A Night With Brooke Burke

Disclaimer: This story is a piece of fan fiction and is not true at all. I have never met Brooke Burke, nor have any idea of her lifestyle. This is not meant to start any rumors of her or what she does. It contains sexual situations and you must be at least eighteen years of age to read it.


By sharkboy77

Clay Thompson sits on the steps to some building and he cries over his date from last night. The beautiful Jennifer Jenkins made fun of him, because he had no idea what to do with a beautiful woman. Clay is only sixteen years old and Jennifer
is nineteen nearly twenty and he cries once again at how she made fun of his lack of experience.

“I am such a loser!” Clay screams out, and someone stops walking down the steps.

“Why are you a loser? If you are trying to look up skirts I suggest you try the escalator inside. It easier to look up instead of these steps.”

“I don’t know shit about what to do with a woman.” Clay sits with his face in his hands. “She dumped me.”

“How old are you, nearly eighteen? God most men your age are virgins you know. This girl doesn’t know jack about men then. Half the fun is breaking them in.”

Clay looks up and his mouth opens and he gasps, before him stands one of the most beautiful women in the world. Brooke Burke from E’s Wild On and from this summer’s CBS TV show called Rock Star INXS. “Holy shit!”

Brooke smiles at the handsome young man before her and she asks, “Is that a good ‘holy shit’ or is that a she looks like crap ‘holy shit’?”

“You look totally hot. Why don’t you wear stocking more on TV? You got the legs for ‘em.” Clay asks her a question she has heard a thousand times, and Brooke smiles at him.

“The truth, they turn me into a complete whore. Good enough reason?” She smiles at the handsome young Clay, as her eyes scan his body. He is handsome enough.

“They do not, do they?” He asks in somewhat unsure.

“Maybe, men rarely touch me on set so I have no clue. Mind if I sit down and we talk?”

“Sure, if you want to waist some time talking to me.” Brooke sits beside of this kid, and she looks into his eyes.

“I never waist my time kid. What’s your name?” Brooke looks him right in the eyes, and he looks into her eyes and they rarely leave hers.

“My name is Clay, Clay Thompson. I loved Rockstar INXS.”

“Okay, who won then?” She asks him with a kinky smile.

“That one guy, what’s his name?” Clay cannot honestly remember the singer’s name, because right now because he is so close to Brooke Burke.

“Okay, what outfit did you like best that I wore?” she asks him, in nearly a purr of a voice and he looks to her.

“Unless you are gay I think you can answer that and then we figured out why you can’t nail a babe.”

The outfit the guy from the band called a super hero looking outfit.” Clay blushes deeply at her question, and Brooke smiles at him.

“Yes, that one accented the breasts and my legs. Did they show enough shots from me from behind in that outfit?” Brooke asks the question of Clay, and he shakes his head no. “You shit.” Brooke replies to his head shake.

“Hey, guys like what we like and I’d think you would make most of our top tens.” Clay blushes at her, and Brooke finds herself blushing some too.

“Okay, we have figured out small talk is not your problem. What do you do when you open the shirt?”

“Look in awe like most men do?” Clay asks her half afraid of what he would really do.

Brooke takes out her phone and she touches a button, “Scott can you pick me up in front of the modeling agency please? Thank you.”

“Can’t blame you for leaving Miss Burke, I would leave me too if I could.”

Brooke looks to Clay, and she gives him a sexy smile and she informs him, “I don’t plan on leaving you kid. I plan on taking you with me.”

“Why?” Brooke can see his hands shake as he looks to the beautiful Brooke Burke, and she leans forward and she smiles at him.

“I am taking you out on a date. You willing to come?” Brooke tries and not laugh at Clay, even though she believes he has cum inside of his pants. “Sorry, that look on your face, I love it.”

“Glad to make you so happy. Why are you doing this?” Clay asks her confused, and Brooke stands when a long black limousine pulls up.

“I’m recently divorced and extremely horny. Good enough for you?” Brooke opens the limousine for him and she motions for Clay to get in, and he stands and Clay gets into the limousine.

“You know I don’t know how?” Clay asks, her as she sits inside of the limousine and she crosses her legs.

“Yes, you do but I think you get scared before the time comes and every little fantasy you have goes right out of the window. We call that performance anxiety.”

“I call it being scared shitless.” Brooke giggles at the kid, as she pours some Champaign for him. “I’m only sixteen.”

“And so, whatever happens between you and me no one will know. Agreed?” She hands him the glass of Champaign and Clay nods his head at her. “Glad we understand each other.”

