A Night To Remember Part Two

Title: A Night to Remember

Author: zmoorez

Celeb: Blake Lively

Story codes: MF, cons, anal, oral, drugs

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story.  It did not happen.


Blake was into hard sex – at least for a while. Chris’ seven-inch dick hammering hard in and out of her pussy was starting to get to her, and Blake needed a break. She gestured for him to slow down before lifting herself off his cock and collapsing on his stomach. She stayed there for a moment, panting with her eyes squeezed shut, until she felt Chris planting wet kisses on her mouth.

“Shit, Chris,” she panted between kisses. “You know how to fuck a girl hard!”

“Do you like it?” he teased back, giving Blake’s ass a light slap with both hands.

Blake pulled her fingers out of her ass and lifted her back up to show off her round tits before answering him.

“I fucking love it,” she purred.

Blake decided it was time to show off her cock sucking skills once again, and rolled off of Chris’ stomach. She spun around – careful not to accidentally hit him in the face with one of her high heels – until her head was barely an inch away from his dick. Chris had shaved his cock clean, just like Blake’s pussy.

“It’s so pretty,” Blake moaned while starting to stroke it with both hands.

Just as she had started planting kisses both on and around it, she realized she was in the middle of stretching her ass out before Chris’ hammering became to much. Blake wanted to get it more stretched before taking his cock in there. She moved to his right side and angled her ass toward him before telling him.

“Chris, baby? See how many fingers you can fit inside my tight little asshole.”

It didn’t take much more than that. Before Blake had even wrapped her lips around his cock, she felt the first finger enter her. She let out a moan of pleasure before finally starting to go down on his cock. Her mind was set on giving him the best blowjob of his life, which meant taking as much of his dick as possible down her throat, but that would require getting it wet first.

As Chris stuck yet another finger inside her ass and began moving them around, Blake started moving her head up and down his cock. She could hear herself slobbering more than usual and felt her hair flying all over the place. She was afraid her drunkenness was making her blowing skills worse than usual – and she wouldn’t let that happen!

“Hold my hair, baby,” Blake managed to slur between sucks.

Once again, he quickly did like she’d told her, but not before sticking a third finger into her asshole. He was starting to stretch her out more than she could manage on her own. With her hair being held in place, Blake figured it was time to give Chris the full Blake Lively blowjob experience, meaning it was time to start deepthroating. She carefully pushed his dick further and further into her mouth until her lips were pushing against his crotch. Blake decided to push herself a little further and stayed down there until she desperately needed to breath. As she lifted her head up, lines of precum mixed with saliva formed between her mouth and Chris’ dick.

“Oh my God,” she heard Chris pant as she looked up at him. “Did you just take my entire cock down your throat?”

Blake knew how sexy she was in his eyes, and decided to keep playing on that. She squinted her eyes slightly, licking herself around the mouth before replying with just a silent “uh-huh” with her mouth still open. It was obvious Chris wanted her to do it again, and she would happily fulfill his wish. Deepthroating and throatfucking were Blake’s dirtiest fantasies.

Again, she pushed her lips all the way down to his crotch before looking up. Blake could just about look Chris in the eyes from her angle. His face looked like it belonged on a ten-year old boy in a candy shop, which Blake guessed was his way to give her sucking the highest score possible. She had no plans to stop deepthroating, either, and kept going for another couple of minutes.

Before she knew it, Chris had managed to fit four fingers inside her butt. Blake couldn’t help but let out a slight scream of surprise as he stuck the last one in and began moving them in and out. He curled them at just the right angle to drive her closer and closer to cumming.

When she felt the orgasm being just a couple of moments away, Blake managed to stop herself from orgasming already by jerking her body forward. Chris’ fingers slipped out of her ass, but she didn’t mind – she had something even better in mind.

“If you’re gonna make me cum,” Blake started while stepping off the bed, “you better do it with your big, fat dick shoved all the way inside me.”

Chris kept laying on his back as Blake walked across the room. Her four-inch stiletto heels clicked across the floor.

“Doesn’t it turn you on how a mother like me can be such a slut?” she teased. “I mean, how many moms love getting fingerfucked in the ass?”

Blake eventually reached her purse on the other side of the room, and made sure to bend down with her ass facing toward Chris. She kept talking dirty as she rummaged through it in search for one of the condoms she’d brought with her.

