A Night To Remember – Jessica Alba


This story is just a work of fiction and should not be taken seriously by anyone. These events are false, and therefore never happened. This story contains sexual content and should not be read by children. Send any remarks to sharkboy77@hotmail.com

Jessica Alba walks out of the bathroom wearing her black satin nightgown and she sashays to the bed. Her arms and legs begin to chicken flesh as she enters the heart of the cold basement. Jessica’s heals click on the basement floor, as she gives Kurt an alluring look. She crawls onto the waterbed
her seductive brown eyes locked on his as she gives him her sexiest smile. Jessica finds this sort of exciting, because she knows how big of a fan Kurt is of her work, and so far he has treated her well. He isn’t too bad looking either, which is always nice. “Hello Kurt, are you horny?”

Kurt turns bright red as he looks into Jessica’s eyes. He can’t believe that the Dark Angel is in his bed right now, and she is about to have sex with him. “You look beautiful Jessica,” he tells her with a sincere heart.

Jessica feels her face begin to flush as she hears his true words. “Thank you Kurt, you are very sweet. I knew I did well picking you.” Jessica moves a little closer to Kurt and his eyes widen in alarm. Her eyes see his reaction to him and she stops. “Kurt, have you ever been kissed by a girl before?”

Kurt looks down towards his feet as he hears her words. “No, when I said I am a virgin I meant it in every way,” tears now can be heard in his voice.

“Don’t cry Kurt. You did nothing wrong. I think it is kind of sweet.” Her finger moves under his chin and his gaze meets hers. “So you’re a thirty year old virgin? Does it really matter?” Kurt says nothing but he moves in to kiss Jessica. She lets him, of course, and she smiles underneath his kiss. It is awkward of course, but still really sweet. Jessica inserts her tongue into his mouth and she begins to play with it. When Kurt breaks for air a few minutes later, Jessica gives him a smile. “That was some first kiss, Kurt.”

“Thanks Jessica, you made it easy.” He says, as his eyes rover her body.

Jessica smiles as his eyes settle on her legs one more time. “Kurt, you really like my legs don’t you?”

“Yes, I always imagined you in my bed wearing stockings and a teddy like that.”

Jessica grins as she reaches into her bag she set by Kurt’s bed. She takes out a pair of black stocks and holds them up. “Would you like to see me put these on?” Kurt looks at Jessica with a dumbfounded look, and he just nods. Jessica takes out the black stocks and slowly slides one down her leg, as she looks at him seductively. Kurt looks at her like he is about to jump her and Jessica grins taking the second stocking. Jessica slides it down her leg and she straightens it.

She is then pleasantly surprised as Kurt’s hands are on her legs. Jessica moans as Kurt kisses her; and that his hands move along her nice long legs. She finds his hands very strong and warm as they move up her gams. He moves down to kiss her chin line and she lets out a series of moans of pleasure. Once his hands move past her stockings onto her bare skin Jessica is overcome with passion for the virgin. Jessica moves her hands down his body feeling his naked form and she smiles. His hands move up her form removing the top of her nightgown revealing her rather impressive breasts.

Kurt’s eyes widen as he looks at her form and his mouth gaps open. “Wow! I never imagined your breasts were so big!” Kurt exclaims in surprise.

Jessica actually feels her face blush and she smiles at Kurt. “Thank you sweetie. You are one guy who really means that. I know that.” She gives Kurt a long and deep kiss, and she holds him close to her.

Kurt holds Jessica close as she places kisses all over his neck, and upper body. He closes his eyes in ecstasy as his hands begin to move gentle on her breasts. Jessica pushes her breasts into his hands trying to get them to work harder on her. Kurt then lets out a sigh. “Jessica, please stop?”

Jessica stops kissing his chest and she looks into his eyes running his delicate fingers through his hair. “Did I do something wrong Kurt?”

“No, you are wonderful Jessica, but I don’t think I am ready yet. Can we just hold each other for awhile?”

“Sure sweetie,” Jessica says as she holds him close. During the next few minutes Kurt’s hands begin to explore Jessica Alba’s toned body. She lets Kurt feel whatever he wants, moaning in his ear trying to get him hot for her. Jessica rubs her body against his form, and she grins as his penis gets hard at her touch.

Kurt then places his hand to her cheek, and he stops her. “Jessica, I am about to come.”