She and Clay drink Champaign and her eyes go over his toned arms and she sighs some. She fears she might create a monster, and she drinks some more. “Tell me your sexual fantasy?”

“My sexual fantasy?” Clay swallows hard, as he looks to her legs. “Well I’m in a limo with this chick with a very sexy body.”

“Oh, what does she look like?” Brooke asks him, as she leans forward and she lets him look down her shirt.

“Well her face is like an angels, but you can see the Devil in her eyes. Her tits are large for her body, but they don’t look fake at all. Her legs are what I call finger lookin’ good.”

“You know that term is finger lickin’ good?” She asks him, as she scoots a little closer to him.

“Yes, but they look good.” Brooke gasps some out of shock, as his hand touches her knee. “May I?”

“When a woman lets you touch her leg you no longer need to ask permission to do so. Wait that’s not a bad habit truthfully, so yes you may.” She takes his hand and she moves it up to her thigh.

“My hands move over her legs and I make her extremely horny. My blue eyes look to hers in deep passion.”

“And my brown eyes look to you in the same passion, and I kiss you.” Brooke leans in and she kisses him with a deep and powerful passion. She has been such a good girl the last few months and now she needs to be naughty.

They kiss for a few minutes, as his hand moves up her sexy leg making Brooke extremely hot. They break the kiss and Brooke looks into his beautiful blue eyes and she asks, “Please tell me I don’t have to walk you through everything?”

Clay’s hands shake some as he unbuttons her shirt some, and she smiles at him. His hands slowly unbutton her shirt and her brown eyes look to him in lust. “This is when my problems come.” Clay sighs some, as he looks to her unbutton shirt.

Brooke takes his and she kisses them to make them stop shaking and she leads them to her shirt. “Take it off of me Clay?” Clay takes her shirt off and his eyes widen at her tits, and he looks into her eyes. “Do anything you want to them within reason.”

“Yes ma’am” Clay responds, as he kisses her tits.

“Don’t call me ma’am please. I’m not that old.” She gasps, as he sucks on her nipple and Brooke throws her head back. His hands can’t seem to leave her legs not that Brooke minds that at all.

His lips cover her tits with an enthusiasm that Brooke should be used to but she’s not. Brooke kisses him back with a powerful passion, and his hands move farther up her sexy legs. She breaks the kiss and she asks, “What do you want to do next?”

“Can I see your pussy?” Clay asks her, his voice cracks some and Brooke nods.

“Take off my skirt and panties and do with me as you please?” Brooke removes her shirt to make her point to him.

“You mean I can…” Clay looks right into her eyes, as Brooke grins and nods to him.

Clay unzips her skirt and his eyes look at her panties, and he hangs his head in shame. “What Clay?” Brooke fears the worst.

“I just came in my pants. I’m so sorry.”

Brooke smiles at him, and she kisses Clay with some passion. “Don’t worry I can bring anyone back to life. Take off your clothes?”

The handsome young blonde man looks to Brooke Burke and he begins to undress slowly. Her eyes look at his body and she says, “And people like my body? Wow!” Clay has a handsome body very lean and muscled and Brooke ties and not drool over it. Her panties are now soaked and wet.

“Do you know you only pre-cam?” Brooke asks him with a smile. “This will be easy.” She takes a hold of his dick and she runs her tongue over it. “Feel free to remove my panties while I do this.”

Brooke runs her tongue over his now hard penis and he moans loud as her mouth works on him. He leans back and he moves his hips up and Brooke takes him deep inside of her mouth. Her mouth moves over his penis and her tongue moves under it. Brooke continues to orally pleasure Clay.

Somehow during the greatest blow job he’ll ever have something occurs to Clay, and he leans forward and he removes her panties. His fingers move over her pussy gently, and Brooke stops sucking his dick to gasp loudly. “Oh God!”

“Can you move on you back, please?”

“What do you have planned handsome?” Brooke asks Clay, as she looks back to him.

“Ever do a sixty-nine?” Clay asks her, and Brooke turns and she gets on her back.

“Yes, but that poor guy was six-foot four. Don’t think he ever walked right again.” Brooke smiles to Clay.

“You know you are not suppose to bite them right?”

Brooke grins at him and she remarks, “Oh that’s why my husband and I divorced?” She lifts up her pelvis to him. “Work in only one direction at a time, okay?”

“Sure.” Clay lowers his mouth down to her pussy and he looks at it for a moment. Then he licks some clockwise and Brooke groans loud. She tries and suck his dick once more, and he licks her harder the same way.