“But I’m not just a mom, y’know,” she said with a giggle. “I’m a celebrity, too. And us celebrity girls are a dirty bunch!”

She eventually found what she was looking for. The condom she’d brought for Ryan might be a bit too small for a dick as big as Chris’, so in the worst-case scenario she’d have to make do without lube. She’d managed that just fine many times before – but never with a dick this big.

Condom in hand, she turned around and walked back to Chris. He hadn’t moved an inch, but was now slowly stroking his cock as he watched her walk. Blake made sure to get her model-walk on, that is, placing one foot straight in front of the other, to turn him on even more. On the way over, she bit the condom wrapper open and threw the packaging to the floor.

Blake crawled up between his legs as soon as she reached the bed. Smiling seductively, she started pulling the condom over Chris’ long dick. It was just a little too short, but fortunately not to the point where it would be a problem. With the condom on, Blake gave it a couple of sucks to stretch it out as far as possible. She licked herself teasingly around the mouth before standing up and straddling his lap one more time.

“Fuck, you’re hot,” Chris moaned, while running his hands up and down the sides of her body.

Blake didn’t respond, but instead grabbed his cock behind her back and started guiding it toward her asshole. It was very stretched out by now – mostly thanks to Chris working more fingers into it than she ever thought would fit. Even when she let Ryan fuck her ass, and made sure to stretch it beforehand, it was never this open. He’d have to push himself inside her while Chris could slide inside with ease.

She lowered herself further and further down onto his dick. It would be too much for her ass to take all of his seven inches at once, so Blake stopped about halfway down, placed her hands on Chris’ chest and started riding him. Her breathing became perfectly synced with her riding as she moved her ass up and down his cock.

After a couple of minutes, Blake finally felt ready to take his entire length. She started going further and further down each time she pushed her ass down until she was finally sitting down on his crotch. The feeling of getting her ass completely stuffed was something she just couldn’t get enough of. It was a good thing she’d cleaned it out before they’d left for the party, otherwise things would’ve been a mess by now. Just as Blake was about to start riding again, she got an even better idea. She straightened her back, placed her hands on her hips and looked Chris in the eyes.

“Turn me around,” she commanded while lifting her arms up above her head as an invite.

Chris sat up right away and grabbed Blake by the hips. She couldn’t keep herself from letting out a deep moan as he spun her entire body around while still having all of his dick inside her.

With her body now facing away from Chris, Blake started riding again. By now, she could comfortably smash her ass against his crotch with every thrust. Suddenly, just as she was about to lift herself up again, she felt Chris grabbing her sides with both hands. He pulled down until she was resting on his body. Blake couldn’t help but giggle as he took control and started fucking her.

As Chris fucked her harder and harder, Blake wanted to give her boobs some attention as well. She grabbed both of Chris’ hands, which he had been resting on her hips to pin her in place, and guided them to both of her tits. His hands were much larger than her own and he managed to cup them completely with ease. Blake loved playing with them herself – her boob job had even made them more fun to jiggle and squeeze – but nothing compared to someone else enjoying them.

Chris wasn’t holding back any more, and was eventually smashing her harder than he had her pussy. Blake realized this was probably one of the dirtiest things she had done since getting married. The thought made her even more horny, and she decided to stick a few fingers inside her pussy. She kept her left hand on top of Chris’, which was resting on her tit, but let her right one sneak down to her pussy. She slid her index and middle fingers inside and started fingering herself.

With a dick hammering in and out of her ass at an insane speed and her own fingers rubbing fast against her g-spot, it wasn’t long before Blake’s orgasm was just seconds away. She started whimpering quietly until her pussy exploded with pleasure. The moment her orgasm started, Blake let out a loud scream.


She kept screaming for as long as her lungs allowed, and felt her hand instinctively squeeze her tit as hard as her muscles physically could. The fingers she kept inside her pussy curled up into a claw which made her cum even harder. Chris slowed no sign of slowing down, either, and kept fucking her. Blake couldn’t keep her legs in place, and eventually felt them flying up into the air.

Her orgasm lasted for what felt like a good few minutes. Ryan never made her cum that hard! When she eventually started coming back to reality, the first thing she felt was how wet her fingers were. If she’d squirted, that would be a first. God damn, Chris was fucking her good!