Jessica grins at him as he takes his manhood and places it between her thighs. “Let me try something honey?” Kurt nods, and she places his manhood between her legs, and she clamps down on it with her thighs, squeezing them shut. Kurt seeing what she is doing begins to move along her thighs like he is having sex with her. Within a few seconds he burns to release, and he looks into Jessica’s eyes.

“I…. I… need to come,” Kurt pleads Jessica as her rock hard thighs clamp onto his manhood.

Jessica gives him a seductive smile as she continues to pump on his manhood with her firm thighs. “Go ahead Kurt, come on my legs. We both know you want to.” Kurt continues to hold it until Jessica starts to whisper dirty thoughts into his ear. Then Kurt grunts and groans, as he explodes in between her legs. Jessica feels her legs become covered with cum as Kurt orgasms between her thighs. His seaman explodes all over the place included Jessica’s silk covered thighs. Jessica squeals as he legs become covered with Kurt’s cum. She takes a hold of his penis and covers her legs with his flow of man seed. Jessica gives Kurt the most alluring look he has ever seen as she continues to pump his manhood over her long gams. Her expression changes to confusion when she looks into his eyes. “Did I do something wrong Kurt?” She asks feeling her voice filled with tears.

“No, it’s just that…” Kurt stammers out.

“You can be inside of me when you are ready Kurt. I just wanted to settle your nerves some,” Jessica informs him. She then sits up and leans over licking some of the come off of her stockings. Her eyes burn at him with a smoldering passion as she cleans her legs off with her own tongue. Jessica runs her hands down her stockings as she licks, filling Kurt with a great need for her.

Kurt sits up showing Jessica his manhood. She takes an internal gasp in horror as she realizes the size of his massive member. Jessica takes a breath in as she puts her legs together. “We are going to have to talk over somethings first Kurt.” Her eyes wander to his manhood and Jessica smirks like mad. “Do you know how big you are?” Kurt shakes his head as he looks at the bed. Jessica takes his hand and makes him look into her brown eyes. “That’s not a bad thing Kurt. You will just have to be careful.” Jessica takes out a bottle of lotion from her bag, and she begins to rub it on Kurt’s penis. Her hands caress Kurt’s penis slowly, and her heart goes into her throat as his member becomes even larger.

Jessica then leans back as Kurt crawls onto her curvaceous body. His hands move up her nice legs and she parts them for him. Kurt crawls between her legs and moves his manhood to her opening. Jessica makes a pleading look into his eyes. “Please be gentle, Kurt?” Kurt nods as he works himself inside of Jessica. Jessica moans some in pain as Kurt’s penis slides inside of her. She moves with him trying to help him get inside of her. When he is inside of her Jessica puts her hand to his chest, and her lips move into a devilish smile. “Go ahead Kurt. Fuck me!”

Kurt moves inside of Jessica making her grunt some in displeasure, as his manhood works inside of her. As she lubes up for him from the inside his manhood begins to work its magic on her. Jessica moans in pleasure as Kurt moves inside of her, and Jessica feels herself begin to tighten up around his member. Jessica lets out a moan as she comes around his penis, as it slides inside of her body. Kurt continues to move inside of Jessica and this time she uses her hips to meet his bucks. She closes herself around his manhood one more time as she comes around his manhood one more time. “Uhhhhh!” she moans in ecstasy as she comes again.

Kurt looks into her eyes as he stops, and Jessica shakes her head at him. “I am fine sweetie, don’t stop!” she orders him. Kurt continues to move inside of her again at a faster pace. Jessica tightens herself around him as hard as she can as he moves inside of her. His face contorts in displeasure as he attempts to hold himself and Jessica leans up and whispers into his ear. “Come inside of me Kurt, you earned it.” Kurt then moves inside of Jessica as fast as he can making her come one more time. At that moment Kurt shakes as he explodes inside of Jessica Alba, losing his virginity to her. Kurt falls on her as he begins to cry, and Jessica holds him close to her.

“Did I do well Jessica?” Kurt asks her.

Jessica nods as she holds him close to her. “You were incredible baby.”

Jessica opens her eyes and she looks at the clock on the wall. It is 5am and she has to leave in three hours. A part of her doesn’t want to leave Kurt, but he can’t give her what she needs. Jessica likes to act, and she hopes to keep getting better at it. She knows she is falling for Kurt, but after tonight she might be free of the Council once this mission is over. She hugs Kurt as she runs her hands over his body. Kurt wakes up while her hands cover his tummy, and then grips his manhood in her hands. Kurt turns his head looking into her eyes, as he smiles. “Someones horny again?” Kurt jokes with Jessica making her face turn bright red.