“Oh God! I’m going to cum!” Brooke closes her beautiful eyes, and she breathes through her mouth hard. She tries and not to cum as his mouth works on her.

“Why don’t we do this the proper way now? You into missionary?” Brooke nods because right now Clay could suggest something totally off the wall and she’d agree.

Clay gets off of her and he turns to her and Brooke can see how big his dick is. “Wait, you’re under eighteen?” She asks him in some fear.

“Turn seventeen next month,” Clay says to her and her mouth smiles some as she parts her legs.

“Happy birthday to you.” She sings kind of badly to him.

“Don’t give up your day job.” His eyes widen in joy, as Brooke parts her legs for him. “Holy crap. I changed my mind. I’d go to any concert you sang.”

He moves between her legs and Brooke parts herself so he knows where to put it and Clay works himself inside of her. He works himself inside of her and he asks, “I’ve been told to wait for you until…”

“Move damn you!” Brooke explodes at him making, Clay move inside of her and Brook moans hard. Clay has a horrible rhythm at first, but Brooke slows him down some. “Move with me?” She asks him, as her eyes soften some at him.

Clay moves his hips with her and Brooke nods, as she moans in pleasure. His hand moves over her nice big tits as he moves into her. His dick is so freakin’ huge that Brooke can’t help what he does to her. She bucks her hips into him with good power and Brooke orgasms. “Oh God yes!” she shouts.

Brooke cums hard all over his penis and Clay looks to her. “Are you done?”

“Not by a long shot.” Brooke moves her hips into him. She is kind of surprised that Clay has not cum yet. Then she looks into his face and she can see how hard he’s trying not to orgasm. “Cum Clay. I am done.”

Clay pulls himself out of her and he cums onto her legs and Brooke gasps some out of shock. He works out all of his cum onto her legs and Brooke shivers some. “Okay, that was unexpected.” Brooke sits up some, as Clay gets off of her.

“Are you mad?” He asks he a little afraid.

“No, but next time warn a girl. Got to take off my stockings before I get out of the car.” Brooke looks around and she notices that they are parked behind some store, and she looks up to the black glass. “Hello Scott, do you enjoy watching?”

“Actually you guys made the car rock too hard. Can’t loose my license now can I?”

“Okay, I can accept that. Where can we drop you Clay?” Brook asks him, as she smiles at him.

“Can you take me to my girlfriend’s house or ex-girlfriend? Not totally used to that yet.”

“Or you never broke up with her. Boo hoo I’m the other woman,” Brooke jokes with him.

“Yeah, like you grilled me about my girl. Here’s my plan.” Clay whispers a plan into her ear and Brooke’s eyes widen in complete shock.

“God, you’re kind of evil kid, but this will wake her up some.” Brooke smiles to the handsome young man before her. “That is kind of mean. I’m in!”

A few minutes later the limousine pulls up to the house outside of the city, and his girlfriend sits on the front steps and her mouth drops open. Brooke gets out and she smiles at the very pretty young girl before her, and her mouth pops open. Then Clay gets out and she gasps and she looks really upset. “You sure you want to do this Clay?” Brooke fears shattering this girl, and she hugs Clay.

“Say it please Brooke?” Clay asks her in a sweet voice as he runs his hand up the back of her leg, and Brooke shutters some.

“Please Clay run away with me to Paris and be my sex slave! I gave you what she refused to give you.” Brooke looks to Clay, as she attempts not to laugh.

“Brooke what we had was nice, but I love Maggie so I can’t!”

She leans in and she kisses him with a deep and powerful passion. Her brown eyes look to him in lust. “Fine take off my stocking then, so you can remember me!”

Clay leans down and he takes off her stocking and Brooke looks to him in complete lust. “You still like her now?” Brooke looks to him.

“Yes, I do love her.” Clay looks to her, and Brooke slaps him hard.

“You fucking bastard!” Brooke turns to Maggie and she yells to her. “You can have him!”

Brooke walks back into the car in complete anger and she begins to cry. The car pulls away and Clay walks up to Maggie and she glares at him, “Did you really fuck her?”

“Yes,” Clay accidentally tells her the truth, and Maggie stands and she throws her ice tea into his face.

“You son of a bitch! We’re though!” Maggie walks into the house and Clay looks totally stunned.

“Wasn’t that totally mean Brooke? You knew what would happen.” Scott asks, as he rolls down the back window and he looks to the sexy Brooke Burke.

“Like the moron had no clue Scott. Did you like watching us?” Brooke gives him a sexy smile, and Scott looks back to the beautiful Brooke Burke.