Still breathing heavily from her massive orgasm, Blake freed herself from Chris’ grip and sat up with his cock still shoved deep inside her. She ended up sitting pretty close to the edge of the bed, so she stepped down onto the floor right away. Blake pulled her fingers out of her pussy and turned around to look at Chris. With a wide grin across her face, she stuck her pussy-juice covered fingers in her mouth and licked them off to tease him.

“God damn, Blake,” Chris panted. “You squeezed your ass so hard there, you almost made me cum!”

“Don’t cum already, baby,” she replied with a giggle, smacking her lips and attempting to tidy up her messy hair. “We just got started!”

“Why don’t you turn around and close your eyes,” he smirked. “I’ll return the favor.”

Blake giggled before doing like he’d asked. She immediately heard him getting off the bed and walking toward her, and she managed to resist every urge to turn around and start making out with him. After a couple of seconds, Blake felt a slap on her ass.

“Can I… oh, fuck!”

Blake was just about to ask Chris if she could look when she felt something being shoved into her pussy. It must’ve been his fingers, because they immediately started digging around. Blake noticed her breathing turn heavy and quick as she reached forward to brace herself against the wall. The moment she’d steadied herself, Chris took things to the next level. He began pulling his fingers in and out of her at an insane speed while reaching around her body to fondle her nipple at the same time.

Realizing she could easily cum a second time already, Blake took a hand off the wall and started rubbing her clit instead. Chris showed no signs of slowing down when he suddenly stuck a finger into her asshole as well. Blake couldn’t help but scream from pleasure as he started moving it in and out in perfect sync with the fingers inside her pussy. Just like she’d predicted, she felt herself nearing a second orgasm even though she’d just had one.

“Shit, Chris,” she panted after just a few minutes. “I’m gonna cum again!”

“Cum all over my fingers,” he whispered back. “Make that pussy drip one more time!”

Blake was almost bending over with pleasure already. As she finally came, she arched her back as far up as she could, probably tossing her hair into Chris’ face. She couldn’t do anything about his, her body was busy being taken over by yet another massive orgasm. No to her surprise, the room echoed with a loud roar that escaped her mouth.

Her legs were shaking and Chris was probably the only thing keeping her from collapsing on the floor as she began frantically feeling after something to hold on to. Her left hand crossed her chest and squeezed her left boob as hard as she could, and her right hand wandered down to grab hold of Chris’ leg. She must’ve been digging her nails into him, because she heard a faint groaning coming from behind. And just like Chris had asked for, Blake could feel herself squirting, but a little less than last time.

Blake slowly started regaining her senses, at least enough to make herself let go of Chris’ leg. As soon as Blake’s breathing had started slowing down, Chris pulled his finger out of her asshole. He kept fingering her pussy until she finally turned around to give him a kiss.

“Lick your cum off my fingers,” Chris whispered while pushing his lips against hers.

Blake giggled as he pulled his fingers out of her pussy. She turned around to face him and opened her mouth as an invite. Chris stuck his three wet fingers inside, and Blake closed her mouth around them. Careful to maintain eye contact, she slowly ran her tongue all around them, getting a good taste of her own pussy. Ryan had never made her do something like this but it was really turning her on.

Chris eventually pulled his fingers out and wiped her saliva off against his leg. Blake smacked her lips and ran her hands through her hair to straighten out the mess her last orgasm had made.

“I wanna fuck your ass again,” Chris said before quickly spinning her around and bending her over.

He didn’t bother being too careful, but still took it a little easy since her ass had lost its looseness after he’d stopped fucking it. His cock felt bigger than last time as he pushed himself inside her again.

“Fuuuck,” Blake moaned while kicking her head back. “That dick is huuuuge!”

Chris probably took it as a complaint, because he immediately slowed down his pushing and began thrusting about halfway in before pulling out. Blake didn’t want him to hold back and quickly pushed her ass back against him. His entire cock disappeared into her ass and she let out a long purr of relief. Chris laughed, placed his hands on her hips and started fucking her harder. Blake let out a slight scream of surprise as he once again started pounding her ass.

“Let’s go over to the window,” Chris panted after a while.

He gave Blake’s ass a slap before lifting her up by her hips. She couldn’t help but laugh as he carried her all the way across the room to the window overlooking the backyard – still stuffing her asshole with his cock. She loved being carried like this! Sure, she was tall – and even taller with her high heels – but thanks to her rigorous workout schedule, she didn’t weigh much at all.