“Well… yes,” she says as her hands move along his manhood making it hard once more.

Kurt kisses her as she leans over to kiss him as well. His hands massage her breasts as she grins underneath his kisses. Her hands move along his shaft as she strokes it gentle. Jessica parts her legs as Kurt moves close to her, and then he stops. “I got an idea Jessica. Can you get on your hands and knees?”

Jessica moves to her hands and knees as she looks at Kurt giving him her most alluring look. Kurt gets up and he crawls behind her, running his hand up the back of her legs. Jessica purrs like a kitten as his strong hands massage her flexing legs. She closes her eyes as his hands move between her legs. Then Jessica’s eyes widen in horror, as his finger enters her butt hole. She shakes in horror as Kurt plays with her asshole, and then finally she has to speak. “Kurt… what are you doing?” Jessica asks. Her voice is full of fear and tears as he asks him.

Kurt stops and he hugs her. “I will not do it if you don’t want me to Jessica.”

“No Kurt. It’s your night. You can *Sob* do anything you want to me,” Jessica says pressing her knees together.

Kurt sits Jessica down, as he hands her his box of tissues. “No I don’t Jessica. This is your body. You decide.”

Jessica takes some of the tissues from the box, and she wipes her eyes off. “One night I was with… someone else. He tied me up and he… he…”

“Shhh! It’s okay Jessica,” Kurt reminds her gently. “You are safe here Jessica.” She hugs him as he holds her tight to him. “You can deny my touch any time you want to.”

Jessica holds him close to her as she listens to his heartbeat. “Thank you Kurt. You are very sweet.”

“I try to be Jessica.” Kurt says, as he holds her close to his heart. He knows he has her for only one night, but he has fallen in love with Jessica Alba. He knows it is wrong to do so, but he does.

Jessica walks out of the upstairs closet wearing the read dress and stockings she wore on the first episode of Dark Angel. She fills out the dress even better than she did during the first season of the show. She walks along Kurt’s living room like it is a catwalk, as she smiles at him. “Do I look sexy enough for you?” Kurt nods as his jaw gaps open and his eyes bug out of his face. Jessica grins and laughs at his expression. “I take that as a yes. So we are to stop at this grocery store before you take me to the airport?”

“Yeah, some people made fun of me for still being a virgin at my age. I want to show them it no longer is the case.” He walks to her with something in his hand and Jessica smiles at him as he places a dog collar around her neck. The collar is connected to a leash as well, and Jessica’s eyes follow the leash to Kurt’s hand.

“You are a sick man, Kurt,” Jessica says, grinning at him. “I like that. Do I call you master now?”

“Yes you do, my little sex slave, shall we go?” Kurt asks her.

Jessica smiles a sly smile at Kurt, as she walks outside to the limousine pulling up to the house. “Yes Master.”

The limousine pulls up outside of the local retail/grocery store and Jessica slides out of the car with an aura of sexiness around her like a cloak. Kurt gets out a few minutes later holding the lease, and Jessica looks back to him, and she kneels to him. “Get up Jessica, we need to shop.” Jessica gets up and she walks into the store with her hips moving as she walks. Her eyes flirt with any man willing to make eye contact with her and maybe a few females as well. They buy a few things and Jessica makes eyes to anyone in the checkout lines who dare to look at her. She finds the reactions of the people of this small town amazing. They almost seem afraid of her.

As they walk out of the checkout line Kurt sees a pretty blonde at the courtesy desk, and he sighs some. Jessica looks at the girl, and then to Kurt. “Kurt, did she hurt you?” Kurt nods in response.

“I asked her out once and she laughed at me because I was a virgin.”

Jessica’s brow furrows as she looks to the pretty young lady. She then turns back to Kurt and she gives him her sexiest smile. “Master, may I tell her what she missed?”

“Go ahead sex slave,” He says, as he walks her to the counter.

Jessica gives the girl a grin as she walks up to the counter. She feels the counter and moan like she is sexually turned on by it. The girl just stares at Jessica like she is a freak. Jessica then opens her brown eyes, as she smiles at her. “Do you know Master Kurt behind me?” the words come out of her lips sounding sexual, as her fingers dance down the leash that holds her to him.

The girl looks to a smiling Kurt, then back to Jessica. “I know him, why?”

Jessica takes the girl by the collar, and she then leans over the counter and whispers into her ear. “Because I took his virginity from him last night. Not only was he the best lover I ever had, but he was sweet and wonderful. You missed something special.” Jessica smiles at the poor girl, as her eyes begin to tear up. “Shall we leave Master?”

