giving them, but she really didn’t care.

Eventually, they reached what looked like a free bedroom. They walked inside, and this time, Chris made sure to lock the door after them. Just as Blake was about to take her dress off, she remembered something. She’d forgotten her panties in the bathroom! Oh well, someone would get a nice surprise if they found them before she did. Truth be told, there were more important things on her mind right now.

Chris had already gotten both his dress shirt and pants off, revealing his completely naked body underneath. It occurred to her that she hadn’t really given him a thorough look-through before. He had short, scruffy brown hair, and a cute goatee for a beard. He also happened to be surprisingly well-built, with an obvious six pack and the strongest arms Blake could ever dream of .

Thinking about the things that body could do to her, Blake got even more horny again. She quickly pulled her dress straps off her shoulders and pulled the top down to her stomach. After that, she pulled the bottom of her dress up about as far, leaving it piled around her stomach. She didn’t want to take her bra off. Blake knew very well what a turn on her tits could be, even when covered in a lace burgundy push-up bra making them look even bigger than they really were. It would have to come off sooner or later, though.

“Come here, Blake,” Chris told her, gesturing for her to lay down in the bed.

Blake didn’t waste any time, and did just like he’d asked. She gave him a kiss on the cheek as she passed him, before getting on her back on the edge of the bed. This bedroom certainly had a view. Right across the room from where she was laying, there was a big window overlooking the pool. Everybody partying outside would be able to see them if it weren’t for the blinds hanging down.

When Chris had jerked himself back to a hard-on again, he walked over to her. Blake spread her legs for him, revealing her cleanly shaved pussy which was almost dripping in anticipation. He grabbed her legs, pulled them apart even further, and slid inside her.

“Mmmmmm,” Blake moaned.

Chris laughed a little before going straight back to business. He started out just as hard as he’d been back in the bathroom, shoving himself as far inside her as he could reach with every thrust – just the way she loved it. Blake arched her back to give him an even hotter view of her boobs. She knew Chris would be able to see their perfect roundness. They looked fake, but not the bolt-on kind of fake, just a little… enhanced. Blake loved them even more than her natural ones, and it seemed like both Ryan and Chris did too.

“Damn, you’re hot,” Chris panted, as he let go of Blake’s legs to explore her body a little.

He ran both of his hands along the sides of her body, while continuing to fuck her. Blake had the body of an athlete, very skinny but still a lot of muscle, which made her ribs show a little, especially if she arched her back like she was now. She felt Chris run his hands over them, feeling the sheer skininess of her body. Once he reached her boobs, he spent some extra time appreciating how they stuck out from her flat stomach.

Just as he was about to let go of her tits, Blake decided to give him a little treat for fucking her so good. She reached under her back, unhooked her bra, and took it off as seductively as she could while looking Chris in the eye. She could see how impressed he was by her hotness, and he ended up cupping both of her boobs with his hands.

“You like them?” Blake managed to tease between her loud moans.

“Oh, I love them,” Chris panted, starting to fuck her even harder than before.

Blake couldn’t help but scream. His cock stuffed her in a way she hadn’t been in ages – and it felt great. She really missed her slutty youth. Maybe cheating isn’t such a bad thing, after all?

After a few minutes of fucking, Blake placed a hand on Chris’ hip to make him slow down a little. She really felt like riding him, something she didn’t get to do nearly as much as she’d like with Ryan.

“Slow down, baby,” she purred as he gradually slowed down. “I wanna ride your big dick!”

All it took were those words, and Chris pulled out immediately. Blake couldn’t help but admire his body – he was so well-built! Tall, muscular and handsome, what more could a woman ask for? She stayed where she was for a moment, catching her breath, and making sure Chris gave her a kiss as he climbed up next to her.

“Come on,” he said, patting his lap, as if he was in a hurry.

Oh well, she really couldn’t blame him. She was eager to get back to business as well. Still not bothering to take her heels off, Blake turned around to her stomach and crawled over to Chris. He was laying on his back, with his feet sticking out just a little bit past the edge of the bed.

“I’m gonna show you how a mom rides cock, Chris,” Blake teased him while straddling his lap. “You’re gonna love this.”

She placed her knees down on each side of him, effectively sitting down on top of him. Blake grabbed his dick between her legs and pointed it at her pussy. As if she was sitting back down in his lap, she lowered herself backwards while at the same time pushing his dick back inside her. Not to anyone’s surprise, Blake let out a long moan during the entire process.

Once Blake could comfortably sit down with Chris’ entire rod inside her, she began jerking herself forward while moving her ass up and down. It didn’t take many jumps before he made it obvious how good he felt.

“Fuck, that’s good,” Chris panted. “You’re such a slut, Blake.”

“I know,” Blake moaned in response, while still riding him. “And I’m your slut tonight, baby.”

Cock-riding seemed to be a bit of a hidden talent of hers. Blake loved it, both because it could make her cum in no time at all, but also because whoever she was riding would be able to reach as far inside her as possible – and she was yet to meet a man who didn’t love being balls-deep inside her as much as possible.

She kept riding, occasionally leaning forward to give Chris a kiss on the mouth. He kept his hands moving around her body, feeling and squeezing both her tits and ass. Then, for no apparent reason, Blake decided to stick a finger up her ass. She had no idea why, she was just feeling a little sluttier than usual, and a finger up her ass seemed fitting. Besides, she’d need to get some stretching done if she wanted to let Chris fuck her butt later. She let her middle finger dig around inside it, searching to find the spots that felt the best. Fortunately, Blake had cleaned it out this morning since she was planning on fucking Ryan later in the evening, but she really didn’t mind this odd turn of events.

Blake couldn’t help but feel her dress getting in the way. It was the only piece of clothing left on her, (not counting her heels, of course), and it somehow added a feeling of separation between her and Chris. Sure, it probably looked a bit hot to still be wearing her clothes while she rode him, but she was dying to get completely naked by this point.

She stopped riding him, and instead sat down in his lap. With Chris still inside her, Blake crossed her arms, grabbed her dress and pulled it over her head. Once it was off, she let it join her other clothes on the floor. She gave her head a quick shake to get her hair out of her face and looked down at Chris.

Without warning, Chris placed his hands on her hips, lifted her up, and began fucking her, and he fucked her hard. Blake let out a scream of surprise, but couldn’t help but smile as he kept hammering her. She stuck a finger back inside her ass which only added to the pleasure.

One finger became two, two became three, until Blake felt she wouldn’t be able to fit anything more. She could feel Chris’ dick thrusting in and out of her with her fingers as she started stretching it out. He showed no sign of slowing down, and Blake felt both her hair, tits and ass shaking along with the rest of her body as his hips slammed into hers.

Blake used her free hand to cup her right tit, since Chris was holding her body in place for her. With one hand squeezing her big boobs, another stretching her ass out, and a big cock hammering her pussy, the pleasure was intense to say the least. And not only that, Blake knew she looked even hotter when touching herself, thanks to Ryan making sure to point it

[Jeremiah 1]had ever seen.  maybe?

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