They eventually reached the big window overlooking the backyard and Chris set Blake back down on the floor. She took a step forward, pushing her naked body against the curtains blocking the view in and out of the bedroom they were in. Feeling a little dirty, Blake pulled them apart ever so slightly as Chris started fucking her again. She moaned louder and louder while looking out over the people outside. They were dancing, chatting, partying – just having a good time. But what they didn’t know, was that Blake herself was having an even better time.

“Feeling dirty, huh,” Chris panted from behind and gave her ass a slap. “Don’t look too long unless you want everyone to know what a slut you are.”

Blake giggled at his name-calling but knew he was right. She pulled her head back from the window and turned around to give Chris a kiss on the mouth. He was keeping both hands on her ass, squeezing it hard and slapping it every once in a while. Blake made sure to keep her legs together, and her back arched slightly up, in order to make her ass look even bigger than it was.

“Your ass is so fucking sexy,” Chris once again said under his breath. “You’re a fucking MILF, Blake!”

Chris was apparently really getting turned on by her ass. Right after he finished speaking, he gave it a hard slap and increased his speed even more. Blake knew he was right, and it wasn’t all down to genetics, she had actually gotten a couple of surgeries done after giving birth to her daughter a couple of years ago. One of them had been a butt lift that left her ass looking even perkier and bigger than before she had her first child.

For quite some time, Chris had been the one telling Blake what to do. Now, she wanted to turn the tables. She had one of her favorite positions in mind, and even though Chris wouldn’t be getting a good view of her ass, it was about time he appreciated her tits a little.

“Chris,” Blake managed to utter between moans. “Lift me up onto the dresser.”

He quickly let his fucking come to a stop and pulled out of her ass. He even took his condom off, so Blake figured he wanted to get inside her pussy again. Nevertheless, he did like she had told him. He spun her around, placed his hands on her back and lifted her up. Blake wrapped her arms and legs around him as he walked to the other end of the room, and placed her down on the dresser. Chris held her in place as he grabbed his dick and slid inside her pussy. Blake immediately reached down to rub her clit, since Chris was holding her in place and keeping her from sliding off. He had definitely not gone easy on her ass, but for some reason he was taking it way too easy with her pussy. Blake liked it hard and wouldn’t have it any other way.

“C’mon,” Blake teased. “I know you can fuck me harder than that!”

Without warning, Chris instantly increased his pace. Blake was almost starting to regret her begging as her loud moans almost started getting drowned out by the sound of their bodies smashing against each other. As a matter of fact, getting nailed on the dresser had seemed dirty to her drunken mind, but was quite uncomfortable.

“I wanna suck your dick,” she begged, hoping Chris would catch her point.

He did, and shoved his cock as deep inside her as he could one last time before pulling out. He helped Blake off the dresser. She spotted a sofa past the bed and halfway to the window, perfect to lay down in while sucking him off. Blake started walking over to it, and Chris followed right behind her.

Once they reached it, she sat down in front of Chris and started stroking his dick. While still jerking him off with both hands, Blake spun around until she was on her back. With her legs resting over the backrest of the couch, she had gotten herself into a perfect facefucking-position.

It didn’t take much time for Chris to realize the same thing, because he quickly stuck his cock into her mouth and began thrusting. Blake was caught off-guard and coughed, but quickly suppressed her gag reflex and let Chris continue. While he was working himself further and further into her mouth, she reached for her feet and took her sandal heels off, one by one. She just let them fall to the floor below as she grabbed Chris’ butt cheeks to pull him closer. Blake wanted to get facefucked properly – to her, that meant shoving his cock down her throat.

She would’ve told Chris what she wanted if he hadn’t realized it himself first. As Blake opened her mouth to speak, he shoved his dick into it to shut her up. He started facefucking her quite gently while gradually working himself further and further into her mouth until his cock finally slid down into her throat. Blake took it with ease, thanks to her countless years of trying, and usually succeeding, to keep herself from gagging on dicks being shoved down her throat.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment, while moving one hand between her legs to rub her clit. Chris had cupped both of her boobs and was steadying himself on her as he continued to fuck her face. Blake started slobbering and moaning even with the dick shoved all the way into her mouth. She could hear the slurping sounds from her sucking, and hoped the messiness of it all would turn Chris on even more. Admittedly, it was a little tougher keeping her gag reflex down when she was this drunk, but she was having too good a time to stop now.