Kurt smirks to the girl, and he grins to Jessica. “Let’s leave.” Jessica, to top off her night, crawls down the middle of the floor of the store. Her skirt is too short for this, but who really cares?

Jessica stands at the gate at the airport, as she clutches to her boarding pass. A part of her, a large part in fact wants to stay behind with Kurt. But his life style is too bland and boring for her. She loves Kurt, but this is not an area she would do well in. she would grow bored, and maybe hurt him. Hurting Kurt is something Jessica Alba would hate to do, and so she won’t. As her private pilot tells her they are ready to leave. She looks over at Kurt on the tarmac, and her heart breaks. She pulls down her skirt feeling like a whore as she approaches him.

“Kurt, are you alright?” Jessica takes his hand, as she asks him. “Please tell me you aren’t attached to me?”

Kurt looks into her brown eyes as he smiles at her. “I love you Jessica, but I know I am unworthy of you. You are so beautiful and sexy. The only reason you let me touch you was because the Council made you.”

Jessica’s eyes tear up as she looks away from him. “Never say that Kurt! You are an exceptional lover. You will only get better with practice. I love you too Kurt.” She looks back into his eyes, then she feels panic as his mouth begins to open. “Please don’t ask me to stay here with you. This is a nice town, but it is too small for me. I would go nuts.”

Kurt nods as he regroups and looks into her eyes. “No, I was going to ask if I could go with you?”

Jessica’s mouth then gaps open as the words come out of Kurt’s mouth. Why can’t he go with her? Why? Her mouth then closes as the sides of her lips curl up into a smile. Her finger moves under his chin, and then it moves to the base of his neck. She then leans in and whispers into his ear, as she tugs on her collar she still wears. “Master Kurt, you are the master not I. You come if you wish to?” Jessica says in a voice as sweet as silk. Her hands move along his body not to send any mixed messages at all.

“Then Jessica, why don’t we get on the plane?” Kurt says as he takes a hold of the leash.

“Yes Master,” Jessica says in the same silky voice. She then turns around with Kurt walking behind her carrying the leash. She walks to her plane with everyone looking at her. They whisper among themselves “someone has captured the Dark Angel.”

Jessica sits on the plane wearing the dress she has been all day. Her dress is riding up showing Kurt her wondrous thighs as she talks to her agent on the cell phone. His eyes are on her body during most of the flight. Jessica smiles at him and apologizes for the cell phone call. Then she makes a call to her friend Maria. They talk on the phone for a while until Jessica feels a hand on her thigh. Jessica eyes go to Kurt as she gives him a sly smile as his hand moves up her leg. Jessica feels his hands move under her skirt and she raises an eyebrow at him. He begins to play with her clit under her panties, and she lets a moan escape her lips. “Maria, I got to go the new boyfriend is horny!” She then turns off the cell phone as she holds back about yip, as he plays with her clit. A flight attendant walks to her and Jessica grabs her arm. “Clear this room…uhhh! Kurt and I are going to have some fun.”

Everyone is shuffled out of the main room of the jet, and Jessica spreads her legs as she moves to sit across from him. She tugs at her collar as her lips turn into a smile. “Are you going to fuck me Master?”

“Take off your underwear slave,” Kurt orders her. Jessica reaches up her skirt, and she playfully removes her undies. She hands them to Kurt and she gives him a wicked grin.

“What now Master?” She says as his hands move up her legs. Kurt pulls down his pants, and he takes out his massive member as he runs it up Jessica’s legs. He loves the feel of her stocking and he pulls her to him. He kisses Jessica as his hand moves over her leg. As Kurt unsnaps the back of Jessica’s dress she moves on top of his throbbing penis. Jessica moans and wails, as she lowers herself onto his genitals. Jessica shifts as she works herself onto him. Kurt moves Jessica up and down his shaft as she moans in pleasure from his massive member stretching her womanhood. Jessica then shakes with an orgasm as she comes on his manhood. Kurt continues to pump his throbbing member inside of her, as Jessica clings to him for her life.

Jessica comes two more times before Kurt unloads his orgasm inside of her. Kurt lies her on the seats as his fluid drain into Jessica. She wraps her legs and arms around Kurt to ensure he doesn’t escape from her grasp. Jessica is still coming, and he womanhood is still milking juice out of Kurt’s erect penis. Tears of joy runs down her cheek as she realizes she is going to have more than one night to remember.


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