A Night With Britney Spears

A Night with Britney Spears
By Gapmaster

Being a top photographer puts me in contact with some of the
world’s most
beautiful people in all corners of the globe. So when I was
chosen to do
Britney Spears’ latest album cover, I didn’t think any thing
about it. I
barely even knew who she was, just another young girl with a
couple of hit
songs. It wasn’t until I met her face to face,
that I realized
just how
special she is.

My name is Troy, I’m 29, and have had my share of famous and
not-so famous
models. Many a one night stands, but I found myself mesmerized
by her warm
smile and friendly demeanor. Not to mention her absolutely
incredible body.
Something told me right then that this was going to be a
special photo

Britney shook my hand and told me that she personally chose me
because she
loves my work. I was very flattered that such a young girl
would even
realize who I was. She went on to describe what she was
wanting with the
pictures, capturing her splashing on the beach of this
deserted island.
Britney had her agent and a small entourage with her and there
were a series
of small bungalows that we would be staying in tonight.
Because she wanted
to get some evening shots with her and the sunset, it was
decided to stay on
the island one night instead of trying to pack it all up in
the dark. My
bungalow was the very last one, about 50 yards from hers.

It was a beautifully sunny day. The sands of the beach were
pure white and
the water was clear blue. I went down and began unpacking my
gear getting
ready while Britney remained inside, almost assuredly getting
pampered by
her crew.

After a few moments Britney emerged, covered in a towel. When
she reached
the beach where I was, she removed the towel, and for the
first time I saw
what all of the fuss was about. This young girl was absolutely
amazing! Her
long blonde-brown hair cascaded down her shoulders, cradling
her lovely,
round breasts. Her nipples were erect, poking through the red
fabric of her
tiny top. Her famous belly was nice and tanned, and her ass
was absolutely
delicious. So nice and firm. Her legs were long and toned, it
was obvious
how good of shape she was in from dancing.

We spent the day taking hundreds of pics, in all types of
angles, wearing
several different swimsuits. She was tireless, splashing in
the water,
making jokes, and all the while quietly seducing me. Her sweet
captured my imagination, while the sight of her young body
writhing on the
sand stirred my sexual fantasies to life. I found myself
asking her to get
in more and more suggestive poses and she obliged every one.
She smiled at
me knowingly, as if she understood what I was trying to
accomplish. It
seemed like we were the only two on that beach, and Britney
Spears was
making love to me through my photo lens. It was truly magical.

We finished up around 7pm, catching the sunset over the
mountains. Britney
thanked me and went off to her bungalow while I finished
putting my gear
away. I was exhausted, but still highly aroused by the
pictures in my mind
of this precocious young girl. I couldn’t wait to develop the
rolls of film.
I had taken some shots, some close shots of her tight little
ass that would
remain in my private collection long after I leave this island

When I got up to my shelter for the night, there appeared to
be a note on
the door. I got closer and took it off, trying to read it in
the little
light that was left. It was short, and read “Please come to my
bungalow, I’
ve got a few more ideas for some pictures. Bring your camera.

“Damn,” I thought. “Does she ever get tired?”

I loaded up my camera with more film and headed over next
door. There
appeared to be a dim light on, but that was all. I knocked on
the door.

“Come in.”

I opened the door, and my jaw had to hit the floor
immediately. There was
young Britney, wearing nothing but a tiny, see-through teddy
and some white
laced panties that left little to the imagination. Her breasts
perfectly shaped, and this time there was nothing hiding her
larger, erect
nipples from my view.

“I was hoping you could take a few more pictures, Troy,” she
began. “I know
that you are the best at what you do. And I know I won’t be
young forever. I
want to have pictures taken of me now, while my body still
looks like this.
These pictures are for my eyes only. But I want you to capture
it. Will

No way I was going to turn this down. I took the cap of my
lens and began
taking pictures while Britney rolled around on the bed. She
would get up on
her knees and arch her back, giving me a luscious view of her
tight ass. Her
hands would roam over her young body, squeezing her breasts,
pinching her
nipples, as I shot off pic after pic. Without even asking,
Britney raised
her legs high in the air and slowly removed her panties. She
tossed them
aside and then brought her feet back to the bed and spread her
legs wide for

My cock was rock hard as I watched this young girl finger her
hot pussy,
moaning softly and writhing on the bed. I could see Britney
staring at the
bulge in my shorts as she continued masturbating for the
camera. At some
point in all of this, I ran out of film, but kept clicking off
anyway. I
didn’t want her to stop.

“Put that camera down, Troy,” Britney moaned out. “Put it down
and come over
here. Give me what I want. Give me what I need.”

I tossed the camera aside and walked over to this hot little
nymph. She
reached up and unzipped my shorts and reached inside.
Britney’s young hands
griped my shaft as my shorts fell to the floor. I couldn’t
believe this
little girl was so fucking hot! Leading me with my dick, she
pulled me on
top of her and guided my rock hard shaft to the entrance of
her wet teen

“Fuck me Troy! Fuck me hard!”

Britney’s hands went around to my ass, pushing me deep inside
of her hungry
cunt. She was so unbelievably hot and tight! Her legs wrapped
around me as
her fingers dove into my ass. I began giving this little girl
everything I
had. Within seconds we were fucking like animals in heat,
casting aside any
care about others hearing us. Britney rolled over on top of me
and slowed
the thrusting down, as she now seemed to be dancing on my
cock, her little
hips rhythmically grinding into me. My hands went up to her
breasts and as she fucked me, I fondled her gently.

“You feel sooooo good Troy!! Do you like my pussy?!! Am I
tight enough for
you? Ohhhh god I love your hard cock!!! Give it to me!! Cum
for me Troy!!
Ohhh God Yess!!!!!!”

I could feel Britney spasm on top of me, her body unraveling
in a long and
draining orgasm. Seeing this little girl writhing, cumming
from my touch,
pulled me over the edge. I increased the power of my thrusts
as I felt my
seed start to flow.

“Oh fuck Yes little girl!! You’re so fucking tight!!!! Oh god
Yes!! I’m
cumming Britney!!! Ohhh God Baby!! Ohhh Yes!!! Take it All

I exploded deep inside of her tight, hot pussy as Britney
milked every drop
out of me, fucking me back with deep, long thrusts. Our bodies
were one
heaping mound of flesh, our fluids co-mingling, as we fucked
each over and

Britney and I fucked and sucked all night long. I have to tell
you, her
pussy tastes so, so sweet. And this little girl can suck a
cock. But that’s
another story………….

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