Suddenly, Chris pulled all the way out. Blake immediately started gasping for air as Chris grabbed her legs and turned her around. The sofa was deep enough for her to be able to lay down comfortably with her ass sticking out just a little bit into the air – in other words, perfect for getting fucked. It seemed like fucking her was Chris’ plan all along. He grabbed her legs, pushed them together against Blake’s chest, and shoved his cock inside her. She was once again taken by surprise.

“Fuck!” she half moaned, half screamed as his hips smashed against her thighs.

“I’m gonna cum for you, Blake,” Chris panted.

By this point, he was fucking her harder than ever and with her pinned down by his strong arms, there was little Blake could to about it. Still, it was obvious from the way he was jackhammering her that his orgasm wasn’t far away. And since they’d been fucking for the better part of an hour she was hoping for a big one.

“Come suck my dick, baby,” he grunted, giving her ass a slap and taking a step back.

Blake stepped off the sofa, got on her knees and tried her best to regain her balance after the hard fuck. She was still pretty drunk, but taking her heels off certainly helped. Chris had started stroking his cock rapidly and Blake hurried to crawl up to him, worried he would cum before she even got a final taste of his dick. Wanting to leave him with a good last impression, she started working his cock down her throat one last time.

“Fuck, Blake,” Chris grunted, almost shouting. “I’m gonna fucking explode on your face!”

Almost as if on command, he started cumming inside Blake’s mouth. Her old slut reflexes were a little slower thanks to the alcohol still in her blood, and he shot a couple of lines of jizz down her throat before she managed to get his cock out of her mouth. She grabbed it and aimed it down at her mouth, squeezed her eyes shut and stuck her tongue out.

Not surprisingly, Chris’ load was big, to say the least. The explosion he’d been teasing about really wasn’t an underestimate either. His load scattered itself across her face, leaving white droplets of cum all over. Blake felt a couple of proper lines landing on her cheeks, and a fair amount on her chin. A couple of droplets even landed on her long eyelashes.

Just as Blake thought she was finished and opened her eyes, Chris grabbed hold of his dick and aimed it down at her tits. Reflexively, Blake grabbed them and held them up for ease of aiming. He shot even more cum onto them until her boobs were almost as cum-covered as her face. When he’d finally finished shooting, Blake wrapped her lips around his dick and began sucking off the jizz that was left.

“God damn,” Chris panted, trying to catch his breath. “Can’t remember the last time I came that hard!”

“I’m telling ya,” Blake replied with a giggle when she’d finished sucking his dick. “There’s something special with us moms in bed!”

She stood up and felt cum almost all over her body. Some of what landed on her chin and boobs had started running down, leaving a couple of drops as far down as her pussy.

“I’d better get cleaned up,” she laughed.

That was when she remembered the mirror. She had noticed it hanging above the dresser Chris had fucked her on earlier. Blake walked over to it to check out the aftermath of tonight’s fun, almost stepping on Chris’ used condom on the way.

“Fuckin’ hell,” she remarked while spinning around in front of the mirror. “It’s everywhere!”

“It suits you,” Chris joked. “I think that’s an outfit you should be wearing more often.”

Blake giggled as she started to clean herself up. There wasn’t a toilet handy as far as she knew, so her fingers would have to do. She started scooping up the cum scattered across her body, putting it into her mouth and swallowing it. Blake agreed with Chris, she looked pretty sexy covered in cum. She couldn’t help but watch as she slowly but methodically cleaned herself up.

After a good few minutes, Blake decided the clean-up was finished and licked her fingers off. By now, they were absolutely covered in cum as well. When she turned around to go to bed for the night, she noticed Chris sitting up in the bed. It wouldn’t surprise her if he’d been watching her the whole time.

“Think you missed a spot,” he said, when Blake had already gotten onto them bed and was crawling toward him.


“Right about there,” Chris told her, pointing under her left tit.

Blake could feel the drop of jizz where he was pointing, but couldn’t be bothered to take care of it now. She was getting tired from their hard sex.

“I’ll take care of it tomorrow,” she yawned, resting her head on Chris’ chest and closing her eyes.

She curled up next to Chris and felt him place a hand on her naked ass before falling asleep for the night.


“God damn,” Blake said with a laugh as she’d finally recalled everything that happened last night.