“Who would not like watching you do that?”

“Some people might think I raped the kid. He was so freakin’ horny he might have screwed you, Scott?”

“Can I tell you a secret Brooke? I feel I can call you Brooke because I have seen you naked.”

“Yes, you can call me Brooke, and feel free to tell your secret to me.” Brooke leans up and she puts her head over the window that can block Scott and her apart. “I’m listening.”

“Brooke, I’m a virgin. Can you believe that? I’m thirty three years old, and I have never been with a woman.”

“YOU are a virgin? How can YOU be a virgin?” Brooke asks the cute driver incredibly stunned. “Someone must have gotten you drunk one night and rode you like a pony?” Brooke smiles to her handsome driver.

“Well Brooke watching what you did will give me masturbation material for at least six months.”

Brooke leans in and she kisses him with extreme passion. He nearly crashes the car, and Brooke giggles some. “Okay, I believe you.”

“Yes, how I look at your body should have been a good clue.”

She raises her eyebrow at Scott. “All men look at me that way Scott even the gays. Of course the gays say with that body I could… and usually it gets sick after that.”

“Brooke do you actually rule the world?” Scott asks with a grin.

“Yes, I do. Take me to the Hilton?”

“Why Miss Burke?” Scott goes into his more professional role.

“Because I am going to rent a bedroom and then ride you like a horsy.” Brooke whispers it into his ear all sexy like.

“You’re going to what?” Scott asks her, as he looks back to the sexy Brooke Burke.

“Fuck your brains out. Need any more descriptions of what I plan on doing to you? Guys don’t have cherries I know this fact.”

“Are you sure Brooke?” Scott asks her, his hands shake some at the thought.

“Get me to the Hilton before I change my mind.” Brooke smiles and she buckles her seat belt, as Scott puts the pedal to the metal. He does loose his virginity on this night too.

Six months later:

Brooke finds herself in a photo shoot for some Japanese fruit drink, and she says her lines in flawless Japanese and she sits for the camera and she sits down. “Cut, that’s a wrap!” yells the director, and everyone begins to take down the set.

Brooke gets off of her chair and she looks at the director, “Please explain to me why I am wearing a Play Boy bunny outfit?”

“Because in Japan they like pretty girls with nice bodies. We might do a United States version of this commercial too.”

“We might huh? What do you plan on doing to make me dress up in this thing once more? Did you not see A Bunny’s Tale? This costume in torture on me.”

“Hey, what if we paid you an extra…”

“What if I demand you let me wear anything else except for this stupid and degrading costume!” Brooke yells in complete anger, as she storms off of the set.

She walks back into her dressing room and Brooke sits down as she looks into the mirror. “Damn, this thing makes me so horny.” She whispers to herself, as she looks at the wall before her.

Her eyes widen in complete horror, as an outstanding pair of hands moves over her upper thighs, and she gasps. “Hello Brooke, do stockings still make you horny?”

“Yes, I only told one person that.” Her body shakes, as his excellent hands move over her shapely thighs.

Clay looks into her eyes, as they widen and he remarks, “Actually the driver heard too!”

“We can’t do this now! I got a boyfriend!” Clay walks the beautiful and helpless Brooke Burke into the next room and she sighs, as she looks to the set up cot. His hand moves over her thigh making her so horny and Brooke shudders some.

Clay kisses her neck in the place that makes her so extremely horny and she looks to the cot. “Take this thing off me while I’m standing.” She closes her eyes in shame, as Clay starts to unstrap her costume. “Why are you doing this?” Brooke asks him in some shame.

“You fucked up the relationships between me and my girl.” His hands move over her thighs making Brooke so hot and horny.

“You did that, remember? You made me get out and say those things. I knew she would get pissed at you. Any idiot could see that coming!” Her breath goes short, as his hands work to her inner thighs. Her legs go weak, as her costume hits the floor and he lies her in the bed.

“Don’t wear any panties with this costume?” Clay asks her, as he takes out a knife and he cuts a hole in her pantyhose.

As her vagina becomes free Brooke bites her lip and she looks up to her new master, as she parts her legs for him. His awesome hands move up her legs and she gasps hard. As he begins to fuck her Clay says something in her ear that is totally horrible. “After I have fucked you I’m going to go outside and tell everyone how to get in between these amazing legs. Then two at a time I’ll let everyone come inside of here and fuck you raw!”

Brooke cries hard as she hears his words, as his body makes her feel so good. “No, please! Not that!” her greatest fear has come true because Brooke Burke has made a monster.


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