“You remember it now, don’t you?” Chris asked with a smile across his face.

“You bet I do,” Blake laughed. “And I think someone else does, too.”

Blake pulled the bed sheets down and pointed at her pussy, which she could feel getting wetter and wetter the more she thought about last night. Chris had obviously already seen her naked, so what was the point in hiding her body from him? As Blake was about to scoot a little closer to him, she felt a pain coming from her butt. She ran a finger down there to give it a feel, and was met by an unusually spread asshole.

“My God,” she exclaimed with her mouth wide open. “I let you fuck my ass too!”

“Oh yeah,” Chris sighed happily. “Best anal I’ve ever had.”

This really wasn’t like her – or rather, this wasn’t like her current self. If she were to go ten or twelve years back in time, she would happily have let a hot stranger from a random party inside any hole they’d fit in. But today? She was married with two kids, for God’s sake. But if her pussy got that wet just thinking about the sex she and Chris had had, it must’ve been pretty damn good.

“Alright,” Blake said. “I’ve got an idea.”

“Let’s hear it.”

“How about… we squeeze in a little quickie before I head home? I wanna remember how all this felt, but I think you understand I’ve got some apologies to make at home.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Chris smiled.

“Perfect,” Blake purred before rolling onto his naked lap.

Her pussy was practically dripping wet, and his cock rock hard, so Chris slid inside her after just a couple of kisses. He took control right away, fucking her harder than Ryan ever could. Blake knew to be quiet this time around, since there could very well be people sleeping on the other side of the wall. And as much as her pussy had loved Chris, her heart was still Ryan’s, and she didn’t want anyone to think anything else.

“You fucked me this hard last night?” Blake panted as his cock flew in and out of her pussy.

“Uh-huh,” Chris panted back while starting to slow down. “No idea how I kept going for, like, an hour straight.”

Blake laughed as she rolled off his cock and on to the bed. She got on her back with her legs spread wide as an invite, and it didn’t take Chris long to shove himself back inside her. He pinned down to the bed before going right back to jackhammering. Blake had to cover her mouth in order not to scream from the pleasure he was giving her.

This time around, Chris barely lasted ten minutes before pulling out. He scooted over to Blake, who managed to guide his cock into her mouth just in time. He blew another massive load – this time into her mouth, since she didn’t want to make another mess.

Chris was the one to pull out when he’d stopped shooting. He grabbed his softening dick and slapped off the excess cum on her big, round tits. Blake wanted to give him some kind of thank you for last night, and decided to at least push a little bit of cum out of her mouth. She sat up and looked at him as she let his thick, white jizz roll off her tongue and down on to her chin. She made sure to close her mouth and swallow what was left before too much had dripped out, before licking up the little bit that ended up on her chin.

“Whew,” Blake panted, trying to sort out her hair which had turned into an absolute mess overnight. “I’ve never cheated on my husband before, but I think I could justify this if it was half as good as last night!”

“I absolutely agree,” Chris laughed.

“You know what?” Blake said, sitting up in the bed. “I really should get going.”

She looked herself in the mirror and deemed her makeup messy enough not to need removing, before grabbing a hair tie from her purse and tying her long, blonde hair into a neat ponytail high atop her head. After that, she put her bra back on before slipping into her dress and putting her heels back on. She couldn’t see any more clothes around, but something was definitely missing from her outfit – her panties.

“Hey Chris,” she asked, looking desperately through her purse for a spare pair. “You know where my panties are?”

“Dunno. Maybe check the toilet where we fucked for a bit? I think it’s on your way out.”

“Thanks,” Blake replied, pulling her dress down to cover her ass before walking back over to Chris. “Hey, would you mind giving me your phone number? Who knows, maybe someday I’ll be drunk enough to do this again.”

“Sure thing,” he laughed as she handed him her mobile phone.

He added himself as a new contact before giving the phone back to Blake.

“There you go.”

“Thanks, sweetie,” she smiled.

Before leaving, she gave Chris a deep kiss on the mouth. She waved back to him playfully as she walked through the bedroom door.

She hurried through the house, fully aware the clicking of her heels could wake someone up, but she didn’t care anymore. She still had a pleasant aftertaste of cum in her mouth as she found her panties on the floor outside the toilet where last night’s dirtiness had started. Blake put them on before continuing out through the front door, not looking back toward the house a single time until she’d hailed a taxi to pick her up